Nikon D3s and 85mm f/3.5 DX lens available for pre-order


Nikon D3s available for pre-order:


Nikon AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR available for pre-order

More pre-order options coming soon - check back again. All pre-orders are sent "first-come, first-served". Nikon D3s availability: late November 2009. Lens availability: early December 2009.

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  • low


  • Vahid

    530$ for this lens!!!???
    530$ for f3.5 ???
    if i want to spend 530$, I will buy 60 macro, not this!

    • setecientos

      I was kinda disappointed, I hoped for a 85mm 1.4 with VR and would pay $1500 or more if it comes true.

  • Joe

    ummm 529.. thats actually not bad.

    • iamlucky13

      Except many of us were hoping since the rumors for a DX micro lens with mediocre specs started that it would be an inexpensive Nikkor alternative to the Sigma and Tamron macros. Granted, neither of those are available in AF-S + VR equivalents (I think), but either one is less expensive, works on FX, and offers more working distance and an extra half stop.

      Neither is it very remarkable compared to the Nikkor 85mm F/1.8, aside from the expectation that it probably does better in terms of distortion and maybe CA.

      I was hoping for this lens to come out around $300, maybe $400. At $529, I’m afraid it doesn’t sell me over the third party macros, especially with what appears to be a plastic mount.

      • Take a look at the MTF chart and you may realize where the difference is.

        This new lens is sharper wide open (all the way to the edge) than the 105mm Micro VR, 180mm f/2.8D, etc. – pretty much the entire stable of Nikon’s (and Canon’s) best lenses. We don’t have values for it stopped down but there’s no reason not to assume that it will be even sharper.

        We may be looking at Nikon’s sharpest lens, ever.

        That’s excluding industrial optics of course.

        • Ernst

          That’s because “wide open” is less wide open on an f/3.5 than an f/2.8.

          Nikon’s MTF charts are always done at a lens’ largest aperture, so they aren’t very useful for comparisons. Note how their f/1.4 primes appear to have lousy MTFs compared to their cheapo f/3.5-f/5.6 zooms.

          • dyna

            Exactly. And we should further note that the VR in this lens is not of the same specification as that in the 105 or any other “pro spec” lens. VR does not instantly mean 3 to 4 stops. Ask anyone with the 55-200….

          • Yes, I am fully aware that Nikon’s MTF charts are done wide open – and that an f/3.5 lens is easier to design to be sharp wide open.

            Not to mention, we don’t know what the MTF looks like at different distances – portrait range, 0.5x-1x life size, etc.

            Still, f/3.5 is only 2/3 stop slower than f/2.8 – given the impressive high ISO performance of today’s cameras that isn’t a really big handicap for the majority of uses this lens will see. I myself use a 75-150mm f/3.5 E lens as my main telephoto lens on a D200 – over the 80-200mm f/2.8 – because of the much smaller size.

            If you want to compare to a similarly-apertured lens, here’s the 1/3 stop slower 200mm f/4D Micro:

            You can see that wide open the 200mm is sharper in the center and falls down to about the same near the edges of the DX frame. However, remember that this lens costs over THREE times as much as the new lens and is indeed a third stop slower wide open. It is aimed at a different use, of course.

            Until we see some shots with the new lens, we won’t know how good it actually is. My guess is that the price is definitely justified by the performance.

        • iamlucky13

          I haven’t spent the time to learn how to usefully interpret an MTF chart, but I definitely did notice the curves are higher than on other lenses I’ve looked at.

          However, those other lenses aren’t hurting for lack of sharpness themselves.

          I’m being a little bit fussy because the lens isn’t really a fit with what I was hoping for. If others like it, that boosts my confidence that Nikon is in touch with the customers, but I think I personally will make the tradeoff of corner-to-corner sharpness for price, aperture, and FX compatibility of the Sigma or the Tamron.

  • calbot

    Lets see how well it performs before we start crying like girly mens. If you don’t like it, or are too cheap, then don’t buy it. Otherwise, just be happy they are releasing ANYTHING given the consumer demand right now.

    • calbot

      You want fast? Get an 85 1.8.

      You want faster? Get an 85 1.4.

      You want a faster cheaper micro? Get a 60 AF-D or AF-S.

      You want faster micro with VR II? Get a 105.

      You want a cheaper micro with VR II that balances better on DX? Get this lens.

      Otherwise, crying because Nikon makes a niche lens. You guys sound like spolied babies.

  • zeeGerman

    Wasn’t there a fast prime supposed to be released as well??? Any outside chance that this will still happen?

    I don’t get the macro lens. There is a huge selection of macro lenses already, and it’s really difficult o make a bad choice, as all of them are quite good.

    Isn’t it time to update the 24 f/2, finally???

    • Dweeb

      Yeah, after hearing the Fast Prime mantra for so many months from the “experts”. Like I say, another flower lense. How many Macros and sports equipment must Nikon produce? Where’s the 300 ƒ4 image stabilized lense for those of us that don’t dump 5 grand in a lense? Canon can make one. Anyone here shoot landscape at ISO 100,000?

      • Anonymous

        It’s “lens”, not “lense”. That little red line under words is your friend.


    so much charade, so many expectations and then you get this. LOL 5199,- yeah right. It is not a good time to do shopping. I do not think this will be big success. But one never know.

    Nikon should bring something cool better, not this cra*

  • Anonymous

    Yet another DX lens. How many overlapping DX lenses must we suffer through in between the one FX lens every 2 years? Nikon, you stupid, stupid little company.

    • Zorro

      Get used to it. DX is the future, FX will slowly die.

      • PHB

        FX will be relevant in maybe 5 years time when the resolution hits 100MP or so.

        But there will never be a point to any FX lens that is other than very large and very expensive. FX is not a budget format.

        So there will never be anywhere near the number of FX lenses as there are DX lenses. You will have the magic three zooms, The fast ultra-teles, a handful of primes and the PC series. And that is it. What else do you need?

        And look at the lenses recently refreshed: 14-24mm zoom, 24-70mm zoom, 70-200mm zoom, all the big primes, all the PC series. Why on earth does the FX crowd think that it is ‘their turn’?

        The DX line will always be the priority because that is where the money is. If you want less expensive, if you want light then buy a DX body.

        You can be pretty sure that almost everyone here would prefer to have seen the 100-500mm zoom or new AFS 85mm f/1.4. But delaying the macro lens is not going to speed those lenses up. Each lens has a different designer and they take many years to design and a year or more to test. Nikon are still bringing out lenses that began the design process before the launch of the D3.

        I don’t see any problem with Nikon only bringing out one FX lens a year. Unless you are just starting a lens collection, even the most active pros are only going to average about one lens a year. Once you buy a lens you should expect to use it for at least ten years. So unless you have more than ten lenses in your active use bag, you are going to average one lens a year or less. [Yes, I know people have more than ten lenses, I have 15. But I only have three that I carry in my bag every day and only four that I consider current]

        • dyna

          Um, excuse me but…. this is the internet. Rational thought has no place here. Just in case you forgot.


          Excellent post.

    • NikoDoby

      Anonymous, why do I get the feeling your only camera is an iphone?

      • Anonymous

        lol. Niko, why do I get the feeling your only camera is a D90, yet you keep looking through the window at the big boy cameras with envy. The D3(x,s) are for the adults. Go back to kiddie table. You know, I do have an iPhone, 3 in fact.

        • NikoDoby

          Go to the NR forum Picture A Day thread and check out my work then come back and ask me to teach you photography. I will teach you even if all you have is an iphone because I’m a good guy like that. 🙂

          • Mark

            You started it……now you are getting it back….just enjoy

          • Anonymous

            Yea, I see the photos you claim as your own work.

          • Jay

            you mean… teach him photoshop lol.

  • Chase

    I think that $530 is a pretty fair price for this lens. I won’t be purchasing it, I’m mainly into photojournalism (concert photography is my primary interest) so the 50 f/1.4, 12-24 f/4, and the 70-200 f/2.8 are my good friends.

    • liels

      Well, suppose $530 significantly less than current prices for a new 105mm f/2.8 VR micro ($900). Of course, the 105mm is easy to find used for $700. Regardless, you’ll have more working distance with the 105mm, the option to do some portrait-type stuff with it at f/2.8 etc. etc. etc.

      The 85mm is probably lighter. At $200 or $250 I’d rather have a new 85mm f/3.5 than a $700 used f/2.8. At $500 no way.

      Why do I care? Because Nikon is wasting it’s R&D not listening to it’s customers, throwing out stuff of questionable value instead of using it for things that are _long_ overdue. VR on a 300mm f/4, for example. The 17-35mm f/2.8 replacement. The 85mm f/1.4 VR FX and so on. AF-S VR on the 200mm f/4 for crying out loud. Maybe f/4 70-200 … or something else that they don’t offer …

      Oh, and if they gave a flying f___ about “cheap” micro, where are the closeup lenses and extension tubes? Oh wait, they don’t really.

      Even if this lens has spectacular optics at f/slow … who cares? Wouldn’t it be better in a lens that filled a hole in the line?


    by the way, there is several magazines coming out now. comparing DSLR,

    Nikon won with D90
    Then there is a Sony alpha 900
    Nikon D700
    Last 4-5
    Nikon D3 …etc

    Why is that? I have no idea. NIkon is loosing edge?

    • Mark

      they are comparing…………to sell their magazines.

  • Thats it. I am buying a Canon body. Yes I know they sucks but at least I will get the LENSES I need.

    We really NEEDED the 85mm DX lens, oh yeah.

    • Ray

      good luck. let me know if u want to sell any nikon gear cheap 🙂

    • GlobalGuy

      So true.

      This was a shameful lens to release at this moment.

      This was supposed to be an FX moment….

      • PHB

        FX is not a format for macro photography. This is a macro lens.

        Nikon makes tools for professionals and serious amateurs. They don’t much care about the preferences of fanboy types.

        Don’t forget that the D3 originally launched with what was at the time Nikon’s best ever DX camera body. It will almost certainly be the same with the D4, I would not be at all surprised if a 24MP D400 launched at the same time.

  • john

    so is that it???? nothing else til dec or next year??

    • Dweeb

      Probably means new chips for Photokina. But that’s a long way away. Since they’ve had nothing for two PMA’s just maybe they will have either an improved 300 or 700 in the Spring. Generally s or x models just extend production about 6 months.

      Nikon — the nuttiest company on earth.

  • grumps

    I’m glad the D3s speculation is out of the way! Now this means we can seriously look forward to the D4 rumors and D4X (perhaps even larger sensor!).
    I think the DX release is a good thing, this completes a lot of the DX range, and now Nikon can focus more on updating for FX range.

    • Tod

      I would say. Nikon screw this up. I’m disappointed. What should I buy myself for christmas?

      And you are waiting for D4? I would go with Sony Alpha 900 right now.
      Larger sensor in NIkon? well They are screwed as they use Sony chip.
      Entire body is just heavy fuccer.

      I guess price = weight ?

      • Anonymous

        Tod – just a thought but you could spend that money on a couple of holidays where you can take great pictures with the camera you already have.

      • Geonr

        Good luck with that Sony, and trying to find wierd flash adapters for all your gear.

  • Mike

    WHY couldn’t we get a fast 85? budget 85 1.8 pleaseee nikon! the 35 1.8 isnt enough I want something for portrait!

    • Tod

      dream on, if they can not make a proper entry with D3s.

      Gosh, be glad use what you have, the rest buy 2nd hand, and you save some money for next year. 85mm -1.2 will be out 😉

  • john

    wtf you smoking?

    • NikoDoby

      Hit me up with some too bro 🙂

  • steve

    WOW. I just got back from the nikon web site. Okay sure, it is Nikon, and they are going to present their camera in the best light, but I saw some of the video samples, especially the D-Movie Production sample, and all I can say is WOW! I think for all the bitching and complaining, Nikon released a pretty great camera. I wish I could come up with $5k and buy one of these things. And the high ISO shots – WOW! Anyone know how I can convince Nikon to donate one to a high school?

  • Kimaze

    Oh well not getting 1….am waiting for D700x i can feel it, but when ?

    • Delie

      Good question, would guess it’s not going to be out for at least 6 months now, given they’ll be hoping to sell as many of the new d3s’ as possible first. Doubt they’d want to risk people holding on to their wallets if they knew a d700 x/s was on it’s way soon. Shame, for me at least 🙂

  • matt2001

    well that was a little anticlimactic, was kinda hoping for more lenses and more so on the higher end of things!!

  • mani

    biggest dissapointment ever made by nikon imo … sorry

    what a great idea: let’s put a D90 into a 2years old D3 and charg 5000$ for it

    • zeeGerman

      I wouldn’t call Nikons replacement for their most successful digital camera a disappointment. Albeit I was surprised that there aren’t any other lenses.

      But I start to think that they want to have another announcement after the canon one on the 20.. My guess is that they will keep some thunder for that.

      • rhlpetrus

        A new sensor replacing the best on the market just after 2 years, likely with better noise and DR, a disappointment? This is a pro camera for PJ/action/wedding shooters, not a toy for gearheads. Quiet mode is a must feature for wedding shooters as well. Nikon just listened what their customers in that market needed. No more MP, just better IQ and features.


        • rhlpetrus

          Replying to the poster above you, sorry for confusion.

        • Mark

          No more MP coz they have to rely on Sony for sensors.

          • SimonC

            No more IC steppers for Sony, coz they get them from Nikon 😉

            Who do you think made the D3x’s 24MP sensor? Sony would be foolish not to sell as many of their sensors as they can to recover R&D costs. Last I checked, Nikon shipped a lot more DSLRs than Sony, the vast majority of them using Sony-made (but not necessarily Sony designed) sensors.

          • Geonr

            Yeh, and trees from Malaysia and steel from India, etc.
            Poor nikon. They should also build their own unis for their techs instead of relying on 3rd party institutions.

      • rhlpetrus

        NO, February 2010 is next launch date, from a well-informed source, likely the new D700 (s or D800 with new sensor).

  • rhlpetrus

    Admin, this guy gets it right each time (called the D3s many months ago), has said that there will be no D700 with 24MP sensor, that next FF compact (call it D800) will have a new sensor, likely 18MP. Here’s his new post, Feb 2010 for the D800 and FX lenses:

    • Gordon

      To be fair, it wouldn’t be hard to predict the coming of the D3s as the D300s pretty much confirmed it. I can’t see Nikon introducing another sensor either of 18MP when past history has never shown them to do such a move. They always like to re-use existing sensors and the plethora of 12MP bodies comfirms this.

  • WoutK89

    Well, at least we have confirmation the 85mm macro VR was true, now lets wait and see the 85/1.4 VR come true in some months time, when was it the patent was open for us to see for the Macro?

  • tester

    how quite is the ds3?

  • Very expensive for a 3.5 :S

  • Martin

    Doctor, doctor, we have a pulse. DX is alive…and well.

    Ladies, DX isn’t going anywhere. My reaction to the 85mm was…hmmmm, interesting. As long as they continue to release DX bodies, you can bet your breakfast that they’ll continue with the DX glass. It’s the bottom line that counts and right now, that’s where the money is.

    As for the D3s….holy FX lens Batman, what a camera! This thing is something else.

  • Tommy
  • WoutK89

    They will be announced together with the new Coolpixes next time, or, isnt Nikon that weird after all?

  • BillyBobJohnson

    My immediate reaction was, ‘where are the new primes?’ After some consideration and cooling down a little my reaction was ‘where are the f*cking primes you complete and utter t0ssers?’

  • BillyBobJohnson

    4,199.99 GBP = 6,695.94 USD…….you’ve gotta laugh.

    • WoutK89

      yep, cause the world doesnt work with exact conversion rates 🙂 so be glad you are not an american living in the UK 😉

      • BillyBobJohnson

        How do you know I’m not? It all depends on what currency you’re paid in anyway. BTW I did live in the US for 2 years and bought EVERYTHING I could whilst there. All this crap about tax, is a smokescreen. Order from B&H outside NY and you don’t pay sales tax. It’s only 8% even if you do. The UK and Europe are charged what they can get away with, it’s as simple as that. In the US, bigger markets, more volume = smaller margins.

  • dyna

    Whoa, whoa… DPreview is the link to Amazon, my friend. And Amazon doesn’t post “speculative” pre-orders. THAT’S a good way to lose credibility, and our friends in Seattle there have no interest in doing that.

    If the D3s is available for preorder, then it’s available for preorder… and for debate. 🙂

  • alex

    when 16-85 was released there was a similar “that’s crap” talk on the forum. even some review sites didn’t like the idea.

    and today it’s a hit, the sharpest dx zoom, everybody loves it.

    • BillyBobJohnson

      What’s it like at f2.8? What’s the Bokeh like? What’s teh build quality like with that lovely plastique? Oh, errrr.

      • Meon

        Built like a tank. Mine’s metal, fool.
        Now go complain why the 70-200 f2.8 doesn’t do f1.8
        and then go complain why the 50 f1.8 doesn’t do f1.4

        • BillyBobJohnson

          Built like a tank and weighing in at 485g. Errrm, no. Straight from the photozone review, ‘the outer body is made of plastic’.

          Either you don’t have it or you’re talking out of your arse. I suspect the latter. Link included for anyone who gives a toss.–nikkor-aps-c-lens-tests/377-nikkor_1685_3556vr

          Notable also you don’t comment on the shit-to-mediocre Bokeh. It’s typical middle of the road junk and quite funny how you feel offended by criticism of it. As for the other lenses, I’m quite happy with the current 70-200mm and couldn’t care less about the new one. No need to change as I’m using a D300. As for the primes. Well they aren’t the best. There is certainly room for a decent spec 50/1.2 with substantial build quality and a faster motor as most people around here. would agree..

  • Joe

    Ummm talking about preorder price on D3s…. Henrys in Canada are now taking orders. @ 20000.00 CAD O_o

    • Joe

      nvm, they fixed it now at 6500

  • Alex
    • BillyBobJohnson

      网站强烈相信下周此镜头将会发布。据悉尼康已经归档了两份专利. Yes but what about 据悉尼康已经归档了两份专利 网站强烈相信下周此镜头将会发布. You see it’s not always that simple.

  • Rob

    Based on the higher resolution Nikon DSLR’s (ie, the X models only not the H)

    Thats the D1x, D2x, D3x..

    MP’s Year
    3.4019 1999
    4.42749561 2000
    5.762285009 2001
    7.499483107 2002
    9.760406987 2003
    12.70294808 2004
    16.53259851 2005
    21.51680159 2006
    28.00362872 2007
    36.44608696 2008
    47.43375467 2009
    61.73395471 2010
    80.34534039 2011
    104.5676363 2012
    136.0924044 2013
    177.1211743 2014
    230.5191868 2015
    300.0154877 2016
    390.4633454 2017
    508.1791785 2018
    661.3836626 2019


    • Tim Catchall

      No, for Nikon it should be like this:
      MP’s Year
      3.4 1999
      4.4 2000
      5.7 2001
      7.4 2002
      9.7 2003
      12 2004
      12 2005
      12 2006
      12 2007
      12 2008
      12 2009
      12 2010
      12 2011
      12 2012
      12 2013
      12 2014
      12 2015
      12 2016
      12 2017
      12 2018
      12 2019

      • zzddrr

        I think Nikon couldn’t pass 12th grade.

    • Meon

      Imagine 100mp, diffraction effects at f5?
      file size larger than an HD movie?

    • PHB

      Nope, there is a hard limit set by the wavelength of light at about 320 MP. At that point the sensor pitch is two wavelengths of light. You can go smaller, but you won’t get better results due to the quantum nature of light.

      From a technical standpoint, it is entirely possible to make a 320MP sensor today. There are actually sensors that fine in low end cameras. The ISO response at max resolution would be shitty and it would take maybe one frame every two seconds. And you would need to shoot using an f/2.8 lens wide open all the time to get the max resolution or you would get diffraction effects.

      At this point there are no lenses for such a camera. I suspect that the reason Nikon is now interested in bringing out primes is that they would like to capture the 50MP market and it is going to be easier to make primes that can do justice to a 50MP sensor than zooms.

      But making any sort of glass that could perform above 100MP would seem pretty tough. The only reason it is practical at all is CAD/CAM.

      The current zooms are easily good for 25MP though. I think we will see the D4/D400 roll out as 24MP bodies, followed in due course by a D800. The D3s may stay in the catalog and even continue to be manufactured for quite a while as an ultra high ISO camera, but eventually it will be dropped.

      I think it is pretty clear that you will be able to buy 12MP cameras from Nikon for years. But it is also pretty clear that the next flagship number will be for a 24MP body.

  • CVara

    B&H Photo never takes pre-orders. You can only buy from them when the item is in stock.

  • lapinou

    I don’t think you’ve already posted a link of Vincent Munier’s website.
    There’s a D3s category.

  • EG

    Can we please have a D3000S next with iso Hi3 and video?

    • WoutK89

      That would be 12800 on DX, CCD. Maybe someday it will be worth it, just not now in such a camera.

      • EG

        Reduce the pixels to 6Mp and let Hi3 be iso102400 then it could be a modern version of the FM (or EM for that matter).

        • PHB

          You can do that to the output of a D300s using photoshop.

          It is not clear to me how much more Nikon can do to the microlenses to improve ISO performance. They are certainly doing a heroic job of it.

          I think that their next priority is very clearly going to be to get a 24MP body to deliver ISO 6400 at full resolution and offer ISO 12800 at half resolution.

  • camerausercollector

    Yeah baby! A new D3s. Another terrific Nikon DSLR that every serious photographer salivate about. Including me. The high ISO 12800 is mind boggling in terms of what you can achieve. Yes camera does not matter, but certainly the features, the technology it offer certainly is very significant and really matters. If you are a techie guy you know what I’m talking about. I wish the price is in the 3 grand range, then everyone will switch to Nikon. I’m selling all my Non Nikon brand camera’s and lenses just to get this dream machine. Let’s go digital, digital…, digital uhummm…. Nikon you rock! Two thumbs up! If I can have one new D3s and new 70-200 f2.8 for free……..

  • Brian

    The pictures of iso 12800 from te D3s on the Nikon website look horrible. They look the exact same as iso 12800 from my D3. In all the years of photography before digital did anyone every use film faster then 3200? With professional lenses who needs 12800 or faster if it looks like crap? I dont get it.

    • SimonC

      The samples aren’t great, I agree, but the photographer said that they were shot in near darkness.

      We shouldn’t doubt Nikon’s claims that they have improved the sensor; it doesn’t make sense that they’ve gone through all that effort to redesign the whole sensor and then claim in their press release that the SNR is “significantly” higher. Nonetheless, let’s wait for an accurate, side-by-side review before we draw conclusions.

      • Brian

        I understand what youre saying. My only point is this…..would you be proud of your work if it looked like the ones at 12800 that Nikon is showing. Can you sell those images? It just wouldnt matter to me if the camera could shoot at one million ISO. If the image looks bad then its just that. A bad photo.

  • bjokerud

    Who fhe tuck releases a DX lens alongside a FX camera? I sure hope that what one of you said about: “Nikon’s waiting until after Canon release to blow our minds,” or something like that. I feel the D3s is kinda like tuesday night dinner. Scraps from rest of the week cooked together just to be put to good use before you start on something new and delicious.

    I would buy this camera if I was to upgrade to flagship model, and I think MANY will. But, still… The lens released? Sure, good lens I am SURE, but wtf Nikon… 85mm DX micro when you’ve released a new FX flagship? 100-500mm, TEMPTING! AF-S 85mm f/1.4 ? Yeah, okay, but the AF version is quite good, no? AF-S 85 f/1.2, shiiiiiit…. I would buy that one with my D3s if I had the money.

  • Mikael Willberg

    In Finland availability seems to be 17 november for D3s and 27 november for 85mm.

  • thatsit

    This is the big news. What a boring release.

  • sohnjwan

    Another useless DX lens meh

    • BillyBobJohnson

      +1 or should I say +12

    • bjokerud

      Not useless. Fits great on the new D5000 and D3000, but still a major disapointment that it was announced at the same day the D3s was.

      • BillyBobJohnson

        More like a huge disappointment because there’s a dozen other prime lenses more deserving of a release than this micro-market, micro-Nikkor. The numbers 24, 28, 35 (not DX), 50, 85 (not micro), 135, 180 & 200 (yes micro) spring to mind.

  • fonchin

    This sensor it has SONY… SONY new camera?

    • BillyBobJohnson

      Say that in English old bean.

  • No new prime lenses because Nikon obviously believes, just bump the ISO up. f/2.8 is plenty.. which makes sense, except for a photographer like me, that shoot concerts that are extremely dark with no Flash at all. This really sucks.

    • Brian

      How dark is it that 3200-6400 is not enough?

  • at 3200 ISO is there a difference between this D3s and the older one (or better yet D700). I can’t imagine shooting at any higher iso if I want to actually sell pictures.

    • Brian

      Amen. Thats my biggest issue. 3200-6400 is useful on the D3. But I have f/2.8 lenses and I can still shot at 800-1600 in a very dim room or candle light. Who needs 12000 ISO?

      • BillyBobJohnson

        It’s not just light though, what about DoF?

  • Thank you Nikon for no new compelling products, you save me big time $$$$$$$$, I didn’t need to break out the plastic 🙂
    Life is good, I guess I will just go out and take pictures with my awesome D300 & 17-55mm f/2.8.

    • bjokerud

      An awesome combinaton to. D300 and 17-55, all you’ll ever need XD

  • Gary

    Complaining about the new Nikon cameras and lenses would be like complaining about a Ferrari because it lacks a luggage rack on top or a towing hook in the back.

    People get real! Nikon has recently released some incredible products.

    As someone else said so well, if you cannot take amazing pictures…not just good…but amazing pictures…with the new D3s then you may be in the wrong profession or hobby.

    Unless you are the second coming of Ansel Adams and have reached the human limits of what can be done w/ all this great equipment, then you really have no basis to complain. Work on perfecting your art, and enjoy the current offerings.

    There will always be some better technology on the horizon…and hence, no device when it is released will ever seem perfect. It’s fine to dream of something even better, but it’s foolish to not recognize the value in what’s available now.

  • The Nikon DS3 certainly looks to be a great camera. I will be keeping my D300 and I won’t be rushing out to upgrade yet. A number of good cameras from Nikon have come out since my D300 was introduced but it still does everything I need. The only thing that would make me upgrade earlier than needed is the lure of HD video in the camera. If I was looking for a new camera then the The Nikon DS3 would be on top of my list as it sure has the features any pro will drool over.

  • zen-tao

    Good quality, professional standards , accurate color and gray reproduction, reliability , resolution, low noise, etc etc All the things the photographers demand. already are in the D3x . Nikon is not going to lower nor his standards or prices. The new D3x is an issue that the were forced to issue reluctantly only to relaunch the image of the company. The are not willing to improve on quality-price ratio.
    Lenses are pretty good, cameras as well. Why they have to spend resources and money on research? It’s likely they have that technology in the drawer. Who knows…For the time being 12 mpx and a very expensive 24 mpx. If were a new photographer, starting from scratch I wouldn’t doubt it my choice would be Canon.

  • zen-tao

    I made a mistake, I wanted to say: “D3s Is an issue that Nikon Company has been forced to launch..”

  • So when is the D3s going to be available? What are the rumors?

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