Nikon D3s specs according to “Reponses Photo” magazine


According to a NikonRumors reader, there's a full preview of the Nikon D3s in the French magazine "Responses photo" published today. The specs are:

  • Anti-dust system.
  • The max ISO is at 12 800 + an extra Hi3 mode (102 400 ISO)
  • 9 fps (FX), 11 fps (DX)
  • Video @ 720p 24 fps.
  • Quiet mode.

Those specs are similar to what I have reported few days ago.

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  • nimda

    Its weak to put 720P in your flagship. Like Apple they can do better, but then what will they come out with next year?

  • Fab

    720p 24 fps ??… not 1080p ?!
    What a shame…

    • HDZ

      Why shame?

      It’s world first professional camera with HD capability.

      • rybotron

        It’s a shame because it is a professional camera and it should have better features. Canon’s mid range camera has incredible video features, although we are talking about photography here, it’s a shame that Nikon users are left behind on this feature.

    • …again, if the video has good IQ for motion, unlike the current run of flubber cams, I’ll take one. In a heartbeat. Well, if it doesn’t lose any features from the d3 like audio notes.

  • Mike

    Admin: 9 frames DX, 11 Frames DX? Or do you mean FX and DX respectively? Cheers!

    • yes it was a mistake – I just copied and paste from the previous post… fixed now

      • rhlpetrus

        What’s new about that? D3 is same, no?

        • STJ

          For photographers:
          -Silent mode (looking forward as to how silent..)
          -Anti dust (should have been there in the first model)
          -More ISO numbers to dial through

          Vor video-people:
          -Video etc…

          • rhlpetrus

            Question was about fps rate, since OPer for the news mentioned the “new” features list. Seems exactly same as before.

          • STJ

            yes it seems not to be a big revolution… 🙁

  • Halogenic

    Some little improvements, I was expecting something more, like at least 14.9mpix and a DX cropmode of 12mpix. ISO may be great if pictures up to 6400 shows almost no noise, then you have 4 steps over to show noise.

    • Mikael

      Why exactly 14.9megapixel? 😛

    • nobody

      To have a “a DX cropmode of 12mpix” you need a 27mpix FX sensor to start with.

      • soap

        thank you.

    • Eli

      People are so naive. When Nikon releases an “s” version of a camera, the amount of MP (or size of the sensor) never changes. It didn’t change with the D70s, D2hs, D2xs or D300s, so what makes you think they’d give a D3s more MP than the D3?

  • Ok I’m switching to Canon!

    • Anonymous

      ME TOO!!

      • Alex

        ME 3 !

        • Me 3.

          I’m keeping my D700 and my AiS lenses though.

          • rybotron

            I don’t want to switch, but what’s going on Nikon?!

        • Can photo

          Me 4. I am switching to Pentax

        • Ennan

          Piss off then.

      • zack

        this is exactly what I thought. What’s going on with Nikon? They seem to be one step behind Canon and the step is getting bigger…and bigger

        • lyr

          Sorry to ask naively but: where is the big step?

          Super 1050 zones color scene recognition: Nikon (vs something like 65 zones for the new 7D)
          Super 51 zones AF multicam: Nikon (vs 19 points in 7D)
          Super flash system with CLS: Nikon
          Super clean 6400 ISO, now upgraded one step: Nikon
          Very efficient way of tailoring your camera to match your way of shooting and to have as soon as possible the kind of image you like? Also available in Nikon
          High FPS? Well, Nikon doesn’t seem to be the last one.

          Nikon may not be the best, but he provides good material, especially in bodies, I don’t see what Canon has much here.
          Mp? Well, there’s is something called D3x that is way better than the Canon counterpart, for just a small increase in price (and with all the features I’ve depicted above).
          Again, what’s missing? What makes Nikon one (increasing) step behind Canon?

    • d3man

      mee too

      • Ken Rockwell

        ME 5!

        • Jeff

          Good- when all you guys sell your gear, will you let me know? And no, I won’t sell it back to you when you Nikon is on the rise again. Just remember why you picked Nikon in the first place. Oh, and seriously, I am looking for an 85 1.4!

          • Yes, please! 85 1.4 ftw!

    • Anonymous

      obviously you have no real investment into lenses.. or will you rebuy everything? I have 14-24mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm, 105mm, 60mm… let’s see probably around $10k in lenses, which doesn’t include flashes, cords, etc. Kind of hard to switch, huh?

      • Just sell everything and buy Canon lenses back! They’re way cheaper and better! Not everyone owns 10k of lenses!

        • STJ

          Since when did canon lenses become better? 🙂
          It’s always like this.. When the Nikon D3 / D700 was announced it was “Nikon year”. This year Canon did the 5DmkII / 7D hence it’s Canon year… Next year it’s ?? year….

        • wondering, what kind of lenses most people that are interested in D3 would have, must be some sort of investment in at least a couple of pro lenses. So is switching to canon really a viable solution?

    • Crazy

      I’m Staying With Canon… No Reason To Switch…. 720p Gimme A Break!!!!!! Their Are Cropped Sensors That Out Perform This!!!!!

  • mad

    seems to be just a stupid facelist for nikon’s flagship … framerate the same, high iso means just new software, no more pixels, and semipro video mode – just remember canon 5d II : over 20 MP – full HD, half price!! Hope these specs are just a joke!

    • Because the D5 Mk. II and D3s are aimed at the same market….


      Pro photojournalists and sports photographers are definitely NOT the market for one of the above cameras. Want to take a guess?

      • mad

        oh yes, the 5d II is a competitor for the D3 – of course the AF is not as good, and the frame rate – ok – but quality (MP) , size, and video features do matter! Not on the pitch (I shoot international sports for more than 10 years), but for every feature the 5D II is a professional camera – and some colleagues start doing full frame video PR and artwork with that camera. I have two D3 and was awaiting a procamera with provideo performance – everything else is not worth the pro-price!

  • Lewis H


    • roger767

      hopefully canon updates the 5DmII with a better AF system to really make the Nikon users go nuts.

      • Ken Rockwell

        That sound’s Amazing

        • STJ

          Now that was a truely funny comment – I like that! 🙂

    • WoutK89

      The Canon 5d2 has only 21 MP, check your sources before you just shout (btw, your CAPS lock is on)

    • Nikon tired….

      D3x is like a 500 hp Ferrari motor in the biggest truck (or 500 hp truck motor in a Ferrari)
      But the price is Ferrari + biggest truck!!!
      What x + y FX photographers need ( x + y > 95% !!! )
      – either D3/D3s for high iso and high fps
      – or D700x / D800x for landscape,studio… (a little cheaper then Canon 5d II)
      That’s all, Nikon folks….
      …and keep care on Sony….

  • nimda

    This is going to result in a D700s long before a D700x which is a disappointment. Nikon whats up brother?

    Coolpix Sucks – can’t even recommend them
    D700 – still the best camera on the market
    D3X – Best in the world if you can afford it, but still too big to travel with
    D3s – waste
    D90 – great camera
    D3000 – weak
    D5000 – what was the point of that?
    D300s – extreme wildlife tool – great camera

    • Alex

      The only good thing about the D500 id the movable LCD (very usefull for reproduction), but the camera itself is a big “s..t”, not about the picture quality but about the ergonomic, I’ve been missing shoots because it take for ever to change your iso, white balance or aperture.

    • STJ

      This is the shortest list I have seen which sums it all up nicely – now make one for the Nikon lenses please!

      • Pro Zooms:
        14-24 – sharpest ultra wide. The standard by which others are judged. Period.

        24-70 – next best is the Zeiss and the Canon ver is rubbish for build and IQ. Point Nikon.

        70-200 – the old one I own is on par with the Canon ver. Haven’t tried the new one yet. Potential tie at best.

        Macro: current production macro’s could be tie. With the 60, 105, and 200 micro, nikon is well stocked for pros wanting macro.

        28/1.4, 50/1.4, 85/1.4 – Great lenses that give great images. Sure canon makes some 1.2 glass and even a 1.0…but they don’t make any cameras that can focus them! Oh, and Nikon does make some manual 1.2 glass. Point Nikon.

        200/2 – Have you compared the Canon version? Point Nikon

        24PC-E – I’m not blown away by either brand on the D3x/1DSmkiii. Potential tie.

        17TS-E – a huge point for Canon. Nikon needs to catch up here and only here.

        105/135 DC – great lenses that no one else makes. Point Nikon.

        Super tele = Nikon has everything covered here. I don’t have any experience with the Canon, but Nikon’s super expensive long glass is superb. Potential tie for diplomacy.

        Nikon is only slighly slacking in the shift lens department as far as I’m concerned. At least talking from a professional use standpoint. There’s only one thing I can’t do right now with tools in the Nikon line (17mm shift).

        • Jay

          ROFL great rationalizing fanboism hahahahaha

  • Man

    Video @ 720p 24 fps
    OMG, what the shame! It’s better without video mode, than this shame. If this clone of D3 will cost even $1 more expensive, this camera haven’t any reason. I understand people who saying about switching to Canon.

    • STJ

      When you have sen the jello you’ll probably pay a premium for the old D3.. 😉

  • poop

    looks like this magazine has been reading nikon rumors

    • STJ

      It’s claimed to be an official Nikon approved preview of a pre-production model. I havn’t seen scans of the article yet….

  • Mikael

    So it’s a D3… with the added features of a D5000. Impressive.

  • tester

    does the “French magazine “Response photo”” has a website where you could find the actual abstract of the current magazine? I cannot find a website and cannot speak french.

    it is easy to send the webmaster an email and say: “magazine writes ….”

  • DK Holland

    If these specs are true, they are much to light, but as expected.
    The d300s was also a complete copy of the d300.
    It’s only a few days from the expected anouncing day, so don’t worry, this will be THE specs.

    Nikon won’t make a d700s or d700x because the D700 was already to light when it came in stores, I expect to see a d800 beginning 2010.

    I’m thinking of a switch to…..

  • cenkog

    Dust system is very important… But D3s still lacks in-body VR…

    • STJ

      And how will that work with the VR lenses they just announced…?

      • WoutK89

        You can turn either of them off 🙂

        • STJ

          Turning off lens VR for an in-body VR? Great…. 😉
          No VR might be a good thing when used on a tripod. I remember having read an article some time back where both Canon and Nikon stated that in lens VR could be made better due to lens specific optics etc. Anyway – I guess both methods work….

  • Okay fools ! go to canon! and about a half year to nikon again and over a year to canon and 1½ year back again to nikon and so on and so on 🙂
    I’ll never! I’ll always be loyal to nikon for 23 years!
    Don’t stare blind on videomode, we are PHOTOGRAPHERS!
    and NOT videographers 😉
    nikon d3x is the best in the world, the nikon d700 second best!

    • roger767

      just keep your nikon and canon lenses. And buy the body that’s most advanced for that year.

      • STJ

        Or just wait a year with your upgrade…

    • getanalogue

      Peter – +10!!!
      Just waiting for a D400 until it comes out – and then I’ll buy it. It will be fantastic. You guys should deeply consider that it is a great effort to develop a multi-shot camera, and the D4 might have 48 MP (in multi-shot mode), or extremely high DR and low ISO equal to D3, plus 14 fps. Sell all your Nikon stuff, you will be buying it back next year. See what Sony, Fuji and Hassy are doing – multi-shot! That’s next generation tech and the only way to overcome sensor limitations

  • shivas

    can’t say that I’m not disappointed, but judging from the history of ‘s’ models (D2xs, D70s, D300s), doesn’t surprise me. . .this is obviously NOT aimed at the pro that already has a D3, more at new pro’s that are either switching or entering the field. . .

    The addition of the video MAY tempt some event photographers, but I suspect they’ll just buy a D300s to accompany the D3 they currently run. . .but then again, the new low-light performance might make taking video clips for the bride/groom amazing and cost-justifiable?

  • Alex

    come on people!
    “s” always ment small improvements and nothing really new (like 1080p, or new sensor)…
    enjoy it till the next one D4, D400, D800, or whatever…

    • WoutK89

      Next year we will hopefully see a complete refresh from D90-successor up to the D4. D90 will become D7000? And next to that, D400, D800, and the D4. Sounds like a wonderful dream. I am totally not looking forward to 2011, when all the whining for a D500, D900 and D5 will most probably begin.

  • So I’m going for a short shopping now 🙂
    When I’m back home there will be a new nikon born 😉

  • I have a 5D Mark II at work, and am thinking about my next Nikon for my own personal cameras. And not having 1080p is not a big deal for me. I have to tell you, 1080p seriously compromises your disc storage. So since I’m not a professional videographer, and most of the videos I shoot with the 5D Mark II get sampled way down to go online, I don’t see this as a big problem for Nikon to do 720p. But that’s me.

    Still, if Nikon doesn’t come out with some fast wide lenses soon, I am going to jump ship to Canon for my SLR needs.

    • Simon

      You should be using 6MP dSLR from 6 years ago because they dont use up disk space 🙂
      I mean memory are cheap, there is no excuse.

  • Neil

    Wow, I bet there’s going to be a prozac shortage to deal with all the whining and moaning here.

  • nimda

    Canon’s cameras are completely annoying to use. I spent a day with the 5D mkII and wanted to break that stupid wheel off. Yeah maybe it would grow on me but the thing is a brick, its uncomfortable, and confusing. IQ aside the D700 is such a great camera I am glad I bought it the day it came out, and I feel no need to change. 100-500 lens would be interesting though. I might look into something like that. Hope it takes teleconverters too!

    • nikonmikon

      I TOTALLY agree with you. I HATE Canon’s “ergonomics”. It is absolutely time-wasting and inefficient. I used my friend’s 50d for a little bit and I just couldn’t stand it… from choosing autofocus points to selecting higher or lower iso’s it was a PAIN in the ass. The only thing that was pretty awesome was the ease to change ev comp using the rear steering wheel in ap priority mode. That is pretty nice but also makes it easy to accidentally screw up leading to underexposed or overexposed images. Canon fails at ergonomics supremely hardcore. Did you try deleting successive files too? I don’t know what that’s like on a 5Dmk2 but it was a PAIN IN THE ANUS on the 50d.

      • gobias

        Not sure what camera you have, but there’s probably a setting to enable the same behavior (using the “other” wheel in AP or SP mode to change exposure comp). I know there is on my D90 and pretty sure my D80 before that had the same option also.

      • lyr

        My S5 does that: Front Wheel for Aperture, Rear Wheel for Speed, in P mode, Rear changes speed and Front Exposure Comp, in S mode, Rear changes speed and Front Exposure Comp, in A mode, the Front changes Aperture and the Rear Exposure Comp.
        Okay, it’s not a “true” Nikon (I wished they followed Nikon for the other buttons and for the menus) but you already have that on a Nikon body 😉

    • shutterdancer

      nimda….finally someone that I can agree with…..I would trade a D3, D3s,and a d3x, ….morgage my home or sell my first born for a decent 100-500mm zoom that accepted a teleconverter….but who gives a s**t what I think.

  • Well, I am upgrading from a D300. I have over $15k invested in lenses and flashes, etc. I am tired of borrowing my friends D700. So I am debating upgrading to the D3s or wait next year for the D4. Not that much in a rush, but would be nice.

    • Steph

      seems you shopuld go with the D700 – if you’re not a pro sports shooter, I can’t imagine a reason to get a D3s at more than twice the price – if you have the money, get yourself a D700 and the latest Epson Printer, or a Profoto strobe kit, or whatever will bring your photography to the next level !

    • nimda

      I wouldn’t bother with the D3s. Get the D700 and the MB-D10 if you need extra frams and battery life. Improved ISO probably doesn’t extend below ISO 400. Seriously. who needs 12800.

      • i have the D-10 already on the D300. Low Noise at high Iso + FX is a must (D700). Video is a nice to have, but not that necessary (NICE to have). D700x/s would have been ideal. I have a nice Sony HD camcorder, just would be nice to be able to shoot some video while I am shooting. I mostly do event photography (concerts, etc).

  • What? No flipscreen? I’m switching to Olympus!!!

  • Mesliz

    5D II better than D3 ?? hahahahaha
    – Do you really think people targeted are the same?
    – AF speed ?
    – Frame burst ?
    – Direct “usability” (sorry for the word I’m just a french guy :)) of the different functions?
    – quality of manufacturing?
    – High ISOs ? (5D II equals D700, but the D3 is better than the D700 in that way..)

    If you still compare both systems as equals (or better for Canon), you should have an appointment with you psychologist… 😀

    • Anonymous

      true about the 5D mk2 vs D3 but canon is set for a major upgrade to 1D mark 4 in about a week….

    • Eric

      There is zero difference in high ISO performance between the D3 and the D700.

      As for Canon’s high end, I shoot with the 5D Mark II at work and I’ve shot with the D3X as well. Neither of them can match the D3 and D700 for high ISO performance. They’re close. And if you crop them down to the megapixels of the D700 they are a pretty good match with a bit more detail. But what’s the point of that.

      • Simon

        A bit more details in the dSLR world is a country mile, however the 5DMk2 kicks D700 arse in picture quality even at high ISO, its even edges ahead of D3x in real world shoots in RAW.

  • nimda

    no the D3 is not better than the D700 in High ISOs. Maybe the D3s is but the D3 is not. Its exactly the same

  • Anonymous

    ouch 720p….. lets see what canon brings with the 1D mark4… Announcement in 7 days… canon is out to kill nikon off

  • Cem

    Come on guys. dont waste time for waiting. I was dying to get D300 last year. Now I have 2 D300 bodies, Thank God! Still, I was looing for to get better, I will have D700, then I will want D3, then I will buy, D3x, then I will look for vdieo, or 40MP with 108000 ISO. Where are we going? We are all human beings, we always want bigger, newer, faster, better, etc… We , Man, will never satisfy our desire.
    Let’s do our job, take photos, and enjoy them now. Time and frames passes!

  • bjokerud

    Come new years and I’m sure Nikon will give us something worth while. But this is still a disapointment… D3x and D3s, as high-end pro bodies this year? pff… I suspect a D4 generation will blow Canon off the field. Can’t say I’m impressed with the 7D they just released.

  • Sandra

    This is the mini upgrade that pays for the major upgrade (a 2010/2011 D4?)… I won’t be wasting my money. Disappointing specs. Guess I’ll “settle” for a D700 for now =).

  • tester

    the picture of the magazine is too small, i cannot read anything about Nikon D3s at the title.

    I don’t belief the specs and the things that should be written in this magazine. If there is an update of D3, you should find this at the title. for the canon 7d you will see a big announcement, why not for D3s

    • This is just a picture of the 10/2009 cover – I do not have a bigger one at the moment. I am not even sure if the D3s is not in the 11/2009 issue. Still waiting….

      • tester

        printing a cover looks like that you are not writing about rumors, it looks like facts. it is mor eofficial showing a title of a magazine, all people thinks that this magazine has the details.

      • That cover is from the previous month, qnd there’s no hint of a D300s inside.
        I wish you had the november issue …

  • NikoDoby

    So it’s “just” the D3S and no new lenses or an X1 clone?

  • Martin

    Hello Nikonrumors
    I just baught this magazine in geneva, Nikon annoucement will be tonight in Europa


    • NikoDoby

      What does the magazine say Martin? Any new details?

    • STJ

      Question is – does Martin have a scanner 🙂

    • Connie

      Announcement should be UTC 0400

  • Apparently the disease that has been plaguing Canon Japan has infected Nikon Japan!
    Trade-in promo anyone?

  • Erdem

    Ok, not very exciting nor surprising after all. D3 is suddenly better now than it was for the last couple of months 🙂 Still a progress, and a tad better than nothing. If it is accompanied by a few sought new lenses, it may even be a nice welcome camera. Anyone for a price guess? Less than $5K? (yeah, $4999)
    I am at a loss to understand those who vote for “I dislke this post” though. You may dislike what the camera offers but why dislike the “news”?

    • “I am at a loss to understand those who vote for “I dislke this post” though. You may dislike what the camera offers but why dislike the “news”?”

      I’m pretty sure most people have missed the point of the voting system, and even if they haven’t – they’re annoyed enough by whatever the news is to click it anyway, in a shoot-the-messenger kinda way. Shame 🙂

  • Trust

    For the first time Admin, I really hope the Nikon D3s Rumor specs, are real rumors. I am a videographer and have invested about 3k worth of lenses, while not that MUCH.. I was really hoping this flagship will do what the D300s couldnt.. not having 1080p, loner recording length limit, will force me to jump.

    • 3space

      I’m in the same boat… I have really nice nikon lenses but I need better video. The canon 1D mark 4 is rumored to be set for Oct 20..

      I hate to leave nikon but I’ve been waiting for them to get it right and now it looks like it will be the D4 before the next chance… like a year or more away… only hope now is canon or Red

      • nikonmikon

        Good luck with the Red. You have 18 grand to spend? DSLR’s with video are still the best a consumer can do in the over-priced videographer’s world. Cinematic things always cost cinematic prices. The Red One is the BUDGET camera in the cinematography world…. Go look at some fullframe s35 Arriflex D21’s or Panavision Genesis’s…. Those cameras rent for over 1500 a DAY. Pricetag? Just like they want it…. only a movie studio can afford them. Or some affluent shallow kid with no life. That being said, I am disappointed in Nikon’s effort regarding including video with dslr’s. I’m disappointed in general with all DSLR video really. They all have jello-vision. They could learn something from Red I suppose.

        • Trust

          Red has the Jello effect, but not as much, and I think what he was reffering to was the Scarlet, which is suppose to be only 2500$ for the body only (literally).

  • lox

    Besides Anti-Dust, it looks like a firmware update to me. No need to put that in a new camera body. I wonder how AF will work when video is captured.

    If Nikon was really serious about video, they would have released a software to handle video, let’s call it CutNX. For now, it’s a nice gimmick.

    • WoutK89

      The body will most probably have its own mic and mic-in added, so not firmware only. Though a higher ISO might be possible through a firmware update on a D3.

  • Anonymous

    You have to know that the 1080p mode from 5D Mark II can used be only at 20fps, and that’s not really a standard(like 24fps for cinema, or 30fps for television). I think 720 at 24fps is the better way.

    • Adam

      And the 7D? Canon are WAY ahead on the video front.

    • Jay

      WTF are you talking about the 5dmkII does 1080p video at 30fps fanboi

  • low

    the nikon haters, please just go to canon…like right now.

    why would nikon need to put out a 1d4 killer now? it would be just dumb and wishful thinking. let canon put out their flagship since the d3 variations have remained unbeatable and done their damage. the whiners should head on over to the other camp now since they believe that somehow a new FLAGSHIP model abruptly makes their cameras inoperable, lol!

    oh you want to make a movie? spend 10 grand and do it right, not no gimp style we see in any of these vslrs.

    • Ben

      Are you serious? Do you have any idea what your talking about? Gimp video in a SLR? One of the best wedding video studios in the world is using DSLRs and has almost completely switched away from standard video cameras. To match what a DSLR can do in video (at least the canon ones) you need a 15K plus camera, and even then.. check it out and then tell me video is gimped in these things.

      Are they gimped because they don’t have AF? Thats like saying the D3 is gimped because it doesn’t have a pop up flash or a “auto” mode. lol

      And it looks like the D3s will be a very minor upgrade. I own my own studio and will be adding video soon. The hope was to stick with Nikon gear (since I have 20k + in gear including a D3) but if they release a D3 with 720p video and the same crappy compression scheme they are using now then I’ll pick up some canon gear and lenses for the video function (staying Nikon for stills). Its too bad really, it would have been nice to stick with the Nikon stuff for that too. The current opinion among the video shooting pros is the 7D is the best bang for the buck with awesome video ability and excellent DOF with the faster canon primes. And the 7D lets you buy 3+ of the fast price with the money you save over the D3s and 1 lens. Plus you can’t just buy 1 body and then charge clients, you must always have a backup and since Nikon’s only decent video (and thats still only a possibility) is the D3s now your up to 10 grand without any lenses. Ouch.

      Oh well. At least in the future I’ll be able to buy whatever body I want if I go the canon video route! lol (though I love Nikon ergo so I don’t see myself switching for stills)

      • low

        im not disagreeing with you. you might be the only one here that CAN use a dslr with built in video. most of these posters here are probably not even in the market to buy the D3S. And you probably get a few bucks on kickback with the work you do.

        and while i do applause video,(make no mistake about that). i feel the current capabilities on the dslr cameras themselves are still rather not as mature as we’d all like them to be. i like video and done some pretty cool stuff with it and it allows me to be even more creative than ever.

        and if you must, go switch over to canon! people tend to whine about features that their future nikon body lacks (or will lack), while in the midst of it all canon has probably what theyre looking for.

        im ready for the D3S, are you???????

        • Ben

          Lol. I already own a D3. 1 stop of ISO gain, a sensor cleaner and (possibly) subpar video are not enough to cause me to upgrade. Maybe next cycle. Why would I be ready for the D3s? LOL Even if it offered canons current level of video (1080p 24/30 and 720p 24/30/60) It still would just be to expensive for what most of us that are considering the canon’s need it for. If I was still using D300’s and the D700 didn’t exist I’d have bought a D3s (just like I bought the D3) Honestly I hope the nail the video perfect (h.264 and 1080p 24 for cinema and 720p 60 for sports).

          Kickback? I assume you mean sponsorship from a manufacturer? If that were the case I’d be singing the praises of a specific company, not lamenting having to buy into a second set of bodies to maintain a market edge (something that’s kind of important in this economy)

          I buy what makes me money, because that’s what they are for, making money. What I would need to charge to pay off 10,000$ in DSLR bodies and another 4-6k in lenses wouldn’t work. But I can buy two 7Ds and 4-6 lenses for 6-8k (less then half) and the lenses lose no value at all, compared to the 5k D3 I have that’s about to be worth 2500$ in a few weeks. But since its one of my primary still camera’s its returned that money to me over 10 fold. Video won’t do that, at least initially.

          Where did I say I was switching to canon? I’m just going to assume English isn’t your first language and you missed it the first read through. I plan on buying the Canon equipment for video in *addition* to my Nikon gear. Selling an entire still system when you need additional bodies and lenses for video anyway would be the height of foolishness.

          Depending on what your upgrading from you will love the D3s. But unless you already have a massive stack of lenses, buy the D700 and some glass.

          • low

            perhaps youre misreading into my post and perhaps english really isnt your forte. lol. but just to help you out, i wasnt targeting yourself but the other whiners on this blog.

            kickback, meaning…you make money on your own and not from the manufacturer. a lot of the folks that cry wolf here are spending gobs of money on something they arent getting a nickel on return. yet, these are the folks who are crying that nikon HAS to satisfy them and them only. but i could give a rats ass either way and really dont care about your buying style and reasons either. the options are out there for people but are just to make money on.

            anyway, im done trying to get my point across with you.

            have a great time with your gear as I am with mine, touche!

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree

  • Daf

    Someone won’t be getting future releases for their publication!
    Wonder if Nikon press release Dept has a blacklist of people + publications.

  • Adam

    LOL @ 720p!
    Guaranteed the camera is still speed-limited by 12 bit files. Ridiculous.

    Cmooon 1D IV.

  • Eric

    No 1080p? that’s not good. I would buy one if it is 1080p if it’s 720p then it’s a skip and I might have to look at Canon

  • Loyola

    When I’m reading many of this post i have the feeling that’s the SLR who is doing images and not the photographer 🙂

    D3s it’s an improvement of the excellent D3 with an important anti-dust system added.

    The D3 was a good choice in the target market, D3s it’s a better choice, and one of this day something will replace the D3, that’s life.

    If you are changing your SLR every year to be up to date, and if you are able to switch from Nikon to Canon just because the technical specification of a brand new SLR are more impressive, it seem for me absolutely irrational.

    Canon & Nikon are providing respectable product and the quality of the photographer can make a much more difference in term of result then the difference between to SLR targeting the same market.

    Running after innovation it’s a mirage and a lose of energy ;_)

    • STJ

      If the camera means so little why would Nikon bother to change their production to make these smaller changes? Seems like that would have been better spend on making a new improved firmware upgrade and make current D3 users more happy than this… With the D700 having dust removal shortly after the D3 it seems strange that the D3 did not have that in the first place… Ok the low-noice mode might be a true update…

      • Loyola

        Little changes mean, little competitive advantage and furthermore ability for the Nikon marketing guys to make their job and some noise.

        business as usual 🙂

        • Loyola

          And the anti-dust is a real improvement, nothing who can justify to upgrade from D3 to D3s but for the people who are looking for a professional heavy SLR D3s is now a better choice then before.

  • Anonymous

    weak. A flagship from the world’s #2 image company can’t make a 1080p camera. Let’s hope the D4 will be better.

    I’m glad there is no D700x, it would have probably not even be able to do 720p 🙂

  • Hmmm somewhat underwhelmed now to be honest. The speed and 1080p where the two big draws for me so if it still only shoots at 9fps and only does 720 (not that 720 is bad) I’m not so bothered now. Unless the new high ISO is a massive leap, like two stops better than the current D3 I think I’ll be giving this a miss.

  • i have d70s,, planning to upgrade to D70 or maybe D300s. My heart belongs to D700.
    I have 50mm 1.8, 105 vr macro, 70-300 G lens and 18-70 dx lens.

    would like to invest in some new lens like 18-35 or 24-85 for wide and normal shots.
    what do you say ?
    Nikon D700 or D300s?

  • Simon

    Is the video full manual control or is it crippled like the D300s?
    Looks like it will lose out to 1D4 at least in the video department which most likely better than 7D multimode.

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