Nikon D3s polls

Thanks Z. for creating those polls. Previous NikonRumors polls can be found here.

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  • Quash

    $30 more than my D90. Not a penny more!

  • Derek Winchester

    Have you said anywhere how big the buffer size will be? Same size as the d3 after that 500$ upgrade or even bigger?

    • Connie

      Double buffer size as the D3. approx 30 -36

  • slurp

    still hoping that the spec was wrong 🙁

  • Anonymous

    (This wasn’t a choice) No because I am happy with my current camera (D3x)

  • If this poll had said “would you buy a D700x?” My answer would have been vastly different 🙁

  • yrsued

    I would have added more choices, like..

    Yes, but sometime later, after the First Adopters buy them and pay a prime for it and the price comes down a bit

    Yes, but I’ll keep my D3’s, because they won’t suddenly stop working

    Yes, because I can probably use one more body.

  • longtimenikonshooter

    i am selling my d700 which has accumulated more than 50K clicks and will be buying d3s mainly because of video feature.

    • Christina

      I certainly hope there are more people such as yourself since I want to be a D700. And this would be perfect.! You get a nice shiny new D3x, and I get the D700 I have always wanted. I currently have a D90 and just know the D700 would be a far better camera for me.

  • 3space

    If it could shoot RAW 4k @ 24fps I would gladly pay 6k+… and a lot of sports shooters would for different reasons…

    Imagine the D3 sensors (low light & dynamic range) at full motion… the world would change overnight…

  • GlobalyGuy

    You should have allowed for a $3000-$4000 price point.

    Because thats MY price point. I would not buy a D3s that was over $3999.

    You can get the D3 for less, and you can get the D700 for far less. You can get the 5D MII for far less.

    We need intense pressure to lower to “value” of these so-called pro-level bodies.. There need to be reasonably priced versions. Not everything has to be 10,000 bucks. $4,000 is more than enough money for any DSLR under 30mp with similar, around, or even slightly better ISO than a D300.

    $3000-4000, and i stand by that.

    Now get with a D700x, and a D700s, Nikon.

    And then make a D90 sized version of full frame, because we deserve choices and the technology is there, available, and affordable, and a company that doesn’t serve us — ON THE CAMERA BODY!! — is ridiculous. Its the lenses where they should worry about their money. Fine, have your $2,000 dollar lenses. That’s fine. But make the bodies within reach — all of them.

    • longtimenikonshooter

      if you price nikon bodies and pro lenses in either crude oil or gold, there hasn’t any price changes at all for the past 20 years. what’s wrong with that?

    • Christina

      Bravo! GlobalyGuy!

      I totally agree with you on all your points!!

      And since you can get in-camera hot-pixel remapping on the Pentax K20, it should be an industry standard (hear that Nikon??). Having to send your Nikon back to the factory for blown pixels is just stupid. Why should we be out our camera body for weeks to months!!

  • eru

    Cmon Nikon give us a d700x for 2k Euros. Is it better to sell 100.000 for 4k or 100.000.000 for 2k ?

    • Char

      a) Canon does not give us a D700x for 2K dollars. They give us a 5D MK II, which is a quite different story because it does not accept Nikon lenses, because it has a very different AF, and for a bunch of other reasons.

      b) Canon does not sell 100 million of those.

      c) Even if they sell 10 times more of their camera, this still might be worse because the profit margin might be much lower

      d) Even if the profit margin is so much lower that they effectively earn less money, it still might be the better deal due to lens sales and a higher visibility of the brand in the public, which might help the sales of other cameras.

      e) However, we do not know how much the 5D MK II sells, or how much the D700 sells. I would guess they sell about the same. There is no D700x with which we could compare, so it does not sell at all. There is no 5DMKIIh either (high speed, not-so-extreme resolution).

      f) Nikon will not give a D700x for 2k Euros. Besides, this is strongly off-topic since this is a post about the D3s.

      Other than that, I am missing some choices for why I would or would not buy the D3s. This selection of choices seems to be horribly gearhead-oriented. Where is the “No, because I do not need its features” or the “No, because my current camera is fine” (in my case, a D80) choice? Where is the “Depends on the price, I need a new camera body anyway, but could as well go for the D3” choice? Where is the “No, because I am not interested in this line of cameras (fast professional)”? “I want more MP” sounds totally off because there is the D3x which serves the high-megapixel needs.

  • Zorro

    Somewhere deep in the D3s firmware, there will be a very significant date – the date that its effectiveness as an image-making tool will suddenly decline. That will be the release date for the D4.

  • Gordon

    Someone should forward this poll to Nikon to show them the demand for a D700X.

    • Christina

      I’ll second that Gordon!!

  • cenkog

    Any news about an effective dust protection system for D3s?

    • Anonymous

      it needs an external dust system… to remove all the dust from no one buying it

  • Christina

    Nikon should have posted this survey before working to get the D3x released.

    Looks like I’m not the only one wanting a D700x. Looks like most of us want that more than an expensive D3x. So, how long do we have to wait then???

    If they don’t come thru on the 1 year birthday of my D90 purchase, I will switch to another system. I can package up all my lenses and D90 body, and sell them for quite a nifty price. Pentax is very cutting edge. And I betcha they are going to come up with a full frame camera soon enuf for me to sit back and be patient a bit longer. And they have the in-camera hot-pixel remapping functionality, and great weather-proof body, all for much less than Nikon bodies.

    Go figure.

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