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"Nikon Transfer v1.5.1* + View NX 1.5.0* - We have confirmed that there are no problems with the basic operation under 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7. We plan to make compatible versions available for download by the end of January 2010.

Capture NX2* - We plan to make a compatible version available for download by end of December 2009.

Camera Control Pro 2* - We plan to make a compatible version available for download by end December 2009."

  • Photosynthesis - this site is a good source for Nikon lenses (inlc. serial #)
  • Nikon Podcast #28 – Travel and documentary photographer Ami Vitale talks about the benefits of stills and HD video when photographing a captivating culture.
  • Nikon CEO Selected as PMDA (PhotoImaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association) Person of the Year.
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  • PHB

    The numbers on the photosynthesis site pretty clearly show that Nikon will be producing a lot more DX lenses for the masses than the high end primes and such regularly demanded here.

    There were howls of protest when Nikon announced an upgrade to the 18-200 DX zoom. They sold over 1.7 MILLION of the old model. Anyone still doesn’t get why upgrading that lens is a higher priority than bringing out a fast prime?

    The fabulous 85mm f/1.4 has only netted sales of about 70,000 units since the last rev was introduced over a decade ago. That is about 5,000 units a year. While that is one of the two lenses I most want to get, I can understand why it would not be the foremost priority for the company. And the numbers really don’t speak to a huge demand for the 28mm f/1.4 either, only 7,333 sold over a 12 year period.

    Now another feature of the chart is that sales of exotic lenses are definitely on the rise. Take a look at the rate of sales of the 200-400 for example. But they still don’t add up to huge numbers. Sales of the 400mm f/2.8 are only in the hundreds a year. There is really not such a great demand for a lens that you can only use with a tripod.

    The vast bulk of Nikon revenues come from the mid-range lenses price wise and mostly from the zooms. The two 300mm primes sell a couple of thousand units a year each. Those sales numbers do not suggest to me that there is a huge pent up demand for a 400mm f/4 prime. Though the sales for the 80-400 strongly suggest that a 100-500 would sell very well.

    Contrary to what some claim, it is pretty obvious that Nikon has recently updated every lens that currently sells in appreciable numbers and a good few that barely sell at all. The data strongly suggests to me that the lens Nikon needs to make the biggest priority at the moment is a replacement for the 80-400, the only lens in the bunch that still suffers from a slow focusing problem. DX primes are proven to sell much better than the FX equivalents and so should be the second priority.

    On this basis, my lineup for 2010 would be (all AFS):

    DX 24-100 f/4.6-5.6 ($800)
    FX 100-500mm f/4.6-5.6 ($2000-2500)
    DX 24mm f/1.8 ($300)
    FX 85mm f/1.4 ($1200)

    But my lineup for 2011 would be

    FX 14-24 f/4 ($800)
    FX 24-70 f/4 ($800)
    FX 70-200 f/4 ($800)

    Why then? Well, by that time I expect we will have an FX body for D300 type money and there will be a strong demand for cheaper, lighter pro quality zooms to go with it.

  • Jim

    Interesting review of the D3s, but a little tough to read the translation. The high ISOs of the d3s look great, however, just want to understand if the quest for higher iso compromise other aspects – such as the low end vs the d3. Based on history, look like dxomark should have a review posted in mid December.

  • Zorro

    Nikon will concentrate on DX lenses, especially primes, because DX is the future. FX will slowly die back to a niche market just as medium format gave way to 35mm for most users.

  • Darth Duster

    Im still hoping they complete the 1.4 trio. I shoot in really low light.

  • Lance

    Regarding the Chinese D3S presentation. In the quote below it appears the definitive Nikon word (from Koichiro Kawamura) on a lowercase versus uppercase “X” or “S” on the D3X and D3S, etc…, is that it should be a capitol letter when a model name is used in text, and only lower case when seen as a logo. This is a good idea since I am always reading D3S reviews and seeing “D3s”, which reads like multiple D3’s, even without the apostrophe.

    [quote]I asked one looks simple, but the actual troubled me quite a long question: Nikon D3X behind D3S and the letter “S”, “X” whether the upper or lower case should be. Mr. Koichiro Kawamura has finally given the standard answer: Only in the form of a product logo appears, the two letters appear in lower case; other at any time, including in the article, PPT, etc. point of view the text of the letter appears in “S / X” All capital letters. so, we should have been noted in this article are “Nikon D3S” instead of “Nikon D3s”.[/quote]

    Koichiro Kawamura is General Manager, 1st Design Department, Development Division, Nikon Corporation.

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