Price check please (UK)

Is there a price increase on Nikon products in the UK for 2009? Can anyone confirm this rumor?

At least in Australia, Nikon was nice to send a warning in advance. Was there such a warning in the UK?

Here is a message from a reader (posted December 30th):

I too was in *** (Glasgow, Scotland, UK) today hoping to buy a D700, none in stock and was told I'd be 48th in the queue if I wanted one, but they could not tell me when I'd be able to get it.

The salesman then went on to tell me that his buyer has informed him that Nikon will increase prices on certain items by as much as 20% in January.

He also said that I would be able to get the current price if I was to pay in full today.  I'm not sure if I don't smell a rat ?  That said however if the D700 was to go up by 20% (circa £300), it'd be off my shopping list.  I may pull the trigger and just buy from Amazon who have them in stock.

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  • Trevor Nelmes

    As of today, no price increase. Two branches of Jessops have the D700 in stock and on offer at the same price as Amazon UK (both at £1335 plus tax, or $1935 plus tax in dollars). The same camera at B & H is $2319.

    I have rung a few local stores (Birmingham, Coventry and Rugby) and none have a price increase imminent.

  • Sergio

    I believe it is because the Yen is strong compared to the GBP and USD currencies, so they are making less profit margin in these currencies. Higher production costs vs lower revenues.

  • M

    I was told by my Nikon people that prices are said to increase approximately 10% by February in the Canadian Market

  • Daf

    Been told by a Nikon-affiliated shop in London that Nikon do quite often re-adjust their prices in January. Previous years too not just this one.

    A handy price comparison site I use : If you go to the individual items they have a graph of lowest price and average price. Nothing obvious as yet.

  • Happy New Year All

    Yes, there is a big increase coming. Relates directly to the position of the Japanese yen on the international currency markets and to the current state of UK economy – likely to be by far the worst hit of all European nations during the next 24 – 36 months as we live on credit with a “buy today, pay tomorrow” attitude. Guess what? Tomorrow has come and its time to pay the piper!

    Re D700’s: I have been in several Jessops over the holidays – in Edinburgh and Glasgow and they all have had D700’s. Their ‘World Camera Centre’ (no, its not as impressive as the name suggests!!) had two on display and several boxes below – so at least one more than the number of cameras on display. Unless there was a run on them between 26th and 2nd!?!

    To be honest I have not seen any huge wait-lists for D700 since it came out. There has been a steady supply here in UK and there has always been at least one in the stores (chain and independents) that I have visited. They stockpiled them before release date and its price point meant though there was strong demand, there was not a stampede to get one. Nikon have improved a lot since the days of the 18-200 VR supply bungle where at one point Jessops had an 18 month waiting list for the lens! Of course now that FX is here – and FX WILL filter down to the prosumer bodies – who would, without any hesitation buy a DX lens anyway???

    • Joe

      “who would, without any hesitation buy a DX lens anyway???”

      Me! How else am I supposed to get ultrawide on my trusty D200? 😛

      • Happy New Year All

        I’d be dumping ANY – no, sorry, I HAVE dumped all my DX bodies and lenses – I had several from D70 through to the D300.

        Got great prices on them – especially the D300 – only dropped £110 on my new purchase price!

        I had no intention of holding onto them any longer as the second they put an FX sensor in a D90 type body – and that will happen sooner than people imagine – the market will fall out the bottom of all DX bodies and lenses. You won’t be able to give them away as book-ends.

        They will use the same sensor that is in D3/D700 which they will be able to reduce the manufacturing costs on as they are using them in both those bodies thus more quickly covering the development and manufacturing outlay. They have also been making them for a couple of years now which means they will have a very low rate of errors/damage/malfunctions during the manufacturing.

        I expect that Nikon will be all to aware they will shortly see a decrease in the sales of mid range prosumer DX cameras as those are the very people who will now be thinking… “what about full frame?” but can’t stretch to the D700. As a result, before the D3 and D700 are replaced, they will drop the same sensor into a D90 size body. Or they may be really aggressive and drop the sensor into a really cheap body such as D40/D60 and throw down the gauntlet to their competitors.

        Infact, I think it was a missed opportunity for them to make the D90 a ‘cheap’ FX model, cheaper the D300 but in a polycarbonate body. Those who are obsessed with the magnesium alloy bodies – that are just as worthless (in cash terms) as the plastic ones in only a few years – welcome to digital! – could still puchase the DX D300.

        Marketing is a great tool for business, but it is a sword that must be wielded carefully as whilst fulfilling many peoples wishes – such as with the D700 – you can simultaneously create demand and desire from another customer base for a product that you haven’t yet introduced – e.g. a D90 type FX.

        Everyone I have spoken to recently regarding the D90 has the same thought – “I would buy one now but what if they/when will they/make an FX D xx?

        My advice, if you can afford it, buy a D700, if not sell all your DX bodies and lenses and use film for a year till a cheap FX Nikon is out. Then KEEP shooting film, at least some of the time.

        Shooting film makes you think about your photography much more anyway – digital won’t ever do that. I have written an essay on why it this is so but it is too complex to discuss here.

        • Henry Nikon Fan

          My wife uses a D90 with a AF-S DX 18-200mm VR lens and that is the only DX lens I am planning on keeping.

          I use a D300, but I will wait until another Full Frame camera is introduced to replace the D700. I figure that the glass is more important to be in the right position on since bodies come and go.

          Full Frame glass is where you should be I think.

          • 1, Lonely, Wise Man

            Exactly right, I would be especially careful about buying any new ‘expensive’ DX body – e.g. D300x/D400.

        • Zoetmb

          Frankly, I think just the opposite is going to happen. As soon as the resolution gets high enough in the lower end cameras so that using a FX camera in crop mode provides exactly the same resolution as a DX does today (about 12MP), you will see a heightened interest in DX lenses, especially as there will be substantial price increases in the higher end of the lens line.

          But cheap FX is at least two years away.

          There’s one other factor and I personally think there’s going to be a trend away from large bulky cameras and lenses. The size/weight of pro-level cameras and lenses has gotten a bit absurd. I remember when almost everything took 52mm filters. The new 50mm is 58mm and most of the pro zooms are 77mm.

          That will be driven when we start seeing releases in the micro-four thirds format from Oly and others. And while it’s questionable whether Nikon will support the format, I think it’s going to reinforce DX as a by-product because a large part of the market is going to want something smaller and lighter.

          • Ozzey

            No, that is absurd. You are assuming that business caters to your needs and produces products on that basis – which they do , but to a very limited extent. We in marketing create the demand for the product that we produce.

            FX is the next thing and will eventually be rolled out across the range. You make a fundamental error in your analysis. An FX camera dos not need to be the size of a D3/D3x or, even, for that matter a D700.

            You have to understand how marketing works – OK, I have an advantage in that I work in this area alot – but by introducing FX in the first place, Nikon created the aspirations and demand for MORE FX, first step D700, obviously the D3x has been added but thats not really a step in the big picture, merely an addition. The next step will be either a D90 style FX camera or Nikon will, stepping away from their traditional conservative approach as they have been doing lately, produce an FX camera in a D60 or even D40 type body.

            I am surprised that you really cannot see this. Most people I know saw it coming ages ago – long before the intro of FX… WHEN for example did nikon last introduce a serious DX lens???? If there was any future for DX they would continue to develop and introduce them even now.

            As the size of the camera is not, for the most part, influenced by the FX/DX sensor – OK we know about the taller, fatter prism!!! which is ONLY the same size as any 35mm film SLR anyway – anymore than film, this is not a factor. There is an ideal size for these products below which their own lightness and smallness is a negative in both handling and performance.

            Once anyone looks through a FX camera finder they do not want to go back to that awful DX format viewfinder.

            The quote below also makes no sense. I have added comments where you’re comment is confused and senseless.

            “As soon as the resolution gets high enough in the lower end cameras… (eh? lower end being D40/D60/D80? help me, I am confused!)… so that using a FX camera in crop mode provides exactly the same resolution as a DX does today (about 12MP), you will see a heightened interest in DX lenses…(er, why???, when you shoot FX you really do not want that viewfinder cropped – its awful!)…, especially as there will be substantial price increases in the higher end of the lens line.” (Nonsense, pro FX lenses or traditional or film – whatever you wish to call them have always been priced at a premium. There have also always been more inexpensive versions of them just as there are cheap DX lenses and very expensive DX lenses!

            What is certain is, unless the world economy really collapses, there will be a FX in a polycarbonate body a la D90/D40/D60 WITHIN 24 months! You can quote me on that!!!

            DX is DEAD… people can face that and sell off their gear now or bury their head in the sand and end up using their D90’s D300’s as a worthless doorstops in a couple of years, with matching 18 – 105 zooms as bookends.

      • Henry Nikon Fan

        You are correct about the wide on a D200, but I too think that Full Frame is coming. I just sold my AF-S DX 17-55mm to my cousin for $950.00 US and bought from B&H a AF-S 24-70mm in anticipation of this.

        Since I could get a good price for my used lens and the price of the 24-70mm has dropped here in the US to $1,429.95, I could not resist the opportunity.

        If I can get a good price for my AF-S DX 12-24mm lens I will also sell it and purchase the AF-S 24-70mm lens while it is also at a low at B&H.

  • sperera

    ironic isnt it….the whole world dropping prices of its products and Nikon to raise it????? can anyone explain this…..arrogance….

    • Zoetmb

      This is all about currency fluctuation. If currencies drop against the Yen, they’re going to be paying more.

      Nikon was reputed to have raised prices a few months ago, but when I checked prices at B&H in the U.S., prices on lenses had actually dropped over the last month because the U.S. dollar had a bit of a recovery.

      Personally, I don’t think Nikon Japan is going to raise prices to its affiliates for “back catalog” items. What I think you’re going to see (and I think we’ve already seen) is higher list prices for new products.

      Having said that, Nikon did raise prices across the board in October of 2005. The price increases were very inconsistent: the 18-35 went up 1.3%, the 18-70 3.5-4.5G went up 22.3%. However, at least in New York, street prices did not change.

      In local markets (at least the ones that discount), I think you’re going to find prices constantly rising and falling in response to currency fluctuations and the market at large.

    • LSE

      Wait a few months for demand to cool off even more and we’ll see if these price hikes last.

  • A RAT?

    If the store you mention was a certain large UK chain… then you are RIGHT to smell a RAT! A GREAT BIG J*****S RAT.

    My friend worked in one of their outlets when she was doing her Art degree and they have some shocking sales tactics.

    They will pricematch the lowest reputable UK online prices for the camera body and put that ticket in the window, even with the camera there too. YES, they make a loss on the camera!!

    Miss Innocent Shopper walks in and asks to buy that camera at that price. They then begin the process of extracting cash for all the peripherals – memory cards – not just one either, lenses (always pushing a certain third party manufacturer as they obtain higher % commisions than the manufacturers own, bag for camera, filters, extra battery AND THE HOLY GRAIL OF HOLY GRAILS – PRODUCT INSURANCE WHICH REALLY IS NOT WORTH THE PAPER IT IS WRITTEN ON AND YOU ARE FAR BETTER USING YOUR OWN OR FINDING A SPECIALIST INSURANCE COMPANY.

    Now I hear you say… “that’s sales, that’s their job etc, etc…” That is correct EXCEPT that when Miss Innocent Shopper turns out to have a brain and declines all the ‘extras’, the assistant goes downstairs to check stock, returns and advises that they only have the display model left and cannot sell that one unless as part of a ‘package’ i.e. all the things they tried to sell you!.

    It is actually illegal and my friend was asked to leave when she pointed this out.


    • Henry Nikon Fan

      These are the exact same tatics used by a lot of US online retailers and small retailers in New York City and other large cities.

  • Trevor Nelmes

    I know the store you mean (a big electrics store). You can ruin their patter by reserving online. I did that, they claimed not to have it when I went in (after the sales patter). I had printed off the reservation and insisted the manager came and eventually the item appeared. I then told them they could stuff it and left.

    BTW, found a dealer with stock with the D3x at £4995 inc VAT! (In Leeds)

  • “He also said that I would be able to get the current price if I was to pay in full today.”

    I believe that if you could get your hands on the terms that a dealer must sign to become a dealer with Nikon, you would find that it is against those terms to have customers pre-pay for an item to secure a certain price.

  • Ramon

    It’s simple economics. The currencies the world over have devalued greatly (including Canada and the Pound Sterling and, to a lesser extent, the Euro). They have to raise prices in these countries because the foreign exchange loss is kiling them. Doubtful they will raise prices in the U.S. because that currency has strengthened during 2008.

    And, for all that complain now, you didn’t complain when prices stayed the same and these foreign currencies increased in value, now did you?

    • Happy New Year All

      You have an interesting perspective on the strength of the US dollar. Excepting that, in times of crisis, people have always shifted their wealth into the US dollar, Japanese yen and (until the Euro was introduced) the Deutschmark!, there is no real underlying strength in the US dollar.

  • CV

    I ordered a 105mm VR from the UK on the 31th. That’s around €510 instead of the €675 here 🙂

  • Ramon

    ” there is no real underlying strength in the US dollar.”

    All I can say is perception is reality. If there were no underlying strength in the US Dollar, then monies would not have flowed to the US causing the dollar rally. I know it upsets the sensitivities of non-U.S. individuals, but if the U.S. economy collapses, then the entire world economy does so. This was proven when all the talk of “decoupling” from the U.S. earlier in 2008 was proved to be rubbish. For all the limitations of the U.S., it’s economy has the greatest potential to grow due to it’s ability to invent and create goods and its own natural resources.

    However, if you can show me a currency that is inherently stronger than the U.S. in times of crisis, please do so.

    • The thing is, there is no underlying support for a strong dollar. As the morgage crisis got underway in August, investors started running scared to the dollar, purely by habit. What we’re seeing now is a dollar bubble. Give it a few months – as the US borrows more to fix the crisis by boosting consumption, investors will leave the dollar for other more stable currencies. Whether that’s the Euro, the Yen, or other currencies remains to be seen. Either way, expect your cameras in the US to get much more expensive in the short to medium term.

      • Class Is Not Out!

        Yes, exactly!

    • cv

      As long as de Federal Reserve keeps creating money out of thing air there is nog underlying support for the dollar indeed.


      and part 2:

    • Class Is Not Out!

      Sir, the moment anyone includes such a sentence as “I know it upsets the sensitivities of non-U.S. individuals…” is the moment it becomes pointless discussing any topic with that person.

      Whilst I am not from the US, I have lived there – and about 78 other countries in my still youthful life. Like most people in the world – and you may not like this – we just don’t get wrapped up in the US in the way you or US citizens may think. Every imperious power has its day and then it shifts to other spheres which is what is begining now.

      I will put it in simple terms as that might help. Firstly, the flow of money to the US dollar at the moment is a consequence of historical money patterns (dollar, yen, mark – gone now) during recession. People are looking for their proverbial mother to care for them now they are injured. When the next downturn comes round in ten or fifteen years the pattern will have changed, just as it now no longer includes the German mark – for different reasons.

      Er, no, the greatest potential growth is in countries in the developing world – no developed ‘western’ nation can lay claim to having the greatest potential growth levels – that’s just ridiculous! Think of countries in Africa – many receiving huge investment from China, India is another, Brazil is an economic powerhouse waiting to happen. We have created computer simulations projecting forward 100 years and it makes for fascinating analysis from an economic, cultural and political perspective

      The US has such enormous debts – particularly to China – that it will take generations to recover.

      In simple terms, what has happened over the past 15 – 20 years is that the US has traded on the ‘value’ of its currency. An analogy that you may understand is this.

      The US has been going ‘shopping’ on the strength of its currency for decades. To keep the trade going and because of the high notional value of the dollar, all the ‘shops’ (nations) the US has traded with have held on to the checks written on US dollars – knowing that they can cash them one day but they will hold off for now and see how much more trade comes their way.

      If they all decide to cash them in now, the US will be defunct – rather like Iceland – and no amount of natural resources will help that.

      On natural resources – since you raised it, how long do you think the VERY limited remaining US oil supplies will keep the gas guzzling US economy afloat. You certainly don’t have the manpower or funds for more overseas adventures securing more oil.

      One of the first signs of a failing power/empire (call it what you will) is when the leaders and indeed the population declare that it couldn’t possibly happen. Study history and you see it again and again.

      Today, like it or not, whether it recovers or not, the US is an exhausted nation – militarily and economically. Perhaps it will be the political rebirth taking place at present that WILL herald a new start and it will regain its position and strength but that is not now and it will take decades to return to the levels of prosperity recently experienced.

      • Henry Nikon Fan

        All of this conversation seems very interesting on a Nikon Rumor Web Site. I am an American and I suppose some will say an UGLY AMERICAN, but if the the US Ecomony and US Military were to ever fail, the rest of the world better be prepared to accept the will of EVIL. This EVIL will consume civilazation and the US has and is the only Country in the world that has been willing to fight the fight. I only hope an pray that that will continues for all civilized men and women.

        • Daf

          And which Evil would that be ?

          • Economics Prof

            The discussion grew from the discussion on WHY Nikon prices were increasing in some countries and not, yet, in others, so not entirely unconnected with the NR site! :o)

        • Babu Vabut

          What is the EVIL you speak of? Do you realize that when the Europe was burning people for saying that we orbited the sun and not the sun that orbited us, a certain other faith had already worked this out – after they had invented the modern study of science & astronomy.

  • The Canadian, Australian and British currency is loosing value on accordance to the euro and yen, that’s why Nikon is raising the price in those countries. Canon and other manufacturers will soon follow.

  • Canon CEO

    Thought we at Canon should let you at NR all know first – we have sold up to Nikon this morning. How do we compete with D700/D3/D3x? We can’t, then our 5D MarkII has become all spotty, then we discovered those Nikon blueprints, under a bush on the edge of Tokyo Bay, for a DF1!!!!!! in a D700 body and then it was all over!

  • Ramon

    Peter has a very eloquent response and is on target.

    The Yen has increased in value vs. the Canadian Dollar. Japanese companies have to raise prices in countries whose currency have weakened against the Yen or they will lose money on the FX loss. It’s that simple. When European goods became more expensive in the U.S. up until late 2008, it was due to the Euro strengthening. No one cried that it was unfair then. The same holds true for the GBP.

    • Johnathon

      Its never that simple. Ha ha but if it makes you happy.

  • Ramon

    Oh, I love a reply from someone who won’t even leave a screen name.

    I always find it funny that people who love to say negative things about the U.S. do so while listening to an iPod, wear blue jeans, type on a computer running either Windows or OS X and use the internet. All American inventions.

    • Screen Name


      I am not saying anything negative. I work, amongst other things in international economics – specifically for the British Government on some occasions – as a consultant.

      I am simply drawing your attention to the errors on your part relating to your apparent views on the economy.

      Please sir, go through the list you have just written and actually think about what you are saying. Hilarious! For example, do you know what the original inspiration for the iPod was? Do you your homework please!

      Yes, the actual ‘iPod’ is American – designed in California infact – BUT WAIT… let me phone a friend who has one……….. YES, made/assembled in China!!!!!! Oh yes, cheap labour!

      Remember, without the cheap Chinese labour putting them together, you and nobody else would have them because the cost of manufacture would be so great that the price point for retail would be out of reach of all but the very comfortably off and consequently they couldn’t sell enough to recover development and manufacturing costs, so they would then have to increase the price again – greatly, then an iPod would be about the same price as a small European country – but not Iceland which is now offered FREE to a good home!

      Just a point of interest though, I don’t have an iPod, don’t have any blue jeans – don’t have jeans actually – have a computer but check your history books and you will find that the computer is NOT an American invention! This is crazy, why am I having to educate you on these points?

      Are you for real or a sockpuppet?

      I use neither windows nor OSX… but hey, I will give you the actual internet as yours, but NOT the idea or inspiration for it! Again, read up my friend!

      FYI – I love the United States, I love the energy, the enthusiasm, the go get attitude,the can do attitude, the positive energy and the fact that there are few hurdles to success – whatever your beginings – contrasting so much with the UK for example. I just wish more Americans would see the bigger picture and not assume that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is an enemy or just WRONG!

      • swissguy

        can’t resist to point out, that the internet wasn’t that great until someone invented the world wide web that we are actually using. and hey, it was a british guy in switzerlands CERN…. 🙂

        • Sony Rumors

          Yeah! I love it when a smart person comes along!

  • Chris

    You can thank El Gordo Brown and his BoE puppets for devaluing sterling if prices do go up.

    And to answer the Jessops basher – I bought a D90 recently in South London. It may be that I told them that I already owned a couple of bodies up front, but I got no pressue to buy any extras, haggled £20 off the store price (which was the same as the price listed on the web) and got a 4gb Sandisk UIII SD stick thrown in. You can’t paint the whole chain with the same bad brush on one experience.

    • Yes I Can!

      My friend – now doing her Masters but an undergraduate art student at time worked there – it is their POLICY to do this. It was not a store specific issue – it is what they are TRAINED/TOLD to do. When my friend pointed out the illegality of this or the greyness of this area of law (her boyfriend is a solicitor – then a law student!) she was “asked to leave” – with three months salary. She would have been in a strong position to take them to a tribunal which they obviously knew so paid her off with what amounted to £2000! She was delighted! She is also a DJ so didn’t really need the Jessops job.

      Interestingly, I have just been to my optician this morning and one of the managers their actually was the manager of a camera store that they took over when they were on their mass expansion programme (which was always unsustainable even in a booming economy). He was retained as manager of the new store – though it was one of those which barely six months later Jessops axed when they were about to collapse – way before the credit crunch was even thought of – and he just confirmed to me this morning when I was talking about photography and dealers with him, that it WAS policy, arguably illegal and MOST DEFINITELY A MORALLY BANKRUPT modus operandi!

      The person who sold you without cross-selling and up-selling, or even attempting to, will no doubt now be included in the first round of job cuts at Jessops. I am serious – if they made no attempt to sell any other product they will be for the chop! Selling is what you are paid for in those roles – putting aside questionable practices, you must still try to sell more!

    • Joe

      My best experiences buying cameras/lenses has been at jessops/jacobs digital. I can’t be bothered with the slightly snobbish attitude of the independant retailers who tell me that “jessops do alot of things” when I point out that Jessops have a cheaper price than them on something in an attempt to haggle.

      • Jessops Brides

        “Jessops do alot of things”. They do. They offered to throw in a Russian bride if I bought a D700 AND battery pack, but I have a wife already, so just went for the body only – camera body, that is.

  • Graham

    Nikon prices in the UK increased today.
    See this link:

    Some price increases are very small – a few pounds only. Some other prices are horrific – nearly 20% in some cases.
    I see the SB800 has disappeared.

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