Another Nikon Expo, this time in Russia

Nikon Russia will participate in the 14th St.Petersburg PhotoFair, which will be held from 15 to 18 October 2009. The schedule of workshops and presentations is similar to the Nikon show in France (Google translation is below, for original link in Russian click here) and includes "Presentation of the new products" which of course could be the D300s and D3000, but it seems that with photo shows around the world scheduled almost at the same time, October 15th would be a perfect day to announce new products and then have them on display at those events (see also Malaysia Nikon event and New York Photo Expo):

October 15
12:30 Presentation of the new products the company Nikon. Carries: Maxim Marmur - photographer
16:00 theatrical photography and Nikon. Carries: Andrei Kudryavtsev - photographer

October 16
14:30 Wedding photography and Nikon. Carries: Andrei Kudryavtsev - photographer
16:00 Photojournalism and Nikon. Carries: Maxim Marmur - photographer

October 17
12:30 Presentation of the new products the company Nikon. Carries: Maxim Marmur - photographer
15:30 Horses in camera lenses Nikon. Carries: Svetlana Petrova - photographer
17:00 Speleofotografiya and Nikon. Carries: Anton Jusko - speleofotograf, journalist

October 18
12:30 Photojournalism and Nikon. Carries: Maxim Marmur - photographer
15:30 Speleofotografiya and Nikon. Carries: Anton Jusko - speleofotograf, journalist

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  • hybris

    just not another 12mp, plzzz
    you can do it nikon, you can do it!!!
    this time we want meat, real meat!!!

    • What do you need more than 12mp for? You can go for the already existing 24mp…better think for some real improvements and not the amateur-consumer “more mp” marketing campaigns….

      • zeeGerman


      • Man from Rus/Ukr :)


      • +1

      • D40-owner


      • Mikael

        Gah! I’m getting so sick of hearing people saying that megapixels are just a marketing campaign. Sure, when it comes to Family Joe buying a compact camera “More megapixels = better pictures” is just pure marketing.

        But we’re talking about professional gear here. 98% of us who are actually using these camera beasts are all familiar with the pros and cons of high vs low pixel density sensors. (sure, there’s the occasional thick-headed one who hasn’t gotten it, but the majority does get it)

        We all have different needs. Some need the fine detail of a 24MP sensor while others need the light-gathering capability of a 12MP sensor. Some need a big sturdy camera, some need a smaller more flexible camera. Some need a big sturdy camera with 24MP (D3x), some need a smaller camera with 24MP(D700x). Just as some need a big sturdy camera with 12MP (D3) while some need a smaller camera with 12MP (D700).

        Personally, I doubt I’ll ever want own a pro-sized camera, just as many others. But I can see myself wanting a 24MP FX sensor (which I would utilize, thank you very much). Two companies are currently offering small 20MP+ cameras, but not Nikon. This is what people are complaining about. Nothing else.

        • T

          +1 12mp doesn’t cut it for poster sized enlargements. 12mp is more than enough for my flickr feed.

          • NikoDoby

            Judging from you icon picture T, you more than any of us sure do need some more pixels 🙂

        • rhodium

          I used to think that megapixels were a marketing ploy, but now I realise that it only becomes a marketing ploy when megapixels are increased but quality isn’t (I’m looking at you, 7D). A D700X would be a formidable addition to Nikon’s lineup, and I’d very much like to see it happen.

      • Tony


      • hybris

        well some of us do need more resolution.
        its a work thing u konw.
        and plz stop the patronising attitude, mabye you find out that its enough for you, fine be happy about it,
        dont force anybody else to join ur regime!

      • Anonymous

        Just one question, remind me why is the price of the D3x is almost twice of D3?

        If those extra MPs are so bad and not heatlhy for the photographer then it cannot cost more than the 12MP.

        To sum up, I think this expo in Russia cannot be held in a better location because Nikon is playing Russian Rulette … it will be interesting to see how many users they will loose during the holiday season …

        • zeeGerman

          Who ever NEEDS 24 mp, is capable of paying for them, even in Nikon land. Because those who NEED them compare the price to a mid format camera, and form that point of view, the D3x is a steal.

          If the admins sources are correct, and the D3S will push ISO to 100k, I believe that the few Canon PJ that didn’t make the jump with the D3/D700 will finally do so.

          About the pixel hype? Are 24mp nice? Sure, no doubt. My bet is that it won’t be that long until we see a 50mp 35mm format sensor.

          I just believe that the majority of the people that are screaming for a “low cost” 24mp body, don’t understand that more pixel makes their pictures bigger, not better. And just because they got accepted at a stock site with a handful of pictures, they think they have to submit their pictures as big as possible. But the truth is that most pictures end up with less than 6mp.
          Though instead of throwing money towards “bigger” files, more glass and light (and at almost no point you have enough of either of them) will actually open the door for getting better pictures.

          • zzddrr

            Another one who knows exactly what I need. Don’t get me wrong zeeGerman but I am not you so I do know what I am talking about when I discuss 24MP. Also, what if I am not interested going into a dark mine without light and flashlight just to take pictures with a D3s.


    • Alex

      I’m a Vegan but still , I want a 24MP fx.

    • Anon

      I wouldn’t mind 12 mp if it’s for a APS-C compact!!!

      • Man

        I dream about D90 with 6 MP. Can you imagine?

        • zeeGerman

          that would be wonderful!

  • L. Thomas

    I’ll wait my 5DmkII purchase until the 15th, then I can decide whether I should sell all my Nikon lenses or not.

    • nature shooter

      Send those lenses my way when you make the switch!

    • zeeGerman

      There and back again… 😉

    • BillyBobJohnson

      Why wait? I’ll give you 50 bucks for the lot right now.

    • Delie

      I love my d300, but I am tempted to buy a 5d mk2 if the there’s no d700s soon. Full frame & HD vid for a reasonable price is what I’m after. Hope Nikon have something up their sleeves, because I’m a very impatient individual 😉

      • L. Thomas

        720P or 1080P doesn’t matter, in 5 years superHD broadcasting starts in some countries, soon there will be superHD everywhere!

    • RalphE

      Maybe we should do lunch. I’m waiting until Oct 15th before buying a D3x kit and selling my 5DII, 15mm, 16-35, 24-70, 85 f/1.2, 70-200, 200 f/2, 1.4x and 3x 580EXII’s. D3x + glass is a step forward in some ways, a step backwards in others (I’m sorting thru photos from both), and more cash out the door. Resolution is awfully handy if you print. I found the jump from 13MP to 21MP quite inspiring.

      • GF1

        sounds like someone needs birthday gift for an uncle lives in Nigelia.

  • 2beers

    Speleofotografiya and Nikon? Speleo Fotografija is cave photography. Hint: Caves are very, very dark places. Are we going to see ISO 409.600??

    • Anon

      lol, who takes pictures in caves in available light? Since there is NO light. ISO 3 zillion will not help.

      • Alex

        I remember 20 years ago I had an accessory to put on top of the camera when there was not enough light, I’m not sure but I think it was called a flash.

        • 2beers

          So it’s only about a new waterproof and dustsealed flash? I could use a sealed plastic bag for this. Perhaps it’s a nightvision device you can couple to your DSLR, like the microscope…

  • getanalogue

    we’ll see multi exposure tech for super-low noise and/or super HDR. all of us have to buy new glass to exploit the cameras’ capabilities. everything else will keep my D90, Bentley F4 and Contax645 goin’ (will never give up these fellows anyway, at least as long as film is available)

    • Anon

      Your Bentley runs on Nikon glass? I know it’s luxury but they could have picked a more suitable propellant.

      • getanalogue

        My Bentley runs easily fired with film and the pictures …..hmmmmmm, with G type Nikon glass as well (shutter priority), but also – and most important – non – chipped Zeiss lenses – 21, 35, 100 – fantastico

        • WoutK89

          I dont think you get the point 😀

  • Anon

    It has begun.

  • Kuri







    Random useless comment!

    Yeah, that feels better.

    Idiots… 🙂

  • cenkog

    Plese dust cleaner Nikon… Please, you can do this…

    • WoutK89

      You mean a vacuum cleaner?

      • Alex

        Why ? Is the vacuum dirty ?

        • WoutK89


  • Tony

    How about a D90s with weatherproofing and a PC sync.

    • Soap

      You mean the D300s?

      • Tony

        Well, was hoping to get those features at a D90 price. It would make the wife happier at any rate.

        • WoutK89

          keep on dreaming, not any day soon, the D300s has just barely showed up…

    • dshenry

      Tony writes: “How about a D90s with weatherproofing and PC sync”

      Soap writes: “You mean the D300s?”

      Tony writes back: “Hoping to get those features at a D90 price”.

      So Tony, where have you been? There are many levels of Nikon DSLRs. They do that so that amateurs can get a camera they can afford while pros can get all the features they want. It is a question that gets asked a lot, but is really meaningless. It is the same question of people asking for a full frame D300, which of course is a D700. Or a D700 in a pro body, which is a D3. You just don’t get the features without paying the price. I think the normal example is someone asking for a Ferrari for the price of a Ford Escort, it just doesn’t happen. Personally I think it is great that Nikon trickles down features and has set product lines where those features are. Dx for pro body, Dx00 for heavy amateur (and some pro use), Dx0 (where x greater or equal 7) for plastic trickle down from the higher levels for serious shooting in a plastic body, Dx0 and Dx000 (where x less than or equal 6) for amateur plastic that still works great but loses features.

      So really Nikon releases 4 distinct product lines in camera bodies and at least 3 distinct lines in lenses which also split features and build with cost. Sure, there is trickle down, but not so much as to blur the lines they have set. At some point full frame will hit the plastic fantastic bodies like the D90 level of camera (long way away), and it will have similar specs to the D90 as far as frame rate and weather sealing. Farther than that, it will hit the Dx000 level, again crippled a little more. That is just how Nikon works.

      Me? Sure, I am hoping for a D3 update, but if not, well it is not the end of the world. Give me something I can use and heck, I will be happy. Give me nothing I can use and all my cameras still work fine today (except my D2Hs that is STILL in Melville getting fixed).

      Really it comes down to buying at the level you can afford and using that gear up to its capabilities. Anyone with a good eye can get great shots from a D40. That does bring up a good point though… When you browse sample photos taken with one of the high end bodies, they always seem better. That is simply because the people that have the high end bodies usually have a really good eye for things like exposure and composition. THAT is why the pictures look better on sites like pbase or flicker when taken with high end stuff, it is not the gear, it is the photographer.

      • zeeGerman

        So true.

      • rhodium

        I think you really nailed the point with your last paragraph.

  • Martin

    No, No, No. You guys are all wrong. This will be the perfect opportunity to display the new SB-700. Just in time for Christmas.

    • 2beers

      yep. That’s why the last session features a cave photographer. It’s one of the last places where a flash is needed, everywhere else you’re doing fine with high iso. Well, at least if it’s from an >24 MP camera 😉

      • Soap

        “Everywhere else”?
        In my experience the lighting on this dinky planet is rarely so pretty that a little flashy flash can’t improve it.
        Perhaps if we lived on a planet with multiple suns (all the same temp., thank you very much) and an atmosphere which diffused the light a little bit less…


    • Alex

      I think you’re right, I also heard about a special Santa recognition system incorpotated.

  • NikoDoby

    I’m shocked that nobody has come up with an “In Soviet Russia…” joke yet 🙂

  • Rangefinder Bob

    Oh Nikon, please give me a 24mp D700X with:
    1. video so I can take super high quality pix and vids of my cat,
    2. built-in projector so I can bore people at parties with cat pictures, AND
    3. direct print button so I can churn out boring cat photos;
    4. waterproof, windproof, fireproof, child-proof, furball-proof, dog-proof;
    5. not cost more than $999.99 (cat food and toys are expensive).

    Without a 24mp camera, my cat photo skills just cannot come through with a dinky 12mp camera (or film for that matter)–I NEED to see every darn whisker at 200x.

    If you, Nikon, do not release this camera within the next 15 minutes, I will immediately divest myself all my Nikon gear (even my collector’s Nikon baseball cap signed by Ashton K.) for Canon gear, and you’ll be forever sorry…. How do you like that, Nikon–are you scared?? You should be …..

    • Alex

      Just get rid of your cat…..

  • zen-tao

    Perhaps Nikon is going to take us away from the informative an technological Gulag that we are doomed to. Canon company is rubbing his hands because they are gaining ground Nikon very fast. If we don’t have pixels and new serious features with caviar I foresee a lot of Nikon equipments for sale in the notice boards of the photography schools.

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