Nikon D400 book on Japanese site

Update: another web site with the same listing - can so many websites post a non-existing book?

The same book that appeared on Amazon Germany and on a Swiss online book store few weeks ago (entries are already removed since) is now listed on a Japanese web site, this time the release date is August 2009:


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  • Willis

    Congratulations Jon, you must be very proud of yourself.

    I don’t suppose it says who the author is? Perhaps he has other books?

  • Zenndott

    The Japanese says it is is a hard cover book. Would this make sense? I have only seen soft-cover camera manuals. The Kinokuniya site does say that it is taking orders, though.

  • Alex

    DX is still disappointing…

    • Noodles

      Oh, give me a break! FX users have their pro cameras, and DX users need one too! For people who actually do want/need a 1.5X sensor, a semi-pro body like the D300/D400 is perfect. I am going to move to FX next year but DX has its place and I’m sick of people bitching about DX products still being released.

  • Anonymous

    oh, no, not again.

  • If it is DX I will be happy. I didn’t buy a 18-200mm so I could waste it on an FX camera.

    Anyone else think that the price is very expensive? 5.7 sen / 40 EUR is a lot for what’s probably a rewritten/expanded manual.

  • low

    lol dx baby!!

  • matiokawa

    Well, if you search in Amazon, you’ll see the his previous books are also hardcover.

  • Lance

    Can someone translate the rest of the text?

    • LC Ken
    • Misora

      Japanese I can translate.

      Estimated Publication Date: 8/2009
      Hardcover: Hardcover Edition.

      * This item indicated here is carried by one of our oversea affiliates.
      * Please be aware that the price listed for this item is for BookWeb Members and differs from the standard retail price.

      BookWeb Price: 5767 yen, including tax.
      Foreign Price: EUR 39.95.
      Equivalent to 5,242 yen, including tax. Shipping + Handling: 525 yen.

      * We are currently accepting reservations on this item. Item will be shipped pending publication.
      * Free shipping anywhere within the country.

  • Nathan Shane

    Well, for those who are adventurous, here is Michael Gradias’ website, which includes both his telephone number and email address:

    • I emailed him. If I don’t get a response back, I will call him.

  • PabloV

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to get hands on some draft or at least some specs pages? 😀
    (better in other language than japanese please 🙂 not easy to translate )

  • Zoetmb

    >>can so many websites post a non-existing book?

    Yes, because they all get their information from the same sources. Information about new books in the U.S. are generally provided by R.R. Bowker, Ingram or Baker & Taylor. In Europe, it’s a little more diverse, but in Germany, everything generally comes from German Books In Print. In the alternative, sites also get information directly from publishers, in standard format EDI files. There’s BISAC format in the U.S. and EdiFact (If I’m remembering the name correctly) in the UK and Europe. There’s also a format called ONIX for the exchange of metadata that is used internationally by the publishing community that also incorporates a set of standard bookstore subject headings (as opposed to the Library of Congress headings that are far more detailed.)

    I’m not saying the book won’t exist, but as I’ve posted before, the fact that it exists as metadata means absolutely nothing. It could simply be that a publisher of photography books is guessing that eventually there’s going to be a D400 and has associated a title and an ISBN with it. If it comes out, they’ve contracted with an author to produce it. It most certainly does not mean that they have any inside knowledge that such a camera exists or is going to exist. I’m sure the same publisher will soon claim a title for a book about the D4.

    It would be different if you saw these books published on the same day that cameras are announced or released or very soon thereafter. But there is actually a fairly long gap time between the release of a new camera and the publishing of a book. This tells me that Nikon is not feeding publishers advance information about new cameras.

    However, since most of Nikon’s cameras have pretty much the same features, you could probably write 60% of the book in advance and make the edits in a week or two, once you can get your hands on an actual camera.

  • Nikonmonster

    I think 3-26-2009 there is a camera show in japan.
    Canon have a camera release so maybe nikon too.
    I like dx format for birds.

    • PabloV

      good to know about that event in japan

      canon will announce on march 25th in (germany I guess, don’t remember)
      but will be worldwide published anyway

  • Nikonmonster

    Photo imaging expo 2009
    March 26 in japan

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