The latest Nikon D3s specs

The latest rumors on the Nikon D3s specs:

  • Better ISO-performance (ISO 200-12800 probably)
  • New 1.2 crop mode
  • Bigger buffer
  • Motion-Jpeg 720p (no 1080p!)
  • Improved AF-ON button
  • Improved multi-dial
  • No 14 fps, I repeat no 14 fps

There is also a chance that only the Nikon D3s will be released - no new lenses. This one is still very hard for me to believe, but those are the latest rumors folks.

Warning: let's don't turn this into a "Nikon sucks thread" - this time I will be closely monitoring the comments and there will be some censorship. Those are just rumors and may or may not turn out to be true - no reason to complain on information that is not final yet. Please, let's have a constructive conversation and keep the whining for after the product is officially announced.

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  • getanalogue

    BTW, has anyone a D3 (without “s”) for sale?

  • Chris P

    Quote “imacs? who cares about those pieces of crap? oh yeah, people who got marketing-raped into believeng it’s the best thing since written language”

    As someone who uses an imac I still think I am better off than those who got “marketing-raped” into believing that Microsoft’s Vista was a decent piece of software. A thought, since Microsoft are calling their Vista replacement Windows 7, does it mean that they think that they have finally got to the point where Windows is as good as the Mac System 7 which was introduced in the early 1990’s?

    All Nikon are doing is introducing ‘s’ upgrades to their existing D300/D3 cameras, with some other improvements, to include a video function which they perceive to be necessary to stay competitive in the marketplace. They are not new cameras, for that you will have to wait until next year when you will see a new D700x/D800 which will sit above the D700s as the D3x sits above the D3.

    • bob

      I bought a laptop when Vista was introduced. Really hated it and went back to XP.

      Hopefully, next year I can afford to buy an iMac with Final Cut Pro. 🙂

      • nimda

        If you hated vista.. you will love window 7. NO kidding. it is an excellent op system.

        • Neil

          It’s OK. I’ve been running it at work for a few weeks. It’s more like Vista SP 3, though. Some minor window dressing, fewer nags and annoyances, slightly faster networking.

  • getanalogue

    how can Nikon make Ken Rockwell to be right? Look what Leica did the past year: S2, M9, X1 – any of these bodies should have been launched by Nikon. That’s marketing, guys. Leica was so dead as one can be – and now? Phoenix, great effort. Of course, looking at the price tags of those cameras, it’s also crazy, but the quality you get, wow – and if Leica should launch an R10 with a M9 sensor and the appropriate lenses, farewell Nikon.

  • bob

    Honestly, I don’t care about the D3s, simply because I have a D700. I hope the 24 mm rumor is true. Next: 35 mm? Now I use a 35 mm/1.8 DX on full format and that’s a nice compromise – for now.

    My next camera: definitely with HD video. I love it and it opens a new market for me.

    • nimda


  • fred

    720p seems a lot more credible than 1080p. VSLRs don’t use their full resolution for video (they skip lines), I think a 12MP uses only around 800 lines when doing 16/9 video.
    So 1080p would mean a lot of interpolation. Panasonic does it with the GH1, but I think they are the only one (and they start with 60 fps to achieve this).

    • funny

      it actually doesn’t matter. the image is scaled down using far more sophisticated ways. panasonic, canon, sony, all do it. The only reason nikon didn’t do it on their other cameras has probably more to do with a very foolish tactical decision to have only their flagships do 1080p. Obviously nikon has it’s head in the sand and hasn’t realized 1080p should be standard across every single dlsr camera they ever make from now on, just like their competition will do.

      if they want to remain competitive, I hope for their own sake this motion jpeg at 1080p is a joke. absolutely nobody is going to even take that seriously when cameras for far less money blow it out of the water.

      video is going to become a feature nobody will buy a camera system without just like auto focus. nikon should learn from the past and not ignore emergin industry trends. the last time they did it, they lost the pro market to the ammateur brand canon. I’m affraid that if they ignore the trends again they’ll just end up being aquired by sony after posting horrible loses and losing even more market share.

  • Daf

    I think all the addition of Video is just a stop-gap from Nikon. Extending the life of existing bodies/systems with minimal R&D costs.
    They are a business after all.
    D3s I can understand as it’s not that old – D300s I was a little surprised at since the 300 has been around for quite a while.

    Although I’m not interested Video myself – I can see where it would be very useful for some e.g.
    -Press togs – with plumeting costs even journalists are being asked to photograph things instead of togs. The odd piece of video here and there would be good for their websites – especially if newspapers are moving to a pay-service for their online content.
    -Weddings : Obviously won’t replace a full-time video operator – but snippets would be great for the odd moment here + there e.g. throwing the confetti / bride’s bouqet where movement is important. Would give a 1-person team a slight edge over others in the same price bracket.

  • Ok, good news for photojournalists. The next move must be D700x, and a good walkabout lens like the rumored 24-135mm VR, asap !

  • GT

    next Camera is a cheaper but Plastic bodied D700.

    Possible to be be called: D500 or D600…………………


    • Daf

      The Dxxx range have always had metal bodies AFAIK.

  • nimda

    Canon Sucks…?

  • Alex

    I have the champagne in the fridge for thursday in case Nikon annouce the D700x, if not, I still open the champ, but to get drunk :o(

    • Daf

      LOL – I’m ging to need all my money to A buy it, then B replace all my DX lenses!

      • STJ

        Rule # 1: Always leave room for chanpagne…. 😉

  • Please tell me this 1.2 crop is just a mode and not the default sensor. It is still full frame isn’t (please say it is).

    The ISO is the main attraction for me so I’m really hoping it’s improved!

    • WoutK89

      The crop is like it says, CROP, so yes it is still FX 🙂

  • Watcher


    If you are a good photographer, you can shoot great pictures with a Canon or Nikon camera (or any other brand actually). Its a preference for which brand to use. Comparing is for people who don’t make enough money and is ignorant to the fact that their skills is lame.

    I have friends who just started photography as a pro (for which means you actually make money from photos), and they always argue which is better, what camera is better…blah blah. Problem is, I always put them to shame with a D700 while one uses a D3 and the other a Canon 1D. Take this as a truth, unless you are in the field for at least 5-10 years, you would HAVE NO IDEA what camera I had used judging from just my pictures.

    Quit the bashing.

    Get better at taking pictures.

    Its like you are a bad driver, and drive a ferrari. On the streets, you just look a showoff with no skills. People who are good drivers will just laugh.

    As for video in a dslr…maybe handy. Where I work, we use seperate HD-video cameras that costs way more than you could expect. And yes, its used at weddings (as one example). Plus we use cranes and tripods that are triple the size bigger than any dslr compatible tripod. We are professionals. Real professionals. We don’t USE video from a dslr. We use the cameras that reporters use for a TV station. Thats the quality necessary to create satisfactory end products in the country I live in.

    Stop complaining about video in a dslr being crap or what not so you’ll switch brands.
    It just says, you are TRYING to just get a camera with the best features to brag about. UNLESS, you are a private contractor that arranges for functions and events that needs the feature for flexibility. Or, you work single and the client does not need such high quality (or can’t tell the difference). However, all those that do fall under this category, understand that even a handicam shooting at 1080p is way smoother and a dslr still has a long time to catch up to this level.

    Oh, I live in Japan. I am Japanese. We make those cameras. I worked in an OEM that created certain parts for Nikon until I changed to a job taking photos. I understand my field. Yes, video in a dslr marketing scheme and is used here to attract people from the point-and-shoot camera field to the dslr field. Its not a gimmick, its a marketing scheme to keep companies up and running. Whether or not a camera has the feature, does not decide how well the camera takes beautiful pictures.

    Less the bad mouthing. Lets just shoot great pictures. And instead of bragging, teach the less-proficient how to get better at it.

    And, there is a reason why Japanese makers create video-cameras and photo-cameras. Video cameras can shoot still-pictures at an unbelievable quality and vice versa. But each product is used for what it is made. The other sub-fuctions is just the cherry on top…

    • Alex

      I totaly agree with you, I have a friend who is a cameraman, when we do wedding together, I can tell you that I prefer to be the photographer, his camrea weight 5 tons (at least) and when he get back home he spend hours (or days) to edit the movie.
      Photography is much easier than video. I don’t understand why Nikon put video in a D3 or D700, professionals will not use a photo camera to make videos, you can get better results with a $500 HD camecorder.
      I prefer a larger buffer in my DSLR than a crapy video.

      • Er… i’m a professional … and I use a DSLR for video … for web clients, for arts clients, even TV advertising. While there are a lot of crap things about using a DSLR for video there are also some unique things you can’t do ona $500 camcorder – like use exactly the same pro optics and tilt-shift lens etc that you use on stills cameras – and the film look with shallow DOF is far better – then there’s low light – FF sensor on 5d2 better than any camcorder.

        So while it’s not for everyone it is still useful – but keep bithing about how no-one uses it by all means – the more birching an dcomplaining the less people who take it up and the more easy work I get! Perfect!

        PS had to get a crappy 5d2 cause Nikon has nothing like it….

        • Watcher

          Thats great.

          Here’s something that will help you even more:

          Sorry, its in Japanese, but look at the pictures and numbers, you’ll get the drift.
          Its a canon product, its a camcorder. Its made for semi-professionals. It will make the 5d2 videos look like child’s play.
          You should seriously use this, it has HD lens, made for HD video. You may get even more business.

          Professional grade ones are even more expensive and can only be ordered via appointment. Hope this helps.

          PS: 5ds is not crappy. Its an amazing camera that takes magnificent photos. Video is still new in the dslr field, that is why Canon releases firmware that mainly updates the video function of 5ds. I know, I have one, but I don’t use it for work.

        • Ha. The only thing I disagree with Polvo is that the 5d is a better decision than the Nikon offerings. But I’ll admit it was a more difficult decision before the 300s came out.

          Still, your sentiments mirror mine really well. I have shot stills for over 16 years. Still, video has always been a passion of mine. The key things keeping me from going with a prosumer camcorder were

          A) The cost (for a dedicated piece of equip that did only video)
          B) I hate tapes
          C) No native SLR Lens support, only stock lenses
          D) Tiny sensors with hugely limited depth of field
          E) Color sucks on most of them

          All of those issues are addressed with the VSLR’s. While there are other issues that present themselves with VSLR’s, I have decided the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. I pay less, I get far better image quality, I don’t need adapters to use my SLR lenses, I can transfer recorded data faster than real time…Sure, I have to be careful how I handle the camera when I’m shooting, and sure I have to cut some footage that would be otherwise fine if not for the jello issue.

          For my needs, the VSLR solution is the best one so far. That is, until the RED Scarlet or EPIC ships later this month. 🙂

      • funny

        $500 HD camcorders won’t have the lens choice and low light performance of a VDSLR. As your friend well knows (and his camera is more than 500 bucks) current video cameras for professional purposes are very heavy and expensive. VDSLRs are the future and nikon is letting the future pass them by. In other word you validated the reason VDSLRs exist and have a huge future.

        the choice of video is important for all manufacturers even if photographers who don’t care whine and kick. For all that’s been said about video, I wonder how many people realize that you don’t have to use it if you don’t need it. Yet for those that do need it, it SHOULD be there. This is how you grow a company. Nikon is in the business of making money and growing before they are in the business of silly “we’re no video company” arguments.

        The future is merged, like it or not, that’s the future. Get used to it.

        • Watcher

          VDSLRs is what they are called? Thanks, I didn’t know that.

          I’ll take it from a different approach. Its just point-and-shoot cameras, most of them now contain 1080i video (at least in Japan), but it will never replace handicams/camcorders. Cell-phones are capable of photos/videos, but it will replace point-and-shoot cameras.

          I think Nikon will slowly add it on (video capabilities) to DSLRs. Don’t forget Canon has a much stronger expertise in video than Canon, since they have been selling video cameras for a long time. But Canon is not stupid enough to make DSLRs with super video capabilities that will do the same as their camcorders. Thats shooting yourself in the foot. DSLR video taking will always be inferior to camcorders. Nikon will just take a longer time to perfect it since they need 3rd party expertise. Just like Sony is an ODM and needs 3rd party OEM on most products.
          Its not easy being a technician for Nikon, its hard to write coding/firmwares for video since they are competing against Canon who has a strong video department.

          • RT

            Never say never, I imagine in 5 years most cameras you go in and buy at Best Buy or any other Very Big Chain Store of your choice will basically be hybrids. Already Canon and Sony have small-sensor fixed lens models that pretty much double up as both and offer pretty nice 1080 video with smooth long stabilized zoom lenses and AF. This will become the norm. Mid to high end consumer camcorders may still linger for a few years but the days of the average Joe owning separate video and still cams are numbered

            From a consumer’s perspective it makes sense: why pay twice (or carry around twice as much) for something you can get in one package? The camera companies are forced to go along because if their company doesn’t do it another one will. Look for Panasonic, Sony and Canon to lead the charge.

          • RT

            As for VD-SLRs (eww), they’re coming too. But except at the low end like the d5000 or most notably the upcoming Pentax K-x, I think they’ll also be trying other things with the technology that comes along with video: high-speed burst modes, easier in-camera HDR, maybe a reimplementation of the best shot feature, etc. Things that the average consumer might not appreciate much less use.

            And it can’t be THAT hard doing video, if tiny Pentax with their much more limited budget can do 1024/30p on an $1100 camera then why should Nikon not be able to offer at least 1080/24 on a camera nearly 5 times the price? The d3 already has 1080 built into the live view; really, how much easier can it get???!!!!! Some people have knocked Nikon et al for offering only motion jpeg but it IS the easiest to do and doesn’t require elaborate encoding, with quality that can be excellent if you set the bandwidth high enough. Memory is getting cheaper, so if I were them I’d stick with mjpeg for now and focus on getting their specs more in line with the competition’s.

      • Watcher

        Nikon put video in the dslr (this is my opinion as a professional), for sales reason. In Japan, dslr with video options is not big (every knows about it, but no one cares). People who want to take great photos, use a dslr. If they want to take videos (non-professions or pro-sumers) they use a HD handicam that is cheap and only costs around 200,000 yen (approx US$2,000) for the best model. You can get a great handicam that shoots HD better than any dslr/video-mode for around US$500 in Japan. Cameras sell like hot cakes in Japan. This is how the market works, point-and-shoot is directed to the girls market because its easy, requires no skill and takes satisfactory photos for them to put on their blog pages. Its light, fancy and if they lose it, they’ll buy another one. Plus, Japanese consumers are the biggest waists in the entire world, they change their point-and-shoot practically at any announcement of a new model. Its a fashion statement and part-tool. Although, our cell-phones already support up to 10megapixel cameras on some brands…and can even adjust the shutter speed. Still, the photos are horrible in the eyes of a professional. DSLR in the entry range, are directed towards photography students, consumers who want better quality than point-and-shoot and girls with a bit more experience (hence the lighter and smaller body). The middle range DSLR are for small self-owned photo studios that do passport/portrait photos, companies that require photo taking (including insurance companies, road surveyers, some police departments etc) and richer families or individuals that like to take a lot of quality photos. Full framed DSLRs are used by rich individuals (or serious photo hobby people), journalists, professionals that use it for a living. Note this, NIKON in Japan, especially full frames is considered for SERIOUS PROFESSIONALS ONLY in the consumer market. Canon on the other hand, is “thought” to be more user friendly and LESS PROFESSIONAL in the consumer market, including their full frames. This is the Japanese market, thats how the consumer mind works here. Video functions for all the dslr companies put this on, to get the attention of the market and increase sales…don’t forget we are in a recession here. You needn’t tell me about market researching firms, I have so many contacts with friends in those fields, I could write a report, or sell the data.

        I’m not sure about multi-taskers, however, I did start the job as a video-camera man and that video camera weighed a lot, it costs for than 2,000,000 yen (or approx US $20,000) for our cheap units and the concept is totally different than to taking photos. Editing the video making end-roll movies is part of the job, but these days there is using a specialist doing the that. Making the live productions is even more demanding. The other day at a wedding, which this particular one was considered small by Japanese standards, there was 80+ guests, and our crew included 3 sub video cameraman, 1 live video cameraman and 2 photographers, 1 sound producer, 1 lighting effects person. This is for a 2 and a half hour wedding reception.

        I changed from video cameraman to photo-cameraman for personal reasons. Video cameraman in our field (well, at least in Japan) are paid by what we call “location”. Hence, one wedding reception is considered as one “location”. The pay is fixed, unless you get really good and start handling crane-jobs or live shoots (for the people who don’t understand this, it means you shoot in HD, 1080p, edit on dual 4 core computers with 32gigs ram and most operators use Edius to compile a video with over 30 HD tapes within a 2 hour 15minute time frame. This needs to me completed with NO mistakes and burnt on blu-ray 5 minutes before the groom/bride return for their final speech to the guests…this is intense pressure). But once you display the presentation, the oohs and laughs from the guests always calms our blood-pressure. (oh, any mistakes…even a tiny one, your pay is halved)

        However, as a cameraman, you get paid by the amount of acceptable professional photographs that are to be used in photo montages, photo albums and even used in end roll movies itself. If you are good….you can make 1.5 times more pay than a video cameraman because most of your photos are used in the single one session or “location”. We get paid per photo / and post editing is also near zero.

        This is my job, I use a D700. I make more money than most friends that work behind a desk. Get better, photography can make a good living. I want more people and friends to understand this and join me… its fun and when you see the smiles of your clients, it just motivates you.

        You don’t really need a D3x, you’re not that good…you don’t work for National Geographic (unless you are a SERIOUS perfectionist that uses a post-editing program to zoom into 100% pixels and check for chrominance noise for every single picture you take). If you really want to get good, buy a dslr in your price range, and RENT all the lens (I’m sorry that I don’t know about other countries, but in Japan we can rent professional lens from a specialized camera store). Shoot at a subject with a defined objective with different lens. You’ll understand the behavior of the camera to the lens, where the light angles are useful and a lot more other stuff. Then, if you really like it… come join others that do it for a living.

        Hope this information can inspire some people.

        • Ben Dover

          Very Interesting about “Reality” (not rumor) in Japan as a wedding photographer.

        • Ernst

          Everything about an HD Handicam is inferior to a DSLR for video recording except the back-end electronics, and that can be remedied in one generation. In theory, a DSLR should blow them away, and I’m certain future DSLRs will.

          If I send a PJ to cover a story and he comes back with beautiful stills AND compelling video, that’s a good thing. He’s already there. And why should he lug around another piece of equipment?

          These are like the same arguments one made favoring a trunk full of primes instead of two zooms. That’s a fine-arts photographer talking. A sports/news pro needs whatever gets out of their way so they can capture the story and make the customer happy. And the capability to record video is becoming part of that.

    • —>>”If you are a good photographer, you can shoot great pictures with a Canon or Nikon camera (or any other brand actually). Its a preference for which brand to use. Comparing is for people who don’t make enough money and is ignorant to the fact that their skills is lame.

      I have friends who just started photography as a pro (for which means you actually make money from photos), and they always argue which is better, what camera is better…blah blah. Problem is, I always put them to shame with a D700 while one uses a D3 and the other a Canon 1D. Take this as a truth, unless you are in the field for at least 5-10 years, you would HAVE NO IDEA what camera I had used judging from just my pictures.

      Quit the bashing.

      Get better at taking pictures.”<<—

      That part, I totally agree with. Thanks for sounding the trumpet. As I have said before here, I suspect that many of the people here that are whining about the D3/D3x and even the D700x/s are folks that either can't afford or wouldn't benefit from that great of a camera. I say this because any true professional would see how far the tech has come, and what incredible opportunities are available now with the cameras today compared with ten years ago. Pros are too busy trying to use even 1/10 of the new features and capabilities to complain.

      I remember using the Kodak DCS760, and getting far better results than those using the Canon 1Ds. People laughed when I told them I was using the 760 because the ISO range was only 80-400 ISO. In reality, you could only shoot up to 160 ISO before noise was overpowering. Still, when shooting at 80 ISO (which I could do in 90% of my shooting scenarios), I was getting phenomenal results that were rivaling medium format film prints. In addition, photographers always asked me what kind of film I was shooting, a complement I took very well considering the other cameras at the time had strong "digital" characteristics.

      Of course, the 760 wouldn't work for everyone. That's fine. But other pros that couldn't use the 760 weren't whining that Kodak didn't hold their hand, wipe their butt, and offer more this or that. The real pro's simply went out and found the best solution for their needs, made it work, and made lots of money. Pretty simple equation, folks. Productive pros are almost always too busy counting their money to complain about trivialities.

  • Soo… video but not even 1080p! That sucks man! And what about those lenses then? I need lenses!!!

    The real question about the D3s is: does it have sensor cleaning? If it doesn’t I’m switching to Canon!!!!

    (just kidding of course….)

    • 3space

      the d3s needs a joke of the day feature…

  • Hobbit

    I hope these “new” specs are a joke.

  • Bob

    I would be shocked if Nikon does not got to 1080. But if I could get 720p with no jello , rolling shutter I’d be happy.
    The main reason for a DSLR is still but times are changing and people want video too. It is time Nikon does it.
    I will have to wait for a D700s or a D400.

  • jbl

    About the new lens. a 24mm ƒ/1.4 will probably cost over 1300$ Too bad that’s too much for me considering what else I’m interested in.

    I’d rather have a 28mm ƒ/1.4 for FX.

    My dream FX combo would be the 14-24mm ƒ/2.8 + 28mm ƒ/1.4

  • WoutK89

    I think it is funny no-one has mentioned the improved multi dial, what is up with that, what to improve?

  • ed

    My 24-70 and 17-35 aren’t small lenses but provide pretty good (though not excellent) performance @ 24 (unlike my behemoth 14-24 that rocks but weighs a TON). A fast prime would be nice but at $1300-1500 could I live without it? I shoot with the D700, so probably. Had they not neglected this part of the market, I would likely have stuck to primes in the first place instead of the 1 kg + zooms. I won’t be running to buy one now, that’s for sure.

  • nimda

    Isn’t this entire website predicated on complaining about information that isn’t final yet?

    • Alex

      So there is still hope for my D700x ?
      Thanks, you made my day !

    • john


  • BillyBobJohnson

    Whatever they release, it’s not good enough. I want more than i can handle…yesterday.

  • Fin has the specs up

  • I don’t see the D3s listed in the website anywhere – just the D3.

    I was hoping that Nikon would release a body that would cover a double page spread RAW (16MP), have good clarity up to 1000 ISO with FX sensor and HD video for $2,000 – $5,000. Alas, will this ever happen?

  • holger

    I’m just come from my trip in Africa and don’t want my 1D3 and 1Ds3 anymore. The 1D3 isn’t really reliable in focussing even after the hardware patch and the 1Ds3 will be updated soon. A friend of mine uses the D300 and I fell in love with the handling and the philosophy of the Nikon.
    Now at home I would like to switch, even I have a bunch of L-lenses. But here I see that it isn’t easy to switch to Nikon. I am pro enough to know, that MP isn’t anything, but with the right lenses it counts a lot!
    Nikon is a whole new world to me and I was surprised to see, that Nikon only has ONE model, which has more than 12MP! WHAT?? Are they nuts?
    I am using Canon’s top model and – Ladies and Gentlemen – you can see the difference between 12 and 21 MP even when it is downsized to screen resolution.
    So NIKON – I would come to you – if you are able to deliver a “D800” (a D700 with more pixels). Buying a D3x is no option because I have to spend a huge amount of money for changing the lenses.

    Video does not really matter to me, but if it’s there I would use it in occasion.

    • rhlpetrus

      If you were able to buy both a 1d3 and a 1ds3, how come you can’t buy a D3x? Plus a D700 for the lowligh/light shooting situations? Both together are about 9,200USD, not that much for a working pro these days.

    • Lampus

      Nikon is a whole new world to me and I was surprised to see, that Nikon only has ONE model, which has more than 12MP! WHAT?? Are they nuts?


      Obviously you are not that pro if you really meant what you wrote there…
      I'm not going to bother teaching you why Nikon only keeps 12MP with only one higher mega pixel full frame camera. You have no idea about cameras.

  • Fin

    please disregard my posts, I’m on a lack of sleep

  • PhotonFisher

    There’s one simple question: What will a new camera change here? What do you expect – features, price/performance, realiability, weight, usability?

    Step aside for a moment: are the current cameras that bad in any of these criteria? I suppose not otherwise there would be no market for such equipment.


  • Craig

    Ugh… please Nikon, don’t put video in your top-line cameras unless it’s worthy of being on your top-line camera (e.g. 1080p). I’d prefer them not to have video at all but if you’re going to do it, do it right.

    • 3space

      totally agree…. pro camera needs pro video (1080p @ 24,30 fps) and a decent codec for capture….

      • Johnny

        Professional video is 720p/50 converted to 720p/25 in the computer.

        Motion-Jpeg is not optimal, but the advantages is that Nikon can use the same picture settings and processing as with the stills. AND you can more easily take out still from the movie.

        Motion-Jpeg with 1080p would cause hugh files.

  • Anonymous

    all this people saying “I don’t need video, thus nikon shouldn’t bother with it” follow the same logic that somebody saying “I don’t need 12MP, nikon should stick to 2MP”.

    Like it or not, it isn’t about what you need, it is about what the market and competition demands. video is the next big thing. take it and quit complaining. You may as well demand decent video if they wish to avoid the bad press associated with the fact that your top of the line flagship has inferior video quality than a point and shoot and every single camera your competition makes. how’s that for some reputation.

    • Ex-Canodian

      Hell yeah !

    • yes, video and compact size will help in the tough competition landscape (Nikon has plenty of challengers, they need to pay attention not only for Canon, Nikon need to pay attention to Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung as well.

      It is more important to delay a product rather than launched with so so improvement/quality. If the damage is done, it is hard to recover.

      also.. low price or at least the same as its predecessor will help. 🙂

  • NO NEW LENSES….wtf that cant be right.

  • kud

    Same sensor? seems like Nikon in-camera Noise Reduction technology has improved another milestone, if it’s true we will be getting heavily processed photos before even have a chance to do it in capture nx or acr.

  • shootmore

    I just don’t see how the iso can get better
    i see a frame rate jump more than another stop of iso…

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