Nikon show in Malaysia

UPDATE: blow-up of the image (thanks E.C.) - hard to tell what camera this is but as some have already suggested this image is not new and I think I have seen it already somewhere:


There is also a Nikon show in Malaysia from October 14th-18th, 2009 described as "Nikon's highlight event for the year".


As mentioned before, in the US we will have the Photo Plus Expo in New York from October 22nd-24th, 2009.

Introducing new products on October 15th makes a lot of sense.

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  • STJ

    Not long to wait – although the time will feel endless to see what Nikon has for us….

  • Gordon

    Might be Nikon D3s, Nikon MX and Nikon D700X tri-announcement 🙂

  • Karl

    And maybe it will presented by Santa (the real one which Nikon also at same time will once and for all proof that he exists).

  • zeeGerman

    @Admin, the link seems to be dead. Did you have a chance to see the pictures a bit bigger? Can you tell which cameras are shown in the image above?

    • the link with the banner is here – cannot tell what camera is on it:

      • zeeGerman

        Strange, neither of the links works for me.

        • In which country are you? Maybe those sites are blocked?

          • zeeGerman

            Germany. It seems to be blocked, as the browser doesn’t search long, like in the case of a timeout.

          • zeeGerman

            Weird, I can access it with my cellphone… I’m not at home, and can’t check the router, but maybe it seem to be a local network problem.

  • Sonny


    • rhodium

      I think they’ve changed their message – they’re now telling you to get a new keyboard. They (quite rightly) believe that your old one is spoilt.

    • Bral

      They are STILL trying to tell you CAPS LOCK is on.


      • GlobalGuy

        Don’t you know by now that Nikon loves CAPS?

        AF-S VR NIKKOR 70-300 f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED FX for the D700 D-SLR

  • James

    SB700 where are you!?!@?!

  • Zorro

    Are we again going to have an all-night vigil waiting for the announcements?

    • Hell yes!

      • Alex

        5AM (ET), I’ll be up !

      • STJ

        Red Bull…ready…
        Web browser on NR….open..
        Pizza ready…ok…

  • Alex

    I really hope for a D700x with 24MP, I am tired to renew my DSLR every 2 years.
    I’ll pay up to $3000 for it.

    • Ronan

      $3000 will get you a D700.

      If you want a D700x get ready to dish out the price of a D3.

      • T

        $2450 will get you a D700.

  • Dude v2

    I enlarged that banner in Photoshop using the Symatic Pro filter and then smart sharpened it. To me it looks like there is D3s written on the camera in the front.

    • lx

      to me it looks like D4 😉

      • Alex

        NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!
        It’s say D700x :o)

        • pjs

          It looks like it says “EOS” to me….

          • EB


    • alvix

      There seems to be a vertical line on the right of the D3..maybe D3H ?

    • I cannot see anything 🙂 would you share a screenshot?

      • Anonymous

        There is a x. On this image is the D3x in the middle, the D3 on the right and the D700 on the left. It’s an image that is often used in magazines and other advertisements from Nikon. It’s nothing new.

  • 芽依

    its on !

  • rhodium

    Thank goodness I live in the same time zone as Malaysia – no staying up for me!

  • Adam

    ….hey wait a minute, I’m in Malaysia now!!!

    • STJ

      That roadmap was proven fake a while ago. It gave some interesting ideas/discussions though since the person who made it had some pretty interesting thoughts.

    • f/2.8

      Do you really think Nikon Japan translated the roadmap from Japanese into English, made copies and handed it out at some eastern European office??

  • Anonymous

    Dude, I’m going just for the catwalk!

  • Bwyan

    Here’s a torch for you, I hear it will have a swivelscreen;)

  • kaki

    what camera is it in the picture. That doesn’t look like anything that we know. D700s may be?

  • Mikael

    I’m thinking:
    Nikon MX
    D90 with 12MP FX-sensor
    70-400 f/4-5.6 AF-S VR
    16-35 f/2.8 AF-S VR
    16-35 f/4 AF-S VR
    24 f/1.4 AF-S
    35 f/1.4 AF-S
    85 f/1.4 AF-S
    24-105 f/4 AF-S VR
    70-200 f/4 AF-S VR
    300 f/4 AF-S VR
    400 f/4 AF-S VR

    That’s pretty much all we’ve discussed and wished for, right?

    • Kwartjuh

      That’s WAY to much for Nikon to announce in one session! The 70-200 II and 18-200 II where announced a couple of months ago and still didn’t hit the stores. Go figure! That says something about the resource problems nikon has, or how cautious the approach the current market conditions.

      Personally, i think we will see 1 Body and 3 lenses, or 2 body’s and 2 lenses.
      First option: D3s, 16-35 F/4, 85 1.4 and a replacement for 80-400 Vr.
      Option 2: D3s, D700s, 16-35 and a replacement for 80-400 vr.

      It is not based on anything else that the rumors found here, the history of Nikon and my own logic.

      • SARCASM

        its called sarcasm Kwartjuh. Look it up.

        • Anonymous

          it wouldn’t be the first nikon released all that in one shot… basically everything is their line up was announced all at once in 2005 (excluding the manual focus lenses of course)

          • Alex

            What about the FAs ? I have been waiting for 21 years !

          • f/2.8

            If you read between the lines, Nikon releases show the camera / lenses as a system for different applications or solutions. They are never a one off product or a knee jerk reaction to competition. Eg.

            D3 with 5 new lenses. PJs and Sports photo can instantly switch to Nikon without skipping a click.

            The D300 tells the market DX is there to stay.

            This mid Oct release is looking to be very promising of Nikon’s direction.

  • lol

    lol lol

  • C

    D300 is on ebay now!!!!

  • kaki

    That camera is fx format definetely because the prizm size. It is lower model of D3 because it looks smaller than d3. So, my guessing is D700X or D700S or D800.

  • anon

    most likely d3s. Metering switch up on prism. don’t think they’ll add that to the 700 line. old style covers for pc/remote switch inputs. D700 replacement would have the round caps over the contour ones. Can see the top of the integrated vertical grip. also won’t add that to the d700 line. The number looks more like d3s than a d700s or d700x. So that pic points to a d3s and nothing else.. oh plus the number is where the pro number goes not the dXXX number placement.

  • Ronan

    D3x but nice try. It’s pretty clear on the small banner. Anyone with a D3x will recognize the D3x when looked from far away.


  • NikoDoby

    Looks like a D3-something H or S? Looks like the 85mm f/1.4 lens too. Hope that’s proof of a the long awaited update!

    Here’s the D3X and 85mm f/1.4 for reference

  • Gordon

    It’s just a Nikon stock image, nothing to get excited about 🙁

  • i am from Malaysia, admin, i am doubt that this event will anouce a new series of camera and lens. So far Nikon Malaysia have participate few road show and event but just for the talk and promotion. If have any news come up this event i will try update have. My own oppnion , just dun give too much hope on this event , personal rate, 80% no new camera and lens news ..

    • Alex

      I’m affraid you may be right.

    • again, similar to the previous post about the expo in Paris: I do not expect the announcement to happened AT the event, BUT they can use the event to show and do some PR on the new product and this is the perfect timing with expos scheduled across the world in the 2nd-3rd week of Oct.

      • Chris

        I’m from Malaysia as well. Chances are slim, but announces and PR *may* be possible.

        A single digit Pro body announcement would do well in promoting entry level body sales. Better flagship model = better brand has always been the mentality here. Will be interesting to see what would happen.

  • I need the D700x, not another 12mp incarnation. I own a D300 which is 12mp too. Why bother with FX unless it’s worth the investment, since for landscapes high-iso performance is not on the priority list. Clean low-iso & usable med-iso is more important. It must be 20mp at least to decide for the jump. It must be relatively affordable and compact. Anyway even a D700-type body is far from being compact, but necessary to balance the lenses. Because don’t want to carry a bulky 300mm, a usable DX crop of 200mm focal is important. I’d prefer a compact 200mm f/5.6 prime if existed.

    Who says pixel-count is not important, but hight iso performance is; then they must kindly answer this question: If Nikon launches a new FX camera tomorrow, say D600 for $2500 which is only 6mp but thanks to larger photosites it delivers absolutely noise-free images at ISO 3200, whould you prefer to D700 and buy it?

  • El Aura

    “I’d prefer a compact 200mm f/5.6 prime if existed.”
    Is this compact enough:–nikkor-aps-c-lens-tests/264-voigtlander-sl-180mm-f4-apo-lanthar-test-reportreview

  • Robert

    On this image you can see a D3x without a s at the end. If you go to this page you can find the same picture (here posted) for the nikon show above of it is the same a second time. Look at the image for the Nikon pro magazine.

  • Tommy

    D3s will be shown and ready to be testet on 14./15. October in Barcelona ! That’s a Fact !

    • I think we all agree on that, the question is what lenses and what will be the second camera?

      • Tommy

        AF-S 1.4/85 will be shown

        • And? what else? 16-35 f/4? 100-500mm? Compact camera? Tell me something I haven’t posted yet 🙂

  • Dan

    Another D3x owner recognizing my own camera in that picture… It COULD reasonably be a D3s (you can’t tell what the letter after D3 is), but if so, the D3s body is unchanged from the D3/D3x body (likely anyway), and it could just as easily be a D3x (which we’ve known about for a year, and I’ve taken 14,000 images with)… What I’m excited about is the lenses – the 16-35 will find a place in my bag if the optical quality is superb (I assume its front element will be less bulbous than the 14-24, which I don’t own because I worry about damaging it in the field), and I’ll look seriously at the 100-500 as well…

  • Niels
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