FX format Q660?

Update: Just received that - Nikon product names start with the quarter in which they are/will be released (Q1-Q4) followed by a sequence number counting all Nikon DSLR starting from the D1. For the D3s I came up with Q242. Nikon have confirmed in an email to a reader that this was the code name for the D3s.

NPS members in the UK have received the following email:

"....We'll email you more details about booking your place, and NPS member preferential allocation of the new FX format Q660 soon..."

Is Q660 the code name for the new Nikon D3s?

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  • getanalogue

    never had a canon in my hand…. I am pacifist – and taking pictures, my D90, Bentley F4, and Contax 645 – just waiting for a multi-shot D400 – will come next year.
    honestly, I think 1.) Q660 is a new FX camera to be launched this year, 2.) I do not think that it will be a D700s/x, and 3.) maybe a rangefinder cam, or D4 with new high res IQ and sensor (maybe 48 MP?) using multi-shot on basis of Exmor-R sensor. The only people whining will be Canon guys and poor guys like myself who cannot afford to spend 10,000.- USD for a camera

  • Alex

    To bad we can’t go back in time 10 years ago !
    We could sell bunch of D3000 for $10.000 each !

  • getanalogue

    and could make a Jesus video 2000 years ago

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