Nikon D700x sooner than expected

I will continue to be "fair and balanced" and report that Thom Hogan has received some information that the Nikon D700x will be released before November 2009. The D700x is expected to have the 24MP sensor from the D3x and video.

I also received multiple tips on the Nikon D700x camera that I sumarized in this post a while ago and it seems that the time frame matches Thom's prediction on the D700x release date.

Nikon D700x NR probability rating: 60% (up from 40% in the last post)

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  • shivas

    then that means they are either skipping the D300s or it will be a tri-body release: D300s, D3000, and D700x!!

    I just want a 24 1.4G prime, PLEASE let the Nikon god’s release it!!

  • Harry Angel

    What does “low” have to say about this? Has it begun? 😉

    • low

      see below.

      • Graphical Mind

        lol, I was expecting a big report from you, but just “this is it”. I better start saving up my pennies 😉

  • shivas

    Hmmm. . .if they ARE releasing a DX and FX pro-body bundle, they HAVE to release some FX lenses too, no?

    • Anonymous

      Oh yes please! Some “affordable” FX zooms would be great, or a few updated primes.
      Then a D400 instead of a D300 with video and Santa will be busy this year.

  • shivas

    oh HELLLLLLLLLLs yeah it began, WOOOOTTTT, Viva la Nikon!!

  • geoff

    I just hope they come out with a new lens similar to Canon’s 24-105 f/4 with it. The Nikon equivalent is regarded as one of their softest lenses. I’d also settle for a new 70-200 f/2.8 VRII, or a non-VR 70-200 f/2.8 replacement for the current 80-200, which is also crap.

    • Bud

      …”or a non-VR 70-200 f/2.8 replacement for the current 80-200, which is also crap”.
      Really? Do you own one? I’m guessing you don’t and given I do, and it happens to be one of my 3 best lenses (the others being the Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 and a second generation Tokina 28-70 Pro, f/2.8 – which is sharper, but less contrasty, than the Nikon 24-70, f2.8 – I just tested it last week using a D700). I don’;t usually go out of my way to defend equipment but clearly you don’t have a clue…

      • geoff

        I did own one, for about two weeks before returning it. It was very soft wide open with poor contrast and lots of purple fringing. The 80-200 AF-S was a great lens. The 80-200 AF-D, not so much.

        • Bud

          I can only assume you got a bad one… All of the tests I have seen of the lens, and my own experience, are contrary to what you experienced. I just don’t think people should make blanket statements about a product just because they perhaps had one bad sample. I’m convinced the first Nikon 14-24 I received was not good either (not sharp, dust behind the front element). Got a replacement and was able to see that what everyone said about the lens was accurate.

    • D40-Owner

      geoff, are you aware of the big distortion, high vignetting wide -open and bad CA of the Canon 24-105 f/4 at FullFrame?
      I sure hope Nikon does NOT release a lens like that…

      • geoff

        The CA is relatively moderate and can easily be corrected in software. I wasn’t aware of how bad the vignetting and distortions were, however.

  • Nikkorian

    Well, that was my guess I mentioned here severeal times. D700x is due before 300s. The latter is not as pressing really.

  • Nikkorian

    BTW anyone knows what’s up with canonrumors? He’s been offline for over a day now.

  • mfotom

    if the d700x comes with d3x sensor does that mean that the d700x wont be as strong in low light conditions as the d700?

    • Anonymous

      D700… high ISO performance… shoot sports/action
      D700x… buy a tripod and amaze with detail

      Not a bad combo.

    • Jesse

      In theory, that’s correct – just as the D3x is weaker in high ISO than the D3. But there has been some time since the D3x release to allow for sensor refinement on Nikon’s part; therefore it’s possible the D700x would have improved high ISO quality over the D3x (though it’s still likely worse than the D700).

      • STJ

        Or maybe they will just add video and reduce the frame rate….?

    • Michael

      My guess is this camera will be a head to head competitor with the 5D Mark II and should be priced around the same thing. MY Guess, is $3000-$3500USD. That is the only way it will be competitive. The D700 went head to head with the 5D and was priced to match. The D3x went head to head with the 1Ds Mark III and priced to match. I would imagine the D700x will do the same with the 5D Mark II. If it does then I think it will sell like crazy.

      That is just my opinion.

      • Nikkorian

        it is heaps better than the 5DII, not only for its sports-fast autofocus. i would be happy if it was different, but really, a 30% premium on top of the 5DII price would not be asking too much.

        • Michael

          I have not used the 5D or 5D Mark II. The D700 is great though. I think if it goes with 24MP and 1080 video $3000-$3500 would not be out of touch. As always for you and me the lower end of that scale is better but I think that is where it will come in. I also think it will probably be far better than the Canon.

      • Jay

        The 5dMKII cost at release was less than the D700 was. How is Nikon going to justify a higher resolution D700x for less money than the D700. I own a D700, and I would be ticked to have paid more $$ for less resolution. Yes, I know all about the D700’s low light and high speed characteristics, but many flolks look at resolution first and everything else second.

        That said, Bring It On!!

  • Jesse

    I thought you had completely sworn off mentioning anything TH related on this site? Ha, oh well, I guess this was too juicy to pass up 😉

    (Just messin’ with ya :-))

    I couldn’t care less about the D700x – I’m hoping for a D700s with HD video, but that’s probably unrealistic for this year. Oh well 🙁

    • You are correct, but then I would contradict myself by promising to deliver every Nikon rumor out there, so I changed my mind. At least I have the guts to say that I heard a rumor from him site – he will never do that. In addition TH just repeated what I reported here few weeks ago. I am just presenting the rumors to my readers, you will have to make up your own mind.

  • getanalogue

    hey jesse, rumor says D700x would hd video! happy?

    • Jesse

      Not really, because (a) I don’t need or want 24MP – huge files and processing time increase – and (b) the price will be substantially more due to the expense of the 24MP sensor.

      A D700s – 12MP with HD video – would be perfect 🙂

      • Jon Paul

        I don’t see why they couldn’t update to a D700s at the same time as they release the D300s. It seems like the upgrades would be nearly identical, and I’m sure there would be a market for a D700s (I would get one, too, Jesse).

      • barold

        12MP FX, high ISO performance and video capability would get my money this xmas.

  • Rapti

    That would be absolutely improbable.
    If they would bring a D700x with 24MP, the could kick theur D3x into the deep see

    • That’s what they said about the D700 for the D3 but that didn’t happen.

      I don’t know about the option of Video on a pro body like the D700x. Honestly, I have been to too many events where they will not allow video equipment, only still equipment. If I have to get different press credentials for a football game because my camera has video capabilities I don’t think I’d enjoy that one bit.

  • Alex

    Yes! Please release it tomorrow! Price drops the day after!

  • regular

    Canon is delaying its releases,
    Nikon is rescheduling its own announcements,

    … could it be that a third company is preparing something even bigger? :o)

    • Pansottin

      Don´t forget about Sony.

  • I, honestly, would like to get a D700 so as soon as the new replacement comes out and the prices drop I think I’ll be in a better position to grab a cheap one that someone is dumping on Craigslist. I wouldn’t mind having 4K video like the Red cameras so I could print a frame grab and maybe play around with some new creative exploits but I’m pretty happy with shooting images.

    • regular

      who told you prices will drop?
      D3’s price did not drop when D3x was released, did it?

  • LC Ken

    Why, oh why must Nikon add video capabilities to new cameras…?

    It seems to me Nikon would be better served developing a line of video cameras separate from SLRs. Maybe when they’ve “got it right” would be a better time to incorporate one with the other.

    Seeing the limited quality (and I use that term loosely) of what was linked to yesterday, I have absolutely no desire to own a Nikon DSLR with video. I especially don’t want the privilege of paying even 1 penny more for a feature that seems more a beta release than a finished product.

  • Daf

    WooHoo – the camera I’ve been waiting for since NIkon went FF

  • zen-tao

    All the medium-grade lenses owners like Tamrom, Sigma, Tokina, or even a lot of Nikkor must be ready to make one-in-depth performance check of their optics. Second hand market will be jammed of that stuff soon. Not even Nikon is going to sell a lot of those new cameras but a lot of 24-70mm, 70-200 mm, 14-24 mm also. Zeiss company may be rubbing his hands. So guys make up your wallets because a camera like that is coming with a lot of new features. I have my D200 in my hand and say as that Prince of Denmark did:…..

  • low

    this is it.

  • JM

    Excellent news! I’m watng for a FF Nikon with at least 720p video sooooooo much! You can make amazing movies with those sweet Nikon FF-lenses.

  • bobnikon

    What do you have against Thom Hogan?

    • nothing – you should ask him the same question

  • EnPassant

    It appears Nikons 2009-10 schedule for release of cameras and lenses has been leaked. At least that is the claim. But it can of course just as well be fantasies or a wishlist created by someone having to much time to spend!

    A short summary:

    August 4 introduction: (Apparently the end of july presentation is for compact cameras.)
    Nikon D3000,
    Nikon D300s with Full-HD movie 24 fps, improved AF, selftimer + mirror-up, cf + sd-slot
    AF-S DX 17-65/3.2-4 G VR with 72(!) mm filter

    October 15 presentation:
    Nikon D700X with 24.5 MP, Full-HD movie 24 fps, improved AF and selftimer + mirror-up
    AF-S Nikkor 24-135mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR (The FX-dream-walk-around-lens?)
    AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II (What everybody waited for! 82 mm filter, 1530 g)
    AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.4G
    AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G (No VR?)

    AF-S Nikkor 14-28mm f/3.5-4.5G ED
    AF-S Nikkor 120-450mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR II (Replacement for 80-400? 82 mm, 1480 g)

    Nikon D4 with 15.7 MP, improved 1 EV, Full HD-movie 30fps
    Nikon D400 with 13.8 MP, improved 1 EV, Full HD-movie 24fps

    Q3 2010:
    AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4G VR (On the waitinglist for many!)
    AF-S Nikkor 400mm f/5.6G VR (Have been missing a long time!)
    AF-S Nikkor 70-240mm f/3.5-4.5G VR (The missing medium size telezoom!)
    AF-S Nikkor 105mm f/2G DC (A small surprise. No VR?)
    AF-S Nikkor 24-85mm f/4G VR
    AF-S DX Nikkor 60-95mm f/2G VR (The DX dream-telezoom!)
    AF-S DX Nikkor 17-60mm f/2.8G VR (Replacing 17-55 with addition of VR)
    Nikon Coolpix P1DX with DX 12.3 MP stabilised sensor, 28-85/3.5-5.6 zoom (comparable to FX, actually 18-56?), 2.9 inch 920k-display, movable upwards for macro.

    Q4 2010:
    Nikon D4X with 30.2 MP with 1 EV improved sensitivity.

    I assume all VR-lenses are actually VR II even if it is not stated.

    Check the posting here:

    Original page in Czech:,2892399,3061050,quote=1

    What will be we will see!

    • Jesse


      If this is legit… then… dang!

      But what about the D700 replacement? A D400 would be the upgrade to the D300 (DX), right? The D4 would be FX… but where’s the FX D700 replacement?

      • regular

        this guy says the “70-200mm” upgrade will have a 82mm filter thread… hmm.
        There are also things like f/3.2-4 aperture?

    • geoff

      Huh… No SB-700 in there?

    • low

      IT HAS BEGUN!!!

    • Anonymous

      what usless lenses are these…i mean those wirth the 3,21 5,78 6,234 apertures..?

  • Anonymous

    Why provide an update for the D700??? The damn thing just came out. C’mon Nikon, we need a replacement for the D300…its long overdue!

    • Michael

      The 5D Mark II

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. Nikon failing to release a body to meet the 5DmkII’s resolution this year would be a poor business move. Daily I’m reading many responses from people saying they have purchased a 5DmkII or will be doing so shortly, so now is not the time for Nikon to be cautious and leaving such a gaping hole in their lineup until, another year down the track.

        I currently own a D700 but would upgrade to a D700x in a heartbeat as I primarily need the extra resolution for my landscape photography.

  • funny

    5DII’s killer draws near. nice.

  • zen-tao

    Nikon is very reluctant to issue new models. One for year, two or none of them. But so many of them and sucha strange lenses as: AF-S DX Nikkor 60-95mm f/2G VR (The DX dream-telezoom!) is toomuch.
    I don´t believe that rumour. Alot of new thigs yes but not that much.

  • gurbally

    Guys, why are you comparing D700 to 5D MarkII too much? D700 is for low light/action. 5D MarkII is for nature and landscapes.

  • Hopsakeeh

    Can”t wait for the d700x to come out. Need a good low-light camera wich gives me high quality high res. pics, not a videocamera. Plz… no gadgets just functionality.


  • Azem Koleci

    It’ll be nice and looking forward to replace my D700 with 24mp FX D700x, which it will match and do for all aspect of photography.
    It’ll be an alternative to digital medium format cameras as well.
    I hope nikon it will come with an solution probably this year.

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