Nikon D-Movie Screening Room

"Nikon Inc. today announces the official launch of the Nikon D-Movie Screening Room (, an online collection of creative and inspiring videos captured with Nikon’s D90 and D5000 D-SLR cameras. Award-winning director of photography Harris Savides showcases an artistic compilation of life’s most common, anonymous and beautiful moments. Savides, known for his work on Gus Van Sant’s Milk and Ridley Scott’s American Gangster, will be joined in the screening room by other accomplished professionals, as well as aspiring film makers and D-SLR photographers." (source)

The interesting part is that the link from the above press release points to What will happened when Ashton gets replaced one day?

Multiple readers also emailed me about the website which is suppose to "bring the future into focus". The site has not been updated since the last time we discussed it here on NikonRumors few months ago.

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  • GeoVu

    whatever happened to just photography…

  • NikoDoby

    It went the same way as just painting

  • x

    My personal opinion:
    “In my view the video sucked.
    Out of focus, whobbly rolling shutter, flat colors.
    Compared to Vincent Laforet’s first movie Reverie (didn’t like his 2nd one either..) this looked like a (“windows” ;))home movie”

  • x

    at least nikon make great pictures 😉

  • Willis

    Why Nikon would want to put its video capabilities on display is beyond me… the Mountain climbing one that I watched was terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I get that video is here to stay in the DSLR game, but I’ve made exactly one movie with my D90… and its crap.

    What would be interesting is if Nikon made a dedicated vid. camera with a low pixel count 2-6mp. but very high frame rate.

  • crane

    Wow, those videos look crap (except the hot girl in the equestrian video).

  • tang

    what is interesting is that site says about video from Nikon’s D90 and D5000 D-SLR cameras. Does that mean that no other Nikon DSLR will ever have movie?

    • Alex

      The D90 and D5000 are the only 2 Nikon cameras to have DMovie mode right now.. they wouldn’t be stupid enough to mention the D300s having video before it’s released….


    I think the videos don’t look that great also. I’ve seen much better video from HD camcorders. I would rather use a HD camcorder.

  • lox

    If Nikon took the whole video thing serious, CaptureNX would be able to cut movies.

  • Andy Mac

    As a Nikon user (and also a videographer) I was really excited when the D90 was announced – I went and got one as soon as it was released… and was *so* disappointed.
    Soon after, Vincent LaForet’s movie came out, and the quality of this and subsequent movies I’ve seen shot with a Canon 5Dmk2 have been amazing.

    I’m now losing video work to folks with the 5Dmk2… and I’ve been waiting for Nikon’s response for many months now.
    I habe a large investment in Nikon lenses, and I don’t want to switch… but today I made the decision – I have bought a Canon.
    Sad day.
    But watching the crappy quality of the videos Nikon have approved for use to display the ‘awesome’ video capabilities of their D90 & D5000 cameras… I feel I’ve taken the only option for me if I want to stay ahead of the game.

    Nikon – please wake up and get a really good video-enabled FF competitor to the 5Dmk2

    • Ennan

      I’d love a full frame video slr or a video camera tht takes nikon glass (and cheaper than Reds scarlet) but they need to sort their image quality issues. If they can do that it would be a god send.

  • Anonymous

    >>What will happened when Ashton gets replaced one day?
    So they’ll change where the nikondmovie link points to. What’s the big deal?

    Actually, I don’t think these movies look bad EXCEPT for the fact that the light levels seem to keep changing. I would say that the aperture is changing, however if that’s the case, shouldn’t the perceived light level remain constant if the meter is working properly?

    But the real test is only going to be when someone shoots video with a DSLR and with a camcorder at the same time and we can compare the results side-by-side. While the camcorders should be superior in some technical respects like light level consistency (as mentioned above) and lack of motion artifacts, I think the Nikon would win in terms of overall resolution, control of DOF and the overall look.

    And yes, the horseback rider was pretty hot. Every female equestrian wears tons of makeup and eyeliner when riding, right?

  • funny

    I love that nikon takes video seriously enought to make a site. but I’m dissapointed they don’t take it seriously enough to put manual controls, h264 and full HD on the D300s. That is if the specs are to be believed. It would put nikon DSLRs at the bottom of the scale in video quality. even panasonic has much better looking output at this point.

    • Pablov

      indeed if Nikon don’t do something GOOD about Video, they will loose customers. No doubt about it.

      They were the “first” company implementing movie/video mode, but didn’t do it well enough, and worse, still didn’t improve it…

      Months has passed…

      Better they are working on it, and hard, because Motion JPG is too old codec to use today, and the jello effect must be improved as well (not to mention they must give full manual controls for video….)

      • Anonymous

        I agree. Nikon is sleeping. Video mode still bullshit: Motion JPEG, 24 fps (no choice of 30 fps), no 1080p etc.

  • Pablov

    It is a VERY GOOD strategy to encourage customers to use and share their video clips.
    That will increase the interest of current and future customers in that feature.

    It is something that spontaneously happened mostly with the Canon 5D Mark II, and I’m sure it helped a lot to encourage Canon to improve (or fix) it, giving (at last…) the full manual control in video mode.

    When so many people express their interest, starting so many websites,blogs,forums, video communities, that means there is a huge market possibility for the smart companies.

    It took many months to Canon to accept it and realize the benefit of giving manual control to customers.

    But well, they finally did. Not because they are good people, but because they understood the business benefits…

    Nikon should really do something good about movie mode.

    There will be always some photographers who will say they don’t care about video, but the trends are extremelly clear since long ago, and people who don’t like or care about a feature have always the choice to not use it.

    But the company wich not include a mass-requested or popular feature take big risk of loosing customers…

    In fact, even when encouraging customers to use video is a good move, it is indeed somewhat delayed for a supposed smart company like Nikon.

    I still don’t like much that so big companies relies on VERY few popular photographers to promote new stuffs…. It’s something I see somewhat as old fashion… Can’t such a huge company do something by themselves ?

  • WaitingfortheD400

    I hope Nikon is not talking up it’s D-Movie because the next models will offer the same “stunning quality”. It was stunning indeed to see this crappy compression in person. I sold my D90 because of this and I so hope Nikon makes something with a movie quality comparable to the 5D mark 2.

  • STJ

    Remember Nikon was the first to bring video to a DSLR – not the second 🙂 I think the movies look great and show what the technology can do at present, but moreover gives me incentive to do something creative other than care about megapixels – at least for a moment ;-). I’m impressed that Nikon Switzerland got Ueli Steck on the video – well done! That guy is amazing – did the Eiger North wall in 2h 47min.

  • Andy Mac

    I’m sorry, but those movies simply do *not* look great.
    But you are right about showing what the technology can do at present… which is why I have reluctantly switched to Canon; Nikon’s video technology is not up to it.
    All the movies shot with a D90 look soft, for starters.
    Worse, the guys they are using to showcase don’t know how to shoot video properly; the ‘horse’ video changes exposure throughout the shots – that’s a basic mistake.
    It is possible to lock exposure on the D90 [I know, I have a D90] so that error is inexcusable in a Nikon-promoted video – it shows they don’t really ‘get it’ or care much.

  • Pansottin

    Sad sad sad, all this slow Nikon movie path.
    The first but bad movie mode on a DSLR.
    The results are crap. The movie site is full of old stuff, bad stuff…come on.

    I´ve been waiting for a good movie mode for an year, since D90 – a good camera and a bad “camcorder”.

    I´m a big Nikon fan/user since film days/scanner, etc; and I need both a new good digital camera for stills and a camcorder too.
    I hate camcorders. Tiny, fragile, consumer, video-look…crap. I love DSLR promises like 5D, with nice dof, lenses,etc; you know. All a camcorder isn´t. But Canon irritates me. Too big. Call me crazy, but that how I feel. And Nikon is irritating me too with it´s slooooooow path.
    My deadline will be the next July/August news. No proper Full HD video; no Nikon bodies for me anymore.
    I´m so tired…
    So sorry for this.
    Nikon rules on stills.
    Nikon sucks on movie.

    • Sergiy (Ukraine)

      Yeah, I understand you and completely agree. Nikon is too slow in this question and do nothing. And this is realy irritate! I also tired because of this and started to watch Canon. What can I do. I sent letters to Nikon before. But apparently Nikon doesn’t care. It’s strange. It seems as if some dull-witted people work in Nikon, who doesn’t understand situation.

  • Pansottin

    I´m afraid, Sony or Canon will dominate even more this Video-DSLR adventure very soon.
    Both have the resources and experience but a department to canibalize.
    Nikon doesn´t have nothing to loose and no such problem but is loosing the race and my patience.
    So tired…

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