Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G DX reviewed by Bjorn + more sample images

The new Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G DX lens gets reviewed by Bjorn (a min-review I would say). The original post was in nikongear which I think requires registration, but you can also read the full text at dpreview:

"The 35/1.8 goes straight off at f/1.8 with a high-contrast image rendition, totally unlike the f/1.4 lens. It keeps the high contrast fairly well up to f/5.6 or so, from which setting the contrast gradually declines. Yet, even at f/22, wholly acceptable sharpness is observed."

More (new) test shots of the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G DX lens are available here.

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  • Willis

    Good review! I think I’m going to get one, even though I plan to jump to FX in a year or so. I want one to put on my D40 light, compact, walk-around rig.

    The test shots were kind of lame. Maybe a better photographer will get a hold of one.

    • Anonymous

      These test shots do a reasonably good job of demonstrating the optical properties of the lens. Looks pretty impressive to me!

  • Tom

    The 35 f1.4 is one of Bjorn’s favourites so his comments are great praise.

    I’m definitely gonna buy this lens. One month or so to wait….

    • Anonymous

      And Rant Cockwell, sorry Ken Rockwell, hardly has a good word to say about it (and this without using it too) so it must be a winner !

  • yrsued

    I’ll get one, but it has nothing to do with Bjorn!! I couldn’t care less what he thinks!! He hates the 70-200/2.8G and In my kind of work, it’s the best tool in my arsenal, and It has created several published and paid Images!! So, in my case, who care what Bjorn thinks!! I’ll buy the lens, for the price, it’s a great buy!!

  • Juergen

    I think the last two sentences sum it up:
    “Do not let its low price fool you into thinking the 35/1.8 G is just a toy for low-end cameras, though. This lens shows what Nikon can deliver at an unbeatable price point.”

    Not hard to say it will become Nikon’s lens bestseller!
    (kit lenses excluded)

  • Anonymous

    why the hell do bjorn always review the EARLIEST lenses, cameras, and stuff before it gets released to the public?? EARLIEST stuff have problems, troubles, and bugs. he’s smarter than that so just wait a little longer like 2-3 months until nikon fixes any problems and bugs then you’re good.

    • Ernst

      So you’re arguing the production 35 f/1.8s will be lousy?

  • Eli

    Looks great. Fantastic flare control as far as I can tell–no ghosting! Sharp, of course, too. I’m thinking of getting a D700, though, so I’m not sure if I should go for this…

  • Good review. This can prove exclude 4x visits in Beer’s Bub vs. 35mm f/1.8G DX…

    Don’t worry, be happy…

  • Lars

    Strange comparison, the 35/1.4 is a pricey wideangle lens. A comparison with the 50/1.8D would make more sense – especially if comparing using a DX vs an FX camera.

  • Pablov

    Isn’t there any new Rumor since we are getting closer to PMA ?

    Anything about D400 and lenses ?

    (I discard a D700x at PMA, but it desn’t hurt to ask …. anything about D700x/D800 ? 🙂 )

    Thanks !!

  • Ben
  • anonymous

    O.k. – did anyone think that this 35mm f/1.8 was actually going to be a *dog*? Nikon has way too much experience delivering fantastic 50mm f/1.8 (35mm DX equivalent) lenses. They could only improve on the design. The only thing that really remains to be seen about this lens is how bad the bokeh is.

    • Rob M.

      Some will dislike the blur of the 35/1.8. It’s pretty typical in the fast wide-normal Nikkor style. I think it’s fine and usable and perhaps even interesting, but the people who are praying for smoother blur than the 50s or the 40/2 Ultron will give you are going to be disappointed.

      I find it’s better to appreciate a lens for what it is, and not whine about what it isn’t. The 35/1.8 may be my “one lens solution” on digital, and the blur harshness and color fringing will have no influence on that role. It’ll be great fun, and for a low cost. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly mine (and I’m no stranger to top-end equipment).

  • The CA properties just killed this lens for me. I never shoot jpg and NX is a huge hassle. I guess I’ll keep using my 35/2 AIS.

  • Nadeem

    Not convinced that is superior to my 35mm f2, which is a brilliant Nikon lens. I guess for first time buyers, the 1.8 will be a preferred choice. I m simply going by published reviews that the CE in the 1.8 appears to be worse.

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