Nikon roadmap leaked?

question_markThis was posted by a NR reader in the comment section. Here is the original source and the English translation:

It appears Nikons 2009-10 schedule for release of cameras and lenses has been leaked. At least that is the claim. But it can of course just as well be fantasies or a wish list created by someone having to much time to spend!

A short summary:

August 4 introduction: (Apparently the end of July presentation is for compact cameras)

  • Nikon D3000
  • Nikon D300s with Full-HD movie 24 fps, improved AF, self timer + mirror-up, cf + sd-slot
  • AF-S DX 17-65/3.2-4 G VR with 72(!) mm filter

October 15 presentation:

  • Nikon D700x with 24.5 MP, Full-HD movie 24 fps, improved AF and self timer + mirror-up
  • AF-S Nikkor 24-135mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR (The FX-dream-walk-around-lens?)
  • AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II (What everybody waited for! 82 mm filter, 1530 g)
  • AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.4G
  • AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G (No VR?)


  • AF-S Nikkor 14-28mm f/3.5-4.5G ED
  • AF-S Nikkor 120-450mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR II (Replacement for 80-400? 82 mm, 1480 g)


  • Nikon D4 with 15.7 MP, improved 1 EV, Full HD-movie 30fps
  • Nikon D400 with 13.8 MP, improved 1 EV, Full HD-movie 24fps


  • AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4G VR (On the waiting list for many!)
  • AF-S Nikkor 400mm f/5.6G VR (Have been missing a long time!)
  • AF-S Nikkor 70-240mm f/3.5-4.5G VR (The missing medium size telezoom!)
  • AF-S Nikkor 105mm f/2G DC (A small surprise. No VR?)
  • AF-S Nikkor 24-85mm f/4G VR
  • AF-S DX Nikkor 60-95mm f/2G VR (The DX dream-telezoom!)
  • AF-S DX Nikkor 17-60mm f/2.8G VR (Replacing 17-55 with addition of VR)
  • Nikon Coolpix P1DX with DX 12.3 MP stabilised sensor, 28-85/3.5-5.6 zoom (comparable to FX, actually 18-56), 2.9 inch 920k-display, movable upwards for macro.


  • Nikon D4X with 30.2 MP with 1 EV improved sensitivity

I assume all VR-lenses are actually VR II even if it is not stated.

Thanks EnPassant for the link!

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  • Not that much glass.

    • jettblack

      You’e got to be kidding me! 11 full size lenses over the next year. an average of almost 1 per month. And 3 DX lenses where there is enough lenses of this type already. What do you think you are going to get? …a new lens every other week?

      • The good part is that we will find out at the end of the month if this rumor is true. If the AF-S DX 17-65/3.2-4 G VR is true, this would be a valid roadmap. There have not been any rumors about such a lens and it is not easy to just guess this aperture, so we will see. You do realize that if this roadmap is true, I can pretty much shut down this site till the end of 2010… LOL!

        • afterdarkernikon

          That’s really nice catch if its really true. Yeah you could go on long term vacation and come back on 2011 but roadmap does not mean they will meet it the release dates.

        • Michael

          I wouldn’t make those long term vacation plans just yet. 😉

          • bobnikon

            this is stupid

  • Gustav

    “AF-S DX Nikkor 17-60mm f/2.8G VR (Replacing 17-55 with addition of VR)”

    Nice. If true, I’d better start saving today.


    Ok, please everything on the bill of fare for me! NR-Admin will pay it for it ;).
    Omg can someone just donate me some moey 😉

  • Anonymous


  • PC

    No fast UWA prime for DX makes me sad 🙁

    • fotosniper

      ditto. a 12 or 14mm 2.8 dx would be da bomb. small light wide fast and >77mm front is my dream lens.

    • Mitchel

      Ditto. A rectilinear UWA prime for DX of either f/4 or f/2.8 for less than a grand would sell like hotcakes. It would be sharper, lighter and perhaps have better distortion control then any UWA zoom lens available at this time. Anything above 12mm would not be wide enough and would not be popular. I doubt that any of this is true but if it is, I’m disappointed by Nikon. Far too much redundancy in these lenses. Give us fewer lenses but better ones and better quality control. I can’t believe they would come up with a 30mm f/1.4 so soon after the introduction of the f/1.8 version. I just but one for $%?@ sakes.

      • dB

        If by 30mm you mean the 35mm 1.4, a lens like this cannot come soon enough. The one you just bought only works on DX. The last one Nikon made is actually manual focus it is so old (excluding the 35mm f2, which isn’t nearly as fast). I wouldn’t worry, it will probably cost around $1000.

        • Digigenic

          Truth be told, even the DX 35 f1.8 AFS has been proven to work on an FX camera (crop mode NOT activated). There are samples available on DPreview threads.
          It has some slight vignetting that’s recoverable in post.
          IMO though, the bokeh is terrible, so not worth it.
          The problem with a list like this leaking out is that suddenly people begin to postpone camera and lens purchases, not good for Nikon.

          • Jon Paul

            I’m not sure that everyone will put off purchases if this is real. I think most people know their upgrade path on bodies (e.g. they get every new body or they skip one generation) and even if you know what lenses are coming in the future, future lenses don’t help you take pictures in the present. 😉
            I’m just saying it’s hard to say what the effect will be. Maybe Nikon would actually sell more if they let people know what was coming (maybe some Canon user reading the list of upcoming lenses and seeing just what they want would be willing to start planning a brand switch). This could be an elaborate, risky marketing test: leak a list of possibles, fulfill the first few and see how the market responds, and if it’s well, Nikon wins and continues (and the NR site becomes a bit redundant). If it’s poor, they take the hit and change course–after all, Nikon never actually said they would do any of it. It’s an unofficially leaked roadmap.
            Personally, I think people might be even more loyal to a brand if the marketing kept them informed of what they were going to try to get to market with a year or so of warning. At least we wouldn’t be completely dependent on unofficial sources like NR to find things out to help plan future purchases (BTW, admin, I love your site). So what if Canon knows, too and plans on releasing a model to compete a couple months ahead? If people know about the Nikon earlier, they might just say, “I’m sticking with Nikon to get my hands on that.” Then again, there may have been quite a few who would have left Nikon had they known how long they’d wait for a Nikon reply to the FF 5Dmk1.

  • Alot of glass i don’t believe in (like the 60-95mm and the 24-85mm), the camera’s would indeed happen.

  • Dave

    Some of it is realistic even if there is a stupid amount of new glass on the list but a D4 and D4x in 2010….. I don’t think so!!

  • Jesse

    Like I said in the other thread, this is intriguing, but what about the D700 replacement?

    DX: D300 goes to D400
    FX: D3 goes to D4, D3x to D4x

    D700 goes to D700x, but that’s using D3x sensor tech. Where’s the “D800” or equivalent D4-sensor upgrade?

    Or are they going to lower the price of the D4 and eliminate the D700 line totally, and keep the D4x as the super-pro body?


    • Jon Paul

      There is a D700x on the list.

    • Duff

      That’s gonna be in 2011 Q2-3. D800 in a D400 body, using the sensor of the D4. Sounds plausible, huh? 🙂

  • low

    it sooooooooo begun man, im tellin yah!!!!!

    • fotosniper

      i say we move our forces to flank from the hill

  • Anonymous

    Too funny. After a year of guesses about Nikon product roadmap the “I assume all VR-lenses are actually VR II even if it is not stated.” Thanks for clarifying THAT point.

    • as I mentioned in the post – I copied the post/comment directly, those are not my words…

  • Mike

    Well, I don’t know. The bodies look quite right but some of the lenses are at least strange.

    I totally don’t get the point of the 60-95 DX. The F2 light is great but how does that lens fit in Nikon’s strategy? An F2 tele-zoom for DX? And that range! What is that good for?! I’d much rather have a lighter and smaller AF-S DX 85 F1.8 VR.

    The only thing that gets me really thrilled is the Nikon Coolpix P1DX sounds like one nice pocket cam. The AF-S Nikkor 14-28mm f/3.5-4.5G ED and AF-S Nikkor 70-240mm f/3.5-4.5G VR look also kind of interesting, but being FX there’s no way I have enough money to spare 🙁

    The AF-S DX 17-65/3.2-4 G VR could be nice, too, if lighter and shorter than my trusty 16-85 DX VR but judging on the filter size at least the former won’t happen.

  • No new DX primes? I would think that with the success of the little f/1.8 35mm DX Nikon would be bringout a bunch of them, from 20 to 85 mm. Disappointing, as I really like the 35 1.8 and would like a whole bag of fast DX primes.


    • Jon Paul

      There’s always a possibility this list is a year old now and they weren’t expecting that kind of success with the 35mm 1.8.

  • AZ

    If that’s true, than there’s one more year of waiting for 300/f4VR,
    I also doubt that the new 70-200 will have a 82mm filter – as it’s not as convinient as 77mm standard

    • AlaskaShooter

      I for one would welcome an 82mm thread on a updated 70-200 IF it means better IQ. Mine vignettes pretty bad on FX. I do already own a quality 82mm CPOL, but, how bad is having to buy a new CPOL for a new lens that will be around for years? Compared to what we already spend, trivial.

  • Phoggy

    If this list is true, the admin won’t have many rumors to post for the next year and a half!

  • Mike

    This is what I’m talking about, yeah some cool stuff is coming out. I go for the d700x or D800 in december -february?

    Sony has some new chips coming out. Leaked a week ago 😉 but all will stay about the software and Iso any way. I like the idea of the Full frame, only my wish.

    Why it is so bloody heavy. I’m getting old, soon will need a bag on wheels.

  • Dissapointments:
    1) 400/5.6 – if they really are to make 120-450/4.5-5.6, then why 400/5.6 and not 400/4?
    2) 24-135/3.5-5.6 – this lens should really have the “speed” of f/4 or at least f/3.5-4.5. If you want to reach good IQ at 135mm with stopping down for at least 1 stop, that means f/8 right after f/5.6, and you “can’t” stop it down to f/11, because diffraction kicks in …
    3) 14-28mm f/3.5-4.5 – no, I don’t want another ultra wide zoom lens, I already have the fantastic 14-24/2.8. What I want, is a WA lens that ends at 35 or 40mm. So what I want is 17/18-35/40mm lens with a fixed f/4 or variable f/3.5-4.5 aperture. What I want, is something like Canon’s 17-40/4L lens, just with better IQ
    4) Where the f**k is my AF-S 135/2 VR?
    5) Where the f**k is my small AF-S 180/2.8 VR?
    6) Where the f**k is my fast WA fixed lens, like 24/1.4 or 28/1.8 with AF-S?

    On the other hand the two most interesting FX lenses are 70-240/3.5-4.5 VR and AF-S Nikkor 24-85/4 – I think these would be a huge succes.

    • Joe

      i agree…

      i would LOVE an ultra fast ultra wide prime.

      I DREAM of them.

    • Anonymous

      “So what I want is 17/18-35/40mm lens with a fixed f/4 or variable f/3.5-4.5 aperture.”

      The AF-S 17-35mm f/2.8 isn’t cutting it?

    • Wil

      Disappointment indeed. The 35/1.8 whetted my appetite and we’ve still got nothing like Canon’s 24/1.4. I’d kill for a 24/1.4.

    • gg

      400mm f5.6 make sense. it is the one missing in the Nikon line up. It was actually the only one reason why I downgraded to Canon 50D. I downgraded for the fact that I have to get Canon’s 400mm f5.6 for birding. This canon lens is one of the sharpest, very capable and highly affordable birding lens.

    • Jon Paul

      About 3), why not the Tamron 17-50 2.8? I love that lens as much as the nikkor without considering the price. Probably more if you factor in size and weight.

  • Mike

    What are the past release dates between Nikon DSLR and the X versions cameras?
    Are there any match?

  • Patros

    I am speaking czech… and according to a later post by the guy who posted it first:

    The list is false… it is made-up by someone who was fired at Nikon… so there is some true data in the list mixed up with a lot of plain “…” = “nonsense” …

    • regular

      Re: New Nikkor lenses in 2009
      Vloženo uživatelem: Neregistrovaný uživatel: NikonRumor (205.212.73.—) Added by: unregistered user: NikonRumor (205.212.73 .—)
      Datum: 07. Date: 07th 07. 07. 2009 20:32 2009 20:32

      Přišla mně odpověď mailem: The answer came to me by mail:
      – jsem ukecaný idiot, když to zveřejňuji – I ukecaný idiot when I disclose
      – je to údajně žertík odejitého zaměstnance s úkoly pro své milované kolegy a nadřízené s podvrženým odesilatelem z centra – It’s little joke allegedly odejitého staff with responsibilities for their beloved colleagues and supervisors with podvrženým shipper from the center
      – nevymyšlené supertajné dokumenty by se údajně servisní firmě do rukou nedostaly – Nevymyšlené supertajné documents allegedly by a service company in the hands not
      Takže je to údajně vymyšlené, ale muselo to dát děsnou práci, asi měl dotyčný své kolegy nesmírně rád a byl velice tvůrčí. So it’s supposedly fancy, but had to give mad work was concerned about his colleagues were extremely happy and very creative. grinning smiley A ze mě si tedy taky udělal srandu a já to 3 hodiny překládal. And from me therefore I did laugh and I to 3 hours to translate. thumbs downsad smiley

    • STJ

      Thanks for the translation!
      This makes sense since there are really some odd stuff on that list, but quite a bit that makes sooo much sense.

  • The focal lengths on a few of the lenses are weird, which makes me skeptical.

    Additionally, no replacement for the D90 before 2011?

    • Ondrej

      Yeah.. Nikon would release all the dumbed-down D-thousand series and no D90 replacement? I hope this roadmap is false…

      • yoooo

        I think that there is no d90 replacement because the d100 was already used. Nikon probably doesn’t know what to call the next one yet

      • Dan

        Having a D400 so soon after a D300s may mean Nikon is positioning the D300s to replace the D90 in its price point.
        Considering the D5000 already has much of the D90’s specs, perhaps Nikon is angling the D300s in the same way Canon kept the 40D to compete with the D90’s price point.
        I would assume Canon would keep the 50D when the 60D comes out, thus theoretically pitting the D400 vs the 7D Mk1 aka 70D or 60D in the 1500-1800USD price range with the D300s vs the 60D or 50D 1,100 – 1400 USD price range.

  • Mike

    Oh gosh, Czech rumors 😉 BTW all is plausible. Nikon is behind and they need to cash in badly.

  • No new Flash? !!!! I was waiting SB-700 or SB-850 cheaper than SB-900.

    • Dan

      Same here, waiting for an SB700.

      Timeline suggests that an SB700 should be released this year since the SB600 was released a year after the SB800

    • STJ

      I think that is one of the larger issues with the list. There “must” come a smaller flash withing that period.

  • MB

    Cute but don’t take your pants off, this is just a fairytale unrelated to reality.


    If this is for real and I’m sure Nikon is working hard on many new lenses. Then the 400mm f/5.6 VR is mine and the 120-450mm vr sounds sweet also. I was hoping for a 500mm f/5.6 VR and a 200mm f/2.8 VR.

    • Mitchel

      Why would the 120-450 sound sweet ? The 80-400mm couldn’t make the cut when it came to image quality especially at the long end where most people would use it. If the 120-450 is the same with just a slight change in focal length numbers, it’s a useless upgrade. In fact it’s no upgrade at all. I’d much rather have a 200-400mm of variable aperture (to keep price down) at a decent price for DX. For the same price It would have to be much better than the 80-400 in sharpness though.

      • Dan

        I think Nikon has been improving on their new releases like how The Beastmaster is better than The Beast or the 10-24 is better than the 12-24 or even the new Micro Nikkors so we can reasonably expect newer lenses to be hopefully better.

        Sigma has been very successful with their 120-400 & 150-500 OS lenses, perhaps Nikon has took notice and decided to make their equivalent as opposed to a straight up 80-400 AFS VR replacement.
        Perhaps abandoning the 80mm range and starting at 120 could make optical quality better.

  • pgarland

    Some of this appears plausible; some of it doesn’t; if there really is a D4 with a new sensor design announced in Q2 2010, this will be an unusually fast introduction of a new generation of sensors (less than 3 years since the D3 was announced) ; likewise with the D4x.

    A 17-65mm f3.2-4 VR lens seems strange- it would sit between the 17-55mm and the 16-85mm lenses, but I don’t think that’s a gap that many people feel needs to be filled.

    WRT the 85mm f/1.4, the existing lens is considered such a classic that Nikon would face a backlash if the IQ of a new 85mm f/1.4 is a step backwards, so they may be very conservative in updating it. VR would mean introducing more optical elements; they’d probably end up having to change the rest of the design. If VR harmed bokeh or some other aspect of the IQ, I’d expect Nikon to leave it out.

    A 17-60mm DX f/2.8 VR in Q3 2010 also seems strange because it would (presumably) be even larger and heavier than the existing 17-55mm f/2.8, which is already a fairly hefty lens, and a large fraction of the customers for a fast standard zoom will have moved to FX by then. I also think most photographers would prefer for Nikon to make the lens a 1 or 2 mm wider, rather than 5mm longer.

    60-95mm DX f/2 also seems strange unless they intend it as a dedicated DX portrait lens. The range seems too narrow for a general purpose lens.

    If NIkon is waiting until Q3 2010 to introduce an APS compact, they’ll be kind of late to the big-sensor, small camera party.

    The lack of at least one fast wide-angle prime (<= 28mm) also seems bizarre.

    The rest of it seems plausible, although the first 5 lenses listed for introduction in Q3 2010 should be higher priority than NIkon would be giving them under this roadmap.

    • bobnikon

      Congratulations for wasting your time on this post. all of you

      • Mitchel

        Congratulations on proving that you are no better.

        • dude

          Congratulations for smelling like a turd

    • RThomas

      I think most of this is just a rather extravagant wishlist, however the 60-95 f/2 *might* be a useful DX range for a macro lens (and of course decent for portraiture too if the focus range is not limited to macro). I don’t know… but I think the list is bogus.

  • Joseph

    Common, Nikon is releasing SEVEN new lenses in 2010 Q3???

  • mike

    The D4 will be released in 2011; the flagship cameras (D1, D2, D3) are on 4-year cycles (99, 03, 07).

    This list is a pipe-dream. I’m sure some of it will come true, but most of it is just what the creator wants, IMO.

  • decapitor

    120-450 vr sounds like something I’d save up for for sure.

  • steve

    Looks like a wish list to me. A D4 next year then a D4x too? Some of the lenses don’t seem quite right either. Of course, some of it looks plausible – we’ll have to see what the announcement in Aug brings to see if the list is accurate I guess.

  • Michael

    I don’t think this is going to be true. I see part of it but not all of it, not in this timeline. Some of those lenses, I just don’t think so. I agree with Patros, I think it is false. Some of it will definitely be true but the bulk I am afraid is just the fired Nikon guy making up stuff.

  • jon

    what would the anticipated price be? current 70-200 is already $1900. from past experiences, prices will go up to 40% for newer/revised model.

  • schung

    I think this roadmap contains both real and fake information.

    It starts of being plausible, for the Aug 4 and Oct 15 releases.
    The 17-65 AF-S DX 3.2-4G starts f3.2? Why not f2.8?

    But the 2010 roadmap is somewhat ridiculous:
    – A replacement for the D4 and D400 won’t come so soon after the D3 and D300 refresh (presumably called D3s and D300s) and D700x. You’re looking at 2011 at the earliest for the next generation bodies.
    – AF-S 70-240 f3.5-4.5? Odd ball focal length.
    – AF-S DX 60-95 f2? Again, very strange. If it was an FX lens, it may be more attractive (ultimate portrait zoom lens with f2 aperture) but this is on DX.
    – AF-S DX 17-60 f2.8 VR? What about the AF-S DX 17-65 f3.2-4 VR released earlier? Why not have the same focal range?


  • lox

    Some predictions are sure shots: 85/1.4, 70-200 Mk.II, 300/4 VR. While others seem quite strange: A f/2 lens with 1.5x zoom factor? A new DC lens? 400/5.6 VR? You’d rather use the 300/4 with a 1.4 TC.

    To me, it’s just the usual rumors and some guessing. Nothing to worry about.

    • pgarland

      A 400mm f/5.6 would almost certainly be lighter (and hopefully sharper) than a 300mm f/4 +TC and have appeal as a high-end consumer telephoto lens or a lightweight lens for pros shooting in good light. It would have to be notably better than the 80-400mm at 400mm to be worthwhile though. Canon sells a 400mm f/5.6 lens (although it hasn’t been updated with IS), so there is presumably some market for this length and aperture.

  • editman

    The two things we need is better bodys and faster glass.
    No DX or slow lenses to clutter our Nikons.

    • Yeah, because Nikon is just going to up and quit making affordable DX bodies and lenses.

    • Zorro

      I have DX bodies only, so I hope no new FX lenses come.

      • Ken Elliott

        Zorro >> “I have DX bodies only, so I hope no new FX lenses come.”

        If you have DX, you can use either DX or FX lenses. So why do you care?

        I’m glad to see so many FX lenses listed. I hope/wish it to be true. I’d be upgrading some of my glass. That 82mm filter suggests they _might_ have a slightly larger than 24x36mm sensor coming.

        • Zorro

          Ken. My “mean-spirited” response was a tongue-in-cheek response to editman and others who wish for no more DX lenses. Actually, if it’s not too big and heavy, the FX 24-135 sounds very attractive to me for my D90 – just the focal lengths I want for my walk-around lens and I’d be using the sweet central portion of the image circle.

  • Steven R

    Thanks for giving me food for thought. I hope the Oct 15 predictions are true.

  • NikoDoby

    If Nikon lawyers come knocking on admin’s front door well know how true this is. Or Nikon will now be forced to drastically change it’s time line. If true this is a pretty big leak! Sound’s like an unhappy Nikon employee is getting even.

    • no, they should not knock on my door – I did not publish this list first, they should go to the original source for that one 🙂

  • fLUO!

    some old predictions + a lot of wishful thinking. Once again (like with the sony cameras post), what coincides will be by chance.

    “AF-S DX 17-65/3.2-4 G VR with 72(!) mm filter” on August
    “AF-S DX Nikkor 17-60mm f/2.8G VR (Replacing 17-55 with addition of VR)” Q3/2010

    I don’t think so.

    AF-S DX Nikkor 60-95mm f/2G VR (The DX dream-telezoom!) – Plainly “Nein”.

    other lenses also sound unlikely (and the ones that don’t, guessing again).

    NR probability rating (should be): 0.05%

    alas, time will tell!

    • I rate only my own rumors, I have no idea if this is legit or not, I do not know the source.

  • I am really hoping that the new dmovie will include manual controls and an improvement on rolling shutter issues. If it doesn’t, I am going to have to seriously consider jumping ship to Canon.

  • anon

    Help! Help! More money needed…

  • Cesar

    Of course this would be a really nice list and if true october will be a very hot month 🙂

    But somehow AF-S Nikkor 14-28mm f/3.5-4.5G ED ….. ??? And there’s more strangeness in the list. Also WAY too much glass. No I don’t really buy it but it’s nice dreaming though.

  • Izam

    If anything this list is covering the next decade of Nikon product releases. Of course it seemed very fishy that the D4 is 30fps and the D400 is only 24fps (why they would ever want to deviate from the golden frame rate is a mystery.) However, its nice to dream.

  • rhlpetrus

    Mostly credible, except for D4x already in 2010. Most likely end of 2011, 3 years after D3x, or even later.

    I like the D700x and the D300s offerings, I hope Nikon improves on the 12MP CMOS re DR and high ISO. Movie mode is also welcome at fullHD.

  • joe

    32 megpixels = $12,000

  • Anonymous

    D3X – Q4/2008
    D4X – Q4/2010

    2 year cycle ? Too short cycle to be true ?

  • 35mm f1.4? sign me up!

    Hopefully its not a DX…

  • Chris_M

    This is a joke. Most of the cameras make sense, they are educated guesses. Same thing for a few lenses.

  • Adam

    Aright, what the heck is 1EV? Electronic Viewfinder? like WTF! (play don’t let it be!!) and I don’t see f/4 glasses, like how the heck is Nikon going to expect people upgrading to FX if the gap price from DX to FX glasses is HUGE!

    I applaud Canon for this one, their f/4 range made many people easier to upgrade to a FF body, even if they chose not to.

    And yikes 82m filter, damn that is going to be one HUGE lens (in terms of diameter I mean)

    • rhlpetrus

      There is one f/4 zoom, 24-85mm, in the list, for 2010. I hope they bring it earlier. Could be the perfect workhorse for those w/o need for f/2.8.

    • yoooo

      why the need for f/4 glass when there are some lenses listed that are 3.5-4.5 or 3.5-5.6. the people who buy the f/4 glass aren’t looking for speed. they would go to the 2.8 or faster glass for that. they are for people who want light and sharp glass. the 3.5-?? glass should be good enough for this purpose.

      • Adam

        cause non-constant aperture zoom lens is a major PITA when you are trying to get perfect exposure, zoom in and the image gets too dark, zoom out and the image gets too bright.

  • Zenndott

    To any one who can read Czech, what do the other commentors on the original site say? Someone has already offered some possible background info that would contradict some of this information, and other data may lurk in the comments.


  • chester

    the d400 and D300s no big different
    why dun just release the d400

  • rob

    give the admin a break. he is doing his best!!

  • Narna

    This DEFINITELY looks like a wish list. Come on so much new glass in a year? That would mean Nikon is making 10 new lenses right now (to have stock), and starting work on 4 new bodies. Unrealistic.

    But if its true I’ll be buying a new body, standard and tele lens within the year 🙂

    But where’s the zoom-micro? *sigh*

    • yoooo

      i’m sure most of these things are planned years ahead. most of those lenses could already be done.

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