More digging on the Nikon D400 book

I did some more digging on the Nikon D400 book - a simple google search on the ISBN 9783827244826 (click here to run the search) reveals several different website listings. The most interesting one is from the actual publisher Markt+Technik (this was mentioned in the comments few weeks ago, but never reported). The link on the search result page doesn't go anywhere, but if you click the Cached link, Google will bring you back in time where you can see the same Nikon D400 book on the official publisher's web site:


I did contact the author Michael Gradias for more info.

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  • Alex

    Nikon should make available their cameras to people not give to select few photographers to do books, keeping us in the dark on whats to come

  • PabloV

    Probably Nikon asked to put that page offline ?

    Obviously a book coming menas a camera coming too
    The people at the publisher must be under “pressure” 🙂

    • Anonymous

      nikon didn’t ask this dude to remove it because this dude knows he is guilty for getting so much attention by saying “D400 is coming!” and storm up the net with gearheads screaming at their wives and kids “OMG D400 is coming at PMA!”

      so… PMA passed by… absolutely nothing.

      that’s what they do to hide their guiltiness and shame.

      • PabloV

        are you a poet?

        Because in such case….. you are too bad.
        Better leave the profession

  • joe

    what are the specs supposed to be on this d400?

  • Eugene

    Good job, hope it with FF sensor and Full HD video

    • PabloV

      sad to say, but 99% it is DX 🙁
      (I wish it FF too)

      • Neil

        100% DX and I’m glad it’s not FX.

  • raio

    Ha, Michael lives in my city and in the link above is his phone number. I´ll phone him this afternoon (now it´s early in the morning); perhaps he´s telling something.

    • let me know – I already emailed him

  • Nander

    Sorry guys but I wouldn’t give anything on that as those mut books (mut = brave in german and you must be to publish those books) do not contain any camera specific content except the manual.
    What do you need to write such a book:
    1.) Some general low quality bla bla photography book
    2.) a rewritten camera manual.
    The first one you can pre-write to minimize the release time of the final book.
    The latter one takes a few days.
    So I would guess it is not an indication whether there will be a d400 but an insight how those books get generated…

    just my 2 pfennig

  • Nikkorian

    so, if you can buy the book from august on, the d400 will not be delivered any earlier. so i guess it will be announced in june, maybe even july?! the specs will not be much different from the d300, new chip with better qual at higher iso and hd-video. faster contrast detect lv-af, probably with face detection. some reordering in menues i guess. thats it.

    the coolest thing to happen would be a construction, where some light is reflected to the phase-detect af sensor in liveview mode, by a partially reflecting mirror that moves up when exposing. but i think we’ll only see that in a d500.

  • Daf

    Ha – can almost guarantee that this publisher is NEVER going to get any advanced gear from nikon again!!

  • Web Marketing

    We do this on web advertising all the time. We are a seller and reseller of products. International and well known but I won’t divulge which one. Its one of the first lessons in the “Big Book of Internet Marketing”.

    Create and buy listings for products and items that you know are coming or think may be here in the future. To put it in perspective, we and companies like us often hold the listings for products several generations from where we are now. That way we have the top sales links for that product.

    So, for example, in this instance with cameras, we MAY have for Nikon D300X/D400/D400XD500/D600/D700/D770/D750/D700X/D800/D800X/D900/D900X/D4/D4x/D5/D6/F7/F8/M1/MX1/M1X.

    We also expand this out to cover any miscellaneous items that may be linked – sometimes creating whole blurbs for accessories and YES even BOOKS that may or may not appear – sometimes even ‘creating’ products that might come out or we hear some rumors about.

    Its all marketing folks, so don’t get too excited. The camera may be coming but don’t rely on web listings for your rumours as there are too many variables in that.

    • I am not familiar with book marketing, but we haven’t seen the D300X/D400XD500/D600/D700/D770/D750/D700X/D800/D800X/D900/D900X/D4/D4x/D5 line of books, just the D400

      • Web Marketing

        Whether its a book, just the model number or some “possible” accessory, it doesn’t matter. We and others like us, create them and have ownership/licenceeship of the links to them in order to be ‘out front’ of the competition when a product is announced.

        I didn’t say we or anyone had created books for all those products, merely that we do plan way ahead to make sure we have the top sales links on the web – that means, sometimes, even creating products or model numbers – which are often speculative on our part.

        There is no relationship between that and what the manufacturer may do or is likely to do. We had a book listing – even with a ISBN – for the Nikon F7 a year ago.

        These D400 ‘rumours’ are highly speculative – none of the usual reliable sources have any comments on it. Of course it is possible it will be launched but at present it is very Willow The Wisp in nature and not really a rumour, its rather like chinese whispers and everyone keeps adding their part.

        Until some reliable sources – or some official info is made available or leaked – then I would urge you to use caution when making the postings. If you do have a source that is feeding you the info then you should also back it up with a second – in part to protect your source. I know of many companies who feed info to suspected moles in order to find out which one is leaking info – then they take them out back and shoot them…. OK not quite, but they do find they are no longer employed and can face both civil and criminal prosecution.

  • George

    So the German author has written books on all current Canon and Nikon cameras and the publication date for the D400 book is supposed to be July 24 2009.

    It could be that Nikon has sent him a pre production camera. It could also be that this is a quick rewrite of the D300/D90 book to be hastily composed as the camera is announced.

    Lets face it 97% of features will not have changed.


  • Jon

    1) This is Nikon RUMORS right? I think that settles that…

    2) D400 is inevitable and even I could start writting a book on it without ever having actually touched the body. Of course I wouldn’t finish or publish said book until I’d actaully gotten my hands on it, but my point is most authors of series books on Nikons already have thier D400 books 80% written.

    Finally, I don’t get why people think crazy things… like the D400 will be full frame…

    I have no inside info, but can tell you with absolute certainty that the D400 will be a new DX sensor (DX00 bodies always are). It’ll probably be about 14-16 MP to compete with the 50D. All you need to do is watch for the new Sony sensor announcement and viola you’ve got the lead on the D400’s sensor.

    IMHO, the only reasonable point of discussion regarding the D400 is IF this body will have video, which I personally suspect it will.

    Also, no the D700x will not have video, but the D4/D800/D800x all will. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if the D700x DID have video, but it’s not going to happen.

    I fully expect a D400 in the next 6 months. I fully expect a D700x in the next 9 months.

  • Anonymous

    The D300 replacement is possible to come in summer 2009. The name could be D3xx something, not D400. D300 was announced in late August 2007.

  • Web Marketing

    If you delete the comments, what is left makes no sense. You then need to delete what I presume are responses to the deleted poster. If admin deletes these too, then how many comments will we have left?

    If something offends your viewpoint or upsets, don’t read it. If it is personally offensive then it should be deleted otherwise democracy should prevail – it is, after all, the least worst system! This site, like every other has its fair share of shills and sock-puppets who are here to see who bites but why let it bother you? By even having the comments removed, you are giving them the limelight they crave and attention they seek. By reading on past them, they will eventually get bored.

  • raio

    So, I called him yesterday evening as I promised above. We had a nice talk. When I mentioned the D400 after some time, he laughed. He has a NDA with Nikon, that was clear to me, but his work on the book is real so we may see a D400 in summer.

  • Anonymous

    why are photographers such difficult, opinionated people?

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