Flickr rampage continues

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  • Vince

    I love this! Now I know how I can upgrade my Nikon FG!

  • fotomik

    A DF3? F3D?

    I’d buy THAT for a dollar!

  • Bruno

    wow! full frame sensor! hahaha! 😛

  • rbiu

    Is that a Leica M8? 😉

    • andres

      you DID NOT just ask that.

  • andres

    you know what sucks though? there’s no playback or erase buttons. i don’t know about this. maybe i’ll wait for the X model of this.

  • Darren

    Oh how I miss the HP viewfinder… but what about the crappy synch speed? You could hammer nails with an F3.

  • bho

    that must be the baby of d3x…

    • Jeff

      Yes, the baby that immediately gets put up for addoption

  • human

    Something like an FM4D would be beautiful. No need for an LCD screen, D3 sensor (or black and white FX sensor), keep the controls exactly the same as the FM3A, change the film winder to an ISO selector, keep the manually primed shutter to save battery on usage, CF/SD card instead of film.

    With all the SLRs on the market at the moment, why can’t someone make something fundamentally different?

  • marten

    so far i can only dream of a modern digital back for my F3

    • Mannytheflowerguy

      Google Kodak Dcs 100.
      First dslr. F3 body, kodak digiback

  • I was never a fan of the F3 much more of an FM and FE man, and then later FE2 and FM2 man, before progressing to the F801. I never bought a top end professional Nikon in my life, and am unlikely to do so now. I always preferred the top end “amateur” models which were more compact and even better featured than the pro models, the low flash sync of the F3 being a case ion pint as well as it being battery dependent unlike an FM, FM2 or Nikkormat FT series for that matter. Love the Nikkormat FT3 and reluctantly parted with the two that I owned in the past, even very recent past, when my finances ran low.

    Personally I think that it might be fun if Nikon produced a “retro” DSLR like these pictured here. How about a modified FM3 that *can* shoot 35mm film but has a removable FX format digital back Nikon? Is this a possibility? Would it cost *that* much more than a Nikon D3X?

  • I somehow failed to see Human’s post because I scrolled down to the bottom to post but we are obviously very much of the same mind. Personally I would want an LCD screen, one of the main advantages of digital shooting is seeing the results immediately, but it *could* be a removable plug-in one that rotates every which way. . . I honestly think Nikon might have a “hit” on its hands if it produced such a camera.

  • Fabio Augugliaro

    As a matter of fact, i make use of my D200 with the same function of my old F3hp:
    center weighted metering, A or M expo control + single point AF.
    It would be great to have F3 in digital!!!!

  • But it would be even better to have the FM3 in digital. 🙂

  • As the lead engineer of the camera above, I will answer some questions.

    andres: playback simple, the screen offer multi-touch control. You can erase, rotate, zoom, crop, etc…

    Bruno: when I originally made this, Nikon had not yet offered FX digital bodies.

    In fact, the local Nikon representative made the following statements in answer to my questions at a product demonstration World Forestry Center.
    a. Only the my D200 had small banding.
    b. Only my D200 had the rubber grip unsticking from the camera.
    c. It is completely safe to purchase DX lenses as Nikon will not make full size sensors.

    Hang Loose..

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