Limited Edition, White Nikon – will we ever see one?

Nikon D3 weeding photographer edition

Here is a good way for Nikon to start making some extra money - start selling all white, limited edition Nikon cameras for 40% price premium.  Pentax did it few months ago and Leica is charging almost double for its limited edition all-white Leica M8.

And when there, why stop with white - I am sure there will be buyers for a redcamouflage and even Bruce Lee versions of the Nikon D3.

Nikon D3 Bruce Lee paint

NR rating system: 1%

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  • Anonymous

    it’s a joke !!! PLZZZZ !

  • Nau

    it would make sense to have one if there was a choice to get white lenses other thn that its just gone look stupid

    white body with black lens eeerrr

    some wedding photographers might like it tho : )

    • Anonymous

      Yeah that would look as dumb as a black camera with a white lens… er…

      • Max

        Lol! Made me rofl! 😀

      • Got a LOL outta me, too 😀

      • RThomas

        That made me laugh too, very nice joke!

    • DENZ

      use an adapter and put a canon L series lens. lol……..

    • In fact when I purchased my 70-200 I was given the option of sending it to Nikon to trade for a white body one, just like Canon. Nikon offers white as an option for most of it’s gold ring glass.

      Why not a body to match?

      • BrianO

        I’ve never seen or heard of this, really?

        • Ennan

          yep – it’s true. It was designed so that Nikonians could move freely through the Canon users camp undetected. Then, when they let their guard down the loyal Nikonian could slit their throats, break their gaudy “L” glass and urinate on their pentaprisms.

          Many Canon users died when it was first introduced.

          Seriously though it is true, you can get white Nikon glass. Ugly as sin.

          • Zoetmb

            In the U.S. (and I think now everywhere else as well), white (actually light gray) Nikon glass has been long discontinued and none of the major retailers have any left. It was available for these lenses (all but the first two are also now discontinued in black as well):
            70-200 2.8
            300 4.0

            300 2.8 AF-S D ED-IF II
            500 4.0 AF-S D ED-IF II
            400 2.8 AF-S D ED-IF II
            600 4.0 AF-S D ED IF -2
            28-70 2.8 AF-S

            Some Nikon lenses are also available in silver (as are some bodies), but not in the U.S. This seems to be a big thing in the UK.

            And IMO, the white lenses (actually light grey), looked good. The reason they didn’t sell well in the U.S. is that Nikon didn’t market them properly. They were generally special order, they cost more and they weren’t eligible for rebates. I almost bought the 28-80 2.8 in light gray, but it would have cost me $300 more as at the time, it cost $100 more, there was a $100 Nikon rebate and BH was offering a $100 show discount, but none of the discounts applied to the white version.

            As far as bodies go, I don’t think a white body for 40% more makes any sense. But I do think a range of color options (at no incremental cost) might encourage sales, especially at the lower end, by making the cameras seem “friendlier” and distinctive.

  • Eric M.

    I haven’t made a post on here yet, and I haven’t seen any posts I didn’t like until this one. This isn’t even a rumor or news about Nikon.

    Please don’t post obviously fake rumors (unless it’s April 1st).

    • Nau

      nothing wrong with a bit of fun when there is nothing else to post

    • of course it is a rumor – with a chance of 1% 🙂

      • There were more. I remember seeing these quite some time ago. There was an Iron Man, a Hulk and one more (Spider-Man I think).

        • twoomy

          I remember those as well! Some graphic artist on DPReview did some amazing work creating those and he was able to kick them out so quickly too. Fun fun fun.

  • RM

    The camo D3 looks great! I bet Moose Peterson would be all over that one!

    • LOL!

      • Anonymous

        The camo version is actually labeled as D4! Maybe it’s the real thing, who knows what the D4 will look like! LOL!

  • WTF

    What difference does it make? What’s important is what’s inside the machine. I could care less about the color it could be pink for all i care.

  • Derek Winchester

    Nikon has already started doing this. The gold trim d60 that came out not long ago.

  • Pablox

    the D3 is a work tool though if your buying a D3 i dont think you care about what it looks like, the pentax and leica are consumer cameras they can do that.

  • Siletto

    Very nice. Looks like they just put the color in negative.
    If they make a porcelain D3, I’d definitely put one on the shelf.

  • Bonetti

    This is a old joke it was posted on Dpreview months ago , they even had a bruce lee one and a star wars one.

  • Oliver

    Finally, something to go along my shiny white macbook ! 🙂

    Even if it’s not real… I have to admit it is darn sexy.

  • Strange…they managed to impart a nice silicone look to the pc and remote jack covers…but they botched on making the led cover white. It can be translucent/whitish, but led behind it should make the spot darker. Looks too opaque.

  • The D60 Gold Edition was one that somehow might be a breakthru for this though.

    Heck getting the limited edition 70-200mm f2.8 in white might even go along with a white body

    • Limited edition? It’s a standard option. So says Nikon if you call them.

    • I think white 70-200’s are pretty easy to come by (at least here in Japan that seems to be the case).

  • Anonymous

    why does everyone say it has to be a 70-200 why not make all three of them white because i never use that radge id like a 24-70 white

    • It’s usually the teles for sports shooters. Call Nikon and ask. I bet if you just bought it they’ll do it. Couldn’t hurt to try.

    • Joe

      The old 28-70 was available in white (well, more a light grey) – I’d like to see the 14-24 and 24-70 available in that colour again.

  • I hope, Nikon doesn’t start the heavy collectors item fashion like Leica, which drives used prices crazy. I prefer Nikons, to be usable and affordable tool with technical superiority. I don’t need price jacking on the used items, I might want to buy in a few years (see price differences between F2n and FM3a).

  • Phoggy

    Man, those were all fugly looking!

  • I would consider one for a showpiece, but i could never justify one. Nikon has a bit of a history with limited edition, collectors bodies with matching serial number lenses, why not make one from the D3….white + white 14-24mm f/2.8 (only because they look so good together), or even a brushed titanium variant…

  • Jørgen

    Camerasequipment and football-boots have to be black.

    • Pablov

      LOL……. (about the footbal/soccer-boots)

      Nowadays you see lot of white boots !! 🙂
      Remember when it was a rare thing?

      I also remember when the orange ball was something rare for us who don’t see snow….

      and now you have fotball/soccer balls multi-colored….

      We are old fashion I guess 🙂

      • Jørgen

        I know we have white soccerboots, and I do NOT like it.

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of an Imperial Stormtropper from Star Wars.

  • Pablov

    don’t hit me, but the white camera body is horrible !!!!!! (at least 1st impression)

    (a camouflage body could be of use though, but not white or red…)

    • Nau

      bright pink for ms Hilton ? 🙂

  • monty11

    I first saw this picture before the D3x came out and it was nicknamed the Wedding Photographer’s Special

  • mildred
    • Nau

      new show…. ” pimp my camera ”
      all you need to add is 2 more LSD screens lol

  • Pink, pink, pink I say!!!!

  • A new Nikon fanboy

    I think I’d go for those if they’d add an extra lug for hanging fuzzy dice.


    GOOD, I never wait to see one of those ugly things again.

  • Chris

    One for the wife I guess, at least it matches all the kitchen appliances in the house…

  • Chris

    Looks like my iPod! but why not a snow white camera?

    Realy I want a D400 – not a white D3! *gg*

  • Chris

    Cancel the N of Nikon and what you have? Right: i-con…

  • Ken Elliott

    Actually, the red version could be done pretty easily. Almost all the red surfaces are soft parts. They are molded from a TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer) like Santoprene. So all Nikon had to do is load a new color into the molding machine and produce a run. That means you could order new rubber parts and pimp your D3.

    That said, I’d rather they do it to the lower cameras, rather than the D3. But it is a nice way to say “I’m not a pro, I just have a lot of money to spend on camera gear”.

    When I started shooting, black cameras were very rare. Nearly all were chrome with black leather(ette). Leica did produce cameras with exotic leathers and sometimes gold plating. I had one of the somewhat rare all-black Nikon F, and found that I could easily take pictures without drawing attention to myself. A few years later, all pros wanted black cameras. Pretty soon, the camera manufacturers figured out that black made a camera look “pro”. Today, nearly every camera is black. I’d actually like consumer cameras to go for color, making black cameras less noticeable again.

  • Dark marine blue.

    I do not like the black color in general so black cameras are not much to my liking. However, this white camera is plain ugly. I suggest a darkish marine blue instead of black would be, for me at least, much better. Or a darkish green is also another suggestion. But white like that, certainly not!!

  • DX Primes!

    That is truly hideous.

  • Rich

    This is hilarious!!! But reality check, color DSLR bodies are coming out! Check out the Sony Alpha 330 in “lovely” chocolate brown!

    Be afraid, be VERY afraid!

    • CV

      Well, P&S cameras are already available in colors, so with dSLRs becoming cheaper I wouldn’t be suprised with all the crappy colors.

  • Rick

    I would like mine in hot pink please zebra stripes please… (^_^)

  • This IS a camouflaged body – for Finnish army. Or heat-resistant one for NASA. Black is for funerals.

  • Quash

    I saw pics (just looked and can’t find now) or a clear body on the new D5000. It allowed you to see all the guts of the camera. Looks awesome. I’d buy that but not a white body.

  • MrCupHolder

    If I were to buy a D3 I’d be happy to have a camo one. But not any of the others. They just stand out too much. Not that a D3 by itself doesn’t 🙂

  • Lamergod

    Looks more like a fashion statement to me

  • Ernst

    White is the wrong color for a camera. It harms the functionality of the camera as a tool. Ever wonder why everything in serious photography is painted black?

    The reason is that the white can actually effect the lighting and appearance of your subject – ESPECIALLY in high-contrast close-ups and macrophotography. It makes studio work a drag, too, especially of highly reflective subjects, where the white camera might become visible.

    Canon can get away with it on their long lenses because the subjects are so far away.

    Nikon shouldn’t even consider thsi. A camera that messes up the very image it’s trying to capture is big-time FAIL, especially at the high-end, and especially if its for no better reason than to make the camera look flashy.

  • too many funny people in the world. never gonna happen

  • Leinad S.

    As ugly as it can be… My god, isn´t there another option than this overused “Apple-White look”? Boring.

  • I want mine to be star trooper black and white or iron man mark 3 colors!

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