The check box (D400)

Nikon D400 is now listed as a check box in the members update section at Sportsshooter (you have to be a member to see this page):

If you have followed our coverage on previous releases, you will notice that we are starting to see the same pattern - magazine leaks, specs, etc. Could we see the Nikon D400 even before PMA? Stay tuned to find out.

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  • ryan l

    hmm, interesting.

  • giz


  • Nice catch!

    The link to the SportsShooter page doesn’t seem to be working though.

  • yrsued

    In order to see this , youhave to be a member!!

    Just for kicks, I checked the D400 on my members page 😀

  • Justin

    Hmmm… maybe there is a D300 in my future instead of a D90. If the D400 is released I expect the D300 to drop similarly to the D200.

  • Duncan

    Why do they have the D70 listed and not the more popular D80?

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