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If the server starts smoking, I will move the updates to twitter.

11:22 pm - first NikonD3s picture

8:13 pm - Nikon USA is down: "We've encountered an error. We are working to fix the problem."

6:47 pm - everything points to a single body (D3s) release tonight - no lenses, no compact camera, unless Nikon announces something directly from their labs with availability few months from now (highly unlikely). The next possible body announcement will be earliest in December (most probably first quarter of 2010) - Nikon will make sure they sell enough D3s before they announce another full frame DSLR. I guess lenses announcements can happened at any time.

6:26 pm - Nikon UK -> Press Room -> Images page has been removed: "The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."

5:36 pm - I guess we still do not know for sure what is the second lens mounted on that D3s - the picture is from the D3s leak in Bacelona. Is it the 24-70 f/2.8?

5:28 pm - clarification about the countdown timer on top (since several readers have asked me): based on past releases, I think Nikon will update all of their websites at midnight tonight (US Eastern time). Once they did it @ 11pm. The updates around the words may vary, but this is the general time line. Of course I could be wrong. All of the events in Europe will happen after the websites are updated.

3:53 pm - BJP again! Did they forget to sign their NDAs this time? Quotes:

"The D3s is expected to be supplied to UK stores in early December, priced around £4200 for the body only.

"Movies are captured in HD quality 1280x720 pixel resolution at 24fps that can be trim edited in-camera, but most significantly, most of the camera's still shooting functions - including ultra-high ISO settings - are available in the video mode, and single frames can be saved on the fly as JPEGs. Although these frames are of low resolution, they are sufficient for multimedia presentations, says Nikon, and could be used for newspaper print."

"...results shot at ISO12,800 were particularly impressive..."

Everything else is "as expected". Confirmed vibrating image sensor cleaner, improvements on correcting lateral chromatic aberrations, 14-bit A/D conversion, 16-bit image-processing, improved viewfinder... Thanks Uldo!

1:36 pm (US Eastern Time): British Journal of Photography speels the beans. Hurry up, this one won't stay online for long (the article is dated with tomorrow's date):

"Last week I travelled to St Andrews for the pre-launch of the Nikon D3s, a camera that can see what the eye cannot, by virtue of its extraordinary sensitivity to even the most low lit environments, boasting 'standard' ISO settings up to 12,800, and a boost mode up to 102,400 - something that would have been unfathomable to film photographers 20 years ago."

Thanks for that one D!

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  • nimda

    Put the champagne on ice! you will want to be drunk for this one.

    • iHateCanon

      Wow. ?

    • DK Holland

      Hahaha, i’m not a drinker but I think your right.

  • NikoDoby

    What’s the party theme?

    • Ennan

      dress like ken rockwell

      • johnny

        laff 🙂

      • Hugo

        First big laugh at the evening of an annoying day. Thanx!

  • Tim

    Don’t forget the X1-type system too! Or perhaps a new lens or two. Hmm, seems Nikon may release a new 70-200/2.8. Oh no, they did that a month or two ago, but it’s still not shipping. Think they’d have saved it for a D3s launch, as it’s obviously one of their flagship lenses. Stranger and stranger said Alice.

  • rhlpetrus

    I’m bracing here for nothing besides D3s. So, no big deal for 99% of Nikon shooters actually, maybe we’re just spoiled and expect Nikon to overwhelm us every other semester.

    • True.

      • rhlpetrus

        Besides, anyone ready to beta test the new 1D4 and it’s new AMAZING mega point AF? 😉 Maybe those already beta testing the 7D?

        • ray

          that amazing? better than cam-3500?

          • rhlpetrus

            Sorry, missed the irony mark 😉

    • iHateCanon

      So not even new P&S ?

  • Anon

    Given that we already know everything there is to know about the D3s, I’m really not excited. I was hoping for X1-like and lenses but I don’t hear anything about it, I guess it’s just smoke.

  • fxed

    The lenses man, where are the lenses?

    • Yes, any news on lenses??!?

  • iHateCanon

    I’m sorry to ask, but do you know if the time would be Eastern/Pacific ?

    • Anon

      Man, there is a country in between, yes, THE REAL AMERICA. The cows… the cow-boys, the rednecks… and YES the republicans.

      So don’t forget the Midwest timezone.

      • Midwest

        That’s just the space between Mexico and Canada.


  • iHateCanon

    And is this when the new point-and-shoots will come out also ?

    • STJ

      It sems that this will concentrate on the D3s, but again I could be wrong…
      Nikon just made this pjojector P&S, my guess is that “that was it folks”…

  • How can this be in 12 hours when all we have heard previously was that it would be on the 15th?

    • iHateCanon

      I know, that is where I am confused, in 12 hours, it will be 12:00 AM here, which means it will be the 14 ??

    • john

      due to time zone differences it will be the 15th on the 14th for some places around the world. which is great.

      • WoutK89

        Name me the places, I am at GMT +2 at the moment (DST incl), so that leaves 10 hours to the date line. which will make it 4 pm on 14th october around that line

        • soap

          Issue is that Nikon’s website has a history of updating at midnight on the eve of the announcement.

  • Nikon OK?

    I don’t know about Nikon after D700 launch, kind of they went wrong direction… probably marketing director changed?

    • iHateCanon

      Huh ??

      • nimda

        you ask a lot of questions.

        All together now ….”UNDERWHELMING ….da…da…da.da.da….UNDERWHELMING…da….da…da.da.da”

  • low

    D3s will rule all!!

    • Simiply Superb

      If the plural form of D3 is D3s, how do you spell multiple “D3s”s? D3ses? D3ss?

      • iHateCanon


        • Alex

          LOL !
          I love your screen name !

          • iHateCanon

            Whos ? LOL

      • Ubiquitous

        Excellent observation! I guess it would be D3s² and then…D3s³

      • nobody

        If the plural form of D3 is D3s, how do you spell multiple “D3s”s? D3ses? D3ss? DETHREESES

        • GlobalGuy


  • Erich

    How you know all this info?

  • nubz

    I’m not sure why I care about this. I am looking for the D700 replacement to see if I want to go that direction. At week’s end, I will be a proud new owner of a D300s which “should” keep me happy for at least a few years. I am more concerned with what lenses they announce if any. I would prefer to not have more DX lenses since I don’t see the point in buying them over full sized glass even though I will get the 10-24mm soon. That would be my main reason to move to a full frame camera. I want WIDE. We shall see in a few hours I guess. The 100-500 would be interesting as well.

    • rhlpetrus

      Problem is: WA zooms from Nikon for FF are very expensive and bulky. I also do mostly WA and was hoping the 16-35 f/4 rumor was true. This is holding me back from getting a D700, the 12-24 f/4 is the lens that stays most on my D80. The 10-24 is as good, from what I’ve read and has the xtra 2mm in the WA.

  • Ubiquitous

    Does Nikon thinks that they are fooling anyone with all of these product life cycles extensions? I do not have a problem if they announced nothing. Wow! D300 & D300s and now D3 & D3s. What’s next? D700s and D3xs to follow – the suspense and anticipation mounts, but first I’ll take a nap to recover from this boredom to be followed by snooze right after a siesta but before forty-winks, lying down. Do not blame me, it is not my fault. It is Nikon who is inducing me into a coma.

    • WoutK89

      I still dont see why they shouldnt. Here in Holland prices of the D300 and D300s are almost alike already, so it is only better for newcomers or hesitating upgraders.

    • And there were no D2x or D2s extensions? Those should’ve put you in a coma long before the D300 ever came out.

  • getanalogue

    D3 plus crappy amateur video – poooohh. Dust removal – yesss. Has to be added for video, since the sensor is exposed to environment for a long time. So, by adding video, we get dust removal as well – otherwise video wouldn’t work properly.
    I am waiting for D400 and am patient until next year – and a D4 with multi-shot system ( could make 48 MPX, extremely high DR, and ultra low noise). Multi-shot seems actually to be the only IQ to improve sensor performance. Hope it’ll happen, next year!

    • PHB

      Unless you are shooting video without a lens, the body is completely sealed regardless of the mirror position.

      • soap

        Few primes don’t breathe on focusing, and name the zooms which don’t inhale and exhale dusty air on zooming.

      • soap

        Not to mention that the reason the area in front of your mirror is felty was to retain dust during the massive airflow of the mirror flap. Now shutter flutter isn’t nearly as air-moving but you can’t tell me there is no air moving inside the box there.
        Though I guess you only change lenses in a vacuum, and so there is NO dust inside your camera to get stirred up and now have minutes and minutes of time to settle on your electrically charged sensor instead of tiny fractions of a second.

  • townerboy

    Dear Nikon:


    I truly wish you guys would get those Cameras above 12.1 MP to 14-18MP!!! It sure would be nice. I don’t care about Video on my Camera. I hope NIKON saw that. I DONT CARE ABOUT VIDEO!!! ON MY CAMERA. ALL I WANT IS A CAMERA WITH 14-18MP. GET IT!! NIKON!!!

    • iHateCanon

      I kind of, but not really disagree with you. The video on the D90/D5000/D300s is really not all that good. I wish they could step it up to 1080p. If canon can do it, NIKON CAN DO IT !

      • Ray

        whats up with the pixel upping, must be some crazy professionals on this website.

        everyone has been doing it for years with uh just a lowly 12 megapixel camera…

        when canon decided to launch 21 mpx, we have to top that? why? i need to know for sure, because im missing out if anything! i just purchased a d700!

        • I think they’re shills for the hard drive/storage industry.

      • Jay

        Nikon cant even make its own sensors lol… how are they gonna break any ground on video? Buy sony video rights???

  • ProNikon

    I was wondering if the sensor will be the same from the D3/D700 or it’s an updated version? I think we should expect a bit more from Nikon. After talking to my Nikon local dealer, he told me that he lost a lot of D3 sales to the D700 so they need to come up with features that will justified the 2000$ price difference.

    • Kwartjuh

      Haha, canon-users are making petitions asking Canon to make sensors with less pixels.

      Why do you need more than 12 mp? Do you put photo’s on houses? are you a professional fashion photog? Cause i would advise you to look at Mamiya or Hasselblad like all the Fashion-dudes 🙂

      • ProNikon

        I didn’t say i wanted more pixels my friend… 12 is plenty enough for me! All i wanted to know is if they would put an event better 12mp sensor then the one in the original D3 =)

      • Jay

        So in your logic why buy a d3x when you should get a hasselblad or mamiya… your an idiot.

    • mike

      ‘s’ updates historically do not include sensor changes (c.f., D70s, D2hs, D2xs, D300s).

  • ProNikon

    Also what’s with the video thing… When you buy a 5000$ camera, it’s because you are a pro PHOTAGRAPHER and you won’t make videos with your camera… Especially when a Full HD camera can cost as low as 1000$ and produce a lot better videos.

    • Ennan

      I wish people would stop telling me what I want/need. I own a D3 and I wish it had video. I already own HD camcorders and they don’t do what I want them to do. The D3s will. Sure I could spend waaaaaaaaay more on a really high end camcorder, plus lenses and/or adaptors… or I could just buy the D3s for a hell or a lot less and work past it’s limitations.

      I’m not saying video is for everyone, but saying it’s for no one is just plain retarded.

      • rhlpetrus

        And the BJP article is exactly about that: mixed media or stills and video produced with D3s by an SI pro.

    • PHB

      You are not meant to see the video feature on the D3s or D300s as a reason to upgrade, or for that matter consider the D3s, D300s or D90 as a replacement for a dedicated video camera for typical video camera applications.

      It is really there as a marker for what you should expect to be developed in future cameras. So that if you are a serious video photographer in addition to stills you know that this is something you should be keeping in mind as you plan your lens acquisitions.

      This is not a major refresh, so don’t expect a new sensor or major new features. This is almost certainly the last 12MP flagship camera so it makes sense to upgrade it to the latest revision of the DSP and the latest version of the noise management features.

      If you want to see new features added to your camera every other month then you really shouldn’t choose Nikon. Nikon have this strange idea that most people, including pros only change their camera body every three to five years. That is why they make the D3 bodies to last for twenty.

      I tend to think that given the rapid improvements we are still seeing with digital photography, the D3/D3s is almost certainly superfluous for any photographer, amateur or pro. There are maybe a dozen pros who could wear out a D700 in the time before it went obsolete. But if you have a $30K lens collection, it is pretty easy to find a justification for spending $3K extra on the body t get the very latest technology a few months earlier.

      This is not a major launch, I think that that will come later this year or early next year in time for professional photographers to tool up for the London Olympics. It is pretty obvious that the D4 will be at least 24MP and that the D3s will continue to be produced for some time as there are many applications for which 12MP are more than sufficient, not least as a backup camera.

      Nikon is pretty consistent in their naming scheme. When they add an ‘s’ to a camera name it means ‘slightly better than the original model’. The N90s was slightly better than the N90 but did not provide faster shutter speed or anything of that kind. The D300s is a bit better than the D300, the D3s will be exactly the same.

      When Nikon add an X to a camera name it might as well stand for ‘experimental’. If you buy the x version you are going to have a camera that has a cutting edge specification on paper but does not fully deliver on that promise. (i.e. like a Canon). The D2x and D3x provided high resolution to those that need it early, but were not intended for the typical user. There have never been ?00x cameras, nor is it likely that there will be, it makes no sense to deliver experimental features on a volume pro body until you can deliver a flagship body.

      If you are complaining that the D3s is not the D4 or that the D700x should come out next then you are utterly missing the point. There never will be a D700x, the next volume pro cameras will be the D400 and the D800. I would expect the D4 and D400 to come out before the olympics and the D800 maybe 8 months later.

      • WoutK89

        “That is why they make the D3 bodies to last for twenty.”
        And if anyone bothers, they dont know what situations pro’s sometimes get themselves into.

        “for the London Olympics.”
        Those are in 2012, so would be an early start to bring them next year already.

        But I have to say, you are right about the other stuff 🙂 though habits are there to be broken (D700x)

      • nikkor_2

        Very well written, PHB.

        “I tend to think that given the rapid improvements we are still seeing with digital photography, the D3/D3s is almost certainly superfluous for any photographer, amateur or pro.”

        I’m not sure I follow you here; the D3 is in use by many sports photographers. As a semi-pro sports photographer, I see the D3 in use by quite a few others. I’m a big fan — and user — of the D3.

      • Anonymous

        S stands for “Sucker”, if you buy it.

        We should all boycott it and send the message to tokyo that they aren’t the only company in the businness and if you’re going to bother with mediocre upgrades we all much rather wait another 6 months to a year for some worthy true upgrade.

        • Ennan

          oh hear we go – the whole “lets boycott nikon” bullsh*t again…

  • Ferdinand Tiongson

    by virtue of its extraordinary sensitivity to even the most low lit environments, boasting ‘standard’ ISO settings up to 12,800, and a boost mode up to 102,400

    this is so wonderful. no flash pleaseeee.

  • john

    the complaining will never end…. and funny thing is that rumors are not true until nikon confirms them to be….

    • WoutK89

      Imagine what I could have done last wednesday at the Progressive Nation show here in Holland, with only a 3200 ISO low resolution P5000 with me, I got blur and overblown highlights. 102,400 ISO, 5 stops of low light performance, and probably same quality results. WOW!

      • WoutK89

        lol, why is this a reply to this message :-D, or why is it a reply at all, must have done something terribly wrong

  • ProNikon

    John, you make a very good point… If only we had some kind of influence on the outcome LOL !

  • jbl

    This is it.

    Too bad this is not the D700s, but the D3s should tell us a lot about a possible D700s.

    If Nikon dare stick 720p in a 1080p capable D3s, I’m gonna envisage a switch to Canon.

  • Chris P

    Interesting to note how the article in BJP, a magazine which is aimed squarely at professionals, is far more positive regarding the D3s than all of the ‘fanboy’ posts on here. Probably because for a professional PJ 12Mp FX is enough, but build quality and clean high ISO performance plus video is what they are really interested in.

    • rhlpetrus

      Indeed, the fanboys’ whining is from those who can’t se an inch beyond theyr own nose in terms of technology and use of the hybrids. Even if someone is a pro and think video is not for him, why can’t be for others?

      • PHB

        Yes, like ISO 128000 is nothing at all?

        That is three stops higher than the highest film speed ever. And you have another three push stops above that.

        Your f/2.8 lens has just become a f/1.0 as far as film speed goes.

        Your ISO 1600 shots now look like your old ISO 800 shots.

        To put this in perspective, since the launch of the D300 the only major advantage to the FX format has been that extra ISO stop and the ability to use two really good ultra-wide angle lenses.

        The launch of the 10-24mm zoom and the D300s pretty much neutralized those advantages. But still the fanboys chunter on about how great the FX format is, how nobody in their right mind would want DX, how the DX gear is amateur trash, unlimited rice pudding, etc. etc.

        Now the D3s comes out and goes ahead again and suddenly that extra ISO stop is worth nothing.

        I am sorry, but this is all total horse puckey. Until we get down to the quantum limit (about 300MP for FX) the only advantage you get to a larger sensor area is you average the light quanta over a larger area so your noise is less. This is something that you can do equally well in software. So if you take a 24MP shot on an ISO 6400 sensor and downsample to 12MP or less in photoshop, your results should be just as good as you would have got from an ISO 12800 sensor.

        Making an optical system bigger does not make it better. The only reason that Leica’s rangefinder camera lenses are so spectacularly good is that the rangefinder design allows them to be much closer to the sensor which in turn means that they can be much smaller than an equivalent F-mount lens has to be to avoid the mirror.

        Nikon is really pushing the limits of ISO performance here. The fact that they can achieve ISO 12800 on the D3S suggests that it is not unreasonable to expect the D4 to deliver 24MP at ISO 6400 and the D400 to provide a DX equivalent resolution at ISO 3200.

        • Anonymous

          128000 is retarded. you won’t be able to use that for anything other than 200×200 thumbnails. they are just boosting the noise. you may as well rack up the ev in post and get superior results.

          with the exception of dust removal, nikon could delivery everything as firmware upgrades since there is nothing new about this camera.

          • soap

            and I assume you know what hardware changes have been done to the ADCs?.

        • soap

          “I am sorry, but this is all total horse puckey. Until we get down to the quantum limit (about 300MP for FX) the only advantage you get to a larger sensor area is you average the light quanta over a larger area so your noise is less. This is something that you can do equally well in software.”

          Pray tell how software can rescue signal from below the noise floor. That would be Nobel quality shit there.

          Astrophotographer already posted a nice bit on how 12,800 is near the theoretical limit for 10% noise level on sensors @ the current size of the D3.

    • Ennan

      exactly. I’m sick of the “I’m switching to Canon” posts. If you’re switching then shut up and piss off. I doubt even half of these posters could even afford or are in the market for a D3s.

      If you can’t see the potential of this camera then you really are blind and if you think that Nikon have let you down because it’s not the massive leap that the D3 was from the D2x then you’ve clearly missed the point: THIS IS NOT THE D4!!! It’s an update and it’s one that I welcome.

      • low

        this is exactly what ive been posting on this blog for some time. the biggest whiners are NOT in the market for the D3S.

        please just stfu and go buy yourself a 5dii!!

        • PHB

          They can’t afford a 5D either.

          I bet most of the whiners are D700 owners who think they should be able to get a 24MP camera for the same price.

          • Anonymous

            whiners? more like nikon is getting out mached, outpriced, and out competed. call it whining but if nikon is in the business of making money, they better have a compelling reason for whiners not to buy canon gear.

          • Are the whiners even D700 owners? I have a D700 and think it’s an utterly fantastic camera. I have to wonder if the whiners aren’t D80/D90 shooters waiting for the best time to upgrade 😛
            (no disregard to 99% of the D80/D90 shooters out there, mind you!)

  • Davols

    Well done Admin seem to have got this one on the nose ..I was sure ( and hinted to ) that it would be an M or MX we would get..

  • low

    yah d3S is gonna rip canon a new one!

    • Bob Howland

      Uhh, maybe not. On 20 October, Canon supposedly introduces the 1DMkIV. Whether it should be a 1.3X crop or FF camera is a matter of considerable and impassioned debate. Anyway, one set of specs says that the 1DMkIV will also have ISO102,400.

      I love competition!

      • Anonymous

        and 1080p video using H264 at 60fps….while nikon motion jpg at lame 720p at 24fps with a 5 minute limit before your sensor melts…lol seriously? as nikon shooter I’m embarrased to even admit nikon is that lame.

        • Steve

          Surely Nikon can’t be the only one who is ignorant that the biggest demand is for a D700x? maybe the marginal cost of making a D3x isn’t that great; kind of like making compilation albums out of has-been-hits. It’s not embarrasing because Nikon still make great products, but it does give one pause as to whether Leica is the better path from this point forward.

          • low

            well duh, canon needs to bring out a new flagship, d3 was kicking its butt. let the new 1d4 or whatever its called come. nikon is ready for it. this is a great strategic move for nikon, cant wait to see how a NEW camera will go up against a last years top dog! lol

        • Jay

          dont forget 12fps at 14bit :p

  • carlos

    most boring announcement ever…if its only the D3s

  • Alex

    When will we get 24.5 or 35 megapixel FF in a D700 sized body? Or D90 sized body?????? Come on Nikon, you know that’s what most of us care about :-). We can only go so far with the “megapixels don’t really matter” argument.

  • john

    canons coming out with something good too…

    • Ronan

      A DSLR that doesn’t have bugs or lens that fall off?

      • john

        you never know… 😀

        • rhlpetrus

          Or that require early buyers to beta test it for C?

    • Ennan

      a decent control layout? A nice looking menu? A mirror that doesn’t fly off the camera for no particular reason? Autofocus that works? Files that don’t exhibit strange anomalies like black spots or banding? A SLR WITH PRINTER AND SCANNER!?!?!?!?!?!

      Please tell me! I’m just DYING TO SWITCH TO CANON!!!! Really!!! I love the idea of learning a totally backwards system!!! Oooooo and the pretentious fan w*nkery of the L series glass!!!! I hope it has video cuz then I could film myself chucking all my lovely Nikon stuff off a bridge and then a few days later I could film my suicide as I realise what a total tool I’ve been.

      • Limecat

        Lol oh wow. +1 internets for you.

    • Does the Auto-Focus work?

      • Woops. Posted before I saw Ennan included that in his lil diatribe 😀

  • Neil

    You know what I want? An 8mp DX with super clean full RGB photosites. I don’t need FX and I don’t care about >12 mp. Even so, it’s great to see new Nikon stuff being released during a recession. Product innovations come after recessions (as a result of them) and not during them!

    And if the US President wasn’t causing so much inflation in the US dollar by spending left and right the prices would go down. As the dollar weakens, the prices go up.

    • john

      youre bringing politics into a little camera debate? HAHA!

      just messing…

      • Neil

        LOL. Of course politics can sometimes be more entertaining than camera geek complaints.

  • ian

    Hope this means the d700s will get the same hi-iso sensor, and not the 24mp x one

    • Neil

      Most likely they did not change the sensor at all but tweaked the systems around it to make it more efficient.

  • john

    hi iso over mp any day!

  • Dan

    £4200! I doubt it will be that price. Most people would just save up a bit more and get a D3X!

    What was the D3 at release? £3500ish?

    • Neil

      Keep in mind the currency exchange rates. That has a huge impact on the price outside of Japan. They may be pricing things with an eye towards various world currencies getting devalued. And, most likely, it is a MSRP and not a street price.

      • Dan

        Ah ok, fair point.

        If it is that price though, I’ll just get a D3X off digital rev on ebay for almost the same price 🙂

    • Ennan

      D3 was £3400 at launch with a trade price of approx £2700.

    • Daf

      Seen somewhere say £3,999

  • d3boy

    improved viewfinder? grid overlay?
    supposedly, they should include this at first D3 launch! 🙁

  • pulu

    the lens attached to the d3s in that article seems to be new. it is not a 14-24/2.8 (not wide enough) or 24-70. maybe a new 24/1.4?

    • That lens is almost assuredly a 14-24mm f/2.8.

      It is the right width and has the same bezel as the 14-24mm – look at some example photos (or an actual copy of the lens), and it is pretty obvious to me. You can even see the built in hood – I doubt a 28mm f/1.4 would have one built in.

  • Rogan Thomson

    Gonna cost how much!!! The d3 can be had here in the UK for £2700 now – this thing is launching at £1500 more! That is ridiculous given that it isn’t a huge advance by the sounds of it. – Nikon take the p*ss with the pricing of their new pro level bodies – assuming i suppose that professionals don’t care.

    • Daf

      It’s only the RRP
      D3 RRP is £4000, only £200 less

  • WoutK89

    I read nowhere about a drop of fps when shooting 14-bits, was this normal for the D3 already?

    • Daf

      Yes – had seen that.
      One f the points my Canon “mates” would often quote.

      • rhlpetrus

        D3 doesn’t slow down for 14bits. Only D300 and D3x, they use oversampling for 14 bits.

  • SimonC

    Judging from the positive BJP commentary, I think people will forget about its lack of 1080p video when they see the high ISO images > 6400. I’m glad that Nikon has improved still quality over video.

    The interesting bit is that the internal sensor structure appears to have been redesigned, gaining 1-2 stops of additional performance. This is quite a surprise (for what is an s-upgrade).

    • pulu

      even 1 stop of improvement would be huge, especially if it means the 3200 and 6400 look better and on down the line. the d3/d700 are already the best cameras out there for 1600 and higher.

      • PHB

        I suspect that this means that the changes have been made to the microlens structure and maybe one or two other masks rather than to every mask used.

        This has a massive effect on cost as each mask costs a fortune. A chip typically has 13 or so masks.

        So this is a ‘new’ sensor but not a complete revision of the old one.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder why so many people falsely think video and good IQ are mutually exclusive goals. nikon could make decent video and have all the high iso they want. It’s like they naively think by nikon crapping on video they got better stills..pff. get real. the 5DII and 7D are no lesser still cameras because of their lightyears superior video.

  • Daf

    RRP of £4200 seems on the money.

    D300 ~ £1040
    D300s ~ £1180
    so £140 difference.

    D3 RRP = £4000
    D3s RRP = £4200

  • Michael

    I know that it is not a direct conversion rate But, 4200pounds is almost $6700 USD. I know Nikon had a price increase but … wow. There will be a lot of unhappy folks if it is $6000USD, with the Nikon price increase.

    • Ronan

      Remember that D3 is currently 4000 pounds and D3s should be 4200 pounds. THATS what you need to look at.

      • rhlpetrus

        Conversions from European currencies to US prices never match, US prices always lower, no matter what (only in Asia sometimes one gets a better price).

  • Nikon must have insider information that an astroid is going to hit the earth blocking out the sun for the next five years. Thank god for ISO 12,800.

    • john

      thats why they were working on this with NASA. DUH! ;P

  • rhlpetrus

    Is this a new sensor? Only that way one would be able to improve on the native ISO, or am I wrong?

    • WoutK89

      Native ISO is software based if I am right, has all to do with readout bla bla, please let someone with more knowledge pick it up from here…

    • Astrophotographer

      It’s likely a revised sensor. And most likely a new A/D converter. Basically a sensor converts photons to electrons. The key is to read that charge with as little interference as possible. An amazing feat considering how few electrons are captured and how many circuits (i.e. electricity) are all around it.

  • rhlpetrus

    Admin, what’s the countdown clock talking about? Noon in Japan? The show in Paris says morning there for the press presentation.

    • Based on past releases, I think Nikon will update all websites at midnight tonight (US Eastern time). Once they did it @ 11pm. Of course I could be wrong. All of the events in Europe will happen after the websites are updated.

    • WoutK89

      Here in Holland it is at 6 am the timer ends 🙂

  • reader

    i want it and want it now!

  • nikonshooter

    If the specs are correct, then Nikon have – again – misread the pro market. I’ll give ’em another 6 months and switch to – horror of horrors – Canon.

    Why? Simple – WTF am I gonna use ISO 12000 for? I need hi-def (as in REAL hi-def) video, inbuilt commander flash, highest resolution I can get (i.e. ISO 50 or thereabouts).

    I reserve final judgment for the ‘real thing’, but if Nikon continue down this path, they’re toast in the pro market. Sayonara.

    • mike

      Built-in wireless flash commander? I thought only the 7D had built-in wireless commander? The 5DII doesn’t even have a flash. I thought that none of the fullsize (ie, with integrated vertical grip) pro bodies had built-in flashes. The 5DII is clearly superior to the D700 in a lot of ways, but the D700 is superior in just as many other ways (including, yes, built-in wireless flash commander) … if you prefer the 5DII’s pros and cons, then just buy it and stfu.

    • Zorro


    • low

      please leave and go pick up your toy 5dii, i kid!!!

    • Why whine about switching to Canon? No one hear wants to hear it. Just go switch and be done with it.

      LMK if you have any good glass you want to get rid of cheaply 😀

    • longtimenikonshooter

      100% agree. this huge sea change from still to videography requires a totally different mindset as least for pro market. it seems like nikon hasn’t got it yet.

    • nikonshooter

      Real specs confirm….. sadly. Nikon have lost it. Don’t know which market they are chasing, but the working professional it ain’t. They simply haven’t understood the still/motion convergence. 720p video? Don’t make me laugh…. Increasingly looks like after 25 years on Nikon, I’ll have to move over to the Dark Side. :-((

      PS: at GBP 4200.- (if correct), the body alone is about 70% of the cost of a complete 5DII. Sad, really.

  • Alex

    I just called Nikon Japan and asked about the D700x, they told me it’s not for now but for spring next year, I told them that I will give my $10.000/year business to Canon.
    They called me back to told me that my D700x was shipped today Fedex express !
    See, Nikon is cool, you just have to threaten them !

    • john

      go play with your d5000 dude.

      • john

        i would have said something other than your d5000, but the d5000 was harsh enough…

        • Ronan

          D3000 is harsher LOL!

      • Alex

        I can’t, I sold it on Ebay last week, but I still have 4 lenses and a SB800 to play with !

  • Kwartjuh

    The lenses in the pictures from barca are the 14-24 and 24-70mm lensen. I dont understand whats so difficult about out? The 24-70 seems to have some rubber bands on the zoom and focus rings, but thats it.

    move along, nothing to see here…

  • If you look at that close up of the lens in Barcelona, it has all the exact same lines as the 24-70mm.

    The only difference is that there are rings of some type around the focus and zoom rings. They could be some kind of follow focus rings to smooth focus and zooming.

    • DNHJR

      That’s what I thought also. There is some type of black tape on something on the zoom and focus rings. For a second it looked to be a different lens.

  • The lens in front is clearly a Nikkor 14-24/2.8

  • Anon

    There are no secrets about the lenses, front one is 14-24 and behind is 24-70. Nothing special. I should I have them both.

    • Anon

      …In my dreams 🙂

    • 3space

      I have both lenses… they are so nice…. better then canon’s by far…. I just want pro video for these great lenses

  • Great camera, BUT


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