Possible Nikon D3s sighting in Barcelona

Update - here is a close-up:


Possible Nikon D3s caught during a video shoot in Barcelona. The D3s is mounted on a stabilization wheel. The camera name is taped:





Click on images for larger view.

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  • Awesome… can’t wait! Love the tall blonde on the third photo btw :p.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for some new glass!

    • Dweeb

      Anne Coulter fan?

      • Ooh, that’s a low blow. What did Lucas ever do to you?


  • Gordon

    What lens is on the body with the big lens hood on? It has VR on it, doesn’t look familiar.

    • Gordon

      Nevermind, it was the focus switch on the 24-70mm I’m looking at 😀

    • Mmmmmm….Nothing like a nice big matte box on the front of a VSLR in the morning. That’s a good looking setup. That Sachtler crane wouldn’t be too nasty to own either. The Fig-Rig (round stabilizer) however – I’m not convinced.

      Here’s to hoping the video on the D3s is even another step up from the existing lineup. Every improvement is a welcome one.

      • GlobalGuy

        I’ve changed my mind… this thing is NOT the 24-70.

        Something is wrong. The distance between the focus ring and the distance meter is not right. And the front looks slightly different.

        And the back looks slightly different too!


  • Alex

    I used fractale and you can clearly see that this is a D700x with battery grip !

    • Tony

      Could have sworn I saw D90X.

    • jr

      dumb dumb knows fractal can’t get you more true resolution

    • Ronan

      It’s a D3 something (prob D3s).

      I know because theirs a D3 right next to me and it looks EXACTLY like it, except for the silver tape covering the D3.

  • Niels

    it must be the D3S its name is make onvissable with a piece of tape and wich other pro camera that lookes like a D3S has Nikon that can shoot video?

  • TLT

    I´d hit the left blonde!

    • Tabitha Green

      What’d she ever do to you?!

      • marvin gardens

        Too funny…

  • BillyBobJohnson

    It’s the new 24/1.4

  • funny

    it’s a 14-24 and 24-70 on a D3 body that shoots video. surely it is the D3s since there are no sights of a batery grip.

  • Dude v2

    I just hope it is not a D300s like memory card thore I am spotting there. Or is it just a shadow?

  • that lens on the second body doesn’t is not the 24-70. check out the second photo, the focus ring (closest to the front element) has a step. I wonder if this is the new 16-40 but at a reported f/4 I can’t help but wonder if the lens in this picture is too big.

    • Dude v3

      I do not know. Does not look as if the step belonged to the lens to me.

  • Sandra

    It’s gotta be a D3s – look where the tape is. The name is on the left side whereas Nikon puts the name on the right side on all models below the D3…

  • Groosome

    That doesn’t look like a step in the ring to me, looks like one of those video specific focussing aids that has a sort of cog around the lens and is activated remotely for smooth filming – can’t remember where I saw a different one but a guy was showing his 5DmkII video kit and explaining what he packs and what each bit does. Can’t remember what they’re called either 🙂

  • kalif

    On the 2nd picture is the other camera turned to us and you can see a second display = D3…

  • Alex

    I think the blonde girl is there to divert people’attraction to the D3s.

  • NikolajKeldorff

    That’s a Manfrotto FigRig, used for small camcorders, prosumer cams etc. AND DLSR’s capable of filming. No reason for putting a Nikon that cannot shoot video on a Figrig IMO. The other is a Steady Crane… used for smooth panning motion when…tada…filming! Not shooting stills… so, if that camera is a probody Nikon… that’s for sure a video enabled camera… otherwise the whole shoot wouldn’t make any sense… And I’m a pro videoproducer – I would know 🙂

    • Given the booms, I would say they were not shooting stills, either. The location was the corner of the Passeig de Gracia and Calle Provença, yesterday afternoon; outside Casa Milà (in tourist speak, Gaudi’s La Pedrera building).

      As for any more information, I don’t know, as most people were busy enjoying the public holiday.

  • David

    Is that…. two dudes on a motorcycle?

    • Anon

      Huh? Yes? Everyone has a motorcycle in Barcelona, it’s crowded and tight. It’s a Triumph, good make I hear.

    • nikonmikon

      thats what i was thinking as well…. how come nobody pointed out the 2 dudes on a 3 cylinder bike….. hahaha

  • Darryl

    oooooo……. blonde model…… what camera? =)

  • Moses Chisel

    The camera on the Fig Rig would suggest video

  • Solid mirror housing and integral grip say pro level camera and wheel screams video. At the very least we’ve got a pro level camera with video in the mix.

    But what type of amateur crap is that using light colored tape to cover the model number? Or were they trying to get attention?

  • Oooh, and the matte box on the other body says this was a matched set…

  • anonymous

    nice work nikon. way to be doing that in front of one of barcelona’s biggest tourist attractions (the gaudi house)…at least the didn’t choose sagrada familia

  • WoutK89

    I’d say 100% 24-70 on that 2nd body.

  • fotosniper

    who wears flip flops on a motorcycle, great way to lose a foot.

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