Poland: 10% price increase coming at you

adimageI received some information that Nikon prices in Poland will go up by 10% on April 1st, 2009.

Sony is also raising prices in  the UK on April 1st by 18% (source).

This banner was on the main page of Jacobsdigital (UK) few days ago.
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  • Anonymous

    why april 1st?

    fools’ day for marketing?

  • northy

    sucks for them. their prices are already high.

  • bcoll

    With the current money printing for stimulus packages going on everywhere and the inevitable inflation resulting in the future, I’m starting to believe Ken Rockwell that Nikon pro glass might be a good investment.

    • Anonymous

      buying nikkors is like buying a porsche… you have to decide if it is totally worth it and you are willingly to use it constantly (not just to leave it on the shelf and collecting dust, like those gearheads). if it is not worth it, there are always other options available for you to choose to replace your “plan A” option. for example, you’re lurking over the 24-70mm f/2.8 but it is too expensive, you still can find a 35-70mm f/2.8 micro-nikkor in excellent condition for 1/4 the price of a 24-70mm off http://www.keh.com.

      always ask yourself, is it worth it or not?

      • anony

        I brought my first Porsche for about $10K in 1971, and sold it two years later for about $23K. Can we do so with Nikon? You tell me.

        • David Olsen

          Would you buy a used car from this man !!!

          • anony

            a little recall of history

            During the 1970s, a Prosche 924 was a little as $10K in 1970. By 1980, a Porsche was going for more than $50K. People saw suddenly foreign cars as a good “investment” because you could drive them around for 2 years, and still get your money back. The same thing took place in England in 1985. A Ferrari that was $50K in the US, could suddenly be purchased for $30K in UK when the Pound fell nearly to par with the USD – $1.03. Because Ferrari could not afford to sell their cars in UK at a substantial discount, they raised the price of the car to 40K pounds.

  • Ender

    I’m sure glad that my friend that works at Best Buy got me a D90 body last week for $730.

  • Sci-Clone

    I live in Poland and I agree with “northy” … It sucks, cause the prices of Nikons / Nikkors are quite high already in Poland.
    Anyway… they’re still worth buying.

  • di

    i.e. price increase in Poland from December until today:
    D700 : +44.5%
    D3: +40%
    14-24: +36%
    70-200: +36%
    After 5d mkII was released I decided to wait until Nikon release D400 with hopefully proper video function (important feature for me, and I really wanted 14-24 + 70-200 combo to work with) and then I could decide in which brand I’ll invest in the near feature (I don’t have any glass yet).
    Now I don’t know what what to do :/
    So now I’m basi

  • Chris

    Currencies will recover, and the Yen will weaken at some point.

    Prices will come down again eventually – Nikon will get no sales out of me until they do.

  • Chris

    Incidentally, I toyed with the idea of buying a 18-55 VR last week instead of the 17-55 2.8 I was after a couple of months ago. I popped into Jessops and made a point of expressing (fake) surprise rather loudly to the sales guy, that the Bigma they had on sale at £1100 had been £700 in January. He said he wasn’t aware of the prices as he didn’t pay too much attention to them!

    He was either thick as f*ck or they’re playing dumb!

  • rwpl

    look at canon prices – I would never suspect to wake up one day to see that canon is getting better at price/performance dslr gear

  • Chris

    With the bank of japan buying bonds (in the same way as the BoE), and the effects of the carry trade dwindling, I expect to see the Yen decline sharply. I expect to see prices dropping by Xmas.

  • rwpl

    Nikon is now what canon was 4 years ago – great but expensive. Canon is what Nikon was – not so expensive but with flaws.

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