Nikon D400 DSLR @ Cannes, France

NR rating system: 0%

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  • low

    pretty funny

  • Alain2x

    Very good !
    My wife was awarded the same treatment from her colleagues 🙂

  • Steph

    Smart use of their “big star” feature – It’s only at the very end that you realize how they did it.. Even the slogan on top of the Orange page makes a alot of sense in the context of the D400.

  • Lars

    Making up rumors… not cool. Funny to share with your buddies, sure, but with your discussion with Thom Hogan fresh in memory it’s a bit surprising that you post this crap.

    • JJ

      Have you seen the results of the polls?

      • Lars

        At least the Thom Hogan book “rumor” had some kind of substance behind it. This rumor post is just fabricated out of thin air.

    • Joe Boston


    • Eric

      This is just for fun Lars. You could have spotted this: “NR rating system: 0%”

      You should check this one:

    • The idea behind this post is to get readers to start paying attention to the new rating system. I will no longer discuss the TH issue.

    • Just enjoy it for a good laugh! Don’t take photography or new products so seriously! Most rumors should be laughed at anyways.

  • Very funny, I like it. Please keep posting this stuff!

  • Is it just a joke?

    Or is it really a pre-announcement for the D400?

    The problem with this kind of video is that it could be a completely bogus pub done by a deceiver to promote something completely different, the festival of Cannes. What is this web site? Nikon France? NO! And that is where the problem starts!

    In any case, the updates to the D300 and to the D700 will come surely before the end of 2009.

    • Eric


  • Quash

    Okay, I read the Thom Hogan posts and I chalk it up to a newbie mistake. NR now realizes that when they see something like this, they should attempt to confirm the rumour directly with the source (TH) before posting. Fair enough. Lesson learned. Move on, people. I know a very large site that posted many rumours and I happen to know they did a lot of checking with direct and indirect sources before posting rumours. Just part of their business as a rumour site. It enhanced their credibility and trust, which you need. I also know that this site had relationships with the VPs of and senior folks in marketing at a number of tech companies, who would feed them “leaked pics” and “leaked specs.” The site would post these “rumours” under things like “a trusted source” but never, ever revealed the relationships or suggested the info was coming from inside the company (remember: these are publicly traded companies). So, over time, people saw that their rumours turned out to be true and the site thrived because they were credible. And the garbage rumours? The site did everything they could to not post them, as they knew it undermined the reason people come to their site: to read *credible* rumours, not baseless rumours. Building the behind the scenes relationships to make a site like this thrive takes a lot of work.

    What NR should be doing is apologizing privately to TH (he may have already done this) and then seeing if there’s a way they can work with each other in the future. TH is a good source for NR, so it would be useful to turn this negative experience in to a positive benefit.

    On this post, it’s a D400 spoof, people. Relax. It should be posted on a site like this. The title of this post is “Punk’d” and the NR rating is 0%. So, it’s fair game and acts as a fun distraction. NR in no way is suggesting this is true and the title is not “link bait.” If it was “link bait,” suggesting it was true, when NR new it wasn’t, that would be a concern.

    So, watch the video, enjoy or move on. Thanks for posting, NR.

    • Max

      Blah blah blah. I think enough people said this already.

      I admire you, Admin. You must have some courage to continue doing that despite all the whining going on. Thanks.

      • Thanks! I said that already – I will continue to do what I am doing until the readers feedback tells me to stop, I will not change because of few people. I will do another poll in few months again. This is what every other website would do, so why should I be different?

        • Probably a bad joke

          I think you must try to put plausible rumors on your site. This particular rumor is not plausible at all!!!

          Do a search with google somewhere else and do you see any secondary postings that could confirm it? NO! Then, you know that a French idiot over there in France is trying to advertise the festival of Cannes!

          Use some common sense to put possible rumors! You should not have any problems getting rid of the junk and the stupid postings like this one!

          Anyway, the updates to the D300 and to the D700 with at least video added to them will come during 2009 or the latest at the beginning of 2010.

  • Zoetmb

    I thought the Thom Hogan thing was inappropriate (but only because it asked whether it was a publicity stunt), but I think it’s perfectly fine to post this. And the reason is because this was a finely crafted video that could be conceived to be either real or if not real, very funny.

    I’m one who thinks that most rumors are false (although I’ve been wrong many times), but if I saw this one out of context of the site, I would have thought it was a real Nikon pre-promotion plant.

    I don’t speak French so I didn’t get it all, but who produced this and why? Was it simply to promote the “Orange” site? Seems to me this would have been kind of expensive to produce – the production values were quite good.

  • Aleksey

    It could be a bogus video made on account of real thing that they just don’t have access to. D400 is “in the air” and everybody want to capitallize on it. It hard to discriminate fake things made based on real information v.s. same made on a hunch and came to be true later on.

  • Lardinio

    I just wanna know, how I can do one of these things!

    Anybody who took this seriously, needs to put their hand up and admit they fell for it and to chill out a bit.

    It’s meant to be fun, not the source of debate and to drag the Hogan thing up again!

  • Ian Dudley

    C’mon guys! Lighten up! Nikon Rumors is doing a good job of entertaining us! No-one dies in a ditch because a rumour (note spelling) is, or is not true. The Cannes thing is good fun, has been very thoroughly prepared – great! Where is the harm in creating it – or posting it here? Don’t take life so seriously!

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