Nikon D700 discontinued, price going up in China?

Update: Translation by a native Chinese speaker (thanks Pat):

"Facing the strong competitive pressure of Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon finally ceased production of their entry level full frame camera D700. At present D700 (body only) goes for 15300 in Chinese yuan, and further price hikes would be inevitable."

credit: Nikon USA

credit: Nikon USA

This rumor is coming from The Google translation as aways doesn't make much sense, but the article is about the price of the Nikon D700 going up in China as a result of the "announced cut-off". It is not clear (at least to me) what this "announced cut-off" is. It could be that the D700 production is suspended or maybe even the D700 is about to be discontinued:

"Beijing Quotes face of strong competition Canon 5D Mark II's strong pressure from the entry-level full-frame Nikon SLR Nikon D700 has finally announced cut-off, the price has also risen. D700 body is currently priced at 15.3 thousand yuan, and further increases have become necessary."

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  • Segura

    This is what I have been waiting for . . .

    • While you have been waiting, I’ve been enjoying myself a long time with the D700 🙂

      • Segura

        As have I my friend …

        • well

          Nikon is loosing its share. they will come up with something very soon. Mine 5 year old nikon started to do strange things. Next update Full frame.

          • f/2.8

            5 years to update eh? I thought Nikon takes it’s time to update.

          • Anonymous

            Actually Nikon has been beating everything hands down for the past 3 years.

    • Anonymous

      ..but what is wrong with the D700? I am amazed why anyone would not be satisfied with it.

      • f/2.8

        Nothing wrong with it until it’s successor comes about.

      • Nau

        but what about video *cough* lols

      • PHB

        The only thing ‘wrong’ would be that the D700 sensor is no longer in production, ergo no more D700 to be made.

        Once they are done doing their current run of D300 bodies for the Xmas market, they will be doing run of D700s. Fairly predictable really.

        Given the launch of the D3s it is certain that this is not a D700x about to pop. But we can be pretty sure that there will be video and a bump in ISO performance.

  • Alex

    D800 with 24.5mp and dual processors please! 1080p/25/30 etc video with AF might be fun but not a priority.

    • KT

      Sony have shown that this camera (minus video which I couldn’t care less about) can be marketed at a very competitive price of under $ 2K, so let’s hope Nikon isn’t going to sell the same camera for 4K

      • f/2.8

        When you don’t have market share, you give it away. Doesn’t mean that is the true cost or value of the product.

        • A850 is still sold with profit.

          • zeeGerman

            Profit for whom? The retailer or Sony?
            I very much doubt that the current prices of Sony bodies are anywhere near a sustainable road. But they need to gain market share, therefor they are willing, or one could even say forced, to sell their bodies at a price that doesn’t reflect its costs nor its value.
            Audi, for example, is in Germany a well respected brand in the meantime, but when they started their new CI in 1993/94 the cars were sold for a lot less than the rest of the gang. The same thing one was able to observe when they hit the US market, eager to gain market share.

    • You get out video from the spec lists, and you will loose more market share…

      I know many users don’t care about video, but there are TOO many who do care.

      Aside that, the video has come to stay, and releasing a new model in the mid to top range without it is crazy and will not have much success (would need a sooner refresh, like D700 is suffering now)

      Sounds ridiculous? well, maybe to some, but if you study market trends and see what’s going on, and have a wider perspective, you get it VERY easy.

      Traditionalists “only stills” photographers may keep shooting stills, but video (let’s say it in the RIGHT words: “CINEMATOGRAPHY”, which is different than just “video”) capabilities are HUGELY demanded and will have even more adepts with time…

      I’ve been using Nikon since 15 years ago, but this time they failed, or maybe not expected correctly how “Movie” mode was going to impact.

      The same happened to Canon, but Canon implemented it in much better way, and that explains the huge success of the 5D Mark II even after 1 year of its release. Along all these months (1 year now) Canon has realized the importance of it, and modified the roadmap, now 1D series include Full HD capabilities (despite those “pros” who claimed that “pro” DSLRs wouldn’t include video…)

      I think Nikon has learned some lessons from Canon’s success and mistakes (the good but limited or in clearer words: “crippled” implementation of video/movie mode in the 5D Mark II, which they had to “free” to customers due so HUGE demand)

      I said that since 2010 all DSLRs would have video, and still keep it.

      All previous designs without video capabilities will be (if not already) discarded or changed to be able to include it.

      I still don’t understand why it’s difficult for many to see that. Who doesn’t like to use video feature, simply doesn’t need to use it.

      But more and more “Stills” Professionals are starting to give it a try, and some of them even getting into the motion world. Not to mention all the hobbyists and amateurs who already are shooting motion, or evaluating both stills and movie features in a camera before taking purchasing decisions…

  • low


  • dan

    So I heard the new D800 is going to be 208,000 ISO, clean at 104,000. 1080p 24fps hd video with no rolling shutter or any of that crap. It’s going to have a new 18mp full frame sensor with dynamic range to match the Fuji S5. It’s going to have full wifi and GPS, goes at 15 fps, 19 with a battery pack.
    Oh, and it’s selling at just £1200.

    • dan

      What I meant by that is that they’ll just rerelease the current D700 with a crappy firmware upgrade that lets us shoot crappy video, and whack an extra few hundred on the price.

      • Ya right. 😉

      • twoomy

        that sounds more like it. 🙂 just add jello video and keep the same ole line going on for another year.

      • Dweeb

        Don’t forget the sensor cleaner and some of the D3s additions. In any case they’ll just try to push the replacement back into the Photokina timeframe next year.

        It’s only in their interest to speed things up or discount if they are loosing sales. I’d rather see some Sony features instead of some D3s ones. HDR and that. But until it gets a 100% finder I won’t touch it.

    • zeeGerman

      Actually I’m not so sure about that. Frankly I was quite surprised about the D300S and D3S. The second card slot of the D300S was something I didn’t expect, and the performance boost of the D3S is also quite impressive.

      Neither of those updates seem to be applicable to the D700. The second card slot will give away a feature that is more of a reason to get the D3 than the 9fps. And it can’t get the performance boost of the D3S, because that will eat the sales of the D3S.

      My guess is on a 18MP sensor with the noise level of the D700 and a framerate between 6 to 8 fps. This would make a perfect backup for the D3S and D3x, and a superb competitor to the 5DMKII and 7D.

      • I don’t really understand marketing, but can someone please explain to me why this makes sense?

        If the d700 is cutting into d3 sales, then why doesn’t Nikon say “Ah, so people want something that is like the d700”? Does the manager of d3 sales have a more fragile ego than the manager of d700 sales? How does a company lose if it tries to give its clients what they want, as long as it remains profitable?

        • D3 series makes them more money and I think what is happening is that the market for the D700 is waiting for an upgrade (I know I am). Sure we have to wait, but I have a perfectly function camera in my hands, I just want the low-light & FX sensor… but I (and I’m assuming others) don’t want to purchase a D700 at full price when an update is so close, and with what is found in the D3 & D300 series of cameras the next D700 (or D800) upgrade will be a big one to incorporate all this technology which is offered in all the other cameras in the market (Nikon or Canon), anything less would kill the camera sales for the D700 series.

          • PHB

            Nope, the D90 makes the most money, followed by the D5000 and D3000. Next up is the D300s and the D700.

            Sales of the D700 are at least three times sales of the D3, probably more. And the profit margin is clearly quite significant.

            The D700s will have two card slots, it is a no-brainer. But they will be compact flash and SD so they won’t be quite as flexible as having two of the same kind.

            CompactFlash is on the wane. It used to be interesting because laptops often came with a PCMCI slot. You don’t get that on a Mac or a compact and they will be less common on PCs as they get smaller. SD slots are starting to become ubiquitous.

            I think al cameras are going to have to come with an SD slot simply because people upgrading from a D50/D90 or whatever will expect it. Compact Flash no longer offers higher capacity or speed. It is also quite pricey compared to SD.

            Also, I would not be at all surprised if the D4 was SD only. The space would be much better used for WiFi and/or a GPS connection. Alternatively replace one of the CF slots with a pair of SD slots and add a connector for an antenna on the remaining CF slot so that it can be used as a general purpose wireless accessory slot.

          • zeeGerman

            CF cards are already available in 64GB with 90MB/sec, the standard is even going so far that they will equal current SATA speeds. So I believe we will see CF for quite a bit longer…

      • GlobalGuy

        Second card slot is not a give-away. If the D300s can have 2 slots, so can the D800. I believe this will be standard and tied to video features in particular.

        • zeeGerman

          Maybe you’re right. But I know a lot of pros for whom the second card slot is an insurance. If they have too shoot an event and the card would fail, they would be in a lot of trouble, as they, depending on the event, charge a couple thousand dollars, and would then end up not having covered the one of the important couple minutes, or even more.
          Most of them don’t need the fps nor the low noise levels, for them the D3 is about FX, for a shallow DOF and the second card slot as an insurance, as they don’t get a second take.
          The D300S got the second card slot because it is the uncrowned DX king, as I doubt that there will be a D3 like camera with a DX sized sensor ever again.
          Plus, a “D700S”, with the same noise level, wouldn’t help Nikon to take position against the youngest Sony and Canon releases.

          I guess that the D700 replacement will feature a sensor that we will see again in a D4 with a lot better ISO performance.

        • If the D300s has it, the D700 has it or better. It would be foolish of Nikon to put something into a DX body and forget to add it to an FX.

  • Kimaze

    Finally D700X or D800 please!!!!

  • kaixiang

    The “cut-off” refers to production being stopped for the D700. So, it will probably be discontinued once stocks run out.

  • I tried to buy one last night (futureshop in canada) – and it “looks like” it’s been removed from the store inventory. They have some in the warehouse still but only a handful.

  • Pat

    translation by a native chinese speaker:

    Facing the strong competitive pressure of Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon finally ceased production of their entry level full frame camera D700. At present D700 (body only) goes for 15300 in chinese yuan, and further price hikes would be inevitable.

    • jay

      The original text looks like a marketing piece from a dealer who has too many D700 in stock. By mentioning “price hike”, he is trying to get rid all inventories before new product is announced.

  • Kevin

    You will see a D700s. You will not see a D700x. They will not stick the top of the line sensor in it. You people need to stop dreaming. Nikon has already shown the sales of the D3x are still staying strong so why in the world would they want to ruin that by making a cheap version of it. They make the D3x for professionals and professionals can afford it so why give it away for $3,000.

    You’ll see a D700s with similar specs to the D3s. I suspect the ISO won’t be as great though, won’t shoot as fast, etc. But it will still be a damn good camera.

    • This is technology. It is inevitable that in n years we’ll be able to get Casio point-and-shoot pocket cameras that vastly outperform the d3x (humanity may only last another 50 years, but I’d give Casio no more than 10 years to do that).

      It seems to me that a sensible strategy is always to shovel the latest greatest technology available right now at any given price point into your product line. The D3x will be obsolete very very soon, and it would be better if it’s obsoleted by a cheaper Nikon product than by a Canon one. Sensors and electronics get better very fast, and software is even more fun because putting it in a million cameras costs exactly the same as putting it in a single camera–there’s never any reason not to have the latest of those things in EVERY camera. The only thing that you should be paying for is hardware–robustness, weather sealing, shock protection, flash, better buttons, lighter weight, etc. In other words, charge for real costs of production, not for some marketing department’s outdated notion of what _should_ sell. Stop constructing scarcity. Make decisions after observing facts, rather than trying to alter the world to satisfy ideology. Who does Nikon think it is–the GOP?

  • 700s is coming, with video and enchanced 12MP sensors like in D3s

    • Daf

      My guess too

      • Bubba Satori

        So, still six 12MP DX & FX cameras, all shooting 720 video? How is that not great news for Canon in 2010? I think there’s gotta be an 18MP Nikon in 2010.

    • KT

      The D3s is just being released and selling for $5200, they couldn’t put the same sensor in a small body, offer it for 1/2 the price, all within 6 weeks and still make a living out of it. I mean, what kind of a business school did they go to!!!!!

  • Phil

    Regardless of what Nikon releases next, I really see no need to upgrade from my D700.

    • rwbenjey

      Agreed. The only annoyance I can think of with my D700 is the occasional issue it has with AWB (but it’s only in certain situations and if you shoot RAW, it can be fixed). As far as the prospective D700s, I don’t think Nikon needs to change too much, but dual card slots could be nice.

      • T140Rider

        Who shoots using AWB on a D700?
        Seriously, that is almost the first thing I disable in a body. I’m an old school film shooter who still used his Nikkormat FT3.

        • Bluecow

          People who shoot RAW and don’t care about taking the time to change WB for every shot since they can just change it to whatever they want in post-processing.

          • T140Rider

            I shoot in Raw and keep the WB the same. Then I can use batch processing to adjust the WB for all the frames from the shoot. Keeping WB the same just eliminates one variable.

            I also take a lot of Panoramic shots. Manual fixed aperture, speed & WB. perfect. AutoWB? Nah.

          • rwbenjey

            ^ Sounds like a fair way to do it T140Rider, though that’s assuming the lighting is constant throughout the shoot.

          • nikkor_2

            T140Rider is spot on.

  • Harry Couvert

    What Ive heard from an employee in a big (multi)store in Holland,
    is that production is down because of an “important part”
    not being available to complete the production…
    This was about three weeks ago (fwiiw)

  • Kevin

    Yes can we say the Death of Canon. Canon needs a camera of similar nature at a similar price point now or something.

    • Max


  • philipp

    thats exactly what i`ve been waiting for. x-mas rocks.

  • Kevin

    Yeah it’s called the sensor which isn’t being used anymore lol.

  • Lei

    Change “cut-off” to discontinue.

  • f/2.8

    Another case of we don’t want to buy it at $2400, we want to buy it at $2700.

  • Adam

    What I predict D700s changes/improvements will be (nope, dun think we will see a D700x or D800 any time soon)

    1. D3s sensor with the same ISO range and IQ as the D3s.
    2. Dual card slot (SD + CF, similar to D300s)
    3. 720p video mode (similar quality to D3s)

    And that will be it XP

    • NikoRyan

      This is the most sensible/realistic prediction based on historical trend.

      • rwbenjey


      • Magnus


    • I suspect that Nikon will go 1080p and the card slots with be either both SD or CF, but not a mix.

  • One more time

    12 Mpix ? No, thanks
    12 Mpix with video, 20 fps, and other gadgets ? No, thanks.
    12 Mpix in 480 g ? Eehhh…

    If anyone has an idea for what to do with my (good) Nikon lenses and other Nikon stuff…

    Only one question is important: WHEN the UNIVERSAL ISO 24×36 lens mount???

  • Kevin

    Well don’t get too far ahead of yourself there. I don’t think the camera will have the same ISO sensitivity. I am fairly certain the camera will have good ISO 12,800 but I’m certain it will end there. They don’t want to create a camera that similar that would crush the D3s. So there has to be some give and take on that $2,000 price difference.

    Myself personally I’ll still buy the D3s since the $2,000 isn’t really worth the savings when I think about it.

    • funny

      yes it’s not like nikon would every put the same sensor in a lower cost body to come up with a competing alternative right?

      oh wait they did. it’s called the D700 and it sold quite well and didn’t canibalize the pro D3s. It’s a tried and true success story which they will certainly repeat. thus the D700s will be a D3s in a D700 body.

  • NikoRyan

    {sniff sniff, sob sob} I just bought my D700 after the rumor/prediction of D700 replacement coming next summer. I know I will be happy with it, but I will cry if the replacement arrives sooner than next summer 🙁

  • Bluecow

    I’m just thankful I got the D700 last summer when I was able to get it for $2000 brand new (various sales were taken advantage of). I’m sure the new one will add video that I simply don’t care about and they will want to charge at least $2700 for it, which probably would have been out of my price range. There is no way they will make whatever replaces the D700 better than the new D3s, so I really can’t expect many unbelievable, must-have improvements over the current D700.

  • Bouz

    I just bought a D700 and am still within the time period to return for a full refund.
    Is it worth bringing back at this point?
    Personally, I wouldn’t do it if all they’re adding is video.
    If there are substantial changes to its operation, sure.

    Regardless, I’m sure it will be about $500 pricier than the original D700.

    Thought? Advice?

    • Tomaocron

      The D700 is a superb camera, and will still be a superb camera until it breaks down from years of usage. I don’t see the need to wait for a replacement especially if you are upgrading from a D300/D300s (as you gain 1-2 stops of clean ISO goodness).

    • Neil

      Why would you give back an excellent camera on the basis of an unsubstantiated rumor? Seize the day! Make pictures with your D700 and be happy. 🙂

    • My advice is to get a grip.

      Like the mb-d10 or the Meike knockoff. (I picked up the Meike and it’s every bit as good–the Nikon branded is NOT all metal like people claim). I picked up the Meike for $70. Here and here are links.

      That’ll give you damn near a D3, that that ain’t nothing to cry about.

      Oh, of course there’s the matter of the batteries. That is something to cry about. there’s no way around the price of the charger if you want the d3/d3x/d2x battery (which is good for 4k shots in my experience.)

      • Sputt

        The mb-d10 is pretty much all metal, dosen’t really feel like metal but i have som scratches in the paint that shows bare metal;)

  • eee

    i am from china…this news on sina is fake…..don”t believe that

  • Andy

    This fits well with the situation in Norway atm.
    It is almost as hard to get a D700 as it is to get a D3 or D300.
    It has been out of stock for a few weeks at one of the main stores in Oslo, and the ETA has been pushed foreward many times. Now it is 8th dec.

    I say missing parts or new model.


  • Alex

    The D700 is a good camera (even better if it could handel 18-24MP).
    I am always jocking about the D700x, but the D700 is a great tool.

  • ian

    this is logically what the d800 will get:

    18mp … d3x will still have the top sensor
    similar iso from d700
    similar everything else

    that’s it

    • zeeGerman

      This is my guess as well.

    • Bubba Satori

      Yep. Hopefully it’s 1080 video and costs less than the 5D Mark II.

  • Kevin

    It’s not the D800 period so don’t get your ideas screwd up. The D800 will not come out until the D4 has been released. This will be a D700s. Heck it’s the same thing nikon has done time and time again, why would they change it up.

    If any of you know anything the first thing you’d realize is Nikon really couldn’t care about competing with megapixels which is why this camera is going to have the same sensor as the D3s.

    If we learned anything it was that the D3 and D700 could easily co-exist together and work quite fine. Is there a really necessity to push an entirely new camera using a sony sensor? Answer is no.

    Also the chances of the D4x using a Sony sensor are practically nil.

    I’m sorry to tell you all but the D3s will have a 12mp sensor so if you want more megapixels and you really need them go drop the $7,000.

    • funny

      “Also the chances of the D4x using a Sony sensor are practically nil”

      the changes of you being right about a camera that’s not even rumored are practically nil. nobody even knows what and when the D4 will come out or what sensor it will use. D3X isn’t evne a year old. To speculate on the D4X sensor maker is downright foolish this early in the game.

    • PHB

      The foundry has the Sony name on it. But that does not make it a Sony factory in the way you imagine.

      Sony runs that foundry because making imaging sensor chips requires different techniques that standard fabs do not support. Running the fab takes a lot of money and a lot of VLSI know how. Nikon contributes to both.

      The way that Japanese companies are structured is very different to US firms. You can be pretty sure that Nikon has an equity stake in the foundry. Nikon makes a huge number of digital cameras of all types. Sony has been relatively unsuccessful outside of the camcorder business. If push comes to shove, the foundry is going to be a lot more interested in making sure that Nikon is happy than another part of Sony.

      The two companies are never going to be very far apart in resolution. That is determined by the minimum feature size supported by the equipment. But the ISO performance can be very different due to different amounts of tweakage of the process and the design parameters.

      Sony has no choice but to be first out with the new features. Nikon prefers to wait until they have perfected the chip. They might rush out a design to keep up with Canon, but they are not going to be worrying about Sony.

      Neither company has launched their EVIL bodies yet. Given that one company is interested more in the electronics and the other is more interested in lenses, Nikon and Sony could both benefit by adopting a common standard for their mirrorless interchangeable format.

      We can be pretty sure that a D4 will come out just as soon as they can get ISO6400 out of a 24MP sensor. But the much more interesting question will be whether the D4 launches on its own or with a D400. Once they can make a DX chip at 24MP, they have the technology base laid to make a 48MP chip in the FX format. That is the really interesting sensor as it means parity with the current Hasselblad and the effective end of medium format as a force.

      My guess is that the D4x will be out within the next 16 months and cost $12,000. Sounds a lot, but chicken feed compared to the cost of the ‘blad system.

  • Ok, two things: It’s very unlikely that Nikon would use an 18mp sensor. Why? Because of R&D costs. No such sensor exists right now and it would cost money to create it.

    Point two: it makes more sense to spend money ramping up production on the 24mp sensor. Why? It’s a win/win. Putting that sensor in a less expensive body means they will sell more of them. If they can successfully ramp up production to put out enough to keep up with d700 type sales, they aren’t going to be cannibalizing D3x sales, they’re going to be adding sales from current d700 owners, stealing any remainging potential A900 buyers with Nikon glass, and encouraging sales of their more expensive glass. AND if they do sell a lot of this sensor in a cheaper body, they’ll have lowered cost of production on the same sensor that’s going into the D3x, which raises their profit margin on the D3x.

    We’ve probably been kept waiting because they’ve either A) been building up stock of the 24mp sensor, or B) working out a way to make them faster, which probably ain’t cheap.

    Either way, enjoy shooting today and know that the future holds some exciting toys.

    • zeeGerman

      I doubt that there isn’t a sensor between the 12mp and sonys 24 mp sensor. The D4 will most likely feature a sub 20mp sensor. So this sensor needs to be developed anyway.

      If they use this, let’s say 18mp sensor now, with the noise level of the D700, they will create a perfect backup for the D3S and the D3x without coming too close to neither of them. This means that each of the three will a nice market share. Backup for pros, main body for semi pros. And later this sensor can be used in the D4 with a lot less noise, and the other usual upgrades. Then when we see a D4X with 30+mp we might see a D700 like body with the 24mp sensor.

      Plus I’m not sure if Sony allows Nikon to put their sensor into anything else but the D3x, as long as Sony hasn’t released a sensor with even more mp.

      • PHB

        People get so confused about the noise issue.

        If you compare a 12MP sensor with the same sensor technology at 24MP you are going to see more noise at 24MP due to the smaller sensor pixels collecting fewer photons.

        But if you construct a 12MP picture from the same two sensors using a moderately decent editing suite you will get a better noise result from the 24MP sensor. The software can perform a better noise reduction technique than dumb averaging over the sensor area.

        In practice it is not quite that easy since production constraints mean that it gets harder to control production quality at higher resolutions.

        But I would suspect that the D4 comes with a switch that lets you decrease the resolution to D3s levels and achieves the same ISO performance when it does so. Everyone will shoot RAW of course, but the switch will be there.

  • Kevin

    Yeah we aren’t going to see a 24mp D700 anything. You guys needs to stop dreaming. Nikon D3x sales are still strong, very strong in fact. Why would they jeopardize that just to produce a camera that is worth roughly one third. It also goes against every single camera Nikon has ever made.

    Canon made a mistake by putting a 21 megapixel sensor in the 5D Mark II. It killed their 1Ds Mark III sales. Heck they are going to have to sell that camera for $5,000 or less for people to seriously want to buy the remaining stock they have.

    The 700s will just be a baby D3s. Lesser features, similar image quality.

    • Alex

      that would suck

      • Bubba Satori


    • funny

      you can’t say “The 700s will just be a baby D3s. Lesser features, similar image quality” and then turn around and say “Why would they jeopardize that just to produce a camera that is worth roughly one third”.

      you’re contradicting yourself. If you claim the D700 was a good idea and the consensu is that it was a smash hit which didn’t kill the D3, then the same applies to a D700x vs D3X. You need to pick a position and look at what REALLY happened with the D700 vs D3. Either you’re for lower cost bodies holding flagship sensors or you aren’t. You can’t have it both ways. this isn’t burger king.

      as for the canon, you want to know what killed the 1DsIII? It sucked. Plagued with problems, AF issues, mirror issues and inferior poor IQ, all for 7K. Contrast this to the nikon flagships which command respect.

  • Kevin

    You say it would suck yet there are thousands that would be in line to buy one. I said this before and I’ll say it again,

    Very few people actually require a 24.5 megapixel camera. Even professionals such as myself rarely require it. If most pro’s don’t need it then why does everybody else.

    • WoutK89

      they need a D40 sized and priced body with super high MP count to show they should’ve stuck with the 12 MP bodies 😛

  • Tim

    If, and I mean’ IF’ a D700 replacement is on its way then I can’t see Nikon creating a ‘mini D3s’ this soon – it would be simply be silly – I think that we will see the 24 MP in a D700 body – after all the D3x has been around for about a year now – pro’s will still want the rugged features of the D3x – whilst the rest will leap at a D700x cannibalising 5D2, A900 and 7D sales, Nikon must realise they have a lucrative gap? Then again I may be totally wrong – If the D700 is replaced in July 2010 (which is when it’s due to be replaced) then it probably will be a mini D3s. My 2 cents…

  • Rimpula

    I heard a rumor supposedly (originated from a Nikon employee) about a month ago that D700 availability will go down in the near future because production capacity will be shifted from the D3/D700 sensor to the new D3s sensor.
    The originator of the rumor also expected the used price of the D700 to go up because of lack of supply.
    The first part of the rumor seems to have materialized.
    The second part seems to indicate there is no direct replacement of the D700 coming up immediately, otherwise the used price of D700 would go down, not up.

    • PHB

      Well not quite. The D3/D700 sensor will no longer be made. It is clear that there will never be another run of that sensor at the fab.

      The reason that they can’t bring out a D700s now is that the D300 shares the production line and it is a much bigger seller than the D700. Plus it makes sense to dedicate production capacity on the sensor to the D3s initially.

  • Kevin

    It’ll be a D700s.

    D700x will never happen. It’s rumors started by people who just want a cheap D3x that think 24.5mp is really cool even though they don’t need it. They wont release a 24.5mp just to cannabalize their D3x sales. The D3x sales are still going well so why screw with that.

    • Geoff

      Wow.. Kevin seems to know everything as fact. Can you tell us the upcoming lottery numbers too?

    • PHB

      The flagship body sales are inconsequential in revenues and earnings. The primary purpose of the flagship sales is to project the brand. The D300/D700 production line had six times the capacity of the D3 line when it started. Despite the difference in price it is the lower cost bodies that make the money.

      There is in any case little evidence that there is much competition between the bodies. If you are a top level pro, the extra cost of the D3 body is not an issue, you spend it on lenses anyway. Waiting for the cheap version to come out is not in your plans. Alternatively someone else will be paying for it anyway. The other main market is folk with a lot of money who simply want the biggest, baddest, bestest camera body, some of which may know how to use it. Only a small fraction of the D3 market would have held out for a D700 if they knew it was coming out.

      It is pretty clear that there will be no 24MP compact body for a while though. Before that happens they will certainly want to rev the sensor to add the same technology that they used on the D3s/D300s. And they will probably want to ensure that they have at least as good ISO response as the D300s.

      I would suggest that a D4/D400 launch will occur before there is a compact body 24MP full frame. And I would not expect the prices to be particularly cheap either. Looking at those sales numbers we saw I would say that Nikon could easily get $4500 for a compact body D800.

      Since the 24MP bodies are going to coexist with the 12MP bodies for some time, I don’t see any reason that one would hold up the other. Clearly Nikon would have launched the D400 for Xmas if that was possible by any means. Since they did not I think we can expect it to be April at the earliest.

  • funny

    IMO there is no doubt nikon will make a D700s. They already made the changes to the existing D3 sensor and manufacturing two sensor lines is more costly than one.

    No D700x though at least not until the price of the D3x comes way way down, which won’t happen until canon makes a decent competing camera…which won’t happen for long time.

  • ZoetMB

    Nikon may be electing to no longer sell the D700 in China, but I doubt very much that they are discontinuing this camera across the world without a direct replacement, whether that’s a D700s or a D800 and I don’t think they’re ready with a replacement.

    This is a very expensive camera for the average Chinese, even a middle-class Chinese and it might not make sense to market this camera there especially if there is a limited number coming off the assembly lines.

    • Ronald Jeremy

      I would have to concur on this point – whenever I take out my D700 when I’m trying out some new lens in a shop here in China – poeple freak out like I’m rich. hahah. Canon’s being slightly cheaper are way more popular here.

  • Kevin

    No i don’t know the future, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at what nikon has done over the last 10 years. They have always been releasing a XXs camera between camera cycle’s.

    The fact is a D700s would crush the 5D Mark II in every single aspect except for megapixels which is a big wooopidy doo they mean next to nothing. Heck I can take an old 6mp camera and using genuine fractals can make really good 28″x42″ prints so give me a break.

    • Geoff

      I’m not sure you know the present either. Okay, you probably know the present, but the things you say suggest otherwise.
      An example: Kevin said a “D700x will never happen. It’s rumors started by people who just want a cheap D3x that think 24.5mp is really cool even though they don’t need it”. Is it a fact that the D700x is a rumor started by people who want a cheap D3x only because they think it’s cool but don’t need it?
      My point is that you not only seem to know for a fact what camera will and wont come, you also seem to know the sources of all the rumors. Give US a break.

  • getanalogue

    Hi everyone, you are either stupid and eager to pay another 10 grands for anew Nikon body or just dreaming to have a wonder machine. Why don’t you look around for alternaties? I can understand my friend owning drawers full of (Nikon) lenses and camera bodies, but there are alternatives out there, still? Leica S2, Leica M9? MF Mamiya, Phase One etc.?
    IMHO, I think it’s a matter of what you are intending to do:
    I myself usin Digital on basis of APS/DX D90, but as for the rest of it I am using analogue, consider!

  • Alex

    But film isn’t analog

  • disco

    this coming from a country that just sold a gazillion D3xs

  • I’m from China, i dont know where you got this news by GOOGLE TRANSLATE and i went to sina for details, but what i read is D700’s price went down over 110 USD at 24th Nov’s news. maybe you searched an out of date passage?

  • Jeff-c

    Whether Nikon is going to discontinue D700 or not remains to be seen but the source of this rumor highly questionable as the original source is from a website who tends to make up stories to attract eyeballs.

  • Kevin

    No personally I own a D3x and a D700 backup. The D3x is one hell of a splendid camera and seriously the sales figures they have on the D3x are roughly 1/5th of the D700. So when you look at the cost of the two if they put out a D700x it will almost certainly kill 90% of the sales for the D3x which would actually put them at a net loss.

    The fact is people would buy an improved D700. To get relatively similar image quality as the D3s in a smaller body would be huge as it would really be a camera that even novice photographer’s could afford and would be extremely versatile.

    The one thing many of you seriously don’t get is that beyond ISO 1600 the D3x starts to become somewhat unpredictable. Now lets just say your a novice photographer looking to become a professional. Is a $2700 camera which is over the top versatile with high end ISO at 12,800 more realistic than having a 24.5mp camera which don’t get me wrong it’s a great camera but the versatility is not the same.

    Also the information I get is based purely on past Nikon announcements. If you seriously look at all the past camera models your going to notice that only one camera ever received that X designation and it was the D40x.

    I’ve said this time and time again, Canon realized making the 5D Mark II with the 21 megapixel sensor was a bad idea. Yeah they sold lots, then the 1Ds Mark III sold well nothing at all. So in reality what does it really do for them. Camera manufacturer’s need to be smart to not canabalize their own sales. Rest assured you’ll never see Canon make that mistake again.

    I’m actually fairly certain the 5D Mark II is the last 5D camera we are going to see. I do believe we will see a Canon 3D which will be similar to the D700s which would then be direct competition.

    Right now the 5D Mark II competitor is really the D3x and the 1Ds Mark III. I think the D700 is hands down way better than the 5D Mark II.

  • Bubba Satori

    Wow, who saw this coming? Great camera, but the 5D Mark II must have really put a hurt on sales. The king is dead, long live the king, D700x or D800. Wonder when it will show up?

  • alex

    i really don’t think 5d hurts d700 sales. 90% of noobs who post here are the same kids on dpreview forums with “canon trashes nikon” kind of posts.

    you may be surprised but lots of people actually want a very good AF system and all the other pro features in d700, which does everything. i pretty sure d700 still is selling very well, even after 7d and 5d which are not cameras really good in all ares, for all purposes, they’re niche cameras like canon always does just to make canon lens owners want to upgrade.

  • Chris

    I hope Nikon realise the needs of pro sports shooters. I’ve already heard of an agency tog with a D3s being refused entry to a soccer match as the club had a list of D-SLRs with video capability, and stopped any being admitted.

    I want to see a D4 with no video please Nikon – or at least a build option that has the functionality removed.

    • They will ban Canon Mark IV also then… 😀


      No pictures (soup) for you! 😀

  • A Chinese

    I’m a Chinese
    I can see reports in on D700’s price in China
    but I cannot find anything on D700’s production status
    where is the original piece of article?
    I don’t see news on D700 being discontinued and I don’t trust this rumor

  • Chang Dao

    As a chinese person, I’ve read the full posting.

    Fact1. Production of D700 ended
    Fact 2. No follow up on the D700, Nikon wants to force upsales on D3s

    This is why the price of the D700 goes up as stock will clear….

    • Nico in China

      Didn’t follow up closely the prices but it seems to me that it was already at 15000 – 15500 rmb? Did it fall bellow the 15K rmb in the past monthes???

      I also don’t believe this rumor. Changes of market prices can be consequences of rumors but here it seems to be the origin of the rumour as well???
      + the clear mention of 5D2 as a reason seems really weird.
      + Nikon kept selling obsolete camera for a while in the past, if they kept selling D80 i can’t see why they’d panic with the D700 which is much more comeptitive than their past camera used to be???

  • pinarello

    looks like some online stores are finding difficult to get D700 stocks…

  • Gary

    Amazon, B&H, and Adorama all seem to have the D700 in stock, and the prices have not gone up recently. While I would love for the D700s release to be very soon, I don’t know that this particular rumor points towards that.

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