Nikon D3 almost gone

B&H already lists the Nikon D3 as discontinued:


Adorama lists the D3 as backordered for $4,899.00:

Screen shot 2009-11-09 at 9.14.03 PM

Amazon still has some for $4,999.00.

Ritz sells it for $4,999.95 and Calumet for $4,999.99.

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  • nikonmonster

    WHY? For $200 more you can get d3s.

    • Alex

      Maybe because the D3s is not THAT MUCH better than the D3.

      • nikonmonster

        I’ll tell you in two weeks.

      • low

        maybe it isnt but its better than the competition

        • Nope

          How so?

          • low

            cause of its unprecedented ability to make great photos with very little light and a video camera second…18MP crop body must be your thing?

          • low

            edit: 16MP

      • M!

        ? are you kidding yourself?

      • You really don’t think it’s $200 better? Maybe I’m easily amused, but the simple fact that it can do 100,000+ ISO seems remarkable to me. But hey- what do I know?

    • I was expecting the price to go further down

      • Anony-mou

        That’s the new economy… We all through that the downturn would at least drive prices down. Nope, it’s the opposite!!!

        • Yahweh

          That’s because US currency is worth less now with respect to the yen. so it is much cheaper than before, value wise

      • iamlucky13

        Maybe a little bit, but clearly if people are buying them at a satisfactory pace, the price isn’t going down. They’ll want to get as much for them as the market will bear. D3s adds a couple of interesting features, but many people won’t have a use for them, and $200 is $200.

    • f/2.8

      Because the D3 has earned it’s place in the hall of fame of Nikon. It is a technological and engineering triumph for Nikon and for digital photography.

  • low

    D3S > *

    • * < D3S < D3X < Leaf

      • low

        okay i might agree with you there….i might.

  • Mark

    Why should I buy that when I can get the soon to be released D800 that will cost even less, have more MP and be lighter to carry.

    : )

    Power of Positive Wishing.

    • M!

      what d800?
      when is “soon to be”?
      imaginary cameras are definitely lighter.

    • Alex

      I just bought the D700, I like it but the 12MP is really not enough for what I’m doing.
      I could not wait any longer for the D700x/D800, so as soon NR will confirm the D700x/D800 I will sell my D700 for a good price on Ebay (probably $1995).
      If you keep your gear in perfect condition, it will sell for about 80% of the retail price.

      • low

        you do know there is a D3X right??

        • f/2.8

          low, let me ask this first:

          you do know that 12MP is not enough for what you do when you bought the D700 right?

          • low

            if my 5 yr old niece cared whether i photographed her with 24MP then i wouldve most certainly bought the d3x. i mean, right???

          • Huh?

            Methinks your reply is meant for Alex, not Low.

          • f/2.8

            Yup, my question was meant for Alex. low, sorry about the confusion.

  • KT

    You can pick up your D700s, same specs, for 1/2 the price at 1/2 the weight come next July. Can’t beat that.

    • M!

      some people don’t want to wait until next july.

      • How did they make their living 2 yrs ago? 4 yrs ago? 10 yrs ago?

        • Alex

          Nikon film camera + Nikon scanner

        • T140Rider

          5+ years = Nikon Camera and hours in the WET Darkroom.

  • Just in case

    neah, thanks a lot, but dump it. Nikon has to come up with something new and very quickly. Canon is wining this year 😉 I’m not going to invest into D3,D3s,D300s,D700s what ever. I would be better off with much cheaper Lumix or Sony than this.

    I have 5 expensive lenses from Nikon, But tempting to sell off on ebay.

    • another anonymous

      ok, do it if you really want.
      i have 3 expensive nikkors and wanna 1 more and 1 update, but even if i would have no time to wait until july i would buy nikon FX body as for me in this class there’s nothing better to have (i don’t care about video at the moment) and even if the prices and some services in my country are not just nice and i’m constrained to solve it outside. ok, i know it’s easy to speak so when i can wait till july, don’t need studio features, plan to buy some d700 successor and have no real reason to switch.

    • PHB

      Such threats are really not very credible. Since when was photography so fast moving that having the latest equipment 12 months earlier more important than understanding how to use it?

      Switching from Nikon to Canon is like switching from a Mac to Linux, the basics appear to be the same but everything is not quite where you expect it and does not quite work the way you want.

      Nikon has every lens that is demanded on this forum and every camera body and then some. Why don’t they release them? They ain’t finished yet.

      I am an engineer, a pretty good one at that. I buy Nikon, I buy Rolex, I buy Jaguar because they are the absolute best engineering of their kind. Yes Ferrari has a faster car than Jaguar with better handling, but it spends ten times more time in the shop.

      Nikon are building cameras for perfectionists and as far as they are concerned, they will be available when they are ready.

      If you want something a little faster than the D3/D300/D700 then adding a faster DSP is a simple upgrade. If you want a higher resolution sensor then there is a D3x. But don’t expect major model upgrades more than once every three years. You won’t get that from Canon either.

      • T140Rider

        I’d rather Nikon released stuff when it is and ready ready.
        Unike Canon who seem to be going in the opposite direction with an update already for the 7D. Pah.

    • Canon’s winning? If you’re a videographer, I guess that is the case.

      Since you’re of the belief that Sony and Lumix are good enough, then drop me a list of the lenses you have and the prices you’re willing to settle for them. I’ve got a couple on my wishlist and I wouldn’t mind wheeling and dealing.

      The only word I have for people threatening to jump ship is, “Go!” As no one else is invested in your life here, such threats really don’t carry any weight except w/ yourself. Since it matters not to me, I’m always willing to take people up on it. Seriously, send me a list. I’ll help you fund your move to Sony and/or Lumix.

  • ich bins

    @ just in case: did you ever compare the build quality of a Canon vs. Nikon? I have heard that after 4 years working with the so famous D5 the mirror fell out in many cameras, haha… and: cheap plastic everywhere …
    On the other hand progress at Nikon always takes place in very small steps, they want that we buy every new item (I don’t do so), but they have to come out with a higher resolution cam under the D3X; Sony and Canon show the way…

    • ich bins asked – did you ever compare the build quality of a Canon vs. Nikon?

      Yes I have and, at least in the kinds of cameras I use Nikon wins hands down every time. I once had a Canon 28-70mm zoom come apart in my hands as I was using the camera and will never forget the sticky goo that jammed the shutters of my cheap plastic everywhere (but otherwise rather nice) Canon EOS 10s. My first Nikon DSLR was the Nikon D70s which had much better build quality than the “cheap plastic everywhere” Canon Rebel. What did Canon have that compared to the build quality of the Nikon D300 or Nikon D90 for that matter? It is only now with the Canon 7D that the build quality *might* compare favorably with the D300.

  • Alain2x

    Last “chance” ?

    What is the chance to get a D3 instead of a D3s ?

    Masochism ?

  • Alex

    About the D800 (again) in Italian, maybe originaly from Nikon Rumors !
    Take a look if you have hope.

    • yes, we covered that here on NikonRumors I believe last year – the consensus was “FAKE”

  • zzddrr

    I think we are not going to see any decent release from Nikon. They’ve been busy adding “S” to anything that moves. But seriously, they cannot even ship the bloody D3s just months after they announcement and we’d expect something new? Now way, not before next summer.

    • Alex

      I bought a Manfrotto tripod (made in Italy) about 20 years ago, they did not relased the “S” or “X” version of the tripod yes.
      I guess the designer did it right the first time, maybe Nikon should hire him !

      • Anonymous

        really you don’t have that manfrotto 3540s?

        • Alex

          I have the 144B, plus lateral head, etc….
          But because I bought a heavy Italian tipod, I had to marry an Asian woman (they can carry much more than US women).

      • alvix

        ..mmhh..they hired Giorgetto Giugiaro instead…1980..

    • f/2.8

      To you it may just be a meaningless “S” designation.

      To Nikon the 1 more stop to ISO 12,800 means pushing the envelop of technology.

      To me it could mean all the difference in a shot.

      • zzddrr

        Great! I really hope they will come out with Stevie Wonder Jedi limited edition where Yoda like blind people will take pictures in a coal mine.

      • zzddrr

        Great! I really hope they will come out with a Stevie Wonder Jedi limited edition where Yoda like blind people will take pictures in a coal mine.

        • BillyBobJohnson

          You said that twice

  • Adorama lists the 70-200 2.8 also as on backorder.
    Does this means that VR II is about to be released ?
    When ?

    I’d like to buy VR II now from the US to benefit from the price and the 5-Year Nikon warranty.
    Anyone knows when it’s going to available?

    • 70-200 VRII is already shipping in some countries (Belgium). It should be available in the US by the end of this month.

    • Good scarcity marketing because Nikon November while never announcing a precise date… (shit …).

    • f/2.8

      If you haven’t ordered 1 as yet, don’t count on it for World Cup soccer in the summer of 2010.

      Since you stated you are price shopping I don’t think you have the stomach for one on the big auction house once they hit the market.

    • Date is listed as 11/27 release in Japan. I hadn’t realized that this was an issue elsewhere. I’ve had the 27th on my calendar for quite some time (since announcement, IIRC).

    • Alex

      I am not a “zoom” guy, so I went on Nikon website to see the differences between the new and “old” 70-200 zoom.
      They both have AF-S, VR, ED lenses and IF, so what’s the big deal ?
      And the new one have a 1.37 meters (4.6 feets) minimum focusing distance !
      What can you do with that, it’s ok at 200mm but way to far at 70mm.

      • Anonymous

        Corrections to supposed lack of sharpness on full frame, plus a supposed extra stop potentional of VRII. I don’t have a full frame, the older 70-200mm, or the newer 70-200mm to confirm that claim, but those are the advantages stated

  • Alex

    Here is pictures of my new girlfriend with a D3s at very high ISO.
    (you better not say anything to my wife or I’ll buy a Pentax camera)

    • Canon Fangirly

      Unbelievable! ISO 25,600 is usable!

    • iamlucky13

      That’s truly amazing. The ISO 12800 looks at least as good as ISO 1600 or perhaps even 800 on my D40. I would not sneeze at getting 3-4 more stops of usable ISO.

  • inabon

    So, does anyone knows if the D3s has the 51 AF points all in the center (equal to D700 or D3) ? did Nikon “spread” them out?

    I’m talking about this:

    I have the D300 and I use the extreme right/left points way more than any other points.

  • zen-tao

    The last chance….The one who owns a D3 should keep it as gold. I’m bored to say that Nikon company is playig with the photographs as we were pawns. They are not willing to lower the prices of any product, when it’s supposed to go down they make it disappear. The subject is to pay the highest price they can reach. Fill your wallet for the new products…

    • Alex

      I think Nikon is loosing money on his camera department, so they may don’t want to sell the products less that the price it cost to build it.

  • I can’t figure out if there is any real photo quality increase over the D700.

  • David

    I don’t understand why so many people voted “dislike” on this post. I mean, you come to a rumor forum to learn any and all information that interests you about Nikon. If you care or cared about the D3 (and most Nikon fans do or did), then why isn’t this information useful (in case you were thinking of buying or selling one) or at least interesting to know? I can understand if someone doesn’t really care or like hearing about a Coolpix being discountinued, but this one puzzled me.

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