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Update #2: Nikon Denmark is doing a special Christmas sale on Nikon D5000 kit with 18-55mm VR and get a SB-400 for free.

Update: the Flashback deal in the UK is valid only for registered Nikon costumers who have received a voucher from Nikon UK via email. Not sure what criteria was used to determine the recipients of those vouchers. The vouchers are non-transferable. The promotion support line phone number can be found here.

The first deal is from the UK - free SB-900 flash when you buy a D300s. Wow! More info available here (fyi SB-900 is currently selling for £319.00 at Jessops, the D300s goes for £1249.00):


I also compiled a list of few other Nikon deals:

  • In Italy you will get a free CoolPix S640 when you buy a D300s

I will have another post for Black Friday deals next week.

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  • Steve S.

    This UK deal is insane!

  • Dan

    This offer should be universal dammit!

    If my country had this promo I’d be hard pressed not to get a D300s.
    Screw X-Mas presents!

  • Paul

    Seriously, do this deal Nikon USA.
    I’d buy a D300s right away!

  • NikoDoby

    Wow now that got my attention!

  • Alex

    A SB900 free when you buy a D300s, look like the D400 is coming soon….

    • M!

      get real with all your D400, D700x, D800 Fantasies.

      • WoutK89

        Someday they will become real (although I am not sure about the D700x)

        • Alex

          Why did you have to say that !
          I was hoping to get my D700x for Xmas !

          • WoutK89

            Don’t you rather have a D800 for christmas? 😉

  • Anonymous

    that is ftw

  • Adamz

    Does any one knows how much does d300s cost in UK? As it can be twice as much as in US.

    • Adam, Jessops (UK) sells the D300s for £1249.00 which is around US$ 2000. In the US the D300s sells for $1,575.95.

      • AZ

        haven’t seen the price before, sorry about that
        but the 1250GBP only confirms my point, it’s gonna cost You pretty much the same in US to get the whole kit w/o any promotions;
        nevertheless, I like the idea that Nikon once again is showing some promotions

        • another anonymous

          You’re right, but in us it’s for anyone and in uk only for some chosen nikon users and moreover nikon users that are uk residents. The others have for the price only that d300s.

    • Daf

      This is one of the bast photography price comparison sites in the UK:

      Cheapest being £1119.99

  • Vladi

    D300s in UK around £1200, might be a bit cheaper if you get it online.
    The free SB-900 then actually makes it round £900 for the camera itself.
    Not bad at all, much cheaper than new D300.

  • this is freaking awesome, i was going to get the D300s plus SB-600, but now a free SB-900 😀 its gonna be a good christmas

    • another anonymous

      congratulations 😉

  • i guess this is aimed at D90/5000/60/40 users, to tempt them to upgrade =P

  • DIP

    hmmm.. what if the SB900 is on its way out? i know that its new but it’s been having lots of problem.

    • WoutK89

      I dont think it is out, but maybe it will get that patented flash next to it

    • problems with SB-900? Mine works just fine, and has done so since day 1.

      On the subject: where are the rebates in The Netherlands… I am waiting… A free SB-900 would be nice, but I wouldn’t mind a good cashback action either.

      • WoutK89

        It’s been a very long time ago Nikon Nederland did something for us, hopefully they will see the light some day too

    • Ronan

      I own 3 SB-900, and theirs another 4 in the studio.

      Zero issues with all of them.

      Zero issues with any SB-900 that are own by colleagues and friends.

      What the fuck are you talking about?

      • Anonymous

        agreed, I have 3 perfect 900s and I hate to say it but ive been beating the crap out of them and they still work awesome

  • Patrick

    Search D90 body on Amazon for this deal:

    Save $200 Instantly
    Save $200 instantly with the combined purchase of this Nikon DSLR and the Nikon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED-IF AF-S VR Zoom Nikkor lens from Simply add a qualifying Nikon DSLR and the lens to your Shopping Cart, and we’ll automatically apply a $200 discount at checkout. Offer valid through November 28, 2009. Discount applies only to purchases of products sold by, and does not apply to products sold by third-party merchants and other sellers through the site.

  • Moses Chisel

    The BIG problem with this promotion is that Nikon are being ‘selective’ in who they email the special promotion voucher to.

    I have been with Nikon for ages and I did not get the voucher through the email.

    No voucher – no special deal.

    Equal opportunity ?? nada

  • edch

    Give me SB-700 and 17-60 VR as soon as possible~

  • Wow that’s an amazing deal!!! I wish I got that when I bought mine for $1800. LOL All is grand though, I live the camera!

    • WoutK89

      Living the camera, you must be really deep into photography 😛

  • WR

    Wow! You were saying rebates would be starting soon. I had no idea one would be this big.

  • well

    This is a sign that Nikon realized that people would not buy D300s, but this deal would be very tempting. The problem is that it is not world wide. I do not like that Nikon doesn’t have own shops or proper online one. I went today to a Nikon reseller to check out some new Nikon Stuff, D300s or D700. They do not have it in store, But they can order it for me if I pay a fee and promise to buy. Hell NOOOOO.

    • Ronan

      Where do you live?

      Almost every city i have visited in the US, Canada and France have stores that carry Nikon gear, including the new stuff.

      Heck, a little shit hole village 3 hours from any city had the D300s for sale a couple weeks ago…

    • M!

      as ronan said, where do you live?
      most nikon resellers are supposed to stock X number of products per Nikon agreement as a licensed reseller, no way they would be out of a D300S unless they sold the all.

  • Lava

    so how do you get that Voucher code from Nikon then?
    im thinking about a D300s,so why not buy it in the UK then.its a great offer!

    i agree with the nikon online shop,its disgusting.

  • Bob

    I know I’m waiting for a better deal now. I’m waiting for a bigger drop in price or a rebate. But this free flash would do it.

  • This is the small print at the end of the Nikon email and may explain why some of you have not received a voucher for the D300s/SB900 promo:

    This exclusive offer is open only to current registered Nikon users, and it’s our way of saying thank you for your continued loyalty to the Nikon system.

    • Bob

      So if I’ve bought a Nikon a registered it I’m a current registered Nikon users?

  • Daf

    NOTE: Re UK Flashback offer.

    Only trace I’ve found of it so far was an E-mail to UK NPS members.

    Doesn’t seem to have been sent out to other mailing lists – so it may be a limited offer. Certainly my copy had a personalised code.
    It even said : “This voucher is personal to you, it can only be redeemed by yourself and cannot be transferred to anyone else”

    I have my kit registered on their site – so they know I own a D200 + D70, not registered any other body.

    • Daf

      PS Uk has a seperate NPS like scheme – which only requires 1 “pro” body (my D200) and 1 other item. Worldwide scheme requires 2 pro bodies.

  • nearly_nikon

    Er, I may be missing the point here, but is this deal only open to existing Nikon owners/registered people, or if I go out and buy a new D300s (which I was seriously thinking about) would I be able to take advantage of the offer too?

  • NikorRyan

    Holy crap! If only I had relatives in the UK…

  • WoutK89

    Admin, I think reading all the comments here, that it may be better to find out if its open to all, or just a select group of users, before you get bad rep for providing wrong information.

    • WoutK89

      Point 6:
      To claim for this promotion please complete your unique voucher on the email and send this with the following items:

      point 10:
      10. The offer code is only valid for the recipient of the unique voucher and is non transferable.

    • I updated the post – there is a promotion support phone# listed on Nikon UK site, they may be able to answer some questions.

      • WoutK89

        Thanks for the update, I am so sad being a Dutchmen now 😛 Cant have it all I guess

  • Here in Japan, Nikon is offering a 5,000 yen rebate on lenses. This applies to the body/kit lens sets for the D700, D90, and D300s.

    I would LOVE it if they offered a SB-900 deal with the D700. However, that will not come to pass: flash units are very expensive here, and they would never do it.

  • batterychap

    This offer is good, but you are better off buying in the US. There is a lot of people blinded with the word “free” in this email, but remember that D300s is $500 cheaper in the US than in the UK !!!

  • Navscan

    Just about to order my D300s from Calumet in Belfast. Already saving €450 on Dublin prices. The cherry on the top is this lovely personalised voucher in my hand for a free SB900. Happy Christmas to me.

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