Nikon D3s expected/rumored price: £4,500

Just received this update from Digital Wedding Forum (registration required):

So says an 'industry-source' I know (who's been on the money for all the releases of the last 2 years). It'll be to the D3 what the D300s is to the D300 (ie. essentially the same but with video and buffer upgrades). RRP is expected to be £4,500.

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  • WoutK89

    D300s is to the D300*

    • Correct, I just copied the text without paying attention.

      Remember folks, those are just rumors from other web sites. I have not received a single confirmation form my regular sources. At least we should get the press conference invitations at that point – if true, the event is only 2-3 weeks away.
      This silence is bothering me, unless Nikon decides to do things differently this time.

      • WoutK89

        Isn’t that what you always say when we are still that far away from the official announcement? 😉

        I am sure if I can believe comments on another site, that Nikon has no plans whatsoever to change.

        • yes, you are right… well with the D300s I knew months in advance, with detailed specs…

  • Boskey

    Let’s see, that about $7300 – $7500 USD. Perhaps the D3s is more closely akin to the D3x than the D3.


      Subtract the taxes over here in Europe and the price would be about $6000,00

      • I agree, the price is not a direct conversion – I would say USD 5,990.00

    • STJ

      Look at the cost of the new 70-200 VRII in the UK and US and you’ll know the answer – we’re paying super extras in Europe compared with the us, even in countries with less sales tax. Don’t forget that before you cry about the US$ price ;-).

      • Anonymous

        If you don’t like those high taxes replace your government, you aren’t all still indentured serfs, are you? We can send you a roughly 200 year old document to help you out if needed.

        • Apollo18

          200 years? Wow, that’s nearly brand new!

          • Anon

            We’re not using it here in the US, so someone else might as well.

  • mPower

    $7,400 – No thanks!

    • STJ

      Don’t move to Europe 😉

  • Richard

    If the new Nikon D3s will cost 4,500 than I’d get a Leica instead. Better quality build and certainly a better long-term investment than a Nikon.

    • woble

      I bet you have been reading Ken Rockwell recently.

      • STJ

        At least the new “excelent quality Leica” has solved their IR problem and can now take pictures with more realistic colors 😉

        • woble

          Realistic colours? Wtf is that?!

          • WoutK89

            Not realistic, more realistic, and I guess it means, colors that represent the world as we see it

          • Ronan

            He means WB thats properly adjusted. A lot of amateurs can’t do it and blame the camera manufactor.

          • STJ

            Due to the IR issue some colors had a really bad color cast on the last Leica models. Since the issue was quite pronaunced I call’ed it “unrealistic” colors, not just a WB issue. Anyways, the issue stays the same no matter what words are used to descibe it. It should be solved on the latest model – good for new Leica customers.

    • Anonymous

      Since when is a digital camera body a long term investment? Is a couple years long term to you? By your definition I’m way past middle age at 30.

  • Dan

    If thats a true price then forget it! Was the D3 that much at release?!

    I might just buy a D3 instead me thinks 🙂

  • Roger767

    if canon releases a better camera a month after the D3s, the D3s will drop 1000 dollars.
    PS. 14fps sounds insane

  • Michael

    I would look for the price to be closer to $5000 USD. You can’t always go by an exact exchange rate, the price will probably be where the D3 was originally. I I don’t think it will be more than $5000.

    • PDF Ninja

      I think so, too. It should be around $5k in the US.

      I expect it to include sensor cleaning, like the D300* and D700, and perhaps a 100% viewfinder as well.

      • WoutK89

        D3 already has an 100% viewfinder

        • nobody

          So maybe 105% (-:

          • WoutK89

            More black border? 😛

          • WoutK89

            What they could use, and I guess is very hard to do, is a higher magnification, which is 0,7 in the D3, but you would have to add bulk on the top (pentaprism)

  • Neil

    Seems a lot of people are forgetting that the US Dollar is far weaker than it was in 2007 when the D3 came out. The currency issue is the #1 reason for high prices of imported goods like this. If the US govt wasn’t spreading wealth by printing more of it, the price would be much lower here in the US.

    • …and Nikon had a price increase

      • Neil

        Which was mostly due to the currency changes.

  • James

    any word of the SB-(700) coming out with that? 😛

    • WoutK89

      I think he’d tell us if he knew more

    • Alex

      Since the SB-24 (I have now a SB-800 that I bought with my D200) I don’t see what big improvement could be made in Nikon flashes.
      I never use all my SB-800’s fancy functions, I just move the head strait up to the celling (white) and just shoot ! You get perfect results (as if you were in a studio).
      So I’m not waiting for any new Nikon flash.
      I wrote to Nikon (my anual Xmas letter), I hasked for a D700sx (video+24MP).
      I have been nice all year long…….:o)

  • luke

    14 fps indicates that it will low in resolution … please Nikon .. NOT ANOTHER 12MP … P-L-E-A-S-E

    and please – I know that Vancouver Olympics is close – but not just another PRO camera and nothing for prosumer!?!? … damn! I want a 18-21MP camera A-F-F-O-R-D-A-B-L-E … WTF! Stop producing machines over 5K$ !!!!!!!! They dont do the market!!!

    • WoutK89

      You are missing the point of a D3 with added S, no other sensor! So no other Pixelcount, if you really N-E-E-D a camera like that, buy Canon or Sony!

      • luke

        not missing ANY point.

        They are NOT investing in R&D on new sensors … so they are improving what they already have … that’s the S. no $ for that S. Believe me.

        • NikoDoby

          Luke is trying to do his Jedi mind trick on Nikon 🙂
          “These aren’t the cameras your looking for”
          “You can go about your R&D on new sensors”
          “move along”

  • Bob Jobson

    4 and a half grand! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. They’re so funny those Nikon jokers.

  • anon

    I Am A 5D Mark II User But If This Is True & The D3s Sells For $5000 USD I Will Definately Be Switching To Nikon. If Nikons Sell The D3s For $6000-$7400 I Will Wait On The 1D Mark IV In The Spring.

  • 芽依

    why not put the money invested in R&D for d3s & d3x into new line of fast primes ? i’ll wait until the end of this year to see how nikon well do in primes department , other wise i’ll buy canon 24&135L and a canon film dody ..

    i don’t need no d3/x/s or 5D or whatever ..

  • zen-tao

    I think Nikon has a lot of very good lenses, the better ones. They are laking of new bodies, really new bodies not the same old bodies little improved. They launched the 3Ds pressed and dragged reluctantly by the competition against Canon, Sony.. I have one D200 and I’m still waiting for another really innovative and affordable camera. Actually, different advanced users demand different advanced cameras; either with video or hight pixel rate. I don’t trust so much in TH predictions lately he didn’t nail anything.
    New 18 mpx sensor has been developed and it’s supposed and would be gratefully appreciated to be included in some Nikon model. But I’m a little concerned about Nikon politic of silence It doesn’t seems anything good.

  • sgts

    hi – i’m a landscape/stock photographer and i’d really love to buy this.

    Stock agencies are crying out for 12mp jpgs at the moment – this is just such a fantastic development by nikon – who i’m sure will be in business for many years to come.

  • Alex

    About taxes….
    I’m French (living in USA since 1999) when I started photography back in 1986, In my country (France), taxes on photographic gear was 33%, and the price before taxes was about 25% more than in USA.
    So we were paying about 60% more than the US price.
    At that time, if you wanted to buy a 300mm f/2.8, it was cheaper to make a trip from France to NY to get the lens, than buying it in France (custom taxes included !).
    So when I buy a lens or a camera from Adorama or B&H (no taxes and free shipping), trust me, I enjoy it !

  • zen-tao

    Hi Alex
    Try In England. . Although traveling to NY it’s worth it. If France is expensive you should go to Spain and see the prices here. A scandal.

  • jon

    d3 is back in-stock at bh photo..

  • so will the D3 price change accordingly ! I am still interested in the D3 but it is still expensive for me, I guess the D700 improvement would be the one for me, no news about D700x with a 3000$ range 🙂

    • Alex

      I’m also waiting for the D700x, the hardest thing to do, is not to wait for it, but avoid spending the money I saved for it !
      But it’ better be at least 24MP (I don’t care about video or 5f/s shooting)
      And I will not pay more than $3500, if it’s more than that, I’ll switch to Canon.

      • Bob Jobson

        So switch now. Nikon don’t care.

      • Richard

        Don’t wait for it. It’ll be a LONG wait. The D700 is only a year old and Nikon won’t be updating with 24 mp for fear of cannibalizing D3x (which is also only a year old) sales.

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