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Limited Edition, White Nikon – will we ever see one?

Here is a good way for Nikon to start making some extra money – start selling all white, limited edition Nikon cameras for 40% price premium.  Pentax did it few months ago and Leica is charging almost double for its limited edition all-white Leica M8. And when there, why stop with white – I am […]

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Kamera & Bild confirmed: Nikon D60 is gone, D300 is next?

Following up on my previous post about the Nikon D60 being discontinued – this is a Google translation from Kamera & Bild that was just posted online: “At our monthly update of rekpriserna on the market, we received news that Nikon D60 is sold out and that the D300 deleted. We called up Björn Nordgren at Nikon Nordic to get […]

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Nikon D60 next to be discontinued?

Nikon D40 is already discontinued. I also got multiple reports that the Nikon D60 is low in stock, not available or discontinued in some online retailers (the reports were mainly from Europe). Quick check in the US:  B&H is out of stock: Adorama is out of stock: Amazon still has it in stock. NR rating system: 80%

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Nikon D400 DSLR @ Cannes, France NR rating system: 0%

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Nikon 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6D rumor

Back to what we do best – Nikon rumors. This was sent in by a reader: I know we’ve all heard this a 1000x but I was at my local camera store on Saturday and asked them if the Nikon rep had mentioned any new releases from Nikon. The salesman told me that the rep […]

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Nikon D90 FATBOX now official

After several leaks in German sites (link) today Nikon officially announced the  Nikon D90 FATBOX:

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Polls – NR feedback, please vote

My post about the Thom Hogan’s “special surprise book” caused some controversy (you can read all the comments if you have the time). Everything boils down to the same old question:  should I post any Nikon rumor (basically what I have been doing so far) or should I write only about info from verified, trusted sources? I […]

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Nikon related links/news

Those are Nikon related news that were not important enough to get their own post during the week – they will get dump here every weekend (I have been doing this for the past few months already): The Nikon Price Watch section is now updated daily (automatically). I will be adding the most widely used lenses soon. […]

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