Nikon prices still going up?

Few readers emailed me that Nikon prices went up again in the last few days (the last time I updated the Price Watch section was a week ago, so you can clearly see the difference). Pretty much every DSLR body went up in price with $10-$20. For example the D300 is now (was $1489.95 a week ago):

Amazon: $1499.95

Adorama: $1499.95

B&H: $1499.99

The price jump is bigger in the UK (email from a reader):

"I am looking for adding a new Nikon to my collection but am waiting to get paid at the end of the month. However, I am keeping an eye on the prices twice a day. I have just noticed that Warehouse Express in the UK,  who are usually very cheap, have just put up the price of a D300 from £998 this morning to  £1159."


What's going on?

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  • jons

    yay..i’m first…

    yea..we’re doomed about nikon price hike…sigma is affected too now…

    • it’s crazier on some other items – the F6 went from 2000 – 2400 at B/H

  • Daf

    Amazon UK price for the D300 was ~£980 a day or 2 ago – is now £1,029.
    But then Amazon does fluctuate more than most – can do so every day.

    The D300 was the strange one – was one of the few items that didn’t go up (or even went down) in the initial rises.

  • AdamJ

    I believe this is a continued adjustment to the exchange rate with the Japanese YEN.

    One GBP exchanged for about 210 Yen up until late fall (November) when it dropped to 160 Yen. Since then it has continued to drop to 130 Yen.

  • Pablov

    Despite the recesion or financial crisis that affect Japan manufacturers (and the REST OF THE WORLD), it is clear that price increases will also affect sales.

    If people has economical / financial problems, then it will be harder to buy expensive equipment. If the prices even get higher, then that will impact the buyer’s decisions too, obviously (current customers of Nion, and future ones)

    It’s not very difficult to see, isn’t it?

    Sometimes the profit margins must be reduced to keep sales.
    I hope Nikon keep that in mind (I suppose they already did, but just in case..)

    If the crisis get too high, then I suspect that Nikon will reduce the offer of high-end DSLR (wich are more expensive and represent less porcentage of the whole sales) and put more efforts on P&S (massive sales) and entry level DSLRs…

    Too bad for the serious amateurs and pros.

    • Pablov

      P.S: I remember that Canon, even raising their prices too, has cheaper ones in DSLRs and Lenses. That will indeed affect future buyer’s decisions when choosing between Nikon and Canon.

      • Gary L

        It sure applies here. Have been waiting for the D300 to drop. I blew one opportunity from Abe’s @ ~1300 on Black Friday – only begun watching after that. Given the outstanding global economic conditions (/sarcasm), I thought a further drop would follow the holiday season. We all know what happened with Nikon’s pricing.

        So I bought a 40D, which, based on the sample shot @ DPR, was sharper than the D90/D300, IMO. I was willing to trade the extra 2MP for the advantages of the 40d over the D90. Nikon lost. Besides, I believe most of us can do just fine with our old gear, our lives not being in the least affected by not upgrading our photo gear.

        For most of us, this is the least of our problems.

    • AdamJ

      While I am sure Nikon takes the changing exchange rates into consideration in determining the prices they charge to distributors and resellers, I do not believe it is a primary factor.

      If you live in the UK, or less so in the USA, the prices of these items may be going up in your currency, but in the manufacturer’s home currency (which is also what their costs are based on) their price has remained the same. They are not getting ‘more’ money.

      In addition, the exchange rate affects nearly all imported goods, Canon and other retailers included. While the price adjustments may not happen at exactly the same time, and by the same amount, they will adjust to compensate. I’ve found that other, NON-Camera related electronics have also shown similar increases due to the exchange rate.

      While the changing exchange rate will have some effect on sales, as it causes the items to be temporarily more expensive to countries that import, their pricing is largely determined on cost/profit ratio that they need to maintain. Lowering their profits to account for an exchange rate, may temporarily keep sales up but generally (based on historical evidence) does not maintain increased sales. Again, history has shown that most who intended to purchase such item will not be ‘priced-out’ of buying, they will either buy the item at the current price, or slightly delay the purchase to account for the increased price (i.e. to save up more money) – in both cases resulting in nothing more then a temporary sales dip.

      Most of us have an emotional response because we are so used to prices of ‘technology’ dropping over time, as shown in the prices of camera bodies, that we are not comfortable with a price increase. We also often forget that lenses generally kept in good-excellent condition have a very limited depreciation as they function more as a ‘tool’ then a piece of ‘technology’ – so its more common to see lens prices increase due to exchange rates.

      If one is in the market to purchase a lens now, they can either wait to see if the manufacturer is actually desperate enough to induce some form of price adjustment (additional rebate, etc.) or just purchase it at the new price. I wouldn’t hold my breath for any type of price reduction.

      However, camera bodies will inevitably decrease in price due to time and introduction of new technology, so waiting on the body for a price decrease will generally be more productive.

      • Pablov

        in the international exhange the Dollar didn’t get lower, it got higher instead. It happened worldwide.

        Consultants explained that investors sold shares and bought dollars as a security action. Thus the demand for dollars raised, and then its price too. That happened when Wall street worst weeks, but still continued some while.

        At this very moment I don’t know any reason why prices of electronic devices should get higher; but must be some surely

        • Tim Catchall

          Errr… the dollar has indeed been appreciating against pretty much every currency. Apart from one. The yen.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been watching the 70-200mm VR closely since like, last summer as I’ve been saving specifically for it. But I’ve noticed a weird trend since christmas… it was $1519, but has been slowly rising in increments… to $1549, $1589, $1619 on february 3rd, $1649, $1699, then a few days ago went to $1799, and now to $1899. I sure it hope it stops there… (those are B&H prices, not amazon)

    • Bret

      whoops that last comment was me… for some reason it didn’t save my name like normal…

    • Chris

      I picked this one up just before the holiday’s, and I’m sure glad I did. The B&H prices are interesting though… $1878.95 with the LensCoat kit, and $1899.95 for the lens stand-alone. There’s got to be a mistake on one of the prices, doesn’t make sense that you’d get more for less… either stand-alone is too high or kit is too low….

      • Bret

        lol I saw that too, I’d buy it with the kit to save the $20 if I bought it now..

  • HD

    Just to give them props, yesterday J & R finally got the the 50mm AF-S and shipped it for the $399 price I ordered it at two months ago, not the $485 price it’s going for today.

    • Nikkoryan

      Wow, lucky duck. But it’s actually going for $500 now and is out of stock:

      It came IN stock to B&H 2 days ago and is, at this moment, in stock there for $500 also:

      B&H also just got back the 24-70 f/2.8 in stock, but for $1700! I just bought mine from J&R 2 weeks ago for $1400!! Jeez, I thought this pricing hiking was going to be just a poo-poo, perhaps just the $40 that lenses went up initially. Wow, was I wrong! $200-300 on some! Like the 70-200 mentioned above.

      Another: I just bought the 10.5 mm fisheye from J&R last week for $560 while it was $610 at B&H. It is now $610 at J&R and $700 at B&H!

      Eyeyeyeye. Then, I just bought the 50mm f/1.4G on ebay for $457. I am very glad I got in just before all the massive price hiking and I have done my part to stimulate the economy for this year 🙂

      • CV

        I got it new in one of the first days it was available for € 349 (includes 19% VAT). In today’s US Dollars that’s $445, and if you exclude the 19% VAT: $375

        I was also suprised to see that the 50 1.4G is actually cheaper in Europe. It’s still €349 over here btw.

  • Anonymous

    What’s going on? Are you serious?

    • CV

      All western currencies dropping (no changes between those), but the GBP dropped a lot more. And the Yen didn’t drop 😉

  • Anonymous

    B&H upped the price for 50mm 1.4 AIS from $439.95 then slowly stopped at $489.95 then upped again to $499.95, crazy

  • Anonymous

    oops sorry, AF-S, not AIS

  • I think it is dumb to raise the price for the D300. Sure I want one, but it’s so close to a d400 release that at that price I’d rather wait. (or buy a refurb)

    • Anonymous

      why wait for a camera that doesnt exist? you’re missing out all the photo opportunities out there! grab a used D300 and shoot shoot shoot

    • Pablov

      WAIT, IF you might be interested in D400’s new features, I recommend not to buy a D300 right now…

      D400 is going to appear soon. Then you decide if it’s good for you, or you buy a D300

      I would wait at least to PMA

  • D700’s price at “PRICE WATCH” ‘s at B&H is US$2,349.95.
    B&H price’s US$2,449.95.

  • reverse logic

    Just be glad you don’t want a Canon 1DsIII, they went from £4300 to £6050 in a few weeks.

    • Tim Catchall

      Some places are selling them for £6,600. And people complained about the price of the D3X. Starting to look like a bargain now.

      • Daf

        Agreed 1DsMkiii has been rocketing in the UK too!

  • jwylie

    I have been watching the D90 body and in the US that has been slowly sliding down. It can now be had for $868 and that is the lowest I have seen it of late.

    • jwylie

      Actually, Butterfly Photo have it at $859 shipped, so that is a better deal still.

  • jons

    i think the price increase is affecting mostly the pro gears at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    Nikkor 200-400 at B&H went up $100 to $5699.99

  • Yup, they are. The AF-S Micro-Nikkor 60mm that I bought from B&H in NY last Sunday cost me $469.99. (Nikon Import) Now, checking B&H to review the lens, it is now $509.99 (Nikon Import), which is pretty much the same price as the copy I bought, plus the insane NYC sales tax.

    Grab items as soon as you can.

  • Zabbu

    Don’t tell me the D60 price is going up too?

  • anony
  • Vendetta

    It’ s really a shame, I was about to buy a D300 but i’ ll finally buy a second hand D2x , cheaper.

  • reverse logic

    Just heard today 14th Feb, Nikon is increasing UK prices yet again, probably another 10%!

  • Lens Man

    The price increases do not make sense since most Nikon items are now made in China where manufacturing prices have dropped. In addition China contract manufacturers base their prices on the US Dollar. Most items including the new expensive 50mm 1.4 lens is made in China and shipped directly to distributors around the world.

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