Nikon to cut 1000 jobs

  • Nikon to cut about 1,000 jobs, mostly at its domestic plants.
  • Nikon to downsize its subsidiary in Singapore and transfer part of the business to Taiwan.
  • Job cuts are expected to save 8 billion yen (84 million dollars).


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  • dan

    On a previous entry, someone said the ‘like/dislike’ feature might be misinterpreted.
    I didn’t think it would at first, but then when I read this my instant reaction was to say dislike.
    I felt mean saying I liked it.

  • Bob

    Like in you reset your server clock to post this to make it look like you read it first and in true dislike fashion forgot to give credit where credit is due. Like in “Is this me?”

    • What are you talking about ???

      • Ennan

        Well said admin. What on earth!?!

  • Desinderlase

    Wow, larger companies like Microsoft, and maybe even Canon, can survive loosing 1k + jobs and continue working as usual, but… Is Nikon big enough?

  • The press release is about Nikon Precision, not about the camera group.

    • The Google article said: “Japanese camera and precision equipment maker Nikon Corp…” – it is not clear. Thanks for the link.

  • loki

    getting confused….

    I “dislike” the news because it is a bad news…
    But I “like” the post because it is new and somewhat confirmed information…

    I don’t think we need a “like/dislike” feature in a case of confirmed information?
    Have to think of something. Would it be better to say fake/legit?

    • dave

      or “useful” or “interesting” vs. “don’t waste my time”?

  • PHB

    The precision business sells to the semiconductor industry which is highly capital intensive. Even though the business is profitable it is highly dependent on the availability of capital.

    • regular

      You mean that Nikon Precision is the division that produces waffer steppers for silicon foundries ?

  • rock.progressif

    I agree with what loki said :

    I “dislike” the news because it is a bad news…
    But I “like” the post because it is new and somewhat confirmed information…

    –> the like/dislike feature will be misinterpreted here

    • How about that – “post more stories like this” / “do not post such stories again”
      I want to see more of this in the future / I don’t want to see similar posts?

      What do you guys think – any other suggestions?

      • kk

        Too long.
        I think “useful” and “useless” is ok

  • Ron Scubadiver

    Well, this is not a rumor. Also, the cuts have been attributed to the stepper business.

  • ronin

    Well if they follow trends they’ll probably try to raise retail prices to compensate. When that results in a loss of sales they’ll raise them even more.

  • Alex

    This post falls under “Nikon News” category rather then “Other Nikon stuff”. Not really rumors but still interesting to know what is happening with Nikon as a company.

  • C Benson

    People should realize Nikon is in the same boat as the rest of use (recession). If you look at the stock market you will see that Nikon stock are down compare to last year. When you look at market shares vs. camera productions, you will see that Nikon will reduce its camera production for the next year because they will need to restructure their business. By: layoffs, by improving their business in sales and production

    So to all those people who are waiting for the Nikon D400, you are going to wait a long time. So get on with your life and start shooting.

    True Nikon User.

  • Willis

    This site isn’t “Employment Rumors” or Econopanocolypse rumors… wake me up when Nikon releases a DSLR… not when they just release some employees…. Dude admin, why is your sight so lame?

    Ha! just kidding. Thanks for the post.

    • Why do you think the admin has vision problems?

      • I am following the like|dislike rating very carefully. I still do not have a post with more dislike than like.

    • Willis

      oops sight=site.

      Although in the context of parody, maybe I should leave it.

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