D400 – the most anticipated Nikon camera at the moment

Google Trends shows how often a specific search keyword is entered relative the total number of searches for various regions and languages. This is the result I got after I searched for Nikon D400, Nikon D700x, Nikon D800, Nikon D4 and Nikon D4000 keywords:


Here is the break down by regions, cities and languages:





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  • Roger

    That must be one of the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

    Good fun thougth 😀

  • Where did USA, UK, and English place?

  • The D4000 is still killed in the rankings by the d90, Apple, iPhone, iMac, and other products I obsess over and search every day.

  • steve

    Really?? Pathetic.

  • MarkAM

    Is the Nikon D4000 coming anytime soon?

    • anon

      Here’s another one waiting for the D4000… 🙂

  • Tomao
    • Canon is a much bigger company – they are a “printer” company 🙂

  • justin

    i just spend like half an hour on Google Trends. Thanks NR for my newest past time!

  • Ron Scubadiver

    What if they call it the D350 or D300x?

    • Jeff

      x indicates high resolution variant. so unless it is literally just a D300 with more megapixels (maybe video and a few other very small updates) it will not be called the D300x. D350 is just silly given D100, D200, D300,…

      • dave

        x indicates more pixels and nothing else. s indicated more features or feature improvements, like the D70s. I think video would change it enough to warrant the ‘s’, and more pixels change it enough to warrant an ‘x’, which makes D350 or D400 more likely. They would have to make changes to the D300 body to accommodate the microphone, albeit not a big change, so I could see a D300s with same resolution plus video added. Of course Nikon isn’t above slapping both and x and an s on the end of a product name (D2Xs), so we could see a D300xs.

  • ed

    Yea meng, where the &%$#@ is this camera???!!!!

  • dave

    Actually I find it interesting from a market research perspective. One could interpret the results to say that a D400, or follow-on to a D300 is what the public wants most at the moment. Unfortunately, it doesn’t say what features the public is looking for, so I wouldn’t put it past the folks in marketing to change the body color to silver and change the label to D400, to give the public what they want.

    This is a rumors site. It says so in the URL You want hard facts, go someplace else. Admin, keep up the good work.

  • Mike

    Interesting observation at a recent trade show in Toronto… No D300 or D60 brochures available at the Nikon booth. I asked with a exagerated expression and I received a wry smile in return and some excuse that some were on the way. Big co-incidence that Nikon Canada had no D300 or D60 literature at a consumer trade show! Something is afoot me thinks.

  • GE FTW
  • Ian Dudley

    Delighted to find the world is full of people as sad as me! Power on NR – you are fulfilling a world-wide need!

  • zen-tao

    To release an D400 would be the last Nikon mistake, probably fatal. The professional segment demands another Fx , cheaper than D3x and with a lot of Mpx. Otherwise Nikon is going to failure again. If your prices are double than Canon, the quality and features should be , at least, the third part. Niikon already have enought tecnology to do that. The marketing maneuvers are good for Coolpix segment. But the ones who are expecting to change our old D200 dont need drop by drop changes; tomorrow I change my camera and the day past tomorrow I change it again because a new pretty feature.

    • Remington

      Completely disagree with you on this. Nikon recently released a new FX body in the D3x and I’m not sure the market for Pro/FX bodies is as large as the market for the mid-range semi-pro market. A D400 is the next logical step for Nikon to drive D60/70/80/90 users to upgrade and for D200 users who did not get into a D300 at the time of it’s release.

      A D400 would be attractive to many entry level buyers as a solid body that will last for years. And, that entry level market is still quite large. I think Nikon knows their quite well their market segments and how to deliver what folks are asking for.

      We could also consider that all attention on a D400 could provide some distraction from a D700x or D800 successor that could be just around the corner. Launching a D400 and D700x would certainly not be fatal to Nikon… perhaps to Canon.

      • zen-tao

        Hmm…. ¿ Do you think if they jam more mpx in a D400 we’ll have more resolution than in a D300? The Dx lenses can’t deliver more resolution than they actually do, have a look in photozone.com. DXs are cheap and their capabilities don’t exceed D300’s pixel density. High quality lenses are built for Fx system who is able to level pixel density and resolution. Don’t say me: well buy one D3x. Yes, I know, but it’s very expensive and, I think, overvaluated. To be a professional doesn’t mean to pay whatever Nikon asks to you. That what I meant fatal mistake…. and Canon watching in his branch.

        • Remington

          I guess my question is do you need 24 MP to be a PRO? Does the current D300 not produce excellent IQ with its current 12MP? What’s the downside of using FX glass on a DX body? Even Canon has done well with the 50D and the pixel density debate is still ongoing with both sides digging in their heels to defend their position… almost like the global warming debate.

          Besides, if you want FX but without the high price tag buy a D700.

          • zen-tao

            If we keep replaying each other our spot will be downsized to minimal surface and we need more pixels to render our art. The larger, the better…

            Yours Javier

  • mhood

    I wonder how much of the interest in a D400 is related to improvements in the HD video function? The D90 was a great start but there are many problems with HD video that need resolving.

  • @NikonRumors:disqus, If I click on your link, I get a completely different picture… D800 peaks.

    • yes, this post is 5 year old…

      • Yup! I turned up on this page from a search of D400.. guess I am doing that now. Normally I set the filter to Last Week, or Last 24 Hours, but I missed it now… what an embarrassment! Ha ha ha… 😀

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