What will happen on October 15th according to Nikon France? (Nikon D3s)

As I mentioned previously the Nikon D3s is expected to be announced on October 15th, 2009 and today Nikon France kind of told us the same thing: they have scheduled multiple events during the Paris Expo and if you download the program (pdf file) you will see that they have several "Présentation nouveau reflex" which should mean something like "Presenting new (D)SLR". Of course they could have the D300s in mind which was announced over 2 months ago, but I seriously doubt that (then DSLR should be in plural, since the D3000 was announced on the same date, right?):

Jeudi 15 octobre 2009, invité d’honneur Vincent Munier à 15h

11h00-12h00 Présentation nouveau reflex Expert produit Nikon
12h45-13h45 Nikon Capture NX2, en quelques clics Responsable formation Nikon School
15h00-16h00 Témoignage professionnel par Vincent Munier Photographe professionnel ‘’nature’’
16h45-17h45 Présentation nouveau reflex Expert produit Nikon

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  • iHateCanon

    I will die on the floor if it is a new D90 !

    • iHateCanon

      I just got a new source in ! They said that it is going to be a upgrade on both the D700 and D3.

      • Jim

        please, please, please, please! that would be fabulous!

      • Anon

        I call BS on that one.

    • Man

      🙂 Why are you think about D90’s successor? Oh yeah, if like that I also will die because of my gladness. But man, 🙂 D90 only 1 year. But any way I will wait the D90’s successor. Or something like that.

    • Anon

      ADMIN, please correct the news, the Expert word is not meant for the camera but the person who is running the show, as is apparent in the PDF.

  • rodalvas

    from the program it seems they will be introducing *two* DSLRs…

    • I think they will just repeat the same presentation over and over – they have the same schedule for the next 2-3 days on the Expo

    • regular

      I dont think so.
      Based on my experience of last year’s show, Nikon is running the same presentation multiple times during the day, and it is targeted for visitors of the show. It happens on a small part of Nikon’s booth, about 15 seats.

      Moreover, “Présentation nouveau reflex Expert” means “Overview of the new expert SLR”. It is quite clear that it will demonstrate the D300s.

      Last year, the D700 was demonstrated the exact same way.
      It was last year but it seems like ages!:)

      I remember seeing the first 5DmkII body samples on this same show (remember how Canon production was so late on schedule?), and being really disappointed by everything but the LCD screen 🙂

      … and I picked a bucket of Ektar film samples on Kodak booth 🙂 That is really my best souvenir of this (almost free entry) event.

      • rodalvas

        well, one of the dates (Oct. 19) has two “camera introductions” back-to-back (save for a coffe break, it would seem)… I find it hard to believe they would do that for a single camera!

        so it’s D3s and … ? 🙂

      • Ronan

        Présentation nouveau reflex Expert = Presentation new export SLR

        Thats the raw 1:1 translation.

        It can be taken as, Presentation of a new expert SLR.

        Yes i’m right (from that translation), i have been speaking French and English for around 20 years.

        • zzddrr


          Ronan, we know that Nikon is not made in France. 🙂

        • LKoning

          If you would check out the original PDF you would see this is completely incorrect. It says:

          “Présentation nouveau reflex” “Expert produit Nikon”

          Which means “Presentation of a new reflex camera” by a “Nikon product expert”. So expert (note the caps in the copied section too) refers to the person, not the camera!

    • nir.e

      When was the last time Nikon introduced a new product at a “show”?! .
      Nikon always introduce new products at a press meeting/ confreres
      the only this they are going to show is the D300s

      • Ronan

        No idea, just translating.

  • zzddrr

    F7 🙂

    Aha, this must the new night vision for blind PJs

    • Ennan

      I was thinking about a F7 the other day. Imagine they made one – how amazing it would be… Doubt it’ll ever happen, but we can dream…

      • Alex

        What about a FD7 film & digital camera ?

        • Zograf

          I thought about this once – a fictitious “digital” film with 36 flexible image sensors 😉 After you’ve exposed them you put them in a “digital developer” who sucks the pixels out of the film… any film camera in the world could have become a digital camera..

  • Pat

    D3s and D700s at the same time?

    Engineering wise, given the imaging chain internals of the two (sensor, ADCs, processing) are almost identical, probably would make sense for them to update the two at the same time? Consider all the rebates on D700 that was going on…

  • I can’t wait — this is killing me…. for the love…. maybe a D3 Holga

    • Mike

      “I can’t wait — this is killing me…. for the love…. maybe a D3 Holga”

      Made me chuckle. New lens rumor…. 18mm f/144 pinhole!!!

      • Jon

        “18mm f/144 pinhole.”

        Now that really did make me chuckle!! Nice one.

    • Ennan

      I made an f-mount holga lens about a month and a half ago. Works a treat on my D3! 😀

  • Anonymous

    in the program there is the word “nouveau” that is in singular and the mining is new.
    No plural in the communication. in both scheduled times 11 and 16 they talk about a “Expert PRO product”. Maybe only the D3s…
    see you

  • Alex

    In French “reflex expert” mean a DSLR like the D300s, or D700x, or D700s
    In French the D3(s) would be called “reflex professionel”.
    I went several at “le salon de Paris” and yes, sometimes they announce new SLR.
    Alex (the frog guy :o)

    • Alex

      I just read the PDF program, the way they use “expert nikon” does not necessary mean a DSLR like the D700.
      Sorry guy, but how know ? We may have a good surprise (D700x), I hope !!!!

  • Runcajsz

    Where are the new lenses? They should come with the new bodies!

    • Alex

      Xmas ;o)

      • GlobalGuy

        Mid-next year.


    If they do not show new D700x with 24.5 or upgraded D3s, that would be really sad.
    Because Nikon is bit lazy in these days. Today I went to shop to check D300s. Not such a great update. Kind of poor, Who buys it will loose money in a year.

    NIKON wake UP. every 2 years new camera is expected.

    • Zoetmb

      Why? Do you buy a new body every two years?

      • no, but as a real pro he needs more than all those amateurs and their 12 Mpixelz, no?

        • Anon

          So when we had 12 mp across the board all the pros were amateurs?

          • HKjasd

            your sacrasm-o-matic is off for today?

    • Adam

      if a photographer bought a D300s and gets money 3x more from D300s price, wouldn’t that mean profit instead of loss? Or Im old now and 3x profit is still considered loss =.=

  • gllles

    I’m french
    “professionnel” means without scene mode and “expert” is usualy the D70/D80/D90
    I think ‘nouveau” means last here (the D3000 and the D300S are descrive as ‘nouveau”)

    • Alex

      Tu peux m’envoyer quelques croissants et des éclairs au café/vanille ?
      Aux USA les pâtisseries c’est vraiment de la merde !

      • Neil

        Depends on who you buy them from.

      • Max


        Au Canada, ils sont pas si terribles.

      • Anon

        Fait les toi-meme boulet. Ou achete les croissants et les petits pains congeles chez Trader Joe’s ils sont super bons. Sauf si t’habites dans un trou alors la desole ^^

    • Ronan

      You french is pretty bad for someone thats french.

      “Présentation nouveau reflex Expert produit Nikon”
      –> Presenting new Nikon pro-slr

      Theirs nothing magical about it, they are doing a presentation on ONE new nikon pro-slr. Their is no plural (unless theirs a mistake).

      Take it as you will, but thats what it says.

      In France, Professional DSLR = D300 up to D3x. Expert is also considered professional. Taken directly from the Nikon.fr site.

      • Anon

        EXPERT is NOT the same as PRO, at least in France.

        There, especially in the press and therefore the public, they refer to as EXPERT anything up to and including D300. Usually that doesn’t include D700 because it’s a full-frame and still considered PRO. Dx is obviously considered PRO.

        EXPERT is between AMATEUR and PRO.

        It’s very likely that they are talking about D300s, but I wonder why they don’t mention it by name. I guess the promo material was created before the official announcement.

        As a side note, I don’t think they would chose that kind of amateur event to make a major announcement in the pro realm.

  • Hi,

    Expert Produit Nikon is for the animator of the presentation.

    I think that there’ll be two products that’ll be presented.
    Either D300s first then D3s or D3s / D700s.
    I think it’ll be the first option.

  • Guys,
    there are 10 occurences of “présentation nouveau reflex” so we should be expecting at least 10 new DSLRs !!!

    Well, finally, may be worthy giving the salon de la photo a quick visit 🙂

    • Alex

      Sure, they usualy have sexy women greating visitors !

      • hmmmmm alors c’est décidé !! 😉

        Otherwise, I bet a coin on a D700s and a D90X …

  • shivas

    700x + D3s!!


  • Alex

    Have we lost all hope on the D700x/D800? (24.5mp)

  • oliton

    Hi all,
    I am french and what the communiqué says is that they are going to introduce an advanced amateur DSLR (reflex expert) which means something like the D300/D700. They would’ve used the terms “reflex pro” if it was a D3 replacement.
    It doesn’t seem much, but it makes a real difference when you use that kind of wording here.

    • D300/D300s/D700 are PRO rated by Nikon

      • getanalogue

        Admin, sorry, but you’re wrong. Try to get an NPS membership by owning a D700 – no way. Pro means D300(s), D3, D3x in Nikon’s terms, at least when it comes to service commitments.

    • Ronan


      Nikon (in France) designates the D300->D3x as PRO and also on occasion as EXPERT.

      The amateurs one’s (D60-D90, D3000 etc) are reffered as ‘hautes performances’ (high performance) and ‘DX’, NEVER as PRO or EXPERT.

      Is it so hard to go to http://www.nikon.fr and look it up?

  • Steph

    In France (I’m french), the “Expert” Reflex from Nikon are the D300/D300s. “Expert” DEFNITELY does not apply to a D3s.

    • Ronan

      PRO/EXPERT refers to D300 up to D3x (they are all categorize in the same category), its on Nikon’s website.

      Half a brownie for being a bit more intelligent than the rest.

      • Anonymous

        Ronan, do you live in France? I’d guess how the term is used in the country matters more than what’s written on a website.

  • gllles

    No D300 is not expert its pro

  • JPP

    “Expert produit Nikon” is in the right column, it means who is doing the presentation. It translates as “Nikon product expert”.

    It just means that the presentation will be done by an expert. Big news.

    We’ll see when we get there. Hands-on the D3s on the 15th would be great, though… There is no plural so I wouldn’t expect D700s or x.

    And for the record, there is no way that the “expert” word is involved in the product description whatsoever. Right column only shows hosts as I mentioned above.

  • 2beers

    expert is not for the SLR, its for the person presenting the camera. It’s an Expert for Nikon products. So – it’s probably someone reading NR.

    • Mike

      LOL! Wicked!

      Isn’t it funny that we have all these French speaking people in the forum but everyone is coming up with a different interpretation! Zut Alors!

      • Alex

        There is many differents languages in France :o)

  • Loyola

    Hi Guys,

    The expert word it’s just the business title of the guy who will make the demo.

    This is just the planning of customer show, not a special event for new product shipping.

    New product seem to mean : product shipped during the last 6 mounth.

    This exhibition is not the kind of place for a world new product presentation and furthermore this will be done in a press, profesional, distributor events not in a B2B show.

    This is a daily B2C presentation during all the exhibition, not a worldwide product introduction for press, distributor …

    A classical animation, nothing more.

    If there is a new product introduction in PAris, this will be done in a special events not in this B2C animation way.


  • Hope it’s D700x. If D3s, than it’s the PJ’s day. Pro camera + video recording! But they used the word ‘nouveau’ which means new or novel. Since all cameras to be introduced would be new models for sure, they must be expressing a breakthrough improvement. Because video enabled only, a D3s or D700s may not comply with that measure. And as said, if it were D3 series, they would have used the statement ‘reflex pro’, not ‘reflex expert’. Altogether seem to point for a D700x (wishfully).

  • Snafu

    A nouveau DSLR introduced at 11 am would no longer be a nouveau DSLR when introduced at 1600 h. My bet is on new product X at 11 and new product Y at 4.

  • Alex

    If Nikon did not have better lenses than Canon, I would have swiched for Canon a wile ago, seriousely, why is Nikon making DSLR like D3000 D5000 D40….peoples who use DSLR are pro, or know how to use it, other peoples use compact cameras, I think the D90 should be the minimum standard for Nikon DSLR.
    They should work more on good DSLR and less on junk Dwhatever000 cameras.

    • bigmouth

      dude, wake up. bulk of Nikon and Canon sale, about 90%, are entry level DSLRs. Pros like you don’t necessarily have enough buying power to support a company like Nikon or Canon. Leica, on the other hand, are non-pro but rich people supported company, and they do ok.

  • Alex

    If Nikon does not introduce the D700x this year, I’ll buy 233.33 D3x and put them together.

  • Just give me a D3x and a d700, I’ll stick the D3x sensor & electronics into the D700 body, and add an x letter to its label. That simple 🙂 Maybe not me, but with some effort, an expert Nikon tech can make a working prototype. Video? Forget it.

    For the financial side, I don’t believe the price of D3x directly reflects sensor’s differential value; it’s all about being the flagship model. Any professional who afforded it, might have already been paid out by the running business. So there is no worry.

    D700x is a win-win move for every party, even for D3x owners as a second body. Anyway, most D700x buyers will be from D200-D300 camp, and Nikon’s main profit will be from lens sales.

    • zeeGerman

      I believe that the price of the D3x reflects what Sony charges for the sensor, to keep competition form their own bodies. Which also explains why there isn’t a D700x yet.
      And frankly I doubt that we see a high res D700 camera before Sony didn’t introduced a sensor with even more pixel.

      • Mike

        well, Sony has the chip, there is no problem. Sony Alpha 900 will be similar as D700x. D3x is just a overpriced thing.

        Look at Kodak chip;) we do not need more Pixels. We need speed and for god sake Smaller, lighter sizes.

        • PHB

          No, Sony has some chips. But they are not hitting the required quality and ISO performance is down as a result.

          I think that we should see a D3s and D700s reasonably soon. The D300s has the same drive train and it makes sense to upgrade all the cameras based on that set of internals.

          I do not think we will ever see a D700x. The D3x is a stopgap model for folk who have to have 24MP now and don’t mind paying a huge premium for a camera that will perform less well than a true flagship should.

          The D300s delivers 6400ISO. That is the same sensor pitch as the D3x. If they can get that to work on a full frame sensor thats the D4 right there.

          I think we will see the D4 come out the minute Nikon can make an ISO 6400 24MP sensor in bulk. If that happens before the stock of D3 runs out they may not bother with a D3s at all. Not unless they think that there would be enough people willing to pay flagship prices for a 12MP D3s alongside a D4 and D700s.

          The big interest for me is not the D700x, which is after all merely a lower cost model of the flagship or the D800 which would be a lower cost version of the D4. I would be much more interested by a 24MP DX format camera, a D400 to compliment the D4.

          If Nikon can hit 24MP in the DX format, that would naturally lead to a D4x at 50MP 18 months later. That for me would be the ultimate body. I suspect it is still about 2 years out, but I won’t have the lenses to match it till then.

          While the sensors can go way beyond 50MP without hitting physical limits, the same is not true for the lenses. diffraction is going to be an issue. HDR is going to be the only way to get deep DoF.

      • Sorry, but I don’t agree. There is a dramatic price difference between A900 and D3x, impossible to be explained by a surcharge from Sony. My personal belief is that, up today Nikon R&D have been trying to implement a successful HD video to be the first for that sensor. Another reason may be an agreement with Sony to wait until a certain date. Also there is a possibility that we may see a D700x with a completely new sensor. Yet it sounds quite logical to complete the highest model’s update first, called D3s and then introduce both D700s & D700x together. All 3 models will contribute to different needs.

        • Alex

          you have a point there….we’ll see

        • Addition. Possible target customers for

          D3s: High-income professionals & photojournalists mainly who may need to cover the story with video footage in some cases. So, it may be very handy.

          D700s: Medium-income professionals or serious amateurs from all genres both in stil photography and film makers. It may also serve as a backup body.

          D700x: Studio, landscape, cityscape, architecture, documenting, art reproduction, etc. Video is welcome but may not be a key element for decision.

          • Alex

            you have an other point there, do you work for Nikon ?

        • zeeGerman

          It’s true that there is a dramatic price difference. But keep in mind, that we are talking about Nikons first flagship surpassing 20 mp, and that with a competitors sensor, who is trying to get into this market by any means(And I believe that Sony is selling bodies at a price tag, which we won’t see for very long) A Nikon flagship will never be cheap, for good reason, and the Canon 1DS is not that much cheaper.
          But actually I think that these Cameras are quite a catch. Not so long ago the only option you had for such high res pictures were midformat cameras. And if you compare them to those, the price is pretty low, for what you get.
          While a D700x would be nice, I think the use out of it is fairly little, and if you need 20+mp you got a D3x yesterday or a Haselblad the day before. Sure it’s stunning, no question, but just because some stock sites ask for high res pictures people shouldn’t get too excited about that pixel hype. The lion’s share of all commercially used pictures doesn’t use more than 6 mp, hah, I might even say 3mp.
          Anyway, I also hope that there will be a D700x rather sooner than later, don’t get me wrong. But at that point there are quite a few lenses I’m hoping longer for than the first indication of a thought about a possible 20+mp body ever even crossed my mind.

  • zeeGerman

    It would make sense to update the D3. If the possible D3S is a step up form the D3, the gap between the D700 would get bigger. Though if the new D3S sells at the price of the D3, we could see a price adjustment of the D700. Which would be very welcome by many, I guess.

    • Roger

      ZeeGerman, now that Canon’s 1DMkIV will be announced at CES rather than PMA (did you see that news!!!!), Nikon really needs to beat Canon to the punch. While many newsrooms did switch to Nikon after the fiasco, there are plenty more that need to upgrade, and having video for their PJs would be the icing on the cake. Basically every newspaper has video now, and being able to do short videos with still images would be PERFECT. The MkIV is going to have it, along with probably correcting HD audio sync that the 5DMk2 is missing…..if Nikon beats them to the punch, then Canon will have an even tougher road to climb back up.
      Assuming that is, they can convince Rob G. that the AF really is fixed! Honestly! We swear!

  • Lemoncut

    so i think it will be a D700 with video function. because:
    canon anounced her 5dmk2 on the 17.09.08 – Nikon now don’t have a video dslr with fx sensor. and the hype is huge!
    so nikon have to release a fx sensor with video. but a d3-user don’t use the video function! and i don’t get it jet why nikon update a camera like the d3 when they updated it at last december 08.
    so the d700 is the “oldest” camera in nikons offer.
    I think this is the most realistic option

    • John

      great point, unless they want to start a new “video” line….

  • Alex

    Well, I just read the french expo news again, we may have more than 1 DSLR announced, maybe 3.
    If you look at the differents professional photographers invited, they work on very different subjects, landscapes, nature, news, fashion, we may have big surprises like D700x, D3s, and D3x (with new sensor).
    I’m just speculating, but it will be hard to get some sleep on the 14th’s night !
    My saving account may not make it to Xmas !

  • John

    From everyone’s favorite guy!

    “Nikon waited 15 months, not 12, to introduce the D3X after the D3 (01 December 2008 from 23 August 2007).

    Since the D700 was announced on 01 July 2008, that puts the D700X right on target”

  • Simon

    Sorry, but where the h*ll is Nikon’s 5D MK II killer? Are they sleeping at Nikon? I have been holding out for a full frame camera for a year now, since I’d rather not have to sell all my Nikon lenses and start over, and actually was expeting Nikon to catch up with the MK II (yes, I want HD video at a much better quality than my current D90) this summer. Nothing happened. Apparently it’s not gonna happen this year at all. C’mon Nikon wake up and smell the coffee….

    • John

      the d700 dues kill the mkii in several places already…. why complain? just cause the mkii has a substandard video mode???? psh give me a break man.

      • Simon

        Uhm, the D700 doesn’t have video.

      • Simon

        Sub-standard. But still good enough to shoot professional (film like) looking music videos etc…. Good enough for me.

  • Tony

    Perhaps it is a successor to the D90…have you seen the price of the D90 dropping on Amazon over the last couple of weeks?

    • Man

      From what point? Yes, I want D90’s upgrade, but D90 only 1 year. For Nikon it’s not enough time for successor.

  • Jacques

    Hi guys (and girls)
    I am afrait it means they will show a new version of a 700 and not a D3s.
    In France D3 is called “Professionnel” and D300s and D700 are part of the Expert range. So “nouveau reflex Expert” does not imply the new D3s but a new 700 and/or the 300s
    PS I wish I’m wrong!!!!!

    • John

      hope youre right!

    • For the last time : read the PDF! The title of the presentation is “Presentation nouveau reflex”. Expert produit Nikon is the speakers description. So we only learn that a Nikon product expert will present a new [D]SLR.

      And then, if you check Nikon website, their is 2 categories now for DSLR: Pro and Amateur. Everything from D300 up is Pro: http://www.europe-nikon.com/family/fr_FR/categories/broad/75.html
      Even if “Expert DSLR” is used by the public, I think Nikon would keep its communication consistent and use the same categories across the official statements. Just see how much confusion you can witness here about which camera is in which category and you’ll understand why 😉

  • Texandre

    Lot of people say this is only a french local exhibition, and they’re right. Nikon probably won’t annonced a new product on the exhibition.
    but what I’m thinking is nikon could annonced a new reflex the 14th or 15th october worldwide and then show it during the “salon de la photo”…
    let’s wait and see.

    • You are correct. I think the announcement will be at 8:00 am on October 15th and then Nikon will have the possibility to show the new product(s) at 11:00 at the show. Just my guess.

  • Hopefully Nikon answers Canon on the video end. They are currently missing out on a huge market. As a professional cinematographer and director, the Canon 7D pretty much gave us movie guys EVERYTHING we’ve been asking for at an awesome price. I know how the photography purists feel about video, but the fact is that Nikon must get better video on their cameras to stay competitive.

    • John

      can someone please help me understand why people are so interested in video in a “camera”? i just dont get it? is it cause you get focusing abilities on a machine that is somewhat cheaper than a focusable camcorder????

      • jbl

        Let me help you.

        Let me explain my case. I’m a student in intermedia, I work with sound, video, photography, interactive media and installation. I just did 2 years in cinema and I have very good taste in video images, I enjoy short DOF, good low light performance, etc.

        I do a lot of photography with my D300 and many lenses, I enjoy the quality of images I get, I also make stop motion with this camera.

        Now you are expecting me to be happy with a sony camcorder? That would be impossible, not after that beautiful taste of artsy cinema and professional photography in my mouth… What is the other solution? Of course! Filming in 35mm with a crapload of studio lighting and equipment… good idea, I would have awesome results… oh wait.. it costs a few thousand dollars ONLY IN FILM for each of the projects I have.. ouch.. I unfortunately can’t afford that… not after buying that photography equipment that was already a few thousand dollars (I’m a student, remember?) Now what if my few thousand dollars DSLR body also did video that looks like a million dollar cinema project? wouldn’t that be awesome? Wouldn’t want this? As a versatile artist, I want my camera to do both pro photo and video, that’s what the 5D2 does. That’s why the 5D2 is that popular.

        The problem with the 5D2: Canon’s poor AF and ultra poor user interface. I want a Nikon 5D2: aka D700x.

      • Alex

        Well, fast and accurate focusing is NOT good for video, on a camecorder, s low focus is better than fast focus, if the focus change too quickly, the movie will not look “smooth” and viewers will not enjoy it.
        The reason why many photographers like the idea of having a “camecorder” inside a DSLR is because we already carry big and heavy gear, honestly, I never take my camecoder and my camera at the same time, so I have to make a choice between videos or photos.
        Also, it’s cool to be able to use our lenses for video (the lens quality is not very important because of the very low movies’s resolution) but it’s hard to find a camecorder with wide angle (because of the very small sensor). So being able to use my 20mm for videos seems to be very cool !

  • jbl

    I don’t know if someone translated yet or if anyone need a translation but here I go:

    [i]Jeudi 15 octobre 2009, invité d’honneur Vincent Munier à 15h[/i]

    Thurday, Octobre 15th 2009, honorous guess Vincent Munier at 3pm.

    [i]11h00-12h00 Présentation nouveau reflex Expert produit Nikon[/i]
    Presentation of a new Nikon expert level reflex product.

    [i]12h45-13h45 Nikon Capture NX2, en quelques clics Responsable formation Nikon School[/i]

    Wow this sounds really bad in french, it looks like a translation from english or something… Nikon Capture NX2 formation in a few clics from Nikon School.

    [i]15h00-16h00 Témoignage professionnel par Vincent Munier Photographe professionnel ‘’nature’’[/i]
    Professional witnessing by Vincent Munier, professional photographer

    [i]16h45-17h45 Présentation nouveau reflex Expert produit Nikon[/i]
    Presentation of a new Nikon expert level reflex product.

    This is by far the worse french I’ve seen in a good while, it was probably to translated with google translation or some other crap.

    Anyway.. apparently there are two annoncements one at 11am and one at 4:45pm so let’s hope there are two cameras: I want a D3s and a D700x. Both with the same video feature: 1080p with full manual controls

  • jbl

    About what admin said:

    Of course they could have the D300s in mind which was announced over 2 months ago, but I seriously doubt that (then DSLR should be in plural, since the D3000 was announced on the same date, right?)

    It could be the D300s and D3000 since there’s a presentation at 11am and one at 4:45pm

    There could be 1 presentation for each DSLR.

    Nikon would be pathetic to present their 2 new crappy cameras that weren’t even true updates of their line lol.

    Cmon I want a D700x

  • Sergey Shandar

    if it is not plural, it means not D700x this time.

  • Gordon

    Are they actual announcements or just presentations? From memory the Nikon stand at PMA Australia in June this year did a similar schedule where the D3X was the body being presented. This was 8 months nearly after the D3X was announced.

  • jbl

    It says presenting a new reflex product.

    So it could be the D300s

    However it says expert product… But I wonder where this french stuff comes from because it doesn’t make much sense. It looks like it was translated from something with google translator.

  • low

    we’re going to see a camera that will start off a new naming convention…d3s will be announced though.

    • Bral

      What do you mean by that?


      • Gordon

        Nikon MX camera maybe?

  • Ronan

    NR Admin Look at this for the answer.

    Ok i need to clarify somethings, theirs a lot of idiots who can’t speak french (or speak it poorly) translating this.

    “Présentation nouveau reflex Expert produit Nikon”
    Translates into: Presentation of new Nikon expert slr.

    It can also mean (if someone did a mistake when typing the PDF): Presentation of new product by Nikon Expert.

    Ether way its singular, so ONE product, and its new (can be define as ‘it just came out’ OR ‘it’s about to come out).

    THAT’S IT! Nothing else to say! A LOT of people need to go back to school, WTF is the French education system doing!

  • michael

    reflex Expert = professional DSLR
    the point is:
    is the D300s a professional DSLR ??

  • bernard

    Hey guys !

    I’m French and although I’m not an expert in French grammar, the way I read it is that there is only one Expert DSLR which will be presented twice on the same day.

    I may be wrong of course, but that’s the way I read it… Sorry !

    The important word here is Expert, which could refer to DX or FX. Just wait a couple of weeks if you can… :o)

  • BCY

    In French, reflex expert refers to the Nikon DSLR range with 2 x 0s (D200,D300,D700). It doesn’t sound related to a D3 kind of product.

  • zen-tao

    Nikon Company must cut the tonger of the employees when they joint the company. In this world of gossips and disloyalties sounds odd. Nobody has leaked a single world about new cameras or features. We’ll see… Still looking forward a budget 20 mpx. Yesterday I performed a test to a Sony Alpha 900 that a friend of me lent me and the result was impressive. ¿What Nikon are waiting for…? The law of the silent, “la Omentá”

  • Lewis H

    We DO NOT need a D3s, we NEED a D700x !!!

  • bb

    i’m not sure of what’s meant there.
    It’s written in the center : “presentation nouveau réflex” which means “presentation of a new réflex” and on the left side “expert produit nikon” which means “expert (a person) in nikon products”. So I understand (I’m French…) that a nikon rep will present a new reflex (and just a single one, there is no ‘x’ appended to nouveau). the rpesentatiow will repeat twice a day for a few days… I’m not sure this reflex will be something that is not yet on the market. but hopefully…
    http://www.chassimages.com/forum/index.php/topic,62379.210.html (in french)

  • max

    “expert” means the same thing in french and in english, but about dslr this word is used for D300/700 not for D3 which is a “pro” dslr.
    Moreover, the 2 presentations could be for the same dslr, so wait and see…

  • Loyola

    A lot of noise for nothing !

    They are just announcing the planing of their animation for the Nikon booth, that all.

    A Nikon guy, with the business title of “Expert” will make a show around the DSLR introduced by Nikon during the last six month, who can be qualified of “New”.

    This will be done many time during the show and will common booth animation, generally not really interesting 😉

    • Gordon

      That was my thought too based on recent experience with our local PMA show. When we start getting rumours of an offical Nikon Press event with multiple body announcements then we can get excited.

  • Loyola

    Expert is here just the business title of the guy who will make the show that all 😉

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