Post rating system implemented

I like to keep it simple: at the bottom of each post you will see the likedislike buttons. Please use this system to rate the actual post and not the validity of the content/rumor or your personal Nikon preferences/expectations (I will be adding separate polls for that when appropriate). Based on your feedback I will make future adjustments: you will see more of the "like" type posts and less of the "dislike" posts. Thanks!

I am still testing this solution - I noticed that sometimes it takes a while to update the results. It seems that voting automatically triggers a refresh and the latest numbers are displayed.

Recap of what I have done so far (most of it based on your feedback):

What's next:

  • NR giveaway (hint: make sure you are registered in the NR forum)
  • NR blog color selection - readers will be able to pick between black or white background
  • a special secret surprise... no, just kidding 🙂
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  • loki

    Good deal! Thanks for the good work!

  • CV

    Bad thing. Most forums that implemented a rating system degraded very fast because the very fact that the ignorant people have the majority and unpopulair speech (but still factual right) gets disliked a lot.

    And since Apple is like a unquestioned religion for some people you’ll probably see that the Apple crowd takes over and nobody is ever allowed to say some factual truth about Apple.

    If you want an example of that, just look at sites like or

    • monty11

      Good, that this isn’t an Apple site then 🙂

    • There is no better way for me to get feedback. Yes, it is not accurate and ideal but still better than nothing. I do not want to get in the same situation where one reader posted multiple comments using different names and almost made me think that I should change a specific post 🙂 Of course this never happened – I did a poll and I got 87% approval.

      • CV

        What keeps that user from using multiple IP’s and still doing that?

        • Actually this is what this user was doing – he/she was using IPs from the same block – just the last 2 digits were different, that’s why I did not catch it right away. Of course someone can do it but is it worth the effort and how many unique IP addresses can you find? I can also pinpoint the IP geo-location and look for patterns that way. Now I started to block certain IPs from viewing this site, not only preventing them to post comments (no worries – only 3 IP addresses are blocked that way).

          Here is a good reading on this topic:

  • dan

    That’s why there’s still a comment section.
    That way the people in the minority can still put forth their views, and if valid enough will no doubt change other people’s minds.

  • funny

    I like all the changes. the new price watch is great. thanks for adding it.

  • Great site, Thom’s just jealous…

    How about some used lens prices, maybe a avg no using a combo of keh, b&h, adorama and ebay numbers for avg price.

    Thanks for all the hard work.


  • Gayle

    Hmm, will someone mark “Dislike” for a good post becuase they don’t like hearing they won’t get their hoped for lens or camera immediately. Like and Dislike could be misunderstood.

    • monty11

      I agree … Nikon 35mm f/1.4 AIS MF lens discontinued? is getting many dislikes and many of the people could have a disliking toward the lens being discontinued, not the post itself.

      • It depends how you look at it – that could also mean that a new version is coming and people should vote positive. I spent a lot of time looking for the best system. The other option is start ratings – I could have one for the post, one of the content and one for the validity of the rumor, but then it will look too crowded and I do not like the star rating system (…3 out of 5 stars). I may put in one of the other blogs and see how it will go. If you guys have other suggestions – let me know.
        I can publish a bad post and I am sure I will get more negative than positive, independent of the content.

        • also, the MacRumors guy has the same system and he has been doing this for 10 years 🙂 It doesn’t mean I have to follow him, but still…

        • monty11

          Well you can never find a system suitable for all 🙂
          What about a double system?
          Rate the story
          Rate NR

          Rate the post content
          Rate the poster

          I’m having trouble suggesting the proper categories 🙂

  • George

    The PhotoRumors site is very nice but please change the color scheme – to some other than black, please.

    • yes, this is coming next for all three sites – readers will be able to switch between black and white background

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