Nikon D60 next to be discontinued?

Nikon D40 is already discontinued. I also got multiple reports that the Nikon D60 is low in stock, not available or discontinued in some online retailers (the reports were mainly from Europe). Quick check in the US: 

B&H is out of stock:


Adorama is out of stock:


Amazon still has it in stock.

NR rating system: 80%

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  • This may be just due to nikon’s lowered production. See Thom hogan’s website for an analysis.

  • Rick

    When I was in Sam’s club a few weeks ago they had a large pallet of D60s on sale. I had never seen Nikon’s being sold that way at Sam’s and my thought was that Nikon is dumping their inventory.

  • Nikkorian

    Hmmm? You say chances are 80% that the D60 is discontinued now, or in the very near future — just because it’s out of stock in a few places? Sounds a little unreasonable.

    Also I suggest that they would introduce a replacement at the low end before dicontunuation.

    I’d say chances are 10% that D60 is discontinued within 2 months, 50% after the introduction of a new camera maybe around August/September, so for Xmas they can sell the (more expensive) successor. 35% beginning next year (Jan to March) and 5% later than that.

    • Nikkorian,

      read my latest post – Nikon confirmed it

      • Nikkorian

        oh, i see… well, good on you then!! 🙂

        • Nikkorian

          But I find it really strange that they stop selling the D60, since holiday season starts. They cannot expect people to pay 700 euros for that D5000 or D90, if they only want a few holiday pics of better-than-compact quality. Those people will turn to Canon then, won’t they? And with some new camera they would have to hurry now.

  • Willis


    Read the damn post… that’s not what he said at all. He said that it shows up “out of stock, not available, or discontinued” at a number of retailers. So if it shows up discontinued at a number of retailers, I’d say that its a perfectly reasonable conclusion that it is in fact discontinued.

    • Nikkorian

      So who damned the post? You?

  • Anonymous

    I’d said it in the forums that I thought the D60’s days were numbered after the release of the D5000.

  • Gentoo

    I’d said it in the forums that I thought the D60’s days were numbered after the release of the D5000.

    Sorry, been a long time since I’ve posted comments on the blog lol

  • Dan

    Wasn’t it also speculated that the D5000 was numbered as such because there would be a lower model coming out soon that will be priced and spec’d lower than the D5000?

    • yes, I even remember that is should come just few months after the D5000. Let me try to find the link.

  • Gentoo

    The D60 and D40 will most likely both have newer replacements, perhaps the D5000 is the first. I would guess that a newer model will come out and the price of the D5000 will drop. I think Nikon is seeing what they can get out of this model for right now.

  • Ante

    Nikon Nordic has confirmed that both the D60 and the D300 are discontinued. The D400 isn’t far away…

    • just fyi – when I wrote this post, this K&B article was not online

  • D40, D40 kits discontinued. Not yet in the US
    D80, D80 kits discontinued (Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain, France, Norway) Not yet in the US

  • Zoetmb

    B&H sells many different configurations of the D60. The D60SE body (SE=gold and black) is in stock for $500. And they are accepting orders for a B&H kit that includes a case and memory card with an 18-55mm lens for $800 minus a $15 rebate, so they still must be expecting more.

    And they have four different versions of the D40 in stock.

    J&R has both the D60 body (black/gold) ($500) and 18-55 kit (regular body) $600) still in stock. And they have a D40 18-55 kit for $450.

    That’s not to say that Nikon is still manufacturing any, but they do still seem to be available. This is not unusual. I was surprised to see recently that B&H managed to find some new F80Ds, F100s, and FM10 film cameras and they’re accepting orders on F65s (some are imports).

    Also, just because one Nikon regional subsidiary decides to stop selling a model doesn’t mean that the item is discontinued throughout the world. What it may mean is that if Nikon has either stopped production entirely or simply reduced production capacity, remaining units may be shipped only to certain regions.

  • tom45

    Costco had a huge pallet of D60 kits this past weekend. My guess is Nikon dumped everything they had to the Costo/Sams in preparation for a new model (or maybe the new model was the D5000)

  • ryan

    Ritz camera still has them… a bunch… my thinking is with the shipments we can in every thursday… and what we have in the back room, it could be possible that they will be gone soon, though we do have them in our warehouse still too… this makes even more sense with all of the other retailers, that they are dumping them…

  • Tony M

    In this economic climate it’s imperative to reduce inventories. This applies to both Nikon and stockists.
    Seems logical that Nikon would opt for the D5000 as the bottom ‘rung’
    D90 (for now) as an upgrade.
    D300 (logically its’ replacement)
    D700 (as a lightweight ‘pro’ camera – is the D3 really that better?)
    D3X as its’ pro camera.
    That’s 5 lines to cover the market. Enough?

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