Rumor: Nikon D800 instead of D700s/x

PhotographyBay received a tip that Nikon will not be updating the D700, but instead will release a completely new model - Nikon D800 with the following specs:

  • Video mode 1080p video recording (full HD)
  • High resolution 24.5 MP
  • High frame rate: 7 fps without battery grip (similar to D300s)
  • 51-area Nikon Multi-CAM 3500FX (same technology as D3X)
  • Expected to be released before the end of the year

At that point I do not have any reliable info on that rumor. All sources point that D700 will not be updated anytime soon. Maybe this really means a new D800 that could coexists with the  D700.

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  • hybris

    when we look back, at the incomming news about the d3s before its realese,then
    it looks like nobody really konws whats happening uptil a month/3weeks b4 the announcement.
    nobody really have a hotline inside nikon, neither nikonrumors nor thomhogan.(no offence).
    nikon hold the carts close
    looks like the most precise rumors starts when som photographers gets their hands on prototypes and the pass one the word.
    everything is just speculation

    lets hope for more posetive and konsistant news the comming dayes!

    • adam

      Just had to comment that the proper term is they hold their “cards” close. Its a reference to playing poker and not letting other players see your cards. I have a friend who always hears popular saying a little different than they are said and I always get a kick of how he heard it. For example he would often say he had to “drop trout” to get a deal done. It his version of “dropping your trousers” or “drop trou” as some people around him had used it.
      On the other hand, if you simply made a typo, I apologize for this ramble.

      • hybris

        hi adam
        pardon my french
        i will”drop trou
        my spelling is not top noch

  • steve

    I predict firmware upgrade for the current D700 which will provide video to the current body, giving the D700 renewed life, and allowing for the continued sale of this awesome camera.

    I have no inside information. I just think this would make the most sense.

    • John

      There is no way firmware can make video hardware magically appear inside a camera…. the internet is not that powerful yet young grasshopper

      • steve

        I think the hardware is already there.

        D700 was announced on July 1, 2008
        D90 was announced on August 27, 2008

        Nikon was developing both at the same time. D700 has live view. I would be surprised if there aren’t a few D700(s) floating around Nikon R&D where they at least tried to implement video.

    • Harry Couvert

      And sound input via software update?

      • steve

        hmm… forgot about the sound. But, there are several USB microphones out there 🙂

    • Mikeg76

      Why would they spend all of this time and energy on something and give it away for free?

      • steve

        Not at all, they would be add it to sell more cameras.

  • John

    here is the trend….

    D3: normal dslr
    D3s: normal dslr + video
    D3x: better pixel dslr

    D300: normal dslr
    D300s: normal dslr + video

    D700: normal dslr
    whats next?

    See where the trend is heading? dslr co-existing with video dslr.

    • gncl

      Hmm true, but your list is not in chronological order.

      Lets not forget that the D3x came almost a year before the D3s. So if we’re going to look at Nikon’s recent releases to predict future ones, maybe we shouldn’t assume that a D700 + video would be following the ‘trend’.

  • kevin

    The Nikon D4 and D4x are coming next year, I’m not certain why people wouldn’t believe this. D4 is Q2 and D4x a Q4 release, likely a year from now. They almost like to wait for Canon to release their garbage so they can introduce a better system.

    For those of you who are saying the 5D Mark II is a great camera you have likely never used it. That camera had to have been Canon’s worst mistake ever and I will tell you now they won’t make that mistake again.

    1Ds sales dropped off the face of the earth and then the price of the 1Ds dropped by more than $1,000. A true professional is not going to care about having to pay $8,000 for a camera when it earns them a living and the number of sales that both Nikon and Canon get from their flagship models is still up there.

    Just for the record, the D3/D3x owns a 63% market share with the 1D/1Ds right now. The 1D Mark IV is going to change that.

    • John

      not if the d3s has anything to say about that! 😀

    • gncl

      “D4 is Q2 and D4x a Q4 release” …. Thanks for letting us know. While you’re at it, would you mind sharing the lottery numbers for this weekend 😉

    • Bob Howland

      Your third paragraph makes little sense. Are you saying that 1DsMkIII sales were unaffected by the 5DMkII or that Canon should not have introduced the 5DMkII and instead should have given up all those sales in order to protect premium pricing of the 1DsMkIII?

      I agree that the 1DMkIV is going to change the 63% that you quote, but not in the way that Canon hopes. In particular, I think Canon is going to be humiliated by the difference between the D3s and 1DMkIV at ISO 102,400. Canon should NEVER have put that into the 1DMkIV.

    • camerausercollector

      For me Video in DSLR is not really significant. If they can make DSLR to shoot still images while recording video at the same time using separate media storage then it will be awesome.

  • Rather than D700x, I prefer it to be called the more straightforward D800 to distinguish better from D700. A hi-res studio/landscape specific camera vs. hi-iso low light/all purpose quality camera. BTW, I don’t really mind whatever it will be called as long as it has got the 24mp ISO100-base sensor that yields clean files up to ISO 400, and usable ones up to ISO 1600. It may even be named D9731wjigh as well. I also don’t care the video, but the price matters! A good-quality 24-135mm VR as a kit lens would be appreciated much.

  • grumps

    Seriously the amount of feedback (or postings) about the D700x/800 astounds me!

    On the same serious note, I really doubt there would ever be an ‘s’ or ‘x’ incarnation of the D700 or similar model range, I can only see it happen for the D3 or D4 etc.

    On an appreciative note though, I know the D800 would be highly anticipated, especially with a higher MP count and the obvious noise expectation a lot of people stipulate about! I know I like the smaller size, but I expect a D4 release first, before the D800 would hit the market.

  • catastrophile

    This rumor is candidate for the least believable rumor of the year and the born-dead rumor of the decade.

  • Stu Mannion

    Video! … are Nikon going to start competing on the video front? To do that they need to have at least 30min record time, a high-quality, high-bitrate codec, much reduced rolling shutter artifacts and of course manual control. 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60 fps is necessary too. There are a lot of people out there like me who come to this site with little interest in stills, only to see if Nikon will make a real 5D mk2 killer on the video side.

  • yin

    It better be cheap enough like the 7D or else I am crossing over.

  • Alex

    Why would a Nikon FF with 24.5mp and 7fps be “cheap like a 7D” which is a 1.6x crop camera? It could be double the price of the 7D, and still be better value.

    • Acend

      Well spoken. I’d happily pay 2x the price of 7D for the D800.

  • kevin

    What I was saying was the release of the 5D Mark II essentially made all 1Ds Mark III sales stop since all the canon Fans thought they could get a really good 21.1 megapixel camera for practically nothing. The camera though incorporates a nice fancy sensor with an autofocus system designed in the stone age.

    To my knowledge Canon is working on a Canon 3D Camera which will have similar specs to the 1D Mark IV but it will be full frame. A 1Ds Mark IV with a 32 megapixel sensor is coming in February or March.

    However, the canon poster above that thinks Canon owns the full frame market, you’d be dead wrong on that. Many statistics all over the place have shown Nikon making double digit gains in market share over the past 2-3 years. There are a few resources out there that show Nikon with a 63% market share in that segment.

    Why is that, The D3x is way better than 1Ds and the D3 was better than the 1D Mark III, oh wait the D3s is also better than the 1D Mark IV. I’m confused why would you want to shoot canon now unless you’ve been sucked into buying all those lenses….

    • zen-tao

      I run by chance with your post then clicked into B6H website searching for some prices. For example:

      5D MK2……………………..2700$
      I don’t Know about statistics But anyone could imagine there’s a deep rift between them. I don’t think so. The greatest difference is in the price. If a lot Nikon users still loyal to the brand is because we have purchased along the years our Nikon equipment, otherwise Nikon actually wouldn’t sell so much cameras. But they have our neck grabbed I don’t know what kind of marketing it is, not very good I guess.
      If you were a new professional who are thinking to buy a new camera, what would be your choice?

      • Musouka

        Well, the D3x competes against the 1DsIII so unless video is important. I don’t think there is much of a comparison especially given the 5DII’s weak AF system and less rigidity.

        In any case, it’s sad that Nikon decided to charge $8000 for the D3X. Canon can now charge the same (or maybe more) for the 1DsIV.

  • I live in Japan and frequently visit a local camera shop that has a Nikon rep in-store. When I made a comment to him regarding the technology from the D3s being cascaded down to a D700s/x he made a rather curious comment indicating a D800 rather then the upgraded D700 I mentioned.

  • Musouka

    Sounds believable except for the 1080P video part. If Nikon was able to do Full HD, why leave it out of the D3s? I mean, a supposed 2 months gap between the D3s and the alleged D800 can’t realistically be a factor.

  • DK Holland

    as long as it shoots 9 fps on fx with battery grip, i’m happy.
    Would make my year if it would be released in 2009.

  • zen-tao

    May be Nikon will develop an update of the D3s·s firmware to reach 1080p 30fps.

  • Simon

    If anything on Nikon Remorse is to be believed this alleged new camera can do toast too. I mean really does this deserve a mention as a possibility? If a rumor about a 5DMk3 with 36MP with the AF of the 1dMk4 is comming out before the end of the year is posted to a Canon rumor site they would have laughed it off the park let alone giving it airspace.

  • Nathan Shane

    Thought I’d post again with some more thoughts…I know that several shooters talk about not having “any” interest in video capabilities on a camera (to each their own) but there is a growing trend for video among wedding/senior portrait photographers…this growing trend towards candid video to accompany is at the clients request. And being able to offer video in addition to photos is another service that can bring in more money. If the picture quality is there in the camera (as Nikon has proven they can do very well) then the addition of HD video is all the more convenient – the feature certainly doesn’t take anything away from a camera “if” the camera can already take quality images.

    I feel that the D3x is just too expensive for many shooters and the D3s doesn’t have the higher megapixel count of the D3x (if you desire that – and I do). I have a D700 (and a D300) and I would love to have a second FX camera for backup and shooting. And I’d love to have the additional capabilities of video in my camera as well since that is being offered. If I have a choice, I would not want to haul around both a camera and video-camera, too time consuming and bulky for some projects. So I do not see the D3s as being the next FX camera I would buy to solve my needs and desires.

    But if Nikon were to come out with an FX camera that offered a higher megapixel sensor (and it doesn’t have to be 24.5mp – just as long as it is more than 12.1mp) that also has 1080HD…then I’d definitely buy that camera as my second FX camera. And it would actually become my No.1 FX camera and the D700 would take a backseat as the backup/secondary camera. I think Nikon has a void along these lines that needs to be filled and that several shooters would jump on in droves regardless of what Canon does or Canon’s prices. I’ve already invested in Nikon’s best lenses and I’m not going to jump brands just because Canon may do something first. Nikon will certainly bring out a camera along these lines soon enough…and perhaps it will be a D800 (or some other name).

  • kevin

    Ok first off, comparing the 5D Mark II to the D3x is just not a fair comparison since the 5D Mark II really can’t even come close to the D3x in any single category. Having just recently bought my D3x and selling off a 1Ds Mark III and 5D Mark II I can tell you first hand the D3x is by far superior to both the 1Ds and 5D. The autofocus and image quality on the 5D is just horrible compared to the 1Ds and that is why it’s cheap. The 1Ds Mark III still out performs the 5D even though they have identical sensors, you find that odd?

    Now a true professional photograher, such as myself, that earns a living working as a photographer has no issue whatsoever paying $8,000-$10,000 for a camera since generally we only buy a new camera body every 2-3 years. It is part of doing business and something we factor into our prices. I mean it’s not uncommon for a professional photographer to be making $100,000+ a year if they know what they are doing.

    This is simply why neither Nikon or Canon will ever make a professional level camera for nothing.

    Any professional photographer would be wise to not go cheap on the body since it’s a tool that you’ll use day in and day out. You expect to get the most out of it and if one camera gives you a clear cut advantage and provides better flexibility and image quality you’ll take it just to provide that to your cliental to grow your business.

    If canon was really smart they would have made the 5D Mark II a 18 megapixel camera with the 1D Mark IV sensor and provided some improved AF. As it is right now, the 5D Mark II in my opinion is one of the worst cameras they’ve ever introduced. The original 5D Mark I has some of the best image quality amongst all Canon cameras.

    Now read this.

    FACT: The vast majority of people wanting large megapixel cameras have no need whatsoever for them. FYI you can make 24″x32″ prints off a 12 megapixel camera fairly easily. Why would a non-pro need anything more?

    Ask yourself, why do you want or think you need 24.5 megapixels, or 32 or whatever. I mean I am a professional and I don’t even need the 24.5 for 95% of the work I do. I’m buying a D3s to do the majority of my work with as it provides greater flexibility. I can safely shoot at ISO 1600 and 3200 on the D3x without having any major noise issues either.

    Overall I don’t know why anybody would knock Nikon gear when it’s vastly superior to Canon. It’s not just the camera bodies either, Nikon lenses are better and the flash system that canon uses is just horrible in comparison to Canon.

  • D800 may be a last chance for Nikon to catch the train. Most of my colleagues (including some previous Nikon owners of D70, D200 or D300 & naturally 20D or 5D users) have already got a Canon 5D II, and they haven’t seen any issues so far, neither autofocus, image quality nor weather related problems.

    Considering today’s technology, D300 is the dead-end of DX (or maybe a 16mp D400 with a stretch). D700 is still another 12mp, and its so-so advantages being an FX does not justify the switch (in my branch). While D3x is too expensive & bulky.

    I’ll wait for a D800 (with or without video doesn’t matter) till the new year’s eve.

  • Spoke to my Nikon contact in the camera shop in Japan again today. Definitely hinting towards a D800 that would coexist along with the D700. 16-18MP, no more. No word of movie or other functions. Won’t be released by the end of the year, more like early next year.

    • 18mp may be a sweet-spot for FX regarding noise issues & corner unsharpness. If correct, by this way Nikon may be aiming to please both camps in contradicting needs with a single camera. Leica M9 has got 18mp too.

      As pixel-count it’s arguably ok for FX, but a disappointment for DX crop for tele usage. For landscapes, I’d rather prefer max. available (24mp) accepting less high-ISO capabilities (still one stop better than D300).

      Again, a good-quality compact 24-135mm VR or 28-200mm VR would be highly appreciated as a walkabout lens, since the existing 24-120mm is not adequate.

  • kevin

    There will be a D800 that pushes 16 megapixels and it’s going to have a D4 sensors with fewer options but it’s still going to be in that $2,700 range. I don’t get how you are talking about missing the train.

    The 5D Mark II is not a good camera. I don’t really care what anybody says about it. Canons marketing technique is this and this is seriously how it works for canon.

    Canon: Lets pump out Cameras with ridiculous amount of megapixels that people really don’t need. The megapixels will sell themselves even though the Camera IQ is not so great.

    Nikon: Lets focus on image quality while gradually increasing megaixels because image quality is more important.

    If you look at all the cameras out there for some reason Nikon cameras all rank amongst the highest in IQ. I don’t get why you all think the 5D Mark II is so great. It had to be one of the worst cameras I ever owned. Besides having a huge sensor the rest of the camera was a piece of crap.

    • Mark


      I agree that most likely Nikon will keep the new model at about $2800 and by going to a MP number around 16ish, then it has a tech spec that separates it from from the D700 at 12MP and the D3x at 24.5MP.

      I hope Nikon keeps the D700 and drop it a few pennies under $2000.

  • zen-tao

    Hey Kevin: You don’t seem to know what are you talking about. Mpix are Mpx. Canon and Nikon are great cameras well built. The only difference is That canon’s are a little more heavier and the price a lot lighter.
    It’s likely you didn’t get used to the camera but the photographers are not insane and they have bought a lot of Canon cameras and no one have told me that they were a “crap”, on the contrary the are quite satisfied with them.If you don’t believe me, have a look to the equipments that they use on press , sports, etc.. I own of a D-200 not bad camera but stinks old and I’m still waiting for an affordable replacement and I’m really upset with the treatment that Nikon company is giving to us; their silences, their leaking and reluctant improvements . Canon, at least, is continuously updating the features of his models. That’s a good marketing.

  • hmmm

    I was recently on Mark Watsons Website and saw something very interesting. Check out his self portrait image on the far left in the about us tab… doesn’t look like any nikon body i’ve seen yet.

  • :O



  • hybris

    its soon christmas, nikon have to deliver somthing 2 the nikonkids.
    i would rather have a new sweater from mom, than another s-model.
    mabye som will stop beliving in santa.

  • Johnweil

    i really hope this D800 is true, i really need a full frame with higher mp for studio work. If it doesnt show up early 2010, i will sell all my nikon to fund 5d mk II or used 1Ds Mk III. And, personally, Nikon doesnt make any big impression on their D300s (i found it – Absolutely Stupid – got it butt kicked after a week of annoucement by 7D), and D3s (have no one here notice that Nikon dont have a idea on how to make new sensors? – 100k plus iso is meaningless if it cant produce nice clean clear sharp image at 6400iso). I dont know about you, but my D300 and D90, they never know what is 3200iso is due to it stupid noise and 100 more flaw).

  • NikonHearMe

    Please Nikon, granted me a full frame with 20+ mp, 5 fps is all i asking for, with D700 focus, and the rest, beat 5DmkII ass, I wont be asking it for free even if i still have another 2 more wish, i will buy it, using my hard earn money, just as long as you sell it not far from 5DmkII,otherwise, i might have to say Canon Here I Come!and oh, please come soon..very soon..sooner than New Year.

  • kevin

    Good then go start shooting Nikon, you’ll be back in a year or less. Something wierd to consider.

    An avid Canon photographer picks up a Nikon and starts shooting and for some reason the comments are almost always positive.

    Nikon photograhers picks up a canon and quite often we are left scratching our heads.

    Megapixels are not megapixels. Just because a camera has 21 megapixels doesn’t mean the image quality is the same or better as another 21 megapixel camera. In canon’s instance the 1Ds Mark III blows the 5D Mark II away. It’s something that did shock me but my 1Ds Mark III would consistently have better images in a working environment.

    Once again just about nobody requires a 20mp+ camera. I only do a handful of photos that require it and mainly for commercial work. Nikon doesn’t focus on megapixels and I don’t think they ever will. They are too smart for that. Image quality over image size is the way to go.

  • NikonHearMe

    wow,i saw a nikongrapher not photographer.Your loyalty is great, too bad, you should channel it in multilevel marketing like avon instead of camera.Congratulation, nikon will repay you, with a free D3X or for consolation price 200mm f2.8..or maybe D800 a 24mp dslr for you to buy at a price higher than 5DmkII.Go nikon!

    I found out 10mp D200 is not as good as 10mp 40D. Smart?Try print a billboard size image using your D700, place the billboard next to one shoot with Hassee, wow, mp does help!

    Image in 1ds and 5dmkII, not so much different, the different is the body packages.

    good luck with your commercial job!

  • zen-tao

    Are you sure that you have a Canon camera? Try to rub in the front of the viewfinder where the brand is engaved. It´s likely you have been sold a Kodak Instamatic faked. My clients all use Photoshop. and A. Lightroom. And the frist thing they do after the first view with my pictures is using the zoom tool. The old song said. Quantity is not quality, but it´s the glory… You know what I mean.

  • sgts

    24mp sony alpha 900 + 4 pristine 2nd hand minolta lenses = £2000


    • zen-tao

      Not that bad, good stuff. I tried one and the cualyty was good. Shrpness and good color reproduction.

  • Alex

    So now that Canon Rumors is reporting 1Ds4 to be “32 or 38 megapixels” – Is Nikon going to wait for that to release a 24.5mp D800? We are always going to have to stick to the “mega pixels don’t matter” argument. And before anyone says “anything over 30 megapixels is unnecessary.” To see double resolution, you have to multiply by 4. Because we look at resolution in a linear way. So to see double 8mp, you would have to step right up to 32mp. And 8mp is only double from 2mp. So keep that in mind. All these incremental improvements from 12 to 16mp etc, you would not notice.

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