New interactive website announced today – Nikon History

Check it out (click the ENTER button).


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  • Zoetmb

    What a lame stupid piece of junk! A site with a detailed history of Nikon containing images of equipment and plans from the Nikon “vaults” would have been very welcome. But why did they have to make it into a stupid game? And why are all the events in no particular order? And those introductory graphics make it look like something designed for a kid in third-grade. How about that guy behind the desk with his mouth moving…are they kidding? Who, exactly, is this designed for?

    Nikon frequently gets marketing wrong, but this is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen so far. It tells me that Nikon has completely misunderstood the nature of its most loyal customers – because those are the only ones who might be interested in Nikon’s history. Those customers are technically savvy and into details. Not this pap that is being spoon fed to us.

    They would have been much better off getting the rights to use excerpts from Brian Long’s, “Nikon: A Celebration” book.

    I would really like Nikon to do something special for the 75th anniversary. But this most certainly is not it.

    • Alec

      I think it’s a good site. If it didn’t have all that stuff and were a block of text I wouldn’t have given it 5 minutes but I’ve been here for at least 20 now just going through “completing missions” learning quick points about the history. You should relax a bit.

  • Ian Dudley

    I’m with zoetmb, I’m afaid. Interactive is a swear word to me. I waited ages for the site to load, only to discover it’s a complete turn-off. Just give me the facts, man! Roland Vink’s wonderful site tells us all about lenses, we need comparable no-crap listings for other Nikon gear.

  • Aruna

    I completely agree with “Zoetmb”. I navigated to the page to check out some history, and found a stupid game and not much information after it is completed. What a waste of time for us and them. This is good for little kids to learn about Nikon.

  • Duh

    ok – i got all the missions except for the Nikkor Club – No matter what I type in there it doesn’t like it.


    • Caprea


  • Anonymous

    perhaps the D5000 would be the way to celebrate it 75th anniversary?

  • lblaod


  • Caprea

    For you people “too good” for the interactive Nikon site, there are tons of materials on and off the net, more objective and complete, so there is no need to make derogatory comments on efforts that you may not understand.

    I may be too dumb for your high standards of knowledge and intelligence, but I’m certainly not a kid and found the site to be interesting. I appreciate such efforts from a company as there is no unique way to reach a consumer and experimentation is always welcomed. And it made me recall another good initiative from Nikon, the Universcale:

  • Mat

    I want to say I was extreamly excited about this when I saw this post. I just recently went to Canons historic online museums about 2 months ago and read everything they had on there. It was just like being at a museum. Very well done, great organization, Beautiful materials of old cameras and advertisements.
    I spent about 20 min trying to get to the goods of the Nikon site after a terrible animation. I am So disappointed.

    I’m a graphic designer and have seen better design, animation, and layout from designers I just graduated with. The only target market I can see enjoying this is 8-17 year old’s who have the time and want to play the little games.

    So all in all, I got excited then got my heart broken. But I did find their history page but its not as informing and a little too wordy to just sit down and read it all. If you don’t know what I mean check out Canon’s Camera Museum.

    Im not here to take sides, I love Nikon and Own a D300, I just wish Nikon could have made something Awesome. I always expect the best from them….

  • RobJ

    As a graphic and web designer, I just have to say that this is absolutely terrible. That intro with the books and the door opening and then the man with his mouth flapping… that would have been dated flash animation 5 YEARS AGO. The music is just repetitive and annoying as well. I don’t understand why Canon and Olympus can have useful historical information on their web site, but Nikon seems incapable of such a basic thing.

  • Robert

    That must be one of the least usable websites with worst product-oriented marketing I have seen online in a long while.

    Does Nikon really think that the average Nikon user wants to spend half an hour to complete games just to be able to view basic product history and be “rewarded” with a wallpaper? I bet the product managers at Nikon love to play with it though, otherwise this would never have been approved or published.

  • Robert

    Played around with the puzzle games a little more.

    Plenty of bugs and problems that make it impossible to complete depending on which OS and browser you are using. Firefox doesn’t open the hints to start with.

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