Nikon UK on the D3s rumors: “No comments”

Link to the AmateurPhotographer article. I guess this is the standard answer from any company, but at least they did not deny it.

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  • dshenry

    No comment 😉

  • rhodium

    “No comment”, in the world of rumours, is practically a “yes”.

    15th October 🙂

  • Ah well, just another unpayably expensive camera.

  • GF1

    D3s is all right, what about D700s? I don’t need D3s nor 1DmkIV.

  • Connie

    Who wanna bet that it is only 720 p?

    • BillyBobJohnson

      I wanna bet that it is. Do we both win? Who pays?

    • 3space

      no way…. 5k @ 100 fps with a 16bit RAW codec….

      I just hope they don’t do line skipping and record the video to a crappy codec… h264 sucks for video capture…. i sold my 5d because nature stuff just looked like junk @ 1080p; high detail shoots fall apart… only works for shallow depth of field where most of the frame is out of focus… stills looked great..

      will nikon raise the bar ?

  • danger

    This is the equivelent of sending an email to your friends that your contact information has NOT changes. Thanks

    • rhodium

      Excellent way to put it =P

    • My status has changed to: You are currently reading my status.

      Gah…the internet 🙂

      • Anonymous

        so true…lol

        I hate when rumours are rated as 99% accurate….

  • Hobbit

    please shoot raw video! and no jello shots please!

  • D3s is irrelevant, photographers buy still cameras to shoot still photography – not to shoot video. Being that the D3s is aimed at the pro market, its an unnessary upgrade to the 12MP sensor of the D3. Perhaps adding video to the flagship D3x, but not the D3s in my humble opinion. Irrelevant release and perhaps too late.

    In my fantasy world, I’d like to see Nikon release a D700x – with a 100% viewfinder and double memory card slots – and that would make for a great backup body, or a light travel kit. Nikon also need to update their pro primes, namely the 35 f1.4 and 85 f1.4, let’s face it, Canon are great because they have great primes, Nikon doesnt.

    I’m considering Zeiss lenses and still use the AIS 35mm f1.4 because the AF-D line and the AF-S primes are just lousy. Yes, they are affordable and decent for the money, but they are not class-leading, except for the 85mm f1.4 of course.

    The other thing I’d like to see from Nikon is of course a compact sized body with a large sensor. Everybody has been talking about an X1 clone; in my mind, if we could get a FM2 style body with a D300 sensor and interchangeable lenses (slap a 45p on it) it would make a compelling case for street photography. Retro is ofcourse cool again, and we all know (and sometimes loathe) how Nikon likes to hold on to their past glory – in doing so why not just bring back the Vintage F design for the new generation of shooters?

    Sorry for the rant, not sure if this is the correct forum or not, but there you go.

    • danger

      Thanks for repeating the same thing everyone has been saying for two years.

    • pulu

      af-s primes are just lousy? huh?

      • Anonymous


  • f/2.8

    We already know about the D3s. Ask about a D700X and see if you get a “No comment” or “No way.”

  • flash

    please..please..please D3s.
    at least 1080 24p, no jello, dont stuck at 12MP.
    if I should wait this till D4 2011. goodbye then

    • Anonymous

      maybe this site should be called nikon therapy????


    Just received an email from Grays of Westminster advertising a “Special price while stocks last” on the D3 of £2999. Could be a sign of something new coming soon. They don’t normally budge on prices unless something gives…

    • jon

      isn’t d3 in uk normally 3000-3200? where’s the discount?

  • danger

    $1000 says it has jello. They aren’t going to do anything different on the video front

  • Anonymous

    who cares if it has jello….. no one wants video in a dslr anyway…. lol

    • slurp

      i want that! video dslr rules because of its bokeh & price!

  • RT

    To heck with 1080p, at 14 fps you could almost use the burst mode for video!!

  • Anonymous

    100-102400 ASA

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