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Nikon Control Beta 3 released

Update: the software has a new name and a new website: and can now be downloaded from the App Store. New Features: Automatic HDRI Creation Editable Settings Aperture and iPhoto Auto Import GPS Map Self Timer Focus Mode Status Enhanced Viewer Configurable Background Color Improvements: Much Nicer Design Histogram View in Inspector Faster Histogram […]

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More info on the D3/D3X extended service program (Canada)

Just received the full text of the Nikon D3/D3X  extended service program in Canada: Thank you for purchasing your new Nikon D3/D3X camera. In appreciation, and at no charge to you, Nikon Canada Inc. (“Nikon”) offers an initial Service Program (the “Service Program”) described below for your new Nikon D3/D3X.  Services:  • Unlimited preventative maintenance cleanings – Image […]

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Nikon Canada announced a new free service program for D3 and D3x

Luminous-Landscape just published this: “Nikon Canada has announced a new free service program for its D3 and D3x customers. This provides: Unlimited preventative maintenance cleanings Routine adjustments as necessary resulting from normal usage, excluding cosmetic “wear and tear” Two comprehensive check-ups and cleanings; one in the first year of ownership and one in the second.” I could not […]

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New Nikon patent for remaining battery life

The new patent is for a new system that will track the amount of work done with the camera and based on that to calculate the remaining battery life. The current system track only the number of shots taken without taking in consideration any other power consuming feature (flash, zooming, LCD, etc). Via Examiner Patent […]

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Nikon RAW Codec v1.7.0 & Camera Control Pro 2 v2.5.0 released

Nikon RAW Codec 1.7.0 changes: Supports NEF (RAW) images taken with the D5000. The folder to which the software is installed has been changed from “¥Windows¥System32¥” to “¥Program Files¥Nikon\NEFCodec¥”. Fixed an issue that caused a message stating that the image was corrupt to be displayed when a photograph for which the “Landscape” or “Portrait” Picture […]

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Nikon is doing better than expected, but business is still in “depressed market condition”

Nikon today announced a revision of their financial results for the year ended March 31, 2009: Earnings estimates (in millions of yen):                             revised forecast           previous forecast  Net Sales            879,000       […]

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Nikon D200 is back in Best Buy for $599 (US)

Best Buy again has the $599 deal on the Nikon D200 (add to cart to see reduced price).

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Nikon related news/links

For the eighth consecutive year, the National Association of Photo Equipment Technicians (NAPET) awarded Nikon Inc. the Martin Strauss Memorial Manufacturer Service Support Award. This award recognizes Nikon’s continued commitment to quality and the efficiency of its National Service Department, Service Relations Department, and Parts Department (source). New Nikon web site in France (still in […]

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