Interesting Sony development

I just posted about the latest Sony a500 and a550 leaks @ The sensor in those rumored cameras may give us some hints about future Nikon DSLR models. This was the case with the Sony a900 and the Nikon D3x: after Sony released the new sensor, Nikon followed with its own (better) version (Nikon sensors are "made by Sony, designed by Nikon").

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  • NikoDoby

    So the D400 could have a version of sony’s supposed 17.20 MP sensor? Is that the gist of this rumor? Hmmm….

    • Andrew

      I didn’t understand the premise of this post either.

  • Earlier rumors were the 14.2 MP Sony sensor.

  • Human

    14MP sounds nice. Will the D400 pixel count indicate the resolution of future Nikon cameras like the D800, D4, etc. A D800 with at least D700 ISO performance and the addition of video would be a dream. Hopefully we won’t see all future FX Nikons push the mega pixel count to 20 and beyond.

  • Human

    What do the ‘P’, ‘S’ & ‘L’ suffixes mean in Sony’s camera names?

  • Gusto

    I believe the 17.2 MP rumor is correct especially since that’s consistent with the recent German leak that puts it between 16 and 18 MP.

  • Max

    Woops, misclicked while scrolling down and voted on dislike. Maybe add an option to change the vote? 🙁

  • Nikkores

    This picture is a fake, it is a a350…

    The rumors of the new a500/a550 cameras is true…

    • dave

      I thought the caption under the picture, “Sony A500 fakery”, made that kind of obvious. And I don’t even own a Sony DSLR 😉

      • Somebody accused me that this a500 picture is fake 🙂 I had to make it clear.

  • Nik oN

    I think that ,the next nikon pros camera will need that video upgrade ,that sony is developping probably (for sure !)for his next high level camera.Sony like evryone knows is the world uncontested leader in pro video shootings,that means they re working ,or finished perhaps already; the new generation of camera with full hd video capabilitys of course.I think the wait worth it;and I think the last products from both brands show the end of an era and composents for the revealing of high grade new image grabber,Its goin to be great I think.

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