Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM price revealed

Sigma announced the suggested retail price of the new Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM lens: USD 899.00 (£799.99 in the UK). This lens was announced at Photokina last year and is now available for pre-order (estimated shipment within 1 to 2 months):



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  • Thanks for the update, but aren’t you a little late to the party? DPReview had this posted on Friday. Sadly, I’m tempted to get one in spite of the price tag…

    • DNHJR

      I’m pretty sure thats the SRP of $899. Street price will $500-$600 I bet.

      • DNHJR

        X that. Those amazon and Adorama links were not up when I posted before.

  • Marc

    Ouch. I’d get the Nikkor one for just double the price.

  • Mark

    It would be deeply discounted in a couple of months, at around USD 550 it may be a bargain compared to Nikkor. Did anyone see a review of this Sigma anywhere?

  • There is no way this lens’s performance can touch the Nikoor lens. Why get top-notch cameras and hobble them with mediocre glass? Get a cheap body instead.

    • Willis

      Top notch camera?

      Don’t look at me. I shoot a D40 😉

    • Chris

      The Tammy 28-75 f2.8 isn’t that far off the performance of the Nikkor for a third of the price. Who’s to say Sigma can’t do it? They have some super lenses out there (granted, QC of Tamron and Sigma is way behind Nikon).

      I’m interested. Will wait for the reviews, the Nikkor 24-70 is within in my reach, but if I can get near that at half the price – you bet your arse I’ll buy the Sigma instead. “Nikkor snobs” and pixel peepers like to piss their money away.

    • Have you discounted the 50mm 1.4 HSM which in fact is a Sigma lens. It just plainly outperformed any 50mm lens out there and in some reviews even beating the new AF-S 50mm 1.4.

      If the new Sigma 24-70 HSM will have the same same performance as the Sigma 50mm 1.4 HSM, this will definitely be as popular as its predecessor which has a “Highly Recommended” rating at Photozone.

      This lens has an SRP double that of the Sigma 24-70 2.8 EX DG (Non HSM) which is an excellent lens already. This only means that the new HSM version will just be stellar as many of us hope.

    • Protege

      Just because it says Nikkor doesn’t mean its top notch either. I think many will be surprised, just like the Sigma 50mm F1.4, it’s a much better lens than the Nikkor 50mm F1.4G.

  • Dan

    I know N recently jacked up their uk prices but seriously, wtf, that’s nearly $1200 for us islanders.

  • Vlad

    I dont think it would make much sense to buy this lens instead of Nikkor if its going to go for 900 bucks, when Nikkor is 1400.

    • Pablov

      $500 in difference may be considerable for many people
      Although it has different specs, and filter size, etc.

      Should be considered.

  • Vlad

    Its funny how Amazon says that it is already discounted from 1400 :DDDDDDDD Hilarious! I hate when retailers do this crap, especially when it is obvious that they are lying !

    • cv

      They sell more that way.

      Overstating the old price and giving the consumer the feeling that he is getting a bargain works on too much people 😉

  • Zoetmb

    It’s “revealed” unless you’re saying that people hate the price, in which case it’s “reviled”.

    • sorry – my editor has the day off today 🙂

  • Yes, I was 3 days late on this news

  • I am happy with my Nikkor, I’d throw that on a D40/40x/60 anyday…anyone got one that they can sell to me cheaply??

    People will buy it though.

  • QuadraPixel

    As long as it’s better than the old one, which i currently have the displeasure of owning……

  • Lardinio

    Sigma sales have told me that inline with other lens manufacturer price hikes the srp will go upo to £899 but fully expect their dealers to be offering for less and reckon availablibity will be early Feb.

  • Rich Sullivan

    Spoke with Sigma yesterday (1/26/08). The 24-70mm w/HSM lens is ready but they are waiting on the Canon and Nikon mounts for the lenses. The Canon will be available now mid feb with the Nikon to follow probably early March. They confirmed MSRP to be $1,400 dollars with a street price around $900.

    • Rich Sullivan

      The Sigma 24-70mm EX DG HSM for both the Canon and Nikon cameras are now available. Street price is $899 but I am still waiting for a review of it before I buy it. I am most curious on the focus of this lens as some reviews of the older model showed softness when wide open. That’s not a minor thing to me as if it’s not sharp city, then I dont want it.

  • Rich Sullivan

    Ok..I took the plunge and bought this lens. It was extremely disappointing. Out of the box it is impressive. Huge monster of a lens as it dwarfed my Nikon D80 when mounted. A little stiff on the zoom but it works well. However, the focus is not just soft, its downright blurry at F2.8. I zoomed in to a large Flower Pot on my patio. Took several shots with it in auto and manual focus. I was so bummed. I have been waiting for this lens for months now and its not worth getting. Not unless you dont mind blurry pics. I was hoping this HSM version would have been an improvement over the previous model regarding focus. It is not ! Emailed Sigma. No response. I returned the lens for a refund.

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