Cheap Wi-Fi tethering solution for your Nikon

Not long ago we were discussing Nikon's Media Port UP300x headset tethering and few related patents that followed. For real wireless tethering you can go with Nikon’s remote WT-4a (for over 700 US bucks) or you can DIY one for around $50. You will need this (or any similar) Cables Unlimited USB-WIRELESS Dongle Set. Go to Pete's Tech Ramblings for all the details.


Petetek via Wired via Gizmodo

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  • Jon

    Not for mac, thats a shame

  • Desinderlase

    Why? 🙂

    I wonder why is there no 3rd party companies that will wrap this product in a nice little package…

    • silverfire


  • wingka

    why’s the eyepiece of the D300 in this photo gone?

  • The D700 update!

    You really have nothing about the update to the D700 and to the D300! That is really annoying because it might mean that they are far from being ready for prime time!

  • nightmedia

    I thought this will be kept about Nikon rumors, not nikon gadgets. This is turning into yet another tech blog.

    • Willis

      I disagree… this stuff it relevant to me. Its not like you have to read every post.

      • Eric

        I also find this kind of stuff interesting. Have not seen it anywhere else, will make a cool DIY, thanks admin!

    • Andy Mac

      jeez, ‘nightmedia’… this blog is what it is… if it doesn’t fit with your rather narrow interpretation of what it *should* be… who cares, quite frankly.
      It takes an awful lot of energy, hard work and dedication to run a blog like this – think for a second before leaving somewhat bitchy comments – and perhaps be thankful that someone else has the dedication to provide what after all is a free service.
      If you don’t like the fact it encompasses topics that are certainly of interest to other Nikon users… fine – go and do a more narrow-focus blog yourself. Then maybe you might appreciate what it’s like to receive inane comments about your own hard work ;-]

    • When there are no rumors, I keep NR readers entrained with other interesting Nikon related topics. The main focus of this blog is and will remain new products & rumors and in a way this post falls into that category – the rumor is that you can do wi-fi without spending 700$ on a Nikon product.

    • Gary. L

      I don’t find every post relevant to MY wants and needs, for I care less about entry level cameras or P&S, or most lenses, but then I neither have to read them, nor post bitching that every post is of no interest to me, or to suits my desires …….grrrrrrr

  • Gary. L

    And now moving on, has anyone seen this:

  • Newbie

    It is ok on MAC if you use VMWARE. Use shared folder for Windows in MAC to write to MAC folder. Then use what ever sw u have in MAC.

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