Nikon D3s at Paris Expo


Two weeks ago I reported about the Paris Expo on October 15th - Nikon will be one of the exhibitors with a busy schedule. Today Pixelistes (Google translation)Β got the insider scoop: 3 pictures from the Nikon booth and guess what is hidden under the black cloth? A D3s sign...

nikon-d3s-2 nikon-d3s-3

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  • A little part of myself still believes there’s a Nikon D700x sign underneath… πŸ˜€

    • Gordon

      Same…one can but live in hope, a D3s announcement feels rather underwhelming to end 2009 on though. πŸ™

      • Alex

        I KNOW that there is a D700x, they just want to keep it for themself !

        • KIM

          I think maybe D3s is low price same as D700. So let’s think that D3s is D700X…

          • anon

            Come on, why all these complaints about the lack of a D700x? Go and buy yourselves a D3x instead. (And remember to upgrade all of your old lenses that are not up to 24mp at the same time!)


          • STJ

            To “anon”…
            The cost of a D700x and the cost of a D3x will be the same then? Comon! The cost of the D3x is astronomical! (I know it might be worth it for some)
            Lens upgrade = done….
            D700x = waiting….

          • Gordon


            My lenses are already upgraded also, it’s just I don’t want to fork out $10k on a body that is too bulky for my needs but also exhorbitantly priced.

    • Dominic –

      Your work is stunning. Way to go. Some of the best landscape photos I’ve ever seen!

      • Wow, I’m honored! First non IFL or Flickr compliment! You made my day! πŸ˜‰

      • Max

        This is so true! I love the colours, and the way you see landscapes. Wow.

    • I agree… I’m still hoping for the D700x or call it a D800…

      • And you too! Thanks a lot! πŸ˜‰

  • low

    yah baby!!!!

  • political

    boy, the iphone really sucks at taking pictures.

    • NikoDoby

      iphone?! I took those photos with the new D3S, it’s just still wrapped in plastic πŸ™‚

    • DNHJR

      What the hell do you expect from a cell phone camera? D3x IQ? πŸ™‚

  • I think this announcement is going to be better then later thought — I hope.. for the love… please god…look what I’ve become…

    • Nikoner

      Yeah, it’s a shiny new disco-ball underneath that cloth…

  • iHateCanon

    Please god, PLEASE GOD LET IT BE A NEW NIKON D90 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tony


    • Eli

      Why? Why are people suddenly obsessed with a D90 replacement? The camera is a year old. It’s the best value on the market right now, at least new (best value overall is probably the Canon 5D).

    • soap

      Name the one consumer Dx0 camera which got a “s” version (D40x doesn’t count as it was the placeholder for the D60).

      Now name what features got added.

      • Neil

        D70s. Slightly larger LCD screen, firmware changes, some minor changes in dealing with remotes, minor battery changes.

    • Man


  • Or maybe its going to be the new P7000 !?! Sweet —

  • Vince

    I’m secretly hoping that all the rumors were misinformation spread by Nikon and the real deal would be a mirrorless camera with interchangeables lenses. lol

  • Adomas

    This is a new P7000, FX format and very cheap πŸ™‚

  • anon

    I See A Canon Sign In The Back Ground & You Jus Have To Wonder What They Will Be Releasing Also….. Curious?

    • low

      a printer

      • Royalan

        Funny. Maybe a scanner and printer combined.

        • nikkor_2

          Yes, yes, yes; please, Canon, please release a new scanner-printer combination; hopefully, with ink costing half the US GDP per cartridge set.

          Oh, if I’m really fortunate, it will be a Canon scanner-printer-fax combo!

    • Canon should have an announcement on October 20th:

      • Ray

        damn should of waited for a canon πŸ™ now im stuck with an amateur d700.

        • DNHJR


        • rad

          If you think the D700 is amateur then it is you who is the amateur n00b.

          • BillyBobJohnson

            Do you not spot irony when it slaps you in the face rad?

      • jon canonrumors still yours?? i thought you gave up on canon rumors..

        • STJ

          Canonrumors was only nikonrumors for one day…

  • Alex

    I will need sleeping pills for the 2 next nights !

    • Man


  • Mark

    From now until the announcement I will be chanting to the photo gods for a shift in the D700 part of the Nikon line up.

    I also will hope for a DX sensor compact.

  • Peter North

    Hmm…so why no leaks with pics – from the Phillipines this time?

  • Peter North

    C’mon now, that as a big jipp!

  • NikoDoby

    canon’s going to steal Nikon’s thunder? The Cannots get a new 1Dmk4 and we get an extra letter added to the D3 πŸ™

    • jon

      damn right!!!..:)

      • NikoDoby

        I’m scratching you off my christmas list jon!

  • Thuan Nguyen

    no doubt there are D300s n D3000 under that cover. EPIC Fail for those who expect the d3s and D700x la bla :))))) too bad

  • NikoDoby

    Has there ever been simultaneous announcements by both canon and Nikon on the same day?

    • Ennan

      Yeah – the nikon “we’re the best” D3 announcement and the canon “we’re totally sh*t” announcement.

  • Tim

    Don’t want to be funny but can anyone actually see a D3s sign under that black cloth? My eyesight must be going. It could say anything, including the new X1-equivalent, which would be a much bigger move by Nikon than a D3 with video.

  • Andy

    As Tim said. There is not enough transparency to see a D3s-sign (I have played around in PS). The original french poster claims to have seen the D3s-sign, but the pictures prove nothing.
    It could just as well be D700-something or a MX.


    • WoutK89

      Or just S1000pj πŸ˜›

      • Andy

        Yep. To project a picture of D3s on the wall…. πŸ™‚


  • Anonymous

    No,no. It’s a pigeon that is being hidden inside the cloth. A close source tipped me that story.

    • STJ

      I think its the new “black label” Nikon logo… Only for NPS shooters with full HD video 34Mpix, 14fps, build in wifi, GPS and flash radio triggers…. Normal shooters gets to buy bright yellow/black cameras with 12Mpix… πŸ˜‰

  • Kerni

    Just gimme some primes! 135 & 85 plz!

    • BillyBobJohnson

      24, 28, 35 & a decent build 50 too.

  • Gordon

    I’m still holding out that Nikon has something else up it’s sleeves that they are guarding intensely from leaks occuring.

    • Tim

      Interesting. That thread is written tomorrow! On a US server, where we’re only just into today. Hmm. Seems FredMiranda is well ahead of NikonRumors on this one.

      • Andy

        Not sure where you live, but over here in Norway, its october. Not september.


        • Tim

          Oh yeah. Guess I’m behind the times!

    • I am sorry, am I missing something here? This thread doesn’t tell us anything besides that a new camera is coming in the next 9 months…. please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Adam

    Looks like Canon are going to pull a “D3 vs Mk III” announcement over Nikon.

    Motion Jpeg? pfft.

    Mk IV’s gonna own. Giddyup. Thanks Nikon for making Canon see the light. The juggernaught awakens.


    just to let you know[birdie told me 100%] d3s with new sensor still 12mp not 15mp also cosmetic improvements same battery ,i hope they fix the liewview button.

  • Loyola

    There’is a full pre-review of the D3s in the french magazine “Reponse photo” published today.

    What’s new :
    – There is finally a anti-dust system.
    – The max ISO is at 12 800 + an extra Hi3 mode (102 400 ISO)
    – 9 fps (DX), 11 fps (DX)
    -Video @ 720p 24 fps.
    – Quiet mode.

    That’s all folks

    • rhlpetrus


    • STJ

      D3s = D3 with a few not exciting extras and video for those who like that stuff…
      That is not really very interesting is it?
      No word about new lenses? Damn….

      • Gordon

        Nikon-wise, 2009 = Annus Horribilis

        Limited lens announcements, minor updates to D3 & D300, over-priced D3x. For a company going FX in a big way and pushing the D3X, they seem a bit slow on refreshing their FX lenses.

        • STJ

          At least you can now check the first short review of the new 70-200 VR II on: I send the link to admin yesterday but so far he hasn’t added it….

    • Henk

      Any link to a scan of this article?

  • 芽依

    where is my 24mm prime ?

  • nimda

    Wrong….Its a coolpix that has a beer bottle opener on the side. COOLPIX!!!!!

  • Loyola

    No other new nikon product in this issue expected a 85mm f:3.5 G VRII in DX format.

    • Gordon

      Sigh…looks like 2009 is the year of inactivity by Nikon. Thanks for the report on the preview. Still no updated FX primes it seems. πŸ™

      So if a D4/D400 isn’t due until at least mid-2011, what are Nikon going to release in the mean time? More underwhelming ‘s’ updates for another 2 years? Now more then ever they need to release a D700X, I don’t think ‘s’ updates only is enough to sustain interest in Nikon bodies if their competition has got free reign until mid-2011.

      • A year with few new products does not mean a year of inactivity. The engineering teams at Nikon undoubtedly are hard at work on the underlying technology for the next generation of cameras.

        Oh, and if the D3s has a silent mode, that is no small upgrade.

        It is a huge victory over those who need to shoot quietly – this includes photographers at weddings, concerts, movie sets, on the street, etc. etc. etc.

        • STJ

          Let’s see how “huge” it is…. but you are right – that could be quite usefull indeed…

    • STJ

      Anything about a larger buffer or the improved iso capability of the sensor? Also any more nes on that “quiet mode”?

  • Tim

    Reponses Photo also had news on the Nikon MX senso for PMA 2009.
    So I wouldn’t read too much into their claims.

    • Gordon

      I actually looked at that particular rumour again the other day, did they actually come through with that information or was it just smoke?

    • Loyola

      It’s not a claim or a rumor but an official pre-review endorsed by nikon πŸ˜‰

      • STJ

        Even a horrible iphone shot of that article would be interesting…. πŸ˜‰

    • STJ

      Reponse photo is (in)famous for speculating on new cameras (like MX etc), but also for delivering leaks days ahead of other sources when the stuff finally arrives. Hence the question should probably be: Do they have photos of the new beast in the new issue?

  • Loyola

    It’s an official pre-review with a test of a pre-production sample.

    • rhlpetrus

      Loyola, why are the fps rates new? They seem same as D3’s

      • Loyola

        Sorry it was just to put the emphasis to the fact that there is no new 14 fps.

        It was a bit confusing, i apologies πŸ™‚

  • rhlpetrus

    And the 1D4 seems on the wings for Oct 20th. I wonder, after the 7D, what’s coming, Canon Rumors say still 1.3x crop, but 102K iso as well, so Nikon had to do that now or be behind for a long time until D4.

    The lack of lenses is the most annoying for me though. Where’s the f/4 zoom line for FX?

    • Gordon

      Yes it’s becoming a bit of a joke in their inability to update selected prime FX lenses or expanding the range with a f/4 line.

      • STJ

        With the speed we’re at now Nikon will have announced the 24mm, 28mm,35mm, 85mm,105mm and 135mm by year 2489… πŸ™


    16-35 F4 VR!

    • rhlpetrus


      • STJ

        In your dreams… until now that is… πŸ™

        • Gordon

          I dream of a D700X regularly and a new 85mm lens. Guess I’m just going to have to dig deep and buy a D3X, but as soon as you do that you just know canon will announce a D700X. πŸ™

          • STJ

            Hell will freeze over before CANON will announce a D700X…. πŸ˜‰
            Anyway – I agree. I’ll probably buy another D700 now and then see 24Mpix in the store in spring… Anyway, I cannot wait forever. πŸ™‚

          • Gordon

            Doh…you now I meant Nikon right πŸ˜€

          • STJ

            Ok – I did πŸ˜‰ And I agree with you…. With regards to the D3s I can only say “AAarrrgggg!” and then move on…

  • Eric

    Can you actually read anything on those pictures?
    I tried to modify their brightness & contrast, to no avail….

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