Nikon prices going up (down under)

We are starting the New Year with a bad news.

First was Canada (confirmed) then the UK (not confirmed yet) and now Australia - this is the letter Nikon sent out down under:

Dear Nikon partner,

Nikon has experienced an amazing year of growth. New levels of exposure for the Nikon brand has been achieved through activities such as the Nikon INDY 300, Westfield promotions and continued advertising and consumer promotions.  This combined with amazing new products has been driving consumers into your stores and has ensured Nikon’s ongoing health in the Australian market.

Nikon has continued this strong success despite the challenges facing businesses in the current financial climate. The nature of these market challenges has meant that costs have significantly increased and accordingly there is a need to review the current prices available from Nikon Australia on many products.

However, in recognition of the growth being achieved we have decided to postpone the increases until February 1st, 2009.  The proposed February price list and summary of changes is supplied with this letter.

Nikon is committed to ensuring the momentum continues.  To help achieve this, the current supply price on all existing backorders placed before February 1st will be honoured by Nikon until March 31st, 2009. Any existing backorder will maintain its price in our system and new orders that we cannot immediately supply will be backordered at current price.  After this date all issued products and backorders will be converted to the new price structure.

If you do not wish for these items to be supplied at the higher price you will need to change the orders prior to them being shipped after April 1st, 2009.  Due to an expected increase in demand Nikon Australia cannot guarantee supply of all items prior to April 1st, 2009.  We will of course endeavuor to supply all backorders as soon as possible.

I encourage you to take advantage of this chance to give outstanding value to consumers across the Nikon range and capitalise on future profit opportunities.

If you have any questions about this revision or wish to place an order at this month’s prices please contact your account manager.

Thank you for your support in 2008.  We look forward to supporting you during this all important period and throughout 2009.

Nikon Australia

Most of the prices seems to be up about 10-20%, which is significant in my opinion.

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  • Zoetmb

    These are Nikon Australia’s pricing — it doesn’t mean there’s a worldwide price increase (although it could.)

    A few notes:
    1. Note that the F6 and FM10 are still listed, so news of their discontinuation seems premature. That’s not to say that Nikon is still manufacturing them, but it certainly seems that at least Nikon Australia has them in stock.

    2. Neither of the 18-55 lenses are listed. While intended for the D40, in the U.S. at least, you can buy these lenses separately.

    3. The 18-135 is also not listed. This is the D80 kit lens, but usually also available separately.

    4. They’re no longer listing the old 60mm Micro D.

    5. They’re not longer listing the old PC Micro-NIKKOR 85mm f/2.8D

    6. They still seem to have the 70-200 in light grey. Those have long been discontinued in the U.S.

    • Interesting – I was staring at that list for new products, but did not bother looking for discontinued models 🙂

    • PJS

      they also list the D200 body – which I have been told is NLA.

  • Dear god.

    *breaks down into tears*

  • hmmm SB-800 also not listed, its mean SB-800 already discontinue ha?

  • broadbean

    Note the Australian currency exchange rate had nose dived in the past six months against the USD by a fair margin, so this price rise may simply be an adjustment.

  • Anonymous

    NR you should not post confidental trade prices of products. It doesnt help the industry, or doing the brand any favour.

    • LSE

      why? It is not the first consumer product that you can find the so called invoice price. What evidence do you have that it will affect the company in any way?

      The retailers are the ones who eventually choose the final price and margins, even if you do know how much they payed for.

      In the end what’s going to hurt nikon is raising prices in a down economy. We’ll see how their marketshare drops in 2009.

  • Trevor

    NR, you should not post any confidental product pricing, its not doing the brand or industy and favour. I think you are just stepping the line.

    • This info was sent out to dealers and with this Nikon understands that it will be in the public domain, otherwise I would say “confidential” or “this email is intended to be viewed only by the recipients”, etc… If Nikon wanted to keep this secret, they would not have sent this email – trust me they know how to keep a secret 🙂

  • Trevor

    Sorry for the double posting.

  • Anonymous
  • Rick

    The AUD has dropped from almost being on par with the USD down to around USD$0.60. So a 10-20% increase is great, it could have been up to 40%. NR acts like it is NEW news, it isn’t, anyone keeping abreast of current affairs (the real stuff not the commercial tv drama show) could have told you this months ago.

  • Anonymous

    Well, with the economy in the UK being so fragile, whatever Nikon UK do with their retail prices, if the street price moves up they may see volumes drop off the edge of the cliff.

    With the financial press hinting that Jessops (the main UK High Street and Internet camera retailer) is about to fold, any price increases from either Canon or Nikon are likely to spell disaster for many smaller camera shops.

    Assuming that Canon and Nikon don’t act in unison, if Nikon raise prices, Canon may well just rub their hands and take the sales.

    I do appreciate that Nikon’s UK street prices are probably amongst the lowest in the world right now (for example one dealer is selling the D3x for under $6700 plus sales tax, with the retail price at under $6900 plus tax), but Canon kit is quite cheap too.

  • Trevor Nelmes

    Whoops, that last one went anonymous, but it was me.

    Dale Photographic (Leeds) have a sale on the D3x body for just £4995 including sales tax. That is $7220. Take off the tax and that is just $6279!

    Dale are a Nikon UK Professional Dealer, BTW. Other dealers have heavier discounts than Dale on most Nikon kit.

  • Ralf

    The price increase may be due to the Oz $ but there is still a strange discrepancy between prices in difference markets. The differences in Oz have always been explained by possible exchange rate fluctuations and stable price maintenance. This justification for Nikon prices not falling massively in Oz during the strong currency seems to be forgotten when the currency falls. I believe they just charge what the market will put up with using economics as an excuse.

    Interesting price list though – $45 for that piece of crap they call a strap for the D700 – that has to be a cruel joke.

    The D3x now $14,000 over here – wonder how many of those they’ll sell – I hope none.

  • James

    Although you say that it does not say confidential, in the email that I received the attachment had footers on every page clearly stating that it was confidential.

  • NikonGod

    I agree with Ralf here. It is hilarious how Australian companies pull out the ‘bad exchange rate’ card as an excuse to raise prices of goods, but when the exchange rate was good (back in July), there was no decrease in prices. What a joke!

    • Antonio

      That’s not quite true. Prices for products in OZ have been falling, though I’m sure the manufacturers have kept some of the profits when the dollar was strong.

      10-20% is pretty good in the current scheme of things with the $AU. In fact, authorized stores will probably be able to better compete with the grey market sellers since the grey importers prices will be going up 30-40%.

      • Anonymous

        Actually at the moment they are more in line with grey market items (ebay and grey market importers).. After this price increase comes through it will be once again worthwhile to purchase from grey markets (ebay dealers)…

  • it might be a significant change, the question is if it even enough, …

  • Nathan

    I would just like to add that I got a Nikon last year that had a rebate. This price list email was sent to the address I supplied when getting the cash back.

    I wonder how many other “non-authorised reseller” people got this email by mistake? Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to go into any buying situation with as much info as possible, but if this was sent to their entire customer database someone’s head will roll!

    • This is exactly what happened according to my source… this leak could be on purpose – it will boost the sells in the next few weeks, which are the worst from retail perspective.

      • Nathan

        I had the same thought, if that is their strategy it may prove successful. I know that it has got me thinking about grabbing some lenses now that I may have otherwise waited for.

  • GT


    NIKON AUSTRALIA go F* yourselves.

    Not happy – come DEC was thinking 200-400 and D700 to add to my two D300…. not any more!!!!

    • well, hurry up – you still have time…

  • Pat

    I was considering buying a D700, but I think I will he dover to Canon. Nikon, already very expensive, you’ve just lost another customer.

    • That post makes no sense, the Nikon D700 will remain at its current price till March 31st basically.

      I bought mine for 3395 from ECS in Drummoyne and they told me they were keeping the price steady thanks to Nikon.

      How is going to Canon going to be cheaper? Canon has already raised prices for the 5D2 as a mate who bought the 24-105 kit for 5400AUS$ would now be slugged closer to 6100.

  • Pat

    It makes perfect sense to me. I wasn’t in a position to buy a dSLR until mid-2009 anyway and now that Nikon have made their expensive cameras even more expensive (Forgive the credit crash) Canon are looking better (On price point and lens choice only) even after their price rise in December 2008. I could of course just wait until a D700x (Or whatever it’ll be) is released supposedly in 2009 and just continue using my compact P&S for now.

    IMO you cannot compare a 5D2 with a D700, you could compare a 5D with a D700, and the price point for a 5D over a D700 is very good.

    It’s all nonsense to me right now as I don’t have enough for either system before the rise. Bugger!!!

  • JC

    Prices for Nikon appear to be rising in the UK at this moment. The D90 appears to be gaining £80 or so in street pricing. I was looking at this camera and have not bought yet. My purchase is a purely discretionary spend and would be my first DSLR. I would buy the D90 if it was closer to £600, but I am not desperate and will wait or probably not buy one at all. Dangerous move by a company to raise prices especially in the UK, where everything is collapsing like a house of cards.

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