First Nikon D5000 books

The first Nikon D5000 book showed up on Amazon - available for pre-order:


There are two more D5000 books, also available for pre-order:

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  • dino

    Just a funny thing:
    Nor the D5000 or the book are physically out yet and the book is already a “paperback”? Here “paperback” means some kind of cheap “reprint”…

    • D40-Owner

      Does that mean that in your country all books are made with hard covers? Even school books?

    • D5000

      Aren’t these kind of guidebooks always paperback?
      I’ve never seen a hardcover Dummies book, they’re paperback even in the libraries.

    • Brian

      In the US the term “paperback” is simply used to describe any book that does not have a hard cover. It makes no statement as to the age, price (though they tend to be less expensive for obvious reasons), reprinting or anything else really. While hard cover books are more expensive and considered higher quality, a book such as this is almost always released as a paperback.

      I hope this clears up the confusion.

    • kad

      The D5000 is in stock at my local camera store in Australia.

  • MB

    I’ve always wondered why people buy this kind of crap when they actually could do much better with just a Nikon user manual and some of really good, non camera specific, books about the art of photography.

  • The D5000 is out yet. My local store is selling a ton of them despite the price difference between a D90 and D5000 being all of $100 and the D5000 being about a $500 less-equipped camera.

  • benalexe

    A lot of people may prefer the 5000. it is more of a beginner SLR. Has all of the shooting modes and is much smaller. Also I think the 90 is a lot more when you add a lens to it.

  • kad

    Prices each with 18-55 VR lens at local store in Australia:

    D60, $900
    D500, $1600
    D90, $1900

    (Australian Dollars)

  • Anonymous

    this is fake!…. when will Nikon update the 85 1.4 and 70-200 so it doesn’t vignette on FX???

    • Captain

      They won’t soon. They will concentrate on DX lenses because that’s where the future is, not FX.

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