What will happen on October 15th according to Nikon France? (Nikon D3s)

As I mentioned previously the Nikon D3s is expected to be announced on October 15th, 2009 and today Nikon France kind of told us the same thing: they have scheduled multiple events during the Paris Expo and if you download the program (pdf file) you will see that they have several "Présentation nouveau reflex" which should mean something like "Presenting new (D)SLR". Of course they could have the D300s in mind which was announced over 2 months ago, but I seriously doubt that (then DSLR should be in plural, since the D3000 was announced on the same date, right?):

Jeudi 15 octobre 2009, invité d’honneur Vincent Munier à 15h

11h00-12h00 Présentation nouveau reflex Expert produit Nikon
12h45-13h45 Nikon Capture NX2, en quelques clics Responsable formation Nikon School
15h00-16h00 Témoignage professionnel par Vincent Munier Photographe professionnel ‘’nature’’
16h45-17h45 Présentation nouveau reflex Expert produit Nikon

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  • MWNN

    New expert DSLR is much more a new D700? than a new D3? isnt it ?

  • leo

    in french a D3 or D3x are called “des reflexs pros”
    and a D300s or d700 are called “reflexs experts”
    d3000 or d5000 may be called “reflexs amateur ou debutants”
    i guess nikon france .fr will not put a D3s in “reflex expert” category.

  • Alain2x

    You just invented such a category 🙂


    Nikon-France has 2 categories of SLRs “Pro” and “Amateur”

    thanks for the 3rd one, it makes things so simple 😉

    • Ct

      Maybe but they just classified the bodies as it just for not a while.
      I’m french and i used to often go on their website. Few monthes ago, the professionnal line was divided into two classes. “Pro” for D3 and D700 and Expert for the “D300”.
      I Agree with the admin about a ne product presentation in a conference the same day and then a product show at the exhibition but in that case, they should not talk about a “reflex Expert” but a “reflex pro” except if they don’t wan’t to describe the D3s arrival.
      The D3s will arrive that sure, but i think that the presentation will concern the D300s (as it was the D700 and the D90 last year).

      And you will notice it, but sorry for my english (of course i’m french!)

      • Alex

        Ton Anglais est parfait, c’est juste ton accent qui n’est pas terrible :o)

        • Ct

          Haha! Merci 😉

  • Loyola

    Expert is here just the business title of the guy who will make the show that all 🙂

  • Frenchie

    “nouveau” => one (and only *one*) new DSLR
    “reflex Expert” => DSLR for advanced users, definitely *not* professional users

  • acarodp

    Admin: The way you cut-and-paste from the french program is misleading, hence all the talk about “expert”. If you look at the program PDF, there is “Presentation noveau reflex” and then in a smaller font “Expert produit nikon”. “Expert Produit Nikon” stands for “Nikon product expert” i.e. it is the qualification of the person presenting the reflex, and does NOT indicate it is a “Refex expert” which in french indicates what in english you would call “prosumer”, e.g. D90, or perhaps even D300.
    The same way, elsewhere Vincent Munier is defined a “photographe professionel ‘nature’ ” in the same smaller font. By the way, Munier is really an outstanding nature photographer.


  • bernard

    That’s correct. I didn’t look at the PDF until now. So an expert on Nikon products will do a presentation of a new DSLR. That’s all… Could be a D2000, or even a D1000… (Bad joke !).

  • Loyola

    that’s right 🙂

  • Highlight

    I’ll tell Ya, the new 28 MP Nikon D10…

    • Anonymous

      no that just doesn’t make sense financially….

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