Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G rumor (part 3)


The Japanese kakaku board (here is a bad English translation by Google) is chatting about the new Nikon AF-S 70-200/2.8G II lens. The basic specs are expected to be:

  • VR II
  • Nano coating
  • New Auto focus priority and manual focus priority
  • Weight 1540g (+70g than Gen. I)
  • Length 209mm, slightly shorter than Gen. I
  • Closest focus distance 1.4m
  • 77mm filter

Based on the tip I received, it seems that this guy nailed the D700 and SB900 before so his credibility is pretty high.

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  • shivas

    sounds about right – hopefully the nano coating and VR2 will cure some of its existing shortcomings. . .I can’t WAIT for the pro’s to dump their 70-200’s into the used market, because for DX, it’s about right. . . .

    • D40-Owner

      Oh yeaaaahh…. Used 70-200VRs for our DX cameras…. I will sleep over an ebay screen for the next few months…

  • D40000

    According to this kakaku board, this guy leaked D700 and SB-900 on 3 June 2008. It was one month ago from official release.
    So end of this month or beginning of next month is most likely candidate date.

    • Theo2

      that makes sense

  • steve

    I gotta stop coming by this site – I’d LOVE a new 70-200. I dumped my old one due to the soft corners – horrible for landscapes and my D3x REALLY made it look bad!

  • shivas

    this site adversely affects my work performance. . .it’s like CRACK, I keep on coming back for more during the day. . .sigh. . .

    • D40-Owner

      I can soooo relate to that… 😛

      • Stevens

        Me too. Addicted to this site ever since I bought my first dslr, D90 few months back.

    • Michael

      I am glad it is not just me….

  • Jim Richardson

    Right, the issue to be fixed with that lens is the soft corners on FX. Really visible when doing things like cityscapes at night where you have pinpoint light sources in the corners. But, hey, Nikon as certainly been getting things right on recent lenses so I’m pretty confident they have heard and responded.

  • Ubiquitous

    The 70-200 VR f/2.8G. as it is now, works fine with both the D300 and the D700. There are some soft corners, some times, when shooting into the sky, for example, but easily corrected in PP. Many other lenses have the same problem to some extent like the 24-70. Since I do not have the D3x, I cannot say anything about the combo. Eventually the 70-200 will be replaced, but not with the one that was posted on the Japanese website – it is foolishly optimistic. The 70-200 problems are much deeper than just a minor fine-tuning.

  • low

    we dont need a new one!

  • Anonymous

    We don’t need it.
    We want it.

    • low

      why? just so folks can complain it doesnt do landscapes good? swallow up your pride and use a 80-200! sheesh.

      • rwbenjey

        I love my 80-200 f2.8!

        • low

          rwbenjey > right on! aint nothing wrong with the 80-200.

  • Michael

    Admin, I have a question, have you heard any more about the possibility of a D3s? The last we heard you had a rumor it might be here in the fall?


  • schung

    About freaking time they come out with an update for the 70-200. The shorter minimum focus as well as a shorter barrel length is very welcome.
    Hopefully, besides the FX corners, they also improve on the position of the focus ring (move it closer to the zoom ring) so that it you can adjust focus easier.


  • jon

    what would the anticipated price be? current 70-200 is already $1900. from past experiences, prices will go up to 40% for newer/revised model.

  • Cesar

    I’d love a 70-200, no matter what version 😛
    If only it was a little bit cheaper…

  • Joker

    Some of these lenses don’t make sense. Too many midzooms and duplicity.

  • pete

    ECS just knocked $200 off the 70-200VR.

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