Nikon D3: Gone Baby Gone!

nikon-d3-gone-baby-goneAdorama: out of stock / backordered

B&H: out of stock / backordered and this situation has been going on for a while.

Amazon has one left in stock through a third party

Grays of Westminster just sent out this email about a special offer on Nikon D3 and the first words are: "While stocks last, the much celebrated Nikon D3 is currently on special offer for £2999.00 reduced from £3149.00...."

No more D3 folks...

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  • calbot

    I’m sorry but I just have to brag to someone who can appreciate this…

    I just got a used d300 for $800. Shutter count? 107! 🙂

    Once again I apologize for this interruption.

    • rhodium

      Whoa. Sweet deal, man. You sure there’s a sensor in that thing? XD

      • GlobalyGuy

        More like, are you sure thats not a stolen copy.

        • calbot

          Crazy just crazy…. US receipt, manuals, and the buttons are still firm! Anybody looking for a d90? 😀

          One day I hope to chop the 00 out of DX00 though … have fun with the new D3s!

          • If you shoot professionally, the 90/300 makes a good combo.

  • Man

    D3s coming…

    • PHB

      Or maybe Nikon is giving up on the full frame experiment and going back to crop sensors.

      Maybe everyone buys the D3x these days, so there is no need for the D3.

      Maybe they are just messing with everyone’s minds.

      But it is probably most likely that they have run out of D3 stock and will be doing another production run with uprated logic boards as per the D300s. If so there will almost certainly be a D700s as well.

      I expect we will see a D4 to replace the D3x before too long as well. But while Nikon will surely sell the D3s for a good long time, I suspect that the D4 name will be reserved to the 24MP flagship and that there will be no more D3s upgrades after the D4 is out.

      That being the case, I would not be surprised if the D3s turned out to have a little bit extra on top of the D300s upgrade. Built in WiFi would be a killer feature for pro studio photographers – not to mention plenty of press photographers. Carry a MiFi round with you and you pictures can be filled as soon as you press the trigger.

      • zzddrr

        PHB said “Maybe they are just messing with everyone’s minds.” Hmmm, messing with the mind eh? old jedi mind trick is Nikon playing with us?

        I know that one will end …. “dude – you do not need 24MP …. I do not need 24MP … This is the camera you’ve been waiting for …. This the camera I’ve been waiting for….”


      • Jim

        uprated logic boards?

        • PHB

          The improvements in the D300s indicate that they are using a different, faster DSP. The D300 and D700 are essentially the same as far as the logic board design goes. The D700 might have a somewhat later DSP chip in it, but the design is essentially the same.

          The main difference between the D3 and D700 is that the D3 has two signal paths and two front end DSPs. Thats what makes it faster (and a lot more expensive).

          At the moment the D3x seems to be a little under powered. It does not hit the ISO it should which may be a heat issue (more heat means more noise). They can’t solve that issue by adding even more CPU without upping the noise as well.

          Put the D300s DSP in the D3 and D700 bodies is a no-brainer. It is a modest manufacturing tweak that keeps the product line going for another 12 months or so.

          The D3x is another issue, they need to do a major engineering job there and get the camera performing up to the levels it should. A faster DSP may not solve all the issues, but it surely can’t hurt.

  • jon

    Gone but not forgotten. Look forward to the next ‘D’ model, hopefully under 4K, but probably not 🙁

    • GlobalyGuy

      What I dont understand is WHY don’t they sell the D3 for $2600~3,000 now, and just let people choose between the D700 or D3. I mean, why the hell would they need to discontinue it if the D700 is still out.

      My GUESS would be that the factories need the machines currently set up to make D3s (D3 plural) to make D3ses (D3S plural).

      But still, wtf… why does Nikon never let things get “good and cheap” as the technology gets older. The only camera i can think of is the D40 that really is past its prime but is allowed to be good and cheap. The thing is that in the world of D40 its not necessay — where it is necessary is in the world of Full Frame.

      If Nikon wants to build up an “economy of scale” for FX lenses (thereby reducing risk of introducing new lenses), they need to have value lines of FX cameras. There are two ways to accomplish this:

      1. Make a “D3000” in full frame. (GAG!).
      2. Let the D3 and the D700 eventually “depreciate” as the technology ages (SWEEET!)

      It makes sense to have “entry level” Full Frame cameras, because it moves lenses. Lenses are what Nikon does. Nikon is a lens company. The cameras are just excuses to sell lenses, which is the really profitable stuff. So KEEP the camera bodies. You need an entry level FX camera, Nikon — and you HAVE THEM — the D3 and D700……… just keep making them in very modest quantities and lower the price: You might find you make a lot of money doing it!


      • John Dosy-Doe

        This has less to do with camera innovations and more with price point sales strategy. It’s all about supply and demand.

        As soon as they release a D3 replacement the D3 will drop in price. The manufacturing cost will probably be very similar,. They would split the demand between the D3 and the new “D3_”, so why keep making a product that will generate less profit? There is alieu of photographers out thaere that wait until a new generation of cameras come out to purchase the old generation at a reduced cost.

        Furthermore, keeping the # of D3 bodies in the market lower will make sure that those caeras still retain their value. One of the thigns that we, Nikon users, always claim is how much Nikon bodies maintain their value over time. Once again,this boilds down to the chain of supply and demand.

        From a consumer point of view, if the only thing they would add to the new D3 replacement is video, I would like to have theoption to buy a D3 without video Video is not my cup of tea, so I think is idiotic we are made to pay a premium for a feature I don’t use, but I guess is the same concept with cameras on cell phones these days. A dSLR with no video at a lower price point would be a nice option for many of us.

  • cenkog

    No doubt… Nikon D3s is coming 100%..

  • Man

    OK, Nikon, show us your D3s. It doesn’t matter today or after one week because very little people have practical interest to it. Most people have only theoretical interest. I’m wait D95. ))

    • Man

      May be more correct as “I wait”, not “I’m wait”, right? ))

      • Man

        Or, I’m waiting.

        • Alex


        • Anonymous

          or “I await the D95”

    • Tony

      +1 on the D90s,x,or D95 whatever they decide to call it.

      • soap

        D70 got a larger screen and became the D70s. D40 got a denser sensor and spawned the D40x (note the D40 still survived, the D40x became a new market niche).

        Purely extrapolating past history I’d say the odds of a D90s/x are slim to none.
        D40 and D40x don’t count as I don’t see room in the lineup for yet another product line.

        That leaves the D70 as the one example of a consumer X0 body getting a mid-model upgrade (D50, D60, and D80 did not), and that was the first X0 body, never since then have they done it. Why would you expect it now?

  • shivas

    and good RIDDANCE!

    lol, in all seriousness, I can’t wait for Nikon to prempt the new Canon 1D offerings. . .hopefully, we’ll have 14fps, sensor cleaning, video, and an amazingly faster AF. . .

  • Anonymous

    £2999.00 ??? That’s 3256 EUR!!! Here in Germany they still sell it for 4098 EUR!!!! Why oh why must this country be so expensive :(.

    • Alex


      • nobody

        Wrong! It’s dominated by conservatives!

        But what’s the problem? I’m German, but I bought my Nikon gear from the much less costly labour ruled England (-:

        • Anonymous

          Yes darn conservatives…

          Was it an online shop?

          • nobody

            Grays of Westminster and Robert White. I would recommend both of them.

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          referring to Alex

          • Alex

            What is that ?

          • A person who avoids reading the dictionary.

        • GlobalyGuy

          Or is it an il-literati. haha

    • Anonymous

      just go ahead and order it.
      there’s no duty and non really expensive shipment inside the EU

    • Anonymous

      The UK pricing is low because the Pound is really weak at the moment — from 13 Swedish Crowns / Pound, to 11, in just 3 months…

      • BillyBobJohnson

        That’s cos our economy is toilet thanks to the bunch of closet commies we’ve had in power for 12 years. The dirty dozen…….waiting for D4.

    • Daf

      Grays is a lovely shop, but still pricey.

      Going rate is more like £2799

  • wheres the D700s ,,,,,,,,, it supposed rumor says that it might be launched in November .. is that rumor any more certain ??

    • Those rumors were coming from other sites not from Nikon Rumors (check the D700s/D700x category for old posts on those two cameras).

  • low

    stick it to canon baby!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much “nobody”!

  • helen

    in germany starting 3809EUR

  • Japan Photo in norway have the D3 in stock (10+)

    • We have 21 of it now 39999NOK

      • Mikael

        They’re practically giving them away!


        • Mikael

          Swedish has 4 left. At 48000SEK, which is even worse than Norway! £4173!

          • Jim

            no wonder. at those prices many can’t afford them

  • Anonymous

    How ironic it is that we get “excited” when an expensive piece of equipment we spent our hard earned money on is being discontinued..

  • this camera better have 1080 video with no jelly effect. The 7D now does 60fps at 720….that would be sick for some slow motion video. Hopefully big improvements in video will make their way to the next D700 replacement.

  • Ubiquitous

    It looks like the D3 is now part of Nikon’s history annals. How exciting the D3 with HD Video! Or D3s. Can’t wait for that one, which means that the D700s is just around the corner. WOW!!! On second thoughts, I’ll keep the D700 and pass up on the s model. When is Nikon coming out with the D3xs and the D700xs? What is going on? Just video upgrades? What about one camera with a Direct TV connection so I can watch HD TV on a 3″ screen, but on the road!

    • Eli

      Wouldn’t a D3xs also be “just video?” Because, in case you hadn’t noticed, the D3x already exists.

      I think a D700x is necessary but I doubt it’s coming this week and I don’t know why anybody is surprised.

  • Segura

    Well everyone still has the D700 in stock, so I would say no to rumors of a D700s showing up anytime soon . . . maybe time to pick up a cheap used D3

    • jon

      doubt it will be cheap

  • ArTourter

    I wouldn’t read too much into the “while stock lasts” from the Grays at Westminster news letter. it is always there. they get a batch, a get a special price on it. then get another batch and it will have a different price then. It is their way of pushing sales which to me is a bit misleading but hey.
    If you look at their “special prices” page ( you will see that every product on it is “while stocks last” as it says it at the top of the page.
    I suspect Gray and other retailers will be carrying the D3 well after the D3s is released, as they are currently doing with the D300.

  • Adam

    Here is what I expect its going to be, as the D3 and D300 bring revolution to Nikon product lineup, I expect we will only see another revolution once the D4 and D400 comes out and that will be another 2-3 more years. Other then that, we will live with what Nikon gives up now, slightly improved ISO performance (doubt it will be any dealbreaker or anything), improved algorithm and just slight tweaking here and there.

    I also have the feeling that if the 7D AF and the upcoming 1D AF is well as good or better then Nikon 51AF, then I have a feeling that in D4 and D400, the AF might be all cross type and the middle double cross and improved tracking and focusing. That will make like Canon is using a yesteryear AF system. Also, (well I dont care bout video but heck, it will happen one way or another) I dont expect Nikon to improve its video or add full manual controls till the D4 or D400.

    I personally prefer Nikon to concentrate on improving stills then video though =.=

    • BillyBobJohnson

      I personally prefer Nikon to concentrate on improving stills then video though =.=


  • Gary

    I think at this point we can say that a D3s launch is imminent.

    The real questions are these:
    1) the actual specs for the d3s, as well as price and availability
    2) the other camera being introduced…which will undoubtedly be more aimed at the consumer market, rather than just the pro’s w/ the d3s

    As to a D700 upgrade…it doesn’t seem very likely to happen this year at this point, but who knows? The d3s will be a hint at what a d700s will bring.

  • Ray

    so.. should i still buy the d700 next week or what .. lol

    • Adam

      well u can wait for this announcement, but I think we wont see any D700 announcement this year. Maybe next year or the following year?

  • The D3 was one of the greats. I won’t be giving mine up anytime soon, D3s or no D3s.

  • In the Netherlands the prize of a D3, is still the same: around € 3500,00
    That’s more than for a Canon EOS 5D mark II + EF 24-105mm: around € 2900,00

  • The D700 isn’t THAT old yet. It came more than a year after the D300.
    Now the D300s is here, do you really expect the D700x/s/whatever to come so soon?

    By the way, The Netherlands is the place to be for the D3: it’s only a lousy 3550 euros here!

  • MentalRaymond

    Im about to buy a d700 too. Looking at the d300s and D3s, which are just small tweaks, the d700x/800 with 24Mp surely wont hit till next summer at the earliest, and im not that bothered about a d700s.

    im basicaly gonna wait till the 15th, just to make sure the d700s isnt the second camera being released, as this is as late in the year for an announcement as your prolly gonna get. if only the d3s hits, ill order the d700. Im out in New zealand at the mo, which is one of the amazing places in the world for landacape photos. Only really choice for my budget is a d700 or MkII, and im not switching to canon! just bought the amazing 14-24mm, one of the best landscapes lenses out there!

    • Famous Vanilla

      I’m also set to buy a D700, and doing the same thing – waiting for Oct 15th just in case that changes things. (I have already used the D700 and it is breathtakingly good.)

    • STJ


    • BillyBobJohnson

      Great lens. How do you fix filters to it?

    • Adam

      awesome lens dude, I guess its not wrong to say its the best wideangle zoom lens period?

      • MentalRaymond

        Yup, thats its one drawback…no filters. And yes, its so good even Canon guys buy convertors to use it!

  • tester

    Do we have anywhere a list with the rumored new functions? what unique feature could we see at the new camera, i don’t think that this will be only a small update.

    Nikon has to build in something new to DSLR camera, only update the existing is to less.

    i.e. my ideas:
    – full hd video
    – gps build in
    – better high iso
    – soundless shutter for DSLR
    – ???

  • getanalogue

    Don’t think that Nikon is gonna launch a D700s/x at all. We will see D400 and D4 summer next year (its Photokina year). Rangefinder APS/DX body would also be nice to have (incl. F Mount) and some compact primaries, wow.
    Nikon has a difficult standing now, Leica with refurbished line of models: S2, M9, X1 (and a FF DSLR to come), and Canon & Sony from the other side…no fun for them. It takes exactly the right moves otherwise your lost in universe considering the necessary investments in R&D.

    • soap

      The argument FOR a D700s is simple – The D700 and D3 share the same logic board and producing two logic boards (a D3s and a D700) is more expensive than producing one.
      Ditto the D300 main frame and the D700 main frame.

      So now that there is a D3s and a D300s the D700 is being assembled not from retasked parts, but from unique parts. This is expensive.

      • soap

        And today the rumor says I may very well be wrong!

    • Eric

      Sorry, but there is no full frame DSLR coming from Leica. They have definitively said there is no R10 coming, or anything to replace it. They have discontinued their SLR line and lenses altogether – officially.

      They say they will have a solution to mount R lenses on a DSLR, but that’s not the same thing. It’s like the adapters to put R lenses on Canon or Nikon bodies.

  • Flense Master

    When i was trying to find a D3 body around 1st of September i was told by a suplier in Singapore that the D3 was “old model” at the time i didn’t think too much more about it and finally found someone who had it and i purchased it, but finding one in Asia at that time was almost a week of emailing, i missed one at a lighting price by a matter of hours, they were really “clearing them out”

    I’ll order a D3s the day it comes out and someone will score a well priced barely used D3.

  • Daf

    Jeez really? With shopping around ?

    ~£2799 in the UK

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