Yep, Nikon prices did go up in the UK today. Is Norway next?

As previously reported, Nikon UK raised their prices today. The new price list can be found here. Some examples submitted by a reader:

  • The D300 has come down by £20 and the D700 has gone up by £100 (5%)
  • The D3x has gone up by £500 (9%), the D3 up by £200 (6%)
  • The D60 up by £30 (8%) and the D90 up by £70 (10%)

I also got an unconfirmed report that Interfoto in Norway will increase their prices on January 15th.

Nikon prices in Indonesia are up by 20% since last October (also unconfirmed).

Any other Nikon price increase reports from around the world?

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  • Maxime

    Damn global economy 🙁

  • fotomik

    That’s odd, Canon raised their prices 2-15% on the 1st January in Finland. The oddest thing was that nearly everything was raised, EXCEPT cameras. P&S and DLSR are the same as ever, just the lenses and the flashes and other accessories got hiked…

    Nikon of Finland will surely do the same, it’s just a matter of time.

  • adrian

    i ordered a d700 + 105mm lens from calumet last week for £1999, the price on their website is now £2,288.99…..
    that’s about 15% increase!

    im glad i got it last week!!

  • Hendrik

    The price increase in Indonesia is about 15%.
    D300 from IDR. 14.950.000,- up to IDR.17.100.000,-

  • anonymous

    that’s after it went down again this month from IDR 17.5mil to 17.1mil.

    and for the lens:

    16-85 VR, was IDR 5.600.000, now 7.100.000. that’s 20%

    point being: indonesia’s prices has already increased long before the worldwide increase.., hopefully the price hike is the same thing(from nikon jpn) or else it’s gonna be raised again soon..

  • Anonymous

    i want a new nikon s10

  • Ho-Wai

    Likely I left London 8 months ago. So far no news of Hong Kong prices going up! Any one know?

  • even the d3x ha!

    even the d3X went up in price. ha. both hitler and ken rockwell may have something to say about that 🙂

  • QueSera

    D300 down in price in UK! Not at Park Cameras.
    Pre increase prices:
    £920 body only
    £1325 with 18-200VR lens.
    Now (with 15% VAT):
    £1000 body only (8.7% increase)
    £1435 with 18-200VR (8.3% increase)

    • Trevor Nelmes

      The LIST Price came down, but discounts and incentives may (probably have) changed too, meaning the dealer may have less money with which to cut prices from list, hence the street price can go up.

  • sperera

    can anyone explain why they’re going up instead of dwon to try and get people to buy cameras…..bloody stupid if you ask me….

    • because the economics is going bad.
      watch the news and understand.

    • Anonymous

      The reason is the volatile currency exchange. The value of the yen is rapidly increasing against other currencies such as the euro and pound.

      • and Norwegian Kroner
        has been weaked too.

  • Nothing yet in Norway. btw, here’s an excelent tool for seeing changes of price.
    (1$ = 7.2793Norwegian Kroner)

    • Just got of the phone with a retailer here. He said that the prices would to increase in the 1st quarter, by a lot… Crap. They hadn’t gotten the exact prices yet, but he said it would be devestating to the sales of Nikon cameras for them.

  • David H

    Hmm, I considered buying a D700 and second SB900 before the price rise but as I write they are the same price on – maybe the prices will take a while to filter through with some shops.

  • Nikkorian

    An ebay dealer and apparently owner of a store in Germany calls himself “Nikon system partner” and mentions a price increase on Feb 1st in the subtitle of the ebay offer: There’s an email address in the lower part of the page in case somebody wants to contact them.

  • Martin

    Calumet were selling D700 plus 14-24 or 24-70 for around £2,500 last week. Now £2,859 and £2,795 respectively. £300 is quite a jump!

  • Jason

    Funnily enough, not all Japanese goodies are going up in price – I’ve just ordered a Sigma 500mm/f4.5 that’s about £200 less than they were before Christmas. (Yes, I know we’re NIKON rumours. Me having the price of a Nikon 500mm/f4 will only ever be a rumour, though.)

  • lorenzo

    …maybe nikon growed the price in england up because the pound went down on euro and they want behind that all european people buy now there more expensiver than in the other country?

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