Nikon France website is down

Nikon France website is currently down and has been down for a while. Updates for next week maybe? If you have followed NR in the past you probably know that there is a certain pattern before an official announcement and bringing the website down for maintenance is part of it (it is beyond me why they cannot do this without bringing the site down).

UPDATE: Here are some examples of Nikon websites being down shortly before an official announcement:

Of course there are some cases where Nikon sites ware down because of technical issues (I have a record of only one) and one case where the outage was announced in advance.

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  • fotosniper

    it may begin….soon?

  • Alex

    Guy, I’m looking for a scale comparing the DX and FX lens view.
    like what will show a FX 24mm on a DX camera.

  • Ookami

    Maybe its their way to tell unofficially, that something new is close.

  • Daf

    As a web developer/Manager – I’m still bemused as to why Nikon need to take sites down to add new items. (If it is that – but does seem to happen in coordination)

  • I was just looking at Nikon’s France website… it looked fine to me.

    • Daf

      But waas down when I chacked a matter of seconds earlier (see timestamp of both our messages)

    • yes, it is back online now – could not find anything new, D3 is still listed

  • Anon

    Its Nikon France, they probably haven’t noticed, they will all be out back smoking and munching croissants!

    • Alex

      You can’t say that, they will get mad and go in strike for 6 months !

      • 1/ Croissant is very good
        2/ We don t smoke that much VS other Europeans countries
        3/ Don t have anything to say about strikes 🙂

    • Mihir

      how do you smoke a croissant? 🙂

      • giz

        while being on strike?

        • WoutK89

          and whistling the national anthem backwards…, ha ha ha…

  • mnm

    they might just be doing it to increase speculation and get people talking leading up to the release of their new products. free publicity.

    Admin: is there a trend of the website going down in the country that the announcement is expected or is the website that goes down random?

    • yes:
      November 27th, 2008 (December 1st the D3s was announced):

      April 11th (on April 14th the D5000 was announced):

      September 21st (50mm 1.4 lens was announced on September 22nd):

      and few more that I could not find in the archive
      Of course there were few cases where Nikon sites were down because of technical issues.

      • “December 1st the D3s was announced”?

        You mean D3x…

      • Zenndott

        Speaking of patterns, is there any in regards to the places where the first announcements are made. I once assumed Japanese companies would just make their calls in Tokyo, and let the news go around the world with the dawn. But it seems that Nikon prefers European venues for the splashy events. Is that the case, or am I just mistaken in my impression. (It would not be the first time 😉 ).

        Also is there a pattern to the rumors? Is there a tendency for the ultimately proven-to-be-correct ones to come from one region (say China or Europe), or are they more random in origin.?

        • Usually the first news always comes from the UK. They also schedule press conferences in different European and some Asian countries (China). I am not aware of such in the US.
          I cannot talk about the rumors… sorry, but they come from all over the place.

          • Zenndott

            Thank you very much for the reply.

  • Alex

    I wonder if there is a slow down is DSLR cameras sells for the past few weeks (people waiting for the models) is anyone working at B&H or Adorama ?

  • As a web developer, I can tell you that sometimes sites go down for no known reason. The site may in actuality be up, just not for you. Should your ISP or someone downstream choose now to replace a certain router and re-routing fails, you’re going to be disconnected from part of the internets.

    The sky does not appear to b falling for me.

  • Anonymous

    ISO 102,400 it is…

  • D40-owner

    Just tried it:
    The connection has timed out
    The server at is taking too long to respond.

  • HEY


    • WoutK89

      He is back 😀

  • danger

    If you have read my blog you will know there there is a specific pattern that takes place when I drop my pants and new product is released.

    • ok, this is funny, I will not delete it 🙂

  • Gary

    admin.. the D3s? more like D3x right?

    • yes D3x sorry, I have D3s on my mind for next week

  • Jacques

    HI guys.
    I checked and the web site in ON with nothing new on it…. Sorry
    D300s and D3000

  • ilmando

    Site is up (at least it’s up if you connect from Italy: may it be an internet seabone interrupted?): I see no big announcements, apart from an interesting cash-back discount on nikon lenses (250 euros on the new 70-200 VR, up to 1000 euros on the 400 f2.8 VR…)

  • cinmo

    Online again – still nothing new

    • yes, the changes may be done/uploaded already, but not yet activated – sometimes they do this few days before the announcement – I guess to make sure everything is ok. Sometimes they even activate the new page(s) for a short period of time and then remove them. Remember the D3x?

      If they upload everything at the time of the announcement there is not much they can do it if something goes wrong.

  • Andy

    You have missed a point here. All the mentioned announcements was on a monday or tuesday. This means official announcement 12th or 13th. Not 15th as mentioned earlier.



    SWEET!!!!! Can’t wait to see what goodies are coming.

  • Marco

    The new S1000pj first P2S with projector!!!! Go see France Nikon site

    • Marco

      Turns out not to be a news…Sorry

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