Amazon will start shiping the D3s on Nov 27th

Update: Nikon D3s is being sent to NPS members (US) directly from Nikon today.

Some readers received an update from Amazon (US) yesterday regarding the Nikon D3s shipment date:

Hello from

We are writing to you today because you purchased a pre-order of Nikon D3S 12.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera.

We are now able to offer Release-Date Delivery for this item. This special delivery option is available to you for no additional charge and has been automatically applied to your order. Your order for Nikon D3S 12.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera will arrive on November 27th.

We're happy to offer Release-Date Delivery to get this order to you even faster.

Thank you for shopping at


Customer Service Department

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  • Well… that was nice of them.

  • John C

    I assume the 70 – 200 VR II will ship then too, but it would be nice if someone would confirm an official date.

  • nightmedia

    Got the same email yesterday

  • low


  • BillyBobJohnson

    Great, but when will they start shipping the D4?

    • WoutK89

      november 3rd 2010, but due to the global warming they postpone to somewhere 2011

  • bosskev

    Yeah, I got that exact same email message yesterday, stating I would take delivery on November 27th. HOWEVER, when I go online into my Amazon account, a just-posted alert to my order status ALSO states that I will NOT receive the camera until AFTER December 25th. Clearly, something is not right here.

    So I called Amazon. After a very long time checking with his supervisor, the customer service rep came back on the line and told me to IGNORE THE EMAIL, that it was a MISTAKE and that NO SHIPMENT DATES COULD BE QUOTED YET!!! Hmm…very odd, especially since this seems to be a widely-cast email message. And, in my case, this is doubly troubling when you consider that my pre-order also would have been among the very first ones placed, back on October 13th within minutes of pre-ordering becoming available, meaning I should be at the very top of Amazon’s queue.

    So, take my experience FWIW, but Amazon seems to be messed up.

    • bosskev

      UPDATE: I was not satisfied with the “explanation” offered by the first Amazon customer service rep to whom I spoke, so I just called back again. This time, once more after a considerable amount of confusion on the part of the Amazon rep, I got a very different answer.

      According to the Amazon rep, the email I (and many others) received comes from a different division at Amazon, separate from the area responsible for the online account order information. This, according to the rep, is why there is concurrently such polar opposite information. OK, fine…so which info is correct? The Amazon rep clarified, very definitely, that the email is the correct information (and not the online account status) and that, absolutely yes, the D3s will arrive at my address on Friday, November 27th. I asked her again for clarity, stating that I would be arranging to be home for the sole purpose of intercepting that Friday arrival; she reconfirmed the Nov. 27th arrival at my address.

  • f/2.8

    From what I recall, Amazon never got 1st dip of Nikon new releases. They have always been a few weeks behind the other Nikon Authorized Dealers.

    At first I thought they were factoring in shipping time. Then I realized other dealers were sending them out and they were still showing pre-order.

    As much as I love Amazon, it is not the first place I rush to pre-order for Nikons when news broke. (Thanks NR and admin!)

    Also, with almost all other vendors I can opt for FedEx, from which I have never received an overnight shipment with boxes that are battered.

    If Amazon will get them by release date this time, that is a good sign.

  • low

    D3S – blowin the competition out of the water. here they come!

    • Anonymous

      fo sheezou my nephew !!!

  • NikoRyan
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