Nikon Transfer 1.5.1, Nikon View NX 1.5.0 released

I would like to think that our complains yesterday were heard 🙂 Here is the link. Mac versions also updated! FYI: Windows 7 will be released on October 22nd.

Click the link below for what's new:

Nikon Transfer 1.5.1:

  • Support for the D3S has been added.
  • Support for 64-bit versions of Windows Vista has been added. However, the software operates as with 32-bit systems.
  • Support for Mac OS X version 10.5.8 has been added.

Nikon View NX 1.5.0:

  • Support for the D3S has been added.
  • Support for 64-bit versions of Windows Vista has been added. However, the software operates as with 32-bit systems.
  • Support for Mac OS X version 10.5.8 has been added.
  • Support for a function that allows position information taken from a GPS log to be written to image GPS tags has been added.  
    Various GPS information from a GPS log saved by a commercial GPS unit (receiver) or cellular telephone with GPS support can be added all at once to images.  
    The following GPS log formats are supported.
    • NMEA-format files (.nmea, .nma, .log file extensions)
    • GPX-format files (.gpx file extension)
  • Support for Epson E-Photo has been added. E-Photo is a printing utility bundled with Seiko Epson Corporation’s inkjet printer drivers.
  • An issue that sometimes resulted in decreased resolution, depending upon the pixel count entered, of image copies created using the “Convert Files” function has been resolved.
  • When lateral color aberration compensation was applied to RAW images then edited and saved using ViewNX Ver. 1.1.1 or Ver. 1.2.0, lateral color aberration compensation was sometimes not applied.  This issue has been resolved.
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  • Audion

    Way to go Nikon, we’ve had Snow Leopard for over a month now and still you only add support for OS X up to 10.5.8… Zzzzzzzz….

    • kurt

      Yeah, and i really need capture nx on snow leopard, when is that coming. along with apple (still no D300S support on mac os) the slowest company.
      Adobe has support for D300S and snow leopard over a month
      I am realy getting angry here

      • John

        its going to take another month lol….

      • nikkor_2

        “…i really need capture nx on snow leopard”


        • Now is your chance to try Adobe Lightroom!

  • John

    finally it wont (i hope) keep freezing and closing on me!!!!

  • Alex

    Does it also work with the D700x ?

  • sjors

    UUUUUF ! I hope that they listen now!

    • WoutK89

      Yes, and all they hear is, cha-ching 😛

  • Phil

    I hope they update the WT-4 Software so it works with win 7 64 bit

  • craigrudlin

    The link for Nikon Transfer, english edition, ends up downloading
    the spanish version!! Nikon, please fix.

    • M35

      just downloaded and seems to work for me.

    • Karl

      Both are at the same page just learn english and you will know which button to press.

  • jberk

    and when you download the english version for the Mac you get the Spanish version . . .

  • jberk

    I now suspect the website was hacked. I downloaded the English version earlier tonight and when I went to add it to a second computer was only able to download in Spanish.

  • john

    oh man this version of view nx fails even more than 1.4 before it on snow leopard…

  • Cuius

    I run in English on Spanish Windows….and the European site downloaded the English version?

  • “Support for 64-bit versions of Windows Vista has been added. However, the software operates as with 32-bit systems.”

    Ehhh? I am running ViewNX 1.4 on Vista64 ánd on Windows7 without any problems. So what am I gaining?

    CaptureNX 64-bit… Thát is what will be great when it comes. No more lock-ups and waiting for that little windmill in the edit list 🙂

  • Jason

    I’ve just downloaded it and tried it on a few files – it has a very strange effect on .NEFs, which makes it quite unsuitable for me. They come out with a strange “old film” look – you know that look that photos get in your parents’ album after 30-odd years? Like that. Roll on ViewNX 1.5.1 . . .

    • ASk

      This BUG will be visible when ICM profile to the monitor applied

      • Jason

        Thanks for that – it’s always good to have it confirmed as a common problem. Since I’m using 32-bit XP at the moment I’ll stick with the previous version – I’m so glad I hung on to the installation program!

        Now we’re all waiting for the next release (also a couple of VR-equipped telephotos) . . . hurry up Nikon!

  • Alex

    Wait a minute !!!
    If this is the D800 specifications, then I’d better keep my D700.
    – I don’t need (and don’t want the video)
    – I don’t need 7fps (I won’t even use the D700’s 5fps)
    – 24MP is very cool, but only if it keep the ISO cleans (I like to shoot at ISO 800 with the D700, give me more shutter speed, so less blury pictures).

    And finaly, If I return my D700 (received yesterday !) my wife will kill me (at least 3 times), and I will be 4 monts with no camera (great for hollydays events !).

  • D800? Best rumor ever!

  • Richard Coward

    Anyone else suffering with ViewNX on an iMac with Snow Leopard? All my menu items are now ‘code’ links ie. Help on the top bar now says IDS_MENU_HELP as do all the other menu and toolbar items.

    Poor show Nikon!

  • Zen-shooter

    I loaded the 1.5 and color profile is all screwed up. Unistalled and am back using 1.4

  • Naisi

    I just downloaded ViewNX, version 1.5. When viewed, all of the pictures (jpg and NEF) have a very green cast to them. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem. ( Nikon is no help on this one). Unfortunately, I no longer have my download file for the previous version so I can’t go back to the prior version, which, by the way, was working fine. ( I am running Vista Ultimate 64 ).
    Thanks for any help.

    • asahi

      if you change a monitor profile, you can solve the trouble.
      ViewNX1.5 : [ Edit]->[Option]->[Color management]->[Monitor profile]. For example, you change setting in”Nikon WinMonitor”.
      I solved “green cast trouble” by this setting.

  • Ian

    I have downloaded ViewNX 1.5 numerous times and it will not work on OS 10.5.8. When are they going to leave things that work alone?

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